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Chapter 147: Chapter 147 the miserable fa Kong

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The Supreme purple treasure vault was located on a Saint mountain near the Fortune Golden Dragon of the Ziwei Empire. The entire mountain was filled with all kinds of complicated formation patterns, and it was filled with the vast aura of the saintly way. There was even a faint aura of the great emperor realm.

Ye chen couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. The Zi Wei Empire was really too rich!

Ye chen was worried about Zi Menghan’s safety, so he left Yu Huatian’s puppet incarnation with Zi Menghan.

Through his treasure hunting talent, ye chen discovered that the treasure light in this Treasury was even more intense than the sun. The colorful treasure light gathered together, creating a dazzling light that made it hard to open one’s eyes.

Ye chen did not have any other thoughts about the Treasury of the Zi Wei Empire. He did not want to Rob this Treasury just for the sake of treasure. As for what kind of treasure Zi Menghan would get, it would be up to her to decide.

The news of Zi Menghan breaking through the nine heavenly barriers spread quickly, and the various complicated forces in the Zi Wei Empire were extremely surprised.

Zi Menghan had been diagnosed with an inborn Constitution since she was young. Not only could she cultivate now, but she was also the only one among the princes and princesses to pass the nine heavenly barriers. She had attracted everyone’s attention.

Many of the older generation of the major forces had participated in the nine heavenly barriers before, so they were very familiar with the nine heavenly barriers. They all knew how much potential a young genius who could break through the nine heavenly barriers had!

If Zi Menghan were to grow up, she would at least be an existence on the level of the Dean of the Imperial College, the northfall war god, and the Zi Wei Imperial Lord. Furthermore, they were currently in a golden era. Zi Menghan’s future achievements might even surpass them!

Everyone understood that the situation in the Zi Wei Empire was about to change.

Many people went to look for Zi Menghan’s mother at once, hoping to build a good relationship with her. Zi Menghan’s mother’s status in the palace rose in a straight line. Even she herself felt like she was dreaming.

A mother’s status rose because of her son!

In the Zi Wei Empire, the princess’s performance was outstanding, and her mother’s status would also rise.

Originally, the third Princess, Zi mengli, and the forces behind her had been plotting against Zi Menghan, but they had now given up.

They could not afford to offend such a person!

If they dared to secretly attack Zi Menghan, Imperial Lord Zi Wei would be the first to not let them off!

When Ling Yun of the Azure Dragon Guard heard this news, he was stunned on the spot. He was shocked and filled with deep regret.

He understood that he had missed a great opportunity.

If he had treated Zi Menghan with enough respect when he welcomed her back to the Empire, the situation might have been different.

Every Prince’s residence, every concubine’s Palace, every King’s residence, General’s residence, noble family, border officials, and so on had received the news of Zi Menghan passing the nine heavenly barriers at the first moment. They all made their own countermeasures.

All of a sudden, the entire Ziwei Emperor was in a state of chaos.

The moment Zi Menghan returned to the Zi Wei Empire, she caused a huge commotion in the Empire. At the same time, the little monk fa Kong’s situation was much more miserable.

On a huge lifeless meteorite in the lonely starry sky, fa Kong sat on the ground. Many Buddhas with the same body as the Buddha and the demon appeared around him. Sometimes they looked like a monk of the Buddhist League, and sometimes like a Demon God of hell. The aura they exuded was particularly strange.

Fa Kong’s body was tempered like glass, but he looked a little embarrassed.

There were a few fist-sized bloody holes on his left shoulder and back. A holy light shone around the wounds, preventing fa Kong’s wounds from healing.

“Shua shua shua shua shua shua”

Golden and black divine power surged out of fa Kong’s body and gushed toward his wound. However, when it came into contact with the Holy Light, it was reduced by half, and the wound could not heal quickly.

At the same time, the catastrophe runes flowing on fa Kong’s body were more than a few times thicker than before. Although his wounds could not be healed, some kind of power of catastrophe was rapidly transformed into catastrophe runes, strengthening fa Kong’s Foundation.

Fa Kong had cultivated the burning heavens divine technique, a body-tempering cultivation technique. He had also cultivated the indestructible mystical technique. At this time, his body was comparable to a top grade spiritual treasure. Someone could actually leave such a terrifying scar of the great path on his body. It was obvious that fa Kong had encountered a powerful enemy that was far beyond his imagination.


Fa Kong suddenly opened his eyes and looked at a weak light that was rushing over from the depths of the starry sky. He frowned and snorted, ” “The Holy Son of Light is really persistent! Go ahead, it won’t be long before Lord Zeng will personally send you to the West!”

Fa Kong retracted his divine skill, stepped into the void, and traveled a thousand miles with a single step. He turned into a stream of light and quickly escaped.

It had been seven to eight years since fa Kong left the blue cloud Peak. Fa Kong’s cultivation had long reached the peak of the primordial soul realm, and he was building up his Foundation for the Tribulation.

When he had left the blue cloud Peak with Xuan Xin, his original intention was to go to the black Yellow great world to help Xuan Xin retrieve the Saint weapon from his previous life. He didn’t expect to encounter the star insect Army as soon as they entered the ancient path of stars, and they were completely separated.

Generally speaking, only experts at the peak of the Almighty realm were qualified to enter the ancient path of stars. Otherwise, they would not be able to deal with the various dangers that might appear on the ancient path of stars.

After fa Kong and Xuan Xin separated, they fell into another ancient starry sky path. They met Wen Liangyu, the Holy Son of the radiance sacred land of the Imperial path world, on a barren planet.

When fa Kong left the Western Desert alone to explore the eastern barren territory, he was used to seeing people being killed and robbed. He knew the principle of not revealing one’s wealth, not to mention on the ancient starry sky path. Fa Kong immediately used the secret art ye chen had taught him, hiding his Qi and treasures.

Unexpectedly, the Holy Son of Light cultivated a secret technique that allowed him to sense treasures very strongly. He could clearly sense that fa Kong had an unimaginably valuable treasure on him, and he attacked fa Kong decisively.

Fa Kong had been on guard against him for a long time. He immediately took out his Natal weapon, the invincible Buddha and demon twin wheel, and blocked the Holy Son of Light’s killing blow. However, he exposed the existence of his Natal weapon and attracted the covetous eyes of the Holy Son of Light.

One must know that only Saints or Dao severing stage cultivators could possess a Natal weapon. Fa Kong had already possessed a Natal weapon before he even stepped into the Almighty stage. The Saint of the light could sense that fa Kong was hiding a bigger secret, so he had been chasing after fa Kong.

All these years, the light Saint had fought with fa Kong for more than a hundred times. Fa Kong’s muscles and bones had been injured each time, but fa Kong’s tenacity had far exceeded his expectations. He had never thought that fa Kong would be able to resist so well. Furthermore, after being hit by his holy light technique, fa Kong’s recovery speed was so fast.

The Holy Son of Light’s world had also opened a golden era. He had once resisted the heavenly Tribulation and stepped into the Almighty realm. He was one of the top prodigies in the entire Imperial path world and had personally killed a path master. His strength was already comparable to that of a path master.

However, with his abilities, he was actually unable to kill this little monk who was only in the primordial soul realm. This further strengthened his determination to kill fa Kong to get rid of future trouble.

The ancient path of stars was filled with all sorts of dangers. Fa Kong had been running for his life and had long lost his direction. It was just that the light Saint had a certain secret technique that could locate fa Kong’s position at any time. Fa Kong had been unable to shake him off completely.

In the depths of fa Kong’s chakra sea, a white-haired puppet that was smaller than a grain of rice had opened its eyes several times, but it had not made a move.

This puppet was the one that ye chen had left on fa Kong’s body. Ye chen was very clear about what fa Kong had encountered.

Although fa Kong looked extremely miserable, his life was not in danger.

Moreover, under the pursuit of the Saint of light, an unparalleled prodigy who had resisted the heavenly Tribulation and become a mighty figure, fa Kong’s strength had increased very quickly. At least, he had cultivated the indestructible Mystic technique to an extremely high realm. He had refined his treasured body to be comparable to a Supreme-grade numinous treasure. His gains were huge.

Ye chen had been watching them from the side. As long as his disciples could handle the danger, he would not interfere. He would let them experience their own tribulations.

The light saint’s entire body radiated with brilliant holy light. He seemed to have turned into a beam of light as he advanced rapidly in the lonely starry sky, following closely behind fa Kong. He said unhurriedly, ” “Little monk, you can’t escape. Hand over your secret and I’ll allow you to be my follower.”

The light saint’s voice reverberated in the vast starry sky. He was not affected by the lonely starry sky and could be heard clearly by fa Kong even from a distance.

The light Saint had a head full of long golden hair that glowed like the sun. He was tall and handsome, and he wore a cloud-patterned golden robe. The rhythm of the great Dao flowed around his body, and a spring-like smile hung on his handsome face. He was like a big brother next door who was having a friendly conversation, causing others to subconsciously lower their guard.

However, this had no effect on fa Kong.


Fa Kong turned his head and spat. His speed did not seem to be affected at all. He scolded loudly, ” “You’re like a Mad Dog that’s chasing its master! And it was a golden-furred dog! Little Golden Retriever, Lord Zeng won’t give you sh * t to eat. I’ll starve you to death!”

The light saint’s face turned gloomy, but he soon smiled nonchalantly and said,”Your mouth is still so dirty! Your heart is too evil, and the demonic nature in your body is too heavy. The Buddhist sect can’t help you, so you have to rely on the Holy Light to purify you. Come back to radiance with me. I’ll help you purify your soul and return you to your true self.”

“I’ll become your grandfather! No, even if you want me to become your grandfather, Lord Zeng won’t be bothered! Lord Zeng doesn’t have an unfilial golden-furred dog grandson like you!” Fa Kong ignored him and continued on his way, quickly increasing the distance between him and the light Saint.

“This time, I won’t let you escape.”

The light Saint gently shook his head. The Holy Light that was emitted from his body suddenly became as bright as the sun, and his figure disappeared on the spot with a Swoosh.

“This move again?”

Fa Kong’s pupils contracted slightly. Without any hesitation, he summoned his treasure wheel and slashed it towards the starry sky behind him. 108 illusory Buddhas appeared in the void, and behind each illusory Buddha was a Buddha filled with demonic nature. They shattered the starry sky behind them.


The light saint’s figure suddenly appeared behind fa Kong. He waved a golden scepter in his palm, which emitted a bright light that was comparable to the scorching sun, and collided with fa Kong’s treasured wheel.

“Boom boom boom!”

With an earth-shaking boom, the starry sky collapsed and shattered. Pitch-black cracks in the void quickly spread into the distance, and the aura that leaked out was particularly terrifying.

The Golden scepter in the Saint of light’s hand was a Supreme-grade spirit treasure. However, it could not do anything to fa Kong’s treasure wheel in a head-on collision.

Fa Kong’s back took the impact of the force, and his figure rushed into the distance at an even faster speed.

His treasure wheel escaped from the void and reappeared in his body.

It was obvious that this was not the first time that the light Saint had used this secret technique. He could directly appear behind fa Kong and attack him. Fa Kong had already prepared his countermeasures.

“You can’t escape.”

The light saint’s voice was as calm as the sun, like a light God that could purify all living things.

“Golden Retriever, it’s not too late to bark after you catch up with Lord Zeng! If you catch up with Lord Zeng, Lord Zeng will give you sh * t to eat. I guarantee that you’ll be full!” Fa Kong clamored as he unleashed his imminent skyline without any regard for his energy consumption, once again increasing the distance between him and the Holy Son of the light.

The two of them chased for who knew how many tens of thousands of miles.

Fa Kong kept calling him a golden-furred dog. Even if the Saint of light was a shrewd person, there was still anger in his eyes.

your evil thoughts are too strong. I’ll purify you in the starry sky.

The light saint’s golden hair danced like flames. He opened his palm, and a pitch-black skull appeared in his palm. Dark and silent aura fluctuated inside, and there was an incomplete saintly way vital force hidden inside.

This skull was the remains of a Saint!


In the next moment, the black skull suddenly disappeared from the original spot and appeared directly above fa Kong’s head. The rules of saintly way that were as black as ink drooped down. Even if the rules of saintly way had long been incomplete, they were still not something that fa Kong could contend with at the moment.

Fa Kong suddenly felt his heart palpitate with fear. He roared in anger, and the catastrophe runes on his body suddenly burst out. In an instant, they completely wrapped around the skull above him, transferring all of his power of catastrophe to the skull.


Suddenly, the black skull began to burn with the flames of the great path. The blooming rules of saintly way fluctuated violently, brushing past fa Kong’s body and hitting behind him, turning the starry sky into a land of nothingness.

The light saint’s pupils suddenly contracted, his eyes filled with a burning look,”I didn’t expect you to still have such a heaven-defying divine ability. I’ll definitely kill you today!”

“Hypocritical Golden Retriever, don’t bark! You’re definitely not a good person for using such an evil Saint bone insect! You’re only worthy of eating her farts!” Fa Kong shouted loudly as he fled in a sorry state. Even though he was being beaten up miserably, he still did not forget to boast.

The light saint’s figure suddenly stopped in mid-air as he kept the pitch-black skull. A crystal ball filled with light aura reappeared in his palm as he said, ” “I didn’t want to use this treasure, but you have too many secrets. It’s worth it.”

At that moment, fa Kong felt extremely uncomfortable. He had a feeling that things were going out of his expectations.

The Saint of light stood quietly in the void and grinned at fa Kong. The crystal ball in his hand emitted an extremely dazzling light, lighting up the entire dark and desolate starry sky. It was as if a small sun had exploded.

In the next moment, fa Kong felt a wave of warm energy landing on his body. His figure disappeared from the entire starry sky, and the light saint’s voice rang in his ears, ” “Welcome to radiance!”

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