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Chapter 144: Chapter 144-ninth heavenly barrier

Translator: 549690339

“Shua shua shua shua shua shua”

The shadows of fighting souls emerged from the billowing murderous aura on the ancient battlefield. They were wearing ancient black iron armor and holding black Spears. Even their faces were covered by black iron masks. Each of the fighting souls exuded a strong fighting spirit.

Although his body had died, his fighting spirit had not been extinguished!

Then, there was an ear-piercing demonic sound of gold and iron colliding in the ancient battlefield. Broken ancient chariots rushed out of the black evil Qi. There were many fighting souls standing on them. They were covered in black armor and held black Spears. The murderous Qi swept through the world.

These broken ancient chariots were full of knife marks and arrow holes, as if they had experienced the baptism of blood and fire, revealing the vicissitudes of time.


Suddenly, an earth-shaking roar came from the depths of the ancient battlefield. The cold wind whistled and the fighting spirit soared.

One by one, the fighting souls formed an ancient battle formation. The war chariots rumbled and charged towards Zi Menghan. A murderous fighting spirit was surging in the void.

Zi Menghan suddenly felt an invisible force pressing down on her body. That soaring fighting spirit was like a stormy sea, attacking her mind. However, Zi Menghan’s Dao heart was like a rock, allowing this fighting spirit to attack her without moving.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The Sound of Arrows breaking through the air rang out as pitch-black arrows streaked through the void. The arrows were burning with black-red flames, lighting up the sky as they flew towards Zi Menghan.


Suddenly, a loud immortal Phoenix’s cry rang out around Zi Menghan. A magnificent immortal Phoenix covered in red flames appeared in front of her. Every feather flickered with mysterious fire patterns. It opened its mouth and spat out a sea of fire, burning half of the sky.

This fiery red immortal Gu’s aura was comparable to that of a Dao Lord, and it could easily kill an expert at the peak of the Almighty realm!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Deafening explosions rang out as the pitch-black nether arrows shattered in the sea of fire one after another. The aftershocks of the explosions shook the sea of fire in the sky, and a massive amount of black mist poured out from the explosions, covering the sky and the sun.

“Kill bi an!”

The thousands of fighting souls let out a deafening roar at the same time, turning into a torrent of fighting intent that swept towards Zi Menghan. The sharp spear in the void shone with a cold light.

At the same time, the broken chariots rolled in the air, causing the entire sky to rumble.

A total of thirty-six ancient chariots appeared near Zi Menghan. They formed a battle formation and sealed off the sky and earth. They forcefully trapped Zi Menghan and the fiery red immortal Gu in the void.

An infinite number of fighting souls rolled over, making Zi Menghan feel like she was being pointed at by a sword. She did not dare to be careless.

The power of a single fighting soul was at most comparable to that of an Almighty realm cultivator. However, when an endless number of fighting souls gathered together and there was a battle formation, the threat they posed increased exponentially. They were much more threatening than a Dao master!

“Shua shua shua shua shua shua”

Four immortal Gu appeared around Zi Menghan again, they were green, black, yellow and white respectively. The green feather immortal Gu contained boundless life force, the black feather immortal Gu froze the void, the yellow feather immortal Gu gave off a mountain-like sense of Majesty, while the White Feather immortal Gu’s every feather shone with a murderous aura, each of them had different powers.

These four immortal puppets and the fiery red immortal puppet from earlier formed a five elements array. The vast power of the five elements surged and turned the void around Zi Menghan into a five elements domain. The power of the five elements mutually reinforced and restrained each other. It was in order amidst the chaos and was mysterious and unpredictable. It crushed towards the hundreds of fighting souls.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

A deafening sound rang out between heaven and earth. The void shook and the heaven and earth rumbled. One by one, the fighting souls were shattered in the chaotic five elements domain and turned back into billowing evil Qi that integrated into the ancient battlefield below.

However, the fighting souls in this ancient battlefield seemed to be endless. They attacked Zi Menghan one after another. It did not take long for them to disperse the five immortal puppets and shatter them in the void.

This ancient battlefield was extremely strange. It seemed to have a special ability to condense the will of fighting souls. Those shattered fighting souls could be condensed again very quickly. They did not have their own thoughts and only had the purest fighting will. They formed a battle formation and attacked Zi Menghan endlessly.

Zi Menghan saw the strangeness of the ancient battlefield. Six seemingly real and illusionary worlds suddenly appeared around her. Some were filled with celestial music, some were wailing like ghosts, some were rolling in the mortal world, and so on. The six worlds were changing and reincarnating with each other, as if they could contain billions of living beings.

The six paths of reincarnation!

“Boom boom boom!”

The six vast worlds rotated among the thousands of fighting souls in the ancient battlefield and absorbed them into the six paths world. They reincarnated rapidly in each world and disintegrated the vast sea of fighting spirit. They could no longer integrate into the ancient battlefield and form new fighting souls.

The fighting spirit that was destroyed by the world of six DAOs was the undying fighting spirit left behind from the ancient times. After being crushed by the six paths reincarnation, it was converted into the purest form of energy and replenished Zi Menghan’s body, converting into her cultivation base.

As time passed, Zi Menghan had crushed and destroyed thousands of fighting souls. The deep and vast Qi activity that enveloped the ancient battlefield around Zi Menghan had become much thinner.

After being baptized by the killing intent and fighting spirit of so many fighting souls, Zi Menghan’s Nirvana stage broke through again and she easily reached the third transformation.


Suddenly, a deafening roar came from the depths of the ancient battlefield. All the fighting souls around Zi Menghan abandoned Zi Menghan and retreated into the billowing murderous aura above the ancient battlefield.

A huge shadow of the invincible fighting spirit was forming in the billowing murderous aura. Thousands of fighting spirits were integrated into the body of the invincible fighting spirit. The body of the invincible fighting spirit became larger and larger, like a black demon mountain standing between the heaven and earth, exuding a vast pressure.


The shadow of the invincible fighting soul quickly shrank and solidified at the same time.

The invincible fighting Spirit’s body seemed to be made up of endless fighting spirit. Its true appearance could not be seen clearly, but one could only feel the ancient and deep killing fighting spirit. It wore black armor and held a black and gold halberd in its hand. The surrounding void trembled violently, as if even the heaven and earth could not bear it.

The unparalleled fighting soul had gathered the fighting intent and baleful Qi of thousands of fighting souls. The aura it exuded was comparable to the peak of the Dao Lord realm and was close to the Dao severing realm!


The unparalleled war spirit let out a deafening roar as it pierced through the void and appeared in front of Zi Menghan in an instant. The black-gold halberd slashed towards Zi Menghan’s neck as the blade of the halberd glowed with a cold light.

At this moment, the great Dao of fighting spirit dominated the world and suppressed all the other great DAOs in the world, making it impossible for Zi Menghan to borrow the power of heaven and earth. The unparalleled fighting spirit even imprisoned Zi Menghan in the void, as if she could only sit and wait for her death.

Zi Menghan’s body was covered with tribulation runes and she easily broke free from the unparalleled fighting Spirit’s blockade. She raised her hand and slapped the black gold halberd of the unparalleled fighting spirit. Behind her hand, an ancient divine monument could be vaguely seen.

“Boom boom boom!”

A loud explosion resounded through the sky and violent energy swept through the world. An ancient heavenly tomb fell on the black and gold halberd. The tombstone reached the sky and the tomb was deep. It suppressed the black and gold halberd and the unparalleled fighting spirit.

Divine power, Dao burial!

After Zi Menghan used the Dao of burial, the black-gold halberd’s murderous aura and fighting intent were completely suppressed. Even the murderous aura and fighting intent within the unrivaled soul Slayer’s body were buried and sealed, unable to exert any strength.

The black-golden halberd crumbled without a sound, turning back into a murderous aura and fighting spirit that seeped into the ancient battlefield.

Not only that, but the hand of the invincible fighting soul that was holding the black-gold halberd also collapsed. Then, its arm, head, chest, abdomen, and so on, all of its body collapsed in the void.

As the unparalleled war spirit collapsed and disappeared, a bloody mountain on the ancient battlefield suddenly cracked open, revealing a door of light that led to the next heavenly pass.

Zi Menghan did not hesitate and stepped into the light door. After the baptism of the boundless power of the world, Zi Menghan entered the ninth heavenly pass.

This trial was the last level of the nine Heavens realm tower and the last trial of the nine heavenly trials!

This was a vast and deep starry world. The surroundings were filled with a lonely and cold aura. In the distance, there were stars shining with a faint light.


Suddenly, a figure appeared in the dark and lonely night sky. He was dressed in feather clothes and a high crown. His face was ancient and his Qi was hazy, as if he could merge into the void at any time.

Zi Menghan’s pupils suddenly contracted. She had seen the image of this person in the ancient books of the Ziwei Empire. This person was the purple wind ancestor from 80000 years ago. His control of the void great Dao had reached an unimaginable height. He could appear anywhere in the East barren at any time. No one could surpass him in terms of speed.


Another figure appeared in another direction. His entire body was like an unsheathed sword, and every strand of hair on his body was like the sharpest sword in the world. Sword Qi crisscrossed and stirred up the sky.

He was a peerless heaven’s favorite from 36000 years ago. He was not a member of the Zi Wei Empire’s royal family, but he had protected the Zi Wei Empire for an entire era. He had defeated all his enemies with his sword.

The sword star patriarch!

“Shua shua shua shua shua shua”

Seven figures appeared in the void again. Some of them had soaring saber intent, some of them had powerful qi and blood, some of them were unfathomable, some of them had monstrous killing intent, and so on. They were all unrivaled heaven’s favorites in the history of the Ziwei Empire, and they were all Supreme experts who could suppress an era.

The auras of these nine figures were all at the peak of the Almighty realm. The gazes of these nine figures landed on Zi Menghan, giving her a tremendous pressure that was as heavy as a mountain.

The strength of these nine figures was far inferior to the unparalleled fighting soul that was condensed at the end of the eighth heavenly pass. However, the pressure that any one of them brought to Zi Menghan was far greater than that of the unparalleled puppet!

Moreover, these nine figures had locked onto her at the same time?

At this moment, Zi Menghan finally understood what kind of test the ninth heavenly pass was.

The ninth heavenly pass was marked with the Dao marks of the invincible heaven’s favorites from the Zi Wei Empire since ancient times. In this world, their Dao mark incarnations from their youth would appear and attack the challengers together. The challengers would have to defeat the Dao mark incarnations of these nine invincible heaven’s favorites to pass the level.

Perhaps, the incarnations of these nine unrivaled heaven’s favorites appeared randomly.

If it was any other prince or princess, they might have manifested the other nine Dao mark incarnations. However, these nine Dao mark incarnations were not fixed. Even if he knew that he would have to face the Dao mark incarnations of nine heaven’s favorites, he would not have been prepared.

After understanding all this, Zi Menghan’s eyes were filled with a towering battle intent.

It was rare for her to fight with the Dao mark incarnation of such an invincible heaven’s pride level senior. This was a rare opportunity, but it was enough for her to better temper herself and strengthen her Foundation. Perhaps there would be other gains.


Ancestor purple wind’s figure appeared silently behind Zi Menghan. He raised his hand and struck out at Zi Menghan. The power of the vast void seemed to be supplementing his palm, borrowing the power of the heaven and earth to attack Zi Menghan.

When ancestor purple wind’s attack was about to land on him, the figure of ‘ancestor purple wind’ in the distance had just disappeared. No one knew when he had escaped into the void, but what was left on the spot was only his afterimage.

Zi Menghan waved her hand and there seemed to be a vast power of the world flowing in her palm. It was as if there was another world hidden in her body.


Zi Menghan’s palm hit empty air. The moment her palm force was about to hit him, the purple wind Grandmaster had already dodged with the help of the power of the void and appeared on the other side of her. His palm, which contained the mighty power of the void, was pressed toward Zi Menghan’s back.

A tribulation rune flashed across Zi Menghan’s back. A strange power of a curse crossed the void and landed directly in the body of patriarch purple wind.

The purple wind Grandmaster’s figure became unstable. The power of the void in his palm was slapped into the void sky uncontrollably.


With a world-shaking boom, vast spatial fluctuations spread from the depths of the void into the distance, causing the entire world to tremble.

If this palm had landed on Zi Menghan’s body, even if she had the indestructible Mystic technique, it would have been difficult for her to withstand it.

Before Zi Menghan could even heave a sigh of relief, a sharp sword radiance pierced through the void and headed straight for her forehead.

Patriarch swordstar made his move!

Before the sword arrived, the sharp sword will had already seeped into Zi Menghan’s mind, causing her to feel a chill from the bottom of her heart.

Zi Menghan raised her hand and a huge divine monument appeared behind her palm. An ancient tomb appeared in her palm and landed on patriarch swordstar’s sharp sword.

“Boom boom boom!”

Heaven and earth rumbled as the sword’s power was completely suppressed and buried, and it shattered in the void.

Divine power, Dao burial!

Zi Menghan did not hesitate to use this unrivaled super power to suppress the Dao marks on the divine sword and bury it in the void. However, it did not affect patriarch swordstar who was behind her.

At this moment, a tall and sturdy young man stepped through the void and arrived beside Zi Menghan. He clenched his fist and punched towards Zi Menghan.

This punch was extremely powerful, causing large areas of the void to collapse and collapse. A shocking crack in the void extended into the distance.

At the same time, the Dao mark incarnations of the other heaven’s favorites also attacked.

In an instant, killing intent surged. Saber radiance split the sky, the divine Bell chimed, and the divine cauldron descended. All sorts of brilliant energies shot towards Zi Menghan’s body.

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