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Chapter 149: Zhang Sanfeng of Wudang!

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The Holy Light owner’s face darkened when he heard the disciples ‘screams.

Under the rumbling Heavenly Tribulation, bolts of lightning exploded around fa Kong’s body, temporarily suppressing the soaring aura in fa Kong’s body. Lines of catastrophe tribulation runes were quickly condensed. Fa Kong’s essence, energy, and spirit were all transforming at an extremely fast speed.

Although these heavenly lightning bolts were filled with destructive aura, they did not affect fa Kong much. They were quickly being converted into his cultivation.

At the same time, fa Kong’s treasure wheel was spinning and dancing in the heavenly Tribulation. He was using the power of the heavenly Tribulation to temper the treasure wheel.

Fa Kong’s gaze looked at the Holy Son of Light, Wen Liangyu, across the vast sea of lightning. A malicious smile flashed across his eyes. He stepped into the void, traveling hundreds of miles with a single step, and arrived near the Holy Son of Light in an instant. He laughed wildly and said, ” “Golden Retriever, you’ve been chasing Lord Zeng for so long. Now it’s Lord Zeng’s turn to fight back!”

The light saint’s expression changed slightly. His body instantly turned into a white holy light and flashed into the distance, quickly distancing himself from fa Kong.

Even the light Saint was afraid of such a terrifying Heavenly Tribulation. He did not want to be sensed by the heavenly Tribulation.

“Boom boom boom!”

The Thunderbolts that blotted out the sky and covered the area where the light Saint was at. There were more than a dozen Almighties who did not react as quickly as the light Saint and were all enveloped by the heavenly Tribulation. The destructive tribulation Thunderbolts that were mixed with the heavenly might enveloped them.

At this moment, they were going through the same Heavenly Tribulation as fa Kong.

These mighty figures tried their best to use all sorts of defensive treasures to resist the destruction of the lightning tribulation, but to no avail.

Fa Kong’s Thunder tribulation was too powerful. It was even more terrifying than some Dao master tribulations. How could these ordinary mighty people withstand it?

In the blink of an eye, more than a dozen powerful beings were annihilated by the heavenly Tribulation. Not even their corpses were left behind, and they had all turned into ashes.

“Golden Retriever, don’t run!”

“Aren’t you very capable?”

“Why are you running? Come and fight with Lord Zeng for three hundred rounds!”


Fa Kong yelled as he chased after the Saint with a sea of destructive lightning. Many areas of the radiance sacred land were destroyed.

The radiance saint’s face twitched violently. He knew that if he continued to run, more elders and disciples of the radiance sacred land would be killed by fa Kong’s Heavenly Tribulation. His reputation in the radiance sacred land would plummet, and even the radiance Saint would have a bad opinion of him.

The light Saint suddenly stopped in mid-air and charged towards fa Kong with the Golden scepter in his hand. He shouted coldly, ” “Little monk, do you really think that you can do whatever you want just because you’re crossing the heavenly Tribulation? Today, I’m going to kill you under your Heavenly Tribulation!”

Although the Saint of light was a little afraid of fa Kong’s Heavenly Tribulation, it was not impossible to resist. Back then, he had forcefully resisted the heavenly Tribulation to break through to the Almighty realm. Even if fa Kong’s Heavenly Tribulation was far more terrifying than his own, he was still confident that he could withstand it.

When the Holy Son of Light was going through the heavenly Tribulation, he chose to resist it in order to gain the most benefits from it. However, things were different now. He could use all kinds of treasures to weaken the effects of the heavenly Tribulation.

“Boom boom boom!”

The Golden scepter and fa Kong’s treasure wheel collided, creating an earth-shaking boom that could be heard clearly even among the thousands of Thunderbolts. A huge crack that was dozens of miles long appeared in the void. The void collapsed and the sea of Thunder churned.

Immediately after, the vast heaven’s might sensed the existence of the Holy Son of Light and descended boundless destructive holy thunder, bombarding the Holy Son of Light.

The light saint’s body was flowing with holy light, as if he was about to ascend to the immortal realm. He allowed the heavenly Tribulation to bombard his entire body until his skin and flesh were torn open. Every pore on his body emitted soft holy light, quickly healing the Dao injuries caused by the lightning tribulation.

To be able to withstand the heavenly Tribulation and break through to the Almighty realm, the Saint of light was definitely not an ordinary heaven’s favorite. Since he knew that he could not avoid fa Kong’s Heavenly Tribulation, he might as well use it to temper his body again.

However, his expression changed in the next moment.

Fa Kong’s Thunder tribulation contained the heaven’s might Dao law, which was far more terrifying than his own Thunder tribulation. The Dao injury caused by the Thunder tribulation contained the power of the Dao law. Even if he used the sacred light technique, the recovery speed was extremely slow. The recovery speed was far slower than the speed of the injury!

The light Saint waved his golden scepter decisively. The Golden scepter bloomed with thousands of golden light rays, dispersing the surrounding Thunderbolts. Only a small portion of the Thunderbolts landed on his body.

However, his actions were taken as a provocation by the heavenly Tribulation. Very quickly, even more Thunderbolts mixed with the rumbling heavenly might pressed down on the light saint’s body, instantly drowning him within.

At that moment, the light Saint was feeling extremely nervous.

Fa Kong’s Heavenly Tribulation was far beyond his expectations. It seemed like he could die under the heavenly Tribulation at any time. It was already very difficult for him to fight against the heavenly Tribulation. He did not have the time to deal with fa Kong at all!

Back when Zi Menghan was undergoing her tribulation, she had used the power of the heavenly Tribulation to annihilate many Dao Lord realm demonic beasts in one fell swoop. Even the heaven suppressing Tiger Supreme, who was at the peak of the Dao severing realm, was severely injured. Although fa Kong’s Heavenly Tribulation was not as terrifying as Zi Menghan’s, it was still far beyond an ordinary Dao master’s tribulation. It was extremely difficult for the light Saint to deal with it.

“Golden Retriever, since you’re here to die, I’ll send you to the West!” Fa Kong clamored loudly as he raised his hand and slapped towards the Saint of light. A sparkling and resplendent heavenly ancient tablet appeared on the back of his hand, as if it could suppress the heavens and bury all the worlds.

Divine power, Dao burial!

The Saint of light could only watch as fa Kong’s attack hit him. He felt that he could not avoid it and waved his golden scepter to block in front of him.


Just as fa Kong’s palm touched the light saint’s golden scepter, the light Saint instantly felt that the power within the Golden scepter was completely suppressed. Even he himself felt as if his divine power was being suppressed and confined. The divine power in his body seemed to have become slower than ever.

This was even when he used the Supreme-grade numinous treasure, the Golden scepter, to deal with it. Otherwise, all the paths, skills, and divine arts in his body would be instantly suppressed, and he would not be able to use any of them!


Suddenly, the Golden scepter was broken into several pieces by the rolling Thunder.

The Golden scepter’s spiritual energy pressure was completely suppressed. Unable to resist such a terrifying Heavenly Tribulation, it was directly broken by the lightning tribulation.

At the same time, the terrifying lightning tribulation exploded on the surface of the light saint’s body, causing him to be badly injured. His golden hair was charred, his clothes were torn, and his aura was in a mess. He was in an extremely sorry state.

The light Saint used the Holy Light Healing technique once again. Gentle holy light circulated around his entire body, rapidly healing his injured body. However, his eyes were filled with shock.

His injuries were getting worse!

Fa Kong’s Heavenly Tribulation was too terrifying!

“Oh! Was this still the light Saint? The golden light dog has become a stray dog?” Fa Kong taunted as his treasured wheel cut through the void and headed towards the Saint of light’s neck.


The light Saint raised his hand and released an extremely dazzling holy light, which struck the treasure wheel and produced a huge boom.

A pair of wings formed from light appeared behind the Saint of light. The wings spread out and he quickly pulled away from fa Kong.

Ever since fa Kong had consumed the three roots of the chaos Calabash vine, the Holy Son of Light could clearly feel that fa Kong’s aura had become much stronger. The gap between their cultivation levels was rapidly shrinking.

Under such a Heavenly Tribulation, one would have to use all their strength to resist it. How would the light Saint dare to fight fa Kong?

“Boom boom boom!”

The vast Heavenly Tribulation bombarded fa Kong and the Saint of light’s bodies indiscriminately. The Saint of light’s bones and tendons were broken from the impact, but the runes of tribulation flowed on the surface of fa Kong’s body. He seemed to have not suffered any injuries.

Fa Kong’s treasured body’s defense was extremely strong, and the Saint of light had already witnessed it. Under the heavenly Tribulation, fa Kong’s physique seemed to have become even stronger. It had long surpassed ordinary Supreme-grade numinous treasures and was unimaginably strong!

“This person’s divine retribution is too terrifying. It’s difficult for me to resist it, and I’m not confident in killing him! Holy master, help me!” The light Saint shouted loudly as he felt like he was on the verge of death.

He had a premonition that if this continued, he might really die at the hands of this little monk!

After hearing the Holy son’s cry for help, the Holy Light owner’s face turned even gloomier.

“Radiance isn’t a place where you can do as you please!”

attack! the Holy Light owner shouted and waved his hand toward the depths of the radiance sacred land. A scepter that seemed to be condensed from holy light flew over quickly, emitting vast rules of saintly way, and bombarded fa Kong.

The impact of fa Kong’s tribulation in the radiance sacred land was too great. In order to kill fa Kong as soon as possible, the Holy Radiance owner did not hesitate to use the radiance sacred land’s holy weapon!

He didn’t care even if the heavenly Tribulation sensed it. Since he had used his Saint weapon, the pressure of the Saint weapon would naturally be able to withstand the attack of fa Kong’s Heavenly Tribulation.

Fa Kong could not help but feel his heart palpitate in fear when he felt the terrifying Holy might emitted by the Holy Light scepter.

However, fa Kong gritted his teeth and glared at the light Saint. He grinned hideously and said, ” “Lord Zeng will kill you first today!”

Before fa Kong’s voice died away, six hazy and dreamy worlds appeared around him. In a certain Pure Land, there was a God who was spotless. In the rolling crowd, there was a vast secular world that rolled. In the dark, Hungry Ghost path, all kinds of hungry ghosts were wailing and wailing.

It was the six paths reincarnation!

After the six paths of reincarnation was unleashed, it immediately enveloped the light Saint within it. The six paths of reincarnation rotated and in the blink of an eye, the light Saint had been reincarnated thousands of times, consuming more than half of his cultivation base.

“Golden Retriever! Accept your death!”

Fa Kong clenched his palm into a fist and smashed it towards the light saint’s head. His fist emitted thousands of rays of light, and thousands of devil Buddhas with their backs against each other appeared in the void. Endless energy was added to his fist, and the void in front of him was collapsing.

This punch of fa Kong’s instantly erupted with ten times the battle prowess. It was precisely the ultimate Supreme Dao stage!

The light Saint wanted to Dodge, but he realized that he could not!


Fa Kong’s punch landed on the Saint son’s chest, producing a deafening boom. The Saint son was shattered into pieces in the void on the spot.

The light saint’s primordial spirit emerged, his face filled with fear. He wanted to escape, but he was instantly annihilated by the endless Thunderbolts, turning into ashes and disappearing.

The light Saint had fallen!

This was an unparalleled prodigy who’d reached the Almighty realm after taking the heavenly Tribulation head-on, yet he’d been slain by a little monk. Everyone from the radiance sacred land felt like they were in a dream.

Meanwhile, the Holy Light scepter had already arrived in front of fa Kong.

Being locked onto by such a holy weapon, fa Kong felt his heart palpitate with fear, as if he would die under the scepter of holy light in the next moment.

Fa Kong wanted to Dodge, but he realized that the surrounding void Dao was being suppressed. His body was also confined in the void. He felt the same as the light Saint earlier, and there was no way for him to avoid it.

Fa Kong’s expression was bitter. He had been careless this time. He had thought that he would have a chance to escape after killing the light Saint. He did not expect the attack of the Holy weapon to come so quickly!


Suddenly, the sound of a sword rang out.

A figure with white hair and a white beard suddenly appeared in the sea of Thunder. He was wearing a white robe, looking clean and natural, with a Sage-like aura. He held an ancient sword-shaped half-Saint weapon and slashed at the Holy Light scepter. The sword light that bloomed was even more dazzling than the light of the sun.

Ji realm sword slash!


With an earth-shattering boom, the scepter of holy light was sent flying. It smashed into a mountain thousands of feet high. Rules of saintly way burst out, collapsing the mountain.

The Holy Light owner’s pupils suddenly contracted. He did not have the time to feel sad about the death of the light Saint son. Instead, he looked at the white-haired old man who appeared in the sky as if he was facing a great enemy and shouted,”Who are you?”

He could clearly sense that this white-haired old man’s cultivation was at the Dao severing stage!

Moreover, that sword attack was comparable to the peak of the Dao severing realm!

The white-haired old man looked at the Holy Light owner indifferently and said, ” “Zhang Sanfeng of Wudang!”

The Holy Light owner and the others were confused. What kind of place was Wudang? Who was Zhang Sanfeng?

When did such a figure appear in the Imperial path realm?

He was a Dao severing super expert. Even in the entire Imperial path world, he was at the peak of existence. No one could figure out why he had appeared in radiance sacred land.

“Master!” Fa Kong cried out in surprise.

He understood that this was a backup plan his master had left on him. It was actually a Dao severing stage puppet incarnation. Seeing that he was in a situation of certain death, it had appeared to save him.

After hearing fa Kong’s cry, the Holy Light owner and the others finally understood that this person was the master of the little monk who was undergoing the heavenly Tribulation!

“Boom boom boom!”

Before the Holy Light owner could react, the rolling Thunderbolts and the terrifying heavenly might bombarded him and drowned him.

He had just used his Saint weapon when the heavenly Tribulation sensed him. It struck him with thousands of lightning bolts, making him suffer the same Heavenly Tribulation as fa Kong.

Not only the Holy Light owner, but even ye Chen’s puppet incarnation was also sensed by the heavenly Tribulation, and the Tribulation lightning struck down.

More than half of the sacred land was enveloped in destructive lightning. Heaven and earth rumbled, and wails could be heard.

Ye Chen’s puppet incarnation did not care about the Thunder tribulation at all. It looked at the Holy Light owner indifferently and stepped on the void. In the next moment, it appeared in front of the Holy Light owner and slashed out again.

The Holy Light owner’s expression changed drastically. He could not think of any other reaction and immediately recalled the Holy Light scepter to block in front of him.

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