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182 Chapter 182 my Dharma name is Shenxiu

Taoist Xuan Tian’s eyes shone with two rays of light. The ten-thousand-year-old spiritual herbs exploded in the starry sky and turned into a vast ocean of life essence. It gathered in his mouth as if thousands of streams were returning to their roots.

In the blink of an eye, the life essence of hundreds of 10000-year-old spiritual herbs was completely refined and absorbed by him. His aura became deeper and more vast, and his strength was restored by more than half. However, the injury of the great Dao in his body still did not recover.

Taoist Xuan Tian did not take it to heart. The injury of the great Dao could not be recovered so easily.

Taoist Xuan Tian’s gaze shifted to fa Kong, his eyes full of admiration. He muttered, ” “Little monk, you brought me out of the Nirvana extinction domain and gave me so many ten-thousand-year-old spirit herbs to help me recover my cultivation. You may be a descendant of the profound heaven sacred land, but I can’t take your treasures for free! I’ve comprehended Dao in the land of extinction for ten thousand years and created three great divine arts. One of them is especially suitable for you, and I’ll teach it to you now!”

With that, Taoist Xuan Tian stretched out his hand and touched the space between fa Kong’s eyebrows. As if it contained the ultimate truth of the world, he imprinted a great super power into the depths of fa Kong’s mind.

At that moment, fa Kong felt a lot of information in his mind, which gathered into a divine power: Heaven and earth great millstone!

The heaven and earth millstone required two different types of energy within the body to activate. It could connect with the power of heaven and earth and transform into a heaven and earth millstone that could crush everything in its path. It had the power to destroy the heavens and earth.

The heaven and earth millstone could be activated by pure and foul air, the power of water and fire, the power of the sun and moon, the power of light and darkness, and so on. It could be activated as long as it was a completely different power.

The celestial devil power in fa Kong’s body was not inferior to these opposing powers at all. In fact, it might even be superior.

This great Divine Art seemed to be specially made for him. It was secretly compatible with his cultivation technique and could certainly unleash unrivaled divine power.

“Many thanks, ancestral master!” Fa Kong’s face was filled with joy.

The ancestor was really a very particular person!

Taoist xuantian waved his hand casually. He looked at the black Yellow great world and asked in confusion, ” “You just said that your Junior Brother is in the black Yellow great world? It’s quite a distance from the primordial world to here. Why are you here?”

Fa Kong thought for a while and felt that the patriarch was not an outsider. Besides, he might need to borrow the patriarch’s power in the black Yellow great world. He did not intend to hide it. He chuckled and said, ” my Junior Brother is the reincarnation of a part of the true spirit of the Black Tortoise, a divine beast of the Supreme Saint realm. He sensed that his Natal weapon was lost in the black Yellow great world, so he came here to look for it.

“The reincarnation of a great saint? Hiss! The profound heavenly sacred land can actually recruit such a prodigy?”

Daoist Xuan Tian was extremely shocked. He felt that the current xuantian sacred land seemed to be far more powerful than when he had first established it.

Fa Kong snorted, unconvinced,”I’m not necessarily worse than him, huhu!”

Taoist Xuan Tian rubbed fa Kong’s bright head and said with a smile, ” “We’re fellow disciples, why do you have to be so clear about it? Since your Junior Brother is looking for a lifeblood weapon, I’ll go with you. Once I’m done here, I’ll return to the profound heaven sacred land to take a look.”

“Then I’ll thank you on his behalf!” Fa Kong’s face was full of smiles as he expressed his thanks. He was in high spirits and full of confidence.

Bringing a Saint to hold the fort, just thinking about it gave him a feeling!

“By the way, little monk, what’s your name?” It was only then that Taoist Xuan Tian remembered to ask for fa Kong’s name.

Fa Kong’s eyes darted around and he said, ” “Grandmaster, master said that the outside world is too dangerous, so he forbade us from using our real names in case our enemies use some kind of curse technique to harm us. We have to travel the world under false names. You can call me Shenxiu.”

Was it that stable?

Taoist Xuan Tian was surprised, but he didn’t ask further. He sighed, ” “Xiu ‘er, your master is really steady! Your master is the current sacred Lord profound sky?”

Xiu ‘er?

What f * cking Xiu-er!

Fa Kong’s face turned black and he said in a muffled voice, ” “No, my master is very low-key. He doesn’t have much of a presence in the xuantian sacred land.”

“That’s really low-key!” Taoist Xuan Tian said with great interest. To be able to raise a disciple like you, you must be extraordinary. When I return to the profound heaven sacred land in the future, I’ll pay you a visit! Let’s go, we’ll head to the xuanhuang world to look for your Junior Brother first!”

As for what fa Kong said about his Junior Brother having a treasure that could heal Taoist Xuan Tian’s injuries, Taoist Xuan Tian did not take it to heart.

Ordinary injuries were ineffective for Saints, but if it was a true Dao injury, how could it be so easy to cure?

Although the black Yellow great world was right in front of him, it was still very far away.

Strands of rules of saintly way power emanated from Zhou Yi, enveloping fa Kong. He took a few steps in the starry sky and arrived outside the boundary barrier of the xuanhuang world.

The boundary barrier was formed by the extraterrestrial astral wind and the world-destroying thunder fire. It formed a natural barrier and no one knew how thick it was. It was extremely difficult for most powerful people to destroy it unless they found a weak spot in the boundary barrier.

Such a boundary barrier was nothing to Taoist Xuan Tian. He raised his hand and slapped it.

“Boom boom boom!”

Along with an earth-shaking roar, a deep hole appeared in the boundary barrier formed by the squall, Thunder and fire. Taoist Xuan Tian entered it with fa Kong and entered the black Yellow great world.

The ancient barren world, the xuantian sacred land.

Ye chen gently opened his eyes, a trace of surprise could be seen in his eyes. The corner of his mouth slightly raised, ” “Ha, fa Kong actually managed to dig out the founding master. It’s just that the founding master’s condition isn’t too good. When they meet up with Xuan Xin, the roots of the chaos Gourd Vine on Xuan Xin’s body should be enough to heal the Grand ancestor’s Dao injuries.”

Ye chen had indeed taken back the puppet on fa Kong’s body, but he had secretly left another puppet on fa Kong’s body.

Although it was hard for fa Kong to survive a beating, ye chen was still worried. After all, there were too many dangers in the outside world, and he only had one life. He did not want to see anything happen to his disciple, so he still left a backup plan for fa Kong.

Ye chen had known about the matter of fa Kong bringing out his ancestor at the first moment.

The roots of the chaos Calabash vine on Xuan Xin’s body could heal the Dao injuries on the founder’s body. Ye chen had no intention of interfering for the time being, so he just let them do whatever they wanted. With the help of the ancestral master, Xuan Xin might have a chance to bring out his Natal weapon from the eternal fire Territory.

Ye Chen’s mind returned to the blue cloud Peak’s Yu Ling.

Ever since Yu Ling joined the blue cloud Peak, she had been cultivating behind closed doors. The terrifying talent of her innate Dao embryo had been revealed. Yu Ling was always wandering in the ocean of the great Dao, and had a unique understanding of the essence of the great Dao, as if she was one with the great Dao of the world.

Yu Ling had entered the blue cloud Peak for a few months and had created a set of cultivation techniques that were most suitable for her: Myriad returning DAOs!

This kind of cultivation method could absorb the power of all the DAOs in the world and integrate it into one’s body, allowing one to control the power of all the DAOs at any time, and even directly control the great Dao of others. Only those with innate Dao embryos could cultivate it.

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