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183 The secret of the Dao transformation mountain range

Yu Ling had a blood feud on her back. She deeply understood how lucky she was to have met ye chen as her master in this life. Therefore, she cultivated extremely hard.

Her master had created all the external conditions for her, and she was no less inferior than the descendants of the Emperor-ruled immortal sects. What she needed to do was to cultivate hard and grow up as soon as possible. Only then would she have the hope of fighting the ten thousand Flower Valley in the future, saving her clan and avenging her dead clan members.

The blue cloud Peak seemed to be the origin of all DAOs. Here, the innate embryo of Dao could exert its power to the extreme, and its understanding of every great Dao had reached a very deep level, no weaker than those famous Daoist Masters.

As he was comprehending, the feather spirit was also cultivating other divine powers, especially the indestructible Mystic technique.

With his clan destroyed, many of his clansmen were taken away to be used as fertilizer. Endless resentment, anger, hatred, disasters, and other energies gathered together, instantly condensing into the myriad tribulation indestructible seal. It turned all the injustice he had suffered into tribulation runes, tempering his body and tempering his soul.

As for the other abhijnas and mantras, the feather spirit was also taking the time to cultivate them and made rapid progress.

Ye chen didn’t disturb her. He let her wander in the great Dao, waiting for her to break out of her cocoon and become a butterfly.

The first Prince of the Ziwei Empire, Zi Fengtian, had gathered all the geniuses of the Imperial College to visit the xuantian sacred land. However, they might have been delayed on the way and had yet to arrive.

When they arrived, he could ask the feather spirit to have a discussion with them.

To Yu Ling, this was also a kind of training that could expand her knowledge.

Zi Menghan had enough confidence in ye chen, so she did not come with the Prince. Instead, she entered the ancestral star of the Ziwei Empire, preparing to comprehend the Dao runes left behind by her ancestors, strengthening her Foundation and perfecting the [ freedom visualization Heart Sutra ].

Li Qingzhou had turned into the God of swords, Ximen chuixue. He had been unrivaled in the devil World, challenging many of the devil race’s prodigies. He had never been defeated. He had even killed a few experienced devil Lords who had launched sneak attacks. He had beaten the devil race so badly that they could not even lift their heads.

Not only did the great sun demon clan send a Dao severing expert to kill li Qingzhou, but the other peerless geniuses of the ancient demon clans also targeted li Qingzhou, wanting to kill him to avenge the humiliation of the demon clan.

As long as the Saints didn’t make a move, li Qingzhou could deal with them with his strength. He might be injured, but it wouldn’t be easy for the demons to kill him.

At the moment, fa Kong and Xuan Xin were still the most worthy of attention.

Fa Kong followed Daoist Xuan Tian and tore apart the world barrier formed by the squall, Thunder, and fire of the xuanhuang world. They landed on a desert.

Taoist Xuan Tian’s Taoist connotation was flowing, and the power of rules of saintly way was all absorbed into his body. He looked like an ordinary old Taoist, and it was best not to look like a terrifying Saint.

Fa Kong took in a deep breath and carefully felt the unique heaven and earth Dao runes of the xuanhuang world. They corroborated with the heaven and earth Dao runes of the ancient barren world and the Imperial path world, and he had a new understanding in his heart.

“Xiu ‘er, can you contact your Junior Brother?” Taoist Xuan Tian asked fa Kong.

Fa Kong’s face turned black and he said in a muffled voice,”Grandmaster, can you not call me Xiu ‘er?” You can even call me a little monk!”


Taoist Xuan Tian patted fa Kong’s shiny head and snorted, ” “This is the alias you used, why are you feeling wronged now?”

Fa Kong rubbed his head and pouted, ” “Alright, as long as you’re happy. My Junior Brother and I were scattered by the star insect Army as soon as we entered the ancient path of stars. Our communication Jade slips were destroyed, and we were unable to contact each other.”

“The black Yellow great world is vast and boundless. Even a Saint can’t visit every corner of the world in his entire life!” Taoist xuantian said with a frown. To find your Junior Brother is like looking for a needle in a haystack!”

Fa Kong’s face was full of smiles as he chuckled, ” “Don’t worry, founder. The wind leaves its sound, and the goose leaves its mark. Since his Junior Brother had entered the xuanhuang world before, he would naturally leave behind some traces. We’ve all cultivated some kind of special cultivation technique, so as long as he has made a move, I can sense his remaining aura. We just need to find him.”

What fa Kong was talking about was naturally the myriad tribulation indestructible Mystic technique. The aura of that kind of catastrophe was something that others could not imitate even if they wanted to. They could sense it even from extremely far away.

“Then what are you still doing?” Taoist Xuan Tian could not help but glare at fa Kong.

Fa Kong closed his eyes and carefully sensed for a while. His eyes looked in a certain direction and muttered, ” “I can sense that Junior brother’s aura once appeared in that direction. He must have had a world-shaking battle with someone, which is why his aura has remained in the world for so long.”

“Go! Let’s go take a look!” Taoist Xuan Tian covered fa Kong’s body with his hand and moved quickly in the direction he pointed.

Not long after, Taoist Xuan Tian brought fa Kong to the Dao transformation mountain range.

There were still many cultivators cultivating or looking for opportunities in the Dao transformation mountain range. There were more people than ever. The place where sakra from heaven sect and the Overlord spear Saint son fought was once again covered in a layer of mystery, attracting the attention of many geniuses.

“Dao transformation mountain range? Your Junior Brother has actually been here?” Looking at the Dao transformation mountain range, Taoist Xuan Tian was shocked.

Before becoming a saint, Taoist xuantian had walked through many ancient starry sky paths and entered many different macro worlds, so he had some understanding of some important places in each macro world.

“Is there anything special about this Dao transformation mountain range?” fa Kong asked, puzzled.

Taoist Xuan Tian’s eyes turned serious. He said, ” “Legend has it that the secret of reincarnation is hidden in the Dao transformation mountain range. By transforming into the Dao here, one can retain a trace of true spirit during reincarnation and reincarnate with the memories of their previous life. Many saints have left their footprints here and left many inheritances for the fated. However, I keep feeling that something is not right here.”

“Did you discover something else, Grand Master?” Fa Kong asked.

Taoist Xuan Tian shook his head slightly and said with a frown, ” “I can’t say! This mountain range contained a divine power as deep as the sea, as if it contained the truth of the world, making people unconsciously intoxicated! It’s just that I’ve been here before, and I don’t have a good feeling about this place. I keep feeling that my Dao heart is affected by some kind of energy, and I almost transformed into a Dao here!”

“Why don’t I feel it? instead, I feel like there are opportunities everywhere?”

Fa Kong’s face was full of surprise. He spread out his divine will and found that many mighty people or Dao Masters were comprehending and cultivating in various places. There were many places that could block his divine will, and some places even directly swallowed his divine will. It was really strange.

“You’ve only sensed the inheritances and Dao marks outside the mountains,” Taoist Xuan Tian said in a deep voice.”It’s not a big deal.” If you want to experience the deepest level of Dao runes nurtured by the entire mountain range, your Dao heart will probably be silently invaded. At that time, I’m afraid it’ll be difficult to leave!”

“It’s that strange?” Fa Kong was in disbelief.

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