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Chapter 143: Chapter 143-road of no return and ancient battlefield

Translator: 549690339

As Zi Shanhe left through the collapsed void, the collapsed void disappeared into thin air. If Zi Menghan wanted to break through to the next level, she would have to find a new entrance.

However, Zi Menghan did not leave.

Zi Menghan sat on the ground in the world of death, her mind blending into the world. A deep power of death emanated from her body, no different from the scattered white skeletons around her.

As time passed, the crystal-like luster on Zi Menghan’s skin disappeared, and the life force in her body became completely dormant. It was as if even the most original life force had dissipated. She was like a corpse that had lost all her divinity.


In the void, a gaze looked towards Zi Menghan. It was the gaze of Imperial Lord Zi Wei.

At this moment, Emperor Lord Zi Wei could clearly sense that Zi Menghan’s aura had disappeared, as if she had completely disappeared.

Just as Imperial Lord Zi Wei was about to check on Zi Menghan’s Qi dynamic, a faint trace of life force emerged from Zi Menghan’s body. In the blink of an eye, it turned into a life force divine fire that could burn the sky and boil the sea. The Qi dynamic that seeped out from her body crushed all the White skeletons within a thousand miles, but it was quickly retracted.

Zi Menghan opened her eyes. Two layers of mysterious Dao runes appeared around her and entered her body.

Second revolution!

The Nirvana stage was completely different from the Almighty stage. One had to face death to live and undergo nine cycles of Nirvana.

When Zi Menghan was undergoing the Tribulation, she had entered the first transition state. Now that she had gained a lot from this world of death, she had undergone another transformation and entered the second transition state.

Seeing that Zi Menghan was fine, monarch Lord Ziwei’s gaze disappeared silently as if he had never been there.

Zi Menghan looked up into the sky as if she had sensed something. She had some guesses in her heart, but she didn’t take it to heart.

This death realm’s heavenly pass was no longer of much use to Zi Menghan. She didn’t want to stay here any longer. A crystal heart mirror appeared under her glabella, reflecting the entire world and easily finding the new heavenly pass.

It was a great valley of death, filled with a strange curse and death power. There was also an invisible evil demon that was comparable to the Dao Lord realm hiding in a cave at the bottom of the valley.

Zi Menghan blended into the world of death, as if she was walking in another world. She had arrived at the death Canyon without a sound.


The invisible demon in the death Canyon sensed something and let out an ear-piercing howl. It controlled the power of the entire world of death and pressed it down on Zi Menghan.

Zi Menghan’s body was covered with countless catastrophe runes. She easily converted the power of the death world into her own power and arrived at the entrance of the Devil’s Den.


A shadow rushed out of the cave and attacked Zi Menghan’s forehead. The aura it exuded was ethereal, as if it wanted to occupy Zi Menghan’s divine sea.

Zi Menghan raised her hand and struck out. Her palm seemed to contain an entire world. The power of death and rebirth swirled in her palm as she struck out at the illusory figure.


An earth-shattering boom resounded in the void. The Phantom shattered in the void and its aura disappeared without a trace.

Zi Menghan found a collapsed void in the Devil’s Den and stepped into it. She disappeared from the world of death and entered a new world where she could be filled with the power of heaven and earth.

This world was completely different from the ones that Zi Menghan had experienced before. This was a giant city filled with divinity. There were 108 great stars revolving in the sky. Not far away, there was a huge Golden Dragon of fate. The clouds were rising and the clouds were suffusing, and purple Qi was rising. It was the Purple Emperor City.

Zi Menghan couldn’t sense where she was now. It was as if only her consciousness was left. She passed through the tall Palace walls and entered a Grand Hall. Her gaze landed on a little girl.

Zi Menghan suddenly realized that this was her childhood.

When Zi Menghan realized this, her memories were sealed away silently. She seemed to have returned to her childhood, still so ignorant and innocent.


Sovereign Lord Zi Wei’s figure stepped into the palace and with a wave of his hand, a stone tablet engraved with complicated patterns appeared in the hall. He said to Zi Menghan, ” “Menghan, place your hand on the stone tablet and let father test your aptitude,”

Zi Menghan pressed her tiny hands on the stone tablet excitedly. However, the stone tablet remained silent and did not change at all.

Imperial Lord Zi Wei was surprised and thought that there was something wrong with the stele. He reached out and pressed on the stele. A vast phenomenon appeared in the void and thousands of stars flashed in the void. A true dragon was entrenched among the stars, emitting an unparalleled Dragon’s might as if it was the master of all things in the world.

“Good! Alright! Father is so powerful!” Zi Menghan was so happy that she started clapping and jumping around.

Emperor Lord Zi Wei looked at Zi Menghan deeply. He did not believe her and tested her a few more times. He even changed the test methods but the results were the same.

“Innate trash body!” Imperial Lord Ziwei heaved a long sigh and turned to leave.

From then on, the princes and princesses who used to play with her often ridiculed her, and even the palace maids and servants often talked behind her back. They felt that there was no future following her, and even her mother’s maiden family gradually distanced themselves from her.

Gradually, Zi Menghan finally understood the meaning of a crippled body. A body that had been abandoned by heaven and earth, unable to cultivate for the rest of her life!

Zi Menghan’s entire world turned into a dull gray. She had not given up yet. She flipped through all sorts of ancient books of the royal family in an attempt to find a path for her cultivation, but to no avail.

When Zi Menghan grew up, she understood that there was almost no hope of cultivation in the Ziwei Empire. She decided to enter the East barren to find opportunities, but she was rejected by six Holy Lands or great sects in a row. Her life was bleak.

Initially, Zi Menghan had never given up and her Dao heart was indestructible.

In this world, the despair in Zi Menghan’s heart was magnified infinitely. Even her last trace of hope had been destroyed. She was destined to become a cripple, and her Dao heart was on the verge of collapse.

Zi Menghan lowered her head slowly and let out a breath of turbid air.”An illusion that can affect my Dao heart is indeed interesting. However, it’s still far from being able to affect my Dao heart.”

As Zi Menghan’s voice fell, everything around them began to collapse and disappear without a trace.

The illusion here was extremely real. However, the moment he touched Zi Menghan’s Dao heart, she was able to sense it. All her memories came back and she broke free from the illusion.

Immediately after, Zi Menghan felt a vast power of heaven and earth filling her body, cleansing her limbs and bones, nourishing her soul and Dao heart.

The sixth heavenly barrier had been passed.

Zi Menghan had entered the seventh heavenly barrier.


Before Zi Menghan could take in her surroundings, she felt a strong force pressing down on her body. It was as if an ancient divine mountain was pressing down on her, causing her to sink involuntarily.

Gravity domain!

Lines of abstruse catastrophe runes flashed across Zi Menghan’s body. The endless gravity that fell on her body quickly transformed into catastrophe runes. The effect of the gravity domain on her was minimal. Only then did she have the time to observe the situation around her.

He was surrounded by a dusky world filled with a gray mist. Spiritual force could not penetrate it at all.

There was only a narrow, winding bluestone path that led to the front. It was about a hundred meters long, and at the end of the path was a door of light. It was the entrance to the next world.

Purple lightning flickered in the sky above the bluestone path. From time to time, purple heavenly lightning would strike the bluestone path, making it look very dangerous.

Beside the bluestone path, there was a stone tablet with three ancient words carved on it: A path of no return!

This path of no return was the seventh heavenly pass!

Zi Menghan looked around and noticed that there were two bluestone paths leading to the front on both sides of the road. On each path, there was a figure staggering forward.

The person on the left side of the path of no return was the tenth Prince, Zi Fengyun. His entire body seemed to be made of gold, and he shone with a brilliant golden light. There were vague images of Buddhas flashing around him, and he was like a Vajra Arhat. He slowly moved forward, as slow as a turtle, and he was already halfway through.

Imperial family descendants at the Almighty realm could head to Imperial College to cultivate. This kind of body-tempering Buddhist Divine Art was learned from purple wind cloud in Imperial College. It had a miraculous effect in body-tempering and could cultivate an indestructible golden body. It was just right to be used here.

The one on the right was the sixth Princess, Zi Meng Xin. As a Princess, she was able to reach the Almighty realm and even made it all the way to the seventh stage. It was clear how talented she was.

Zi mengxin was covered in a layer of blue ice Armor, and it was as if she had turned into an ice sculpture. She used the power of the ice to resist the gravity domain on the road of no return, and she had only taken a few steps.

It was a pity that the sixth Princess, Zi Meng Xin, was lacking in terms of body tempering.

As for her other brothers and sisters, Zi Menghan did not see them. She did not know if they were on other paths of no return, had already passed through, or had not entered the seventh heavenly pass.

The tenth Prince and the sixth Princess did not use any spirit treasures. They were both relying on their true cultivation to advance on this path of no return.

Zi Menghan sensed carefully and realized that on this path of no return, she could not use any spiritual treasures. She could only rely on her own cultivation to resist. However, Zi Menghan’s heart mirror was her Natal divine weapon and was unaffected.

If they wanted to pass through this path of no return, they had to bear with the endless gravity and avoid the lightning that fell from the sky. Most cultivators at the peak of the Almighty realm could not do that!

When Zi Menghan appeared here, Zi Fengyun and Zi mengxin both saw him. The two of them were extremely shocked. No one had expected Zi Menghan to actually be able to enter the seventh heavenly barrier.


A bolt of purple lightning shot towards the sixth Princess, Zi mengxin. Her eyes twitched, and the ice crystals around her turned a bluish-purple as she used all her strength to avoid the bolt of purple lightning.

However, under the influence of the gravity domain, she could only turn her body with difficulty. She was unable to completely avoid the attack of the lightning.


The purple lightning landed on the sixth Princess Zi Meng Xin’s body, and her figure disappeared on the spot. She had most likely been brought out of this world.

Zi Menghan’s eyebrows twitched slightly. Would one be judged to have failed the challenge as long as they were touched by lightning?


Suddenly, a bolt of purple lightning struck towards Zi Menghan.

With light steps, Zi Menghan dodged the bolt of purple lightning with ease. She continued walking forward as if she was not affected by gravity at all.

The tenth Prince, Zi Fengyun, saw Zi Menghan’s actions from the corner of his eyes. His eyes widened in disbelief.


A bolt of purple lightning brushed past the tenth Prince, Zi Fengyun’s hair, and landed in front of him. In his moment of distraction, Zi Fengyun almost crashed into it. At the crucial moment, the muscles on Zi Fengyun’s entire body bulged and emitted an infinite amount of golden light. He forcefully stopped himself in his tracks and stabilized his body under the terrifying gravity.

The tenth Prince, Zi Fengyun, didn’t dare to be distracted. He carefully advanced on the path of no return.

Not long after, Zi Fengyun caught sight of Zi Menghan from the corner of his eye.

This time, he didn’t turn back. Instead, Zi Menghan had surpassed him and walked in front of him. She dodged all kinds of lightning strikes with ease and advanced at an extremely fast speed.

Under Zi Fengyun’s astonished gaze, Zi Menghan had already reached the end of the path of no return and disappeared into the door of light.

Was that really Zi Menghan, who was born with a crippled body?

Zi Fengyun was starting to doubt his own eyes, but he didn’t dare to be distracted at this moment. He forcefully endured the infinite gravity of the archaic divine mountain and was on guard against the lightning in the sky. He continued to walk as slowly as a turtle on the path of no return.

Zi Menghan passed through the door of light. After the baptism of the world’s power, she arrived in a desolate and ancient world.

The sky of this world was a strange blood-red color, and the air was filled with a murderous aura. The ground under their feet was a dark brown, as if it had been soaked in blood, and not a single blade of grass grew on it.

Zi Menghan stepped into the void and flew for hundreds of miles. All she could see was still the dilapidated desolation. There was no living creature in sight. The mountain peaks were bare and there was no vegetation.

The spiritual Qi here was unimaginably thin. If one’s cultivation was consumed, it could not be replenished in time.

When Zi Menghan flew a thousand miles away, her eyes narrowed slightly.

What appeared in front of her was a huge battlefield ruin. Collapsed mountains could be seen everywhere, and the cracked earth was a deep black-red color. There were deep pits and abysses with a radius of hundreds of miles everywhere. Countless skeletons were scattered everywhere. Some were human, some were beast, and some were demon. Most of them had been weathered to dust.

The broken golden halberds, spears, armors, horns, and other divine weapons had all lost their divinity. They were rusty and scattered all over the place, turning into ashes with a slight touch.

The scene of the legendary ancient battlefield was endless, and the ancient aura of desolation hit one’s face. It was hard to imagine what kind of war had taken place in the past. Although countless years had passed, the traces of it could not be completely erased.

This world was completely different from the world of death. The world of death was filled with the power of death, but this world was filled with a murderous aura.

Zi Menghan stopped in her tracks and used her heart mirror to illuminate the world, searching for the gateway to this ancient battlefield world.

At this moment, the murderous aura in the ancient battlefield below surged like boiling water. It was as if some terrifying existence was brewing.

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