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Chapter 145: Chapter 145-the only person with hope of passing the ninth level

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“Boom boom boom!”

All sorts of brilliant lights bloomed, completely submerging the area where Zi Menghan was. The void collapsed and turned into a chaotic land of destruction. Many stars in the distance were on the verge of collapse.

Zi Menghan’s body was flowing with mysterious and unpredictable catastrophe runes. Her body seemed to contain the power of an entire world. She was able to withstand the attacks of many Dao mark incarnations without being at a disadvantage.

After Zi Menghan’s tribulation, her body was comparable to a half-Saint weapon with the help of the indestructible Mystic technique.

Although these nine Dao mark incarnations were very powerful, they were still unable to shake Zi Menghan.

Zi Menghan was not in a hurry to destroy these nine Dao mark incarnations. Instead, she wanted to use them to complete her own transformation. She charged left and right under the attack of these nine Dao mark incarnations.

As time passed, the destructive aura on Zi Menghan’s body became more and more intense. Her life force was gradually snuffed out as she began her fourth Nirvana.

While Zi Menghan was fighting with the nine Dao mark incarnations, many princes and princesses had been forced out of the tower. They all looked at the tower with complicated expressions.

The seventh Princess, Zi Mengxi’s expression was the gloomest. Among the dozen princes and princesses, she was the only one who had been kicked out of the second round. The benefits she had obtained from the nine heavenly passes were the worst. Naturally, she was not in a good mood.

Besides her, the thirteenth Prince, Zi Mingxuan’s face was also as dark as water.

Zi Mingxuan had always thought of himself as an extraordinary person and thought that he was stronger than the other princes. He had never thought that he would be easily defeated by Zi Menghan in the fourth stage. Even the Supreme-grade spirit treasure he had on him was of no use, which had seriously hit his confidence.


The tenth Prince, Zi Fengyun, suddenly appeared on the eighth level of the nine Heavens realm tower. Every inch of his blood-red Bones shone with a dazzling golden light and emanated a strong Buddhist aura.

However, Zi Fengyun’s hair was disheveled, and his body was covered in all kinds of wounds. His aura was unstable, and the Buddhist golden light on his body was throbbing violently, as if he had just suffered some kind of hard blow.

Many of the princes and princesses knew that Zi Fengyun had stopped at the eighth level and had not made it to the ninth level.

Before Zi Feng Yun had come out, the person who had reached the highest level was the sixth Princess, Zi Meng Xin, who had been known as a cultivation prodigy since she was young. She had entered the seventh level, but had not passed.

As for the other princes and princesses, their performances were slightly inferior. No one had been able to enter the seventh stage yet.

Each of the nine heavenly passes was like a heavenly chasm. Even if these princes and princesses had cultivated the best paths, skills, and divine arts since they were young, even if they had precious treasures on them, they still didn’t have much of an advantage in the nine heavenly passes.

Little ten, what did you encounter in the eighth level? ” The sixth Princess, Zi Meng Xin, looked at Zi Feng Yun and asked curiously. Ice runes appeared around her body, giving off a bone-chilling cold.

She had stopped at the seventh level’s road of no return and had been brooding over it.

She always felt that she was just lacking a bit of luck, otherwise, she wouldn’t have been struck by the heavenly lightning.

In addition, she had another feeling at that time. She thought that she could withstand the heavenly lightning that fell from the sky with her own strength, so she did not use all her strength to avoid it.

She didn’t expect that she would leave the nine Heavens realm tower when the heavenly lightning struck. It was completely beyond her expectations.

From Zi Meng Xin’s point of view, with her cultivation, she definitely had the ability to enter the higher heavenly barriers, or even break through the nine great heavenly barriers. The only reason she had appeared here was because she lacked some luck.

The Golden Buddhist aura around Zi Fengyun’s body was completely retracted. He quickly calmed his chaotic aura and his hair fluttered again. He bowed to Sovereign Lord Ziwei in the void.

Imperial Lord Ziwei nodded slightly. His expression was calm as if nothing could affect his mind.

Zi Fengyun turned to look at Zi mengxin, sighing, the eighth level is an unimaginable ancient battlefield. There are countless fighting souls of the Almighty realm, thousands or tens of thousands. They can form a battle formation to attack. After killing them, they will re-condense again. Moreover, those fighting souls can merge with each other and become invincible fighting souls comparable to the Dao Lord realm. I can’t break through the eighth level even after using all my means. What a pity!

Hearing Zi Fengyun’s words, Zi Meng Xin’s eyes could not help but flash with surprise.

If the eighth stage was really as Zi Fengyun had said, even if she was lucky enough to pass the seventh stage, she would probably not be able to pass the eighth stage.

The thirteenth Prince, Zi Mingxuan, and the others fell silent as well. From Zi Fengyun’s words, they could clearly sense how terrifying the eighth stage was. Even if they were to be in the eighth stage, they wouldn’t have the confidence to pass it.


Just as they were talking, the ruler above the eighth Prince’s head flew back from the eighth level of the nine Heavens realm tower. He spat out a large amount of blood, dyeing the blue sky red. Obviously, he had also suffered an irresistible attack in the eighth level. He had been forced out.

The eighth prince, Zi Shanhe, had also failed to pass the eighth stage.

Zi Shanhe stopped in the void and put away the ruler-shaped Supreme-grade numinous treasure. He tidied up his appearance and bowed to Sovereign Lord Zi Wei.

was the eighth stage that eighth brother experienced also an ancient battlefield? ” The tenth Prince, Zi Fengyun, asked Zi Shanhe.

Zi Shanhe nodded slightly and said, ” There are countless fighting souls in the ancient battlefield, and there are even invincible fighting souls. With my strength, I’m still not strong enough to pass the eighth level.”

After his speech, a hint of regret flashed across Zi Shanhe’s eyes.

In his opinion, he had almost killed the invincible fighting spirit. He was just a little bit away from passing the eighth level.

Many princes and princesses were in a heavy mood. Before entering the nine Heavens realm tower, they were all full of confidence. They always felt that they were the chosen ones who could break through the nine heavenly passes. Only after experiencing it did they realize their own position.

More than a thousand years ago, the nine heavenly passes had opened and only three people had passed. All of them were the true important figures of the Zi Wei Empire.

They were now in the golden age, and each of them had many opportunities and means. They all thought that they could easily pass through the nine heavenly passes, but the reality was far crueler than they had imagined!

Zi Shanhe’s gaze swept across the crowd, and a look of surprise flashed across his eyes. “Third brother still hasn’t come out?”

The sixth Princess, Zi Meng Xin’s expression changed slightly as she asked with anticipation, ” “I heard that third brother’s main cultivation in Imperial College is The Art of War. The ancient battlefield of the eighth pass shouldn’t be difficult for him. I wonder if he can pass the legendary ninth stage?”

In the distance, the thirteenth Prince, Zi Mingxuan’s face darkened.

Before entering the nine Heavens realm tower, he had fought with the third Prince, Zi Lingxiao, in this back garden. The two of them seemed to be evenly matched, and it seemed that the strength that Zi Lingxiao had displayed at that time was only the tip of the iceberg.

A faint Buddhist light flickered in Zi Fengyun’s eyes. He sighed, ” “More than a thousand years ago, before the mantras of the ancient barren world had recovered, father, the Dean of the Imperial College, and the Beiluo war god were able to force their way through the nine great heavenly passes. Now that the golden age has opened and Daoist techniques are at their peak, are we still no match for our ancestors?”

Many princes and princesses were moved. They were in a Golden Age, but they were far less outstanding than their ancestors. They could not help but doubt their lives, and their Dao hearts were slightly shaken.

The corners of Zi Fengyun’s lips curled up slightly, but he quickly retracted them.

Emperor Lord Zi Wei glanced at Zi Fengyun discreetly and said indifferently, ” “The Zi Wei Empire’s heritage is unimaginably strong. Even in an era before the revival of Daoist techniques, the number of Almighties in the Empire far exceeds your imagination. Back then, there were more than a hundred people who tried to pass, and there were twenty to thirty people at the peak of the Almighty realm. Only three people passed, so you don’t have to undervalue yourself.”

The princes and princesses ‘Dao hearts were once again stabilized after hearing Imperial Lord Zi Wei’s words. They looked at the nine Heavens realm tower again, wanting to see if the third Prince, Zi Lingxiao, could pass the ninth round.

Not long after, the nine Heavens realm tower trembled slightly. The third Prince, Zi Lingxiao, fell from the ninth floor of the nine Heavens realm tower, and his blood stained the sky.

The third Prince, Zi Lingxiao, was in a worse state than all the other princes and princesses combined. His clothes were in tatters, his chest had caved in, his arms were twisted like a fried dough twist, and his body was covered with knife, sword, and fist marks. There was not a single part of his body that was intact, and his aura was in a mess.

Even Zi Lingxiao could not control her body and fell heavily into the large lake near the square.

Sovereign Lord Zi Wei raised his hand and waved at Zi Lingxiao. Zi Lingxiao’s body quickly flew towards Sovereign Lord Zi Wei.


Emperor Lord Zi Wei flicked his finger and a pill that was emitting a crystal-like treasure light pierced through the void and fell into Zi Lingxiao’s mouth.

In the next moment, Zi Lingxiao’s body began to emit the sound of bones colliding. Her twisted arms returned to normal and her broken ribs quickly recovered. In the blink of an eye, she was back to her peak condition, as if she had never been injured.

The eyes of Zi Shanhe, Zi Fengyun, Zi mengxin, and the other princes and princesses all flashed with envy. They all understood how precious that pill was. Not only could it heal injuries, but it could also cleanse the body. It was extremely precious.

They all knew that this was the reward given to Zi Lingxiao by Emperor Lord Zi Wei for passing the ninth round. Although they were envious and jealous, they did not have any objections.

Zi Lingxiao bowed respectfully to Imperial Lord Ziwei and looked at the nine Heavens realm tower. She sighed deeply, her voice full of regret.

In the end, he still failed to pass the ninth heavenly trial.

“Third brother, what exactly is in the ninth heavenly pass?” Zi Shanhe could not help but ask.

He had made it to the eighth level and felt that the ancient battlefield of the eighth level was already very difficult to deal with. Looking at Zi Lingxiao’s sorry state just now, the ninth heavenly pass was far more difficult than he had imagined!

All the other princes and princesses looked at Zi Lingxiao. They also wanted to know what kind of danger the legendary ninth heavenly pass was.

Zi Lingxiao looked at the ninth floor of the nine Heavens realm tower and said slowly, ” the ninth heavenly pass is a world of stars. It contains the Dao mark incarnations of nine invincible paragons in the history of the Empire. Each of them is an existence that can crush an era. For example, patriarch purple wind, patriarch sword star, patriarch tyrannical saber, and so on. I was attacked by nine Dao mark incarnations at the same time. I only managed to hold on for a moment before I was beaten out. I almost died.

“What? Any one of those existences would be able to crush the current generation. Is the ninth heavenly pass that terrifying?” Several princes and princesses cried out in shock, their eyes filled with disbelief.

Zi Lingxiao shook her head gently and said slowly, ” no, the cultivation of those nine patriarchs are all at the Almighty realm. Otherwise, how could I have taken the next move? ”

“Even so, the difficulty of the ninth heavenly pass is still far beyond imagination,” Zi Fengyun said with emotion. Those patriarchs are so powerful that they can affect the world, and that’s why they’ve been branded by the world. Any one of them is already very difficult to deal with, let alone nine!”

“In that case, our generation has been completely annihilated?” The twelfth Prince’s sudden words made everyone’s hearts sink.

In their generation, other than the first Prince, the fifth Prince, and the sixth Prince, three other princes had fallen in the demonic turmoil. The remaining princes were all here, but no one had passed the ninth trial, which made them feel ashamed.

Zi Lingxiao looked around and suddenly said, ” “Is sister nine still not out?”

Upon hearing Zi Lingxiao mention Zi Menghan, everyone was slightly stunned. That’s right, the ninth Princess Zi Menghan had not come out yet!

Immediately, everyone’s expression changed slightly.

Could Zi Menghan pass the ninth level?

This news was even more shocking than hearing that the third Prince, Zi Lingxiao, had a chance of passing the ninth level. It had completely overturned their understanding!

In their eyes, Zi Menghan was an inborn cripple. Even though she had performed outstandingly in the back garden not long ago, most of them did not see her as a worthy opponent.

And now, all the princes and princesses had been annihilated. Only Zi Menghan had yet to come out. This was enough to show how powerful Zi Menghan was.

Even a crippled innate body could do this?

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on the ninth level of the nine Heavens realm tower. They wanted to see through the tower to see what was inside, but they found nothing.

The seventh Princess Zi Mengxi’s eyes flashed with a trace of resentment as she snorted coldly, ” “How can the nine heavenly barriers be so easy to pass? Maybe sister nine has already died in the nine Heavens realm tower!”

Zi Mengxi had been defeated by Zi Menghan in the second round. This made her very resentful and she could not wait for Zi Menghan to die in the nine Heavens realm tower.

Zi Lingxiao’s sharp gaze swept towards Zi Mengxi as he said coldly, ” “Seventh Sister, you’re sisters! Is there a need to curse sister nine like this?”

After Zi Menghan had defeated Zi Mengxi in the world of Thunder in the second stage, she had given Zi Lingxiao some advice. Zi Lingxiao was still very grateful to her. Hearing Zi Mengxi’s words, she retorted in anger.

Zi Mengxi knew that she had indeed gone overboard, especially in front of monarch Zi Wei. She immediately shut her mouth, but the resentment in her eyes did not decrease at all.

The third Princess, Zi mengli, and the thirteenth Prince, Zi Mingxuan, were also resentful of Zi Menghan. However, when they saw that Zi Mengxi had been reprimanded, they tactfully did not say anything more.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on the ninth level of the nine Heavens realm tower, wanting to see if Zi Menghan could pass the ninth level.

Time passed quickly, but there was no movement from the nine Heavens realm tower.

After a few hours, the sky outside gradually darkened. Monarch Zi Wei suddenly said, ” “It’s almost time, Chengcheng.”

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