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Chapter 142: The world of death

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The fifth heavenly pass was a world of dead silence. The entire sky was gray, with black clouds covering the sky and scorched earth for thousands of miles. All he could see was white bones. The bones had piled up to an unknown thickness, stretching to the end of his sight.

This place didn’t seem like the devil World, but rather a region of the legendary dead world.

In the void, there seemed to be a profound and ancient power of the world circulating, suppressing Zi Menghan and pushing her to the ground.

If Zi Menghan had used her full strength, she could have broken free from the restraints and stood in the air again. However, she did not do so. Instead, she walked quietly in the endless sea of Bones, carefully feeling the power of death in this world.

Zi Menghan was currently in the Nirvana stage. This power of death was a great supplement to her. Carefully experiencing and comprehending this power of death would allow her to have a deeper understanding of her own Dao.

All the bones in this world were real. It was as if a dead world had been dug out.

The skeletons here belonged to the human race, monster race, demon race, and even many unknown races. The bone banners had all lost their original divinity or demonic nature and were now filled with a deathly power.

Zi Menghan strolled around, and the mirror in her heart reflected the entire world of death. She calmed her heart and comprehended the power of death. The life force that was exuding from her body gradually quieted down. She was like a walking corpse, and her entire person seemed to have become one with the world of death.

However, Zi Menghan’s deathly stillness was different from the deathly stillness of the surrounding skeletons. There was a faint vitality in the deathly stillness, but this weak vitality seemed to be inextinguishable, as if it could turn into a Prairie Fire that could melt the heaven and earth.

After an unknown period of time, Zi Menghan arrived at the foot of a mountain made of white bones.

It was a huge mountain made up of white bones. There were ordinary human bone skeletons, bird bone skeletons that were hundreds of feet long, and even beast bone skeletons that were thousands of feet long.

The entire mountain was about 30000 feet tall. At the top of the mountain, there was a white bone demonic Palace. The entrance to the palace was the skull of a huge beast. Its mouth was wide open, as if it wanted to devour people. Several powerful auras were lurking in the depths of the palace.

This white bone Devil Hall was the entrance.

“Boom boom boom!”

All of a sudden, a deafening boom reverberated through the heavens and earth, pulling Zi Menghan back from her state of enlightenment.

Zi Menghan’s eyes regained their clarity. From afar, she could see a Supreme-grade numinous treasure in the shape of a ruler attacking the white bone Palace. Most of the door of the white bone Palace had already collapsed.

The ferule glowed with a deep, dark golden color, and with every strike, golden incantations of the great Dao would fly out from it, making every strike of the ferule possess the power of ten thousand Jun. The Golden tassels at the end of the ferule were dancing in the wind.

Not far away, there was a figure standing quietly in the void near the mountain of bones. He was wearing a green silk robe with golden patterns and a purple jade crown with dragon patterns on his head. His face was like jade, and his body was like a pine. Purple dragon patterns were blooming on his body, and he exuded an indescribable noble air.

The eighth prince, Zi Shanhe.

Back when the demonic tribe was in chaos, three of the 13 princes of the Zi Wei Empire had fallen. They were the second Prince, the ninth Prince, and the eleventh Prince. The remaining ten princes were all extremely talented.

Before the start of the golden age, Zi Shanhe had already reached the peak of the primordial soul realm. He had been accumulating and stabilizing his cultivation. After the start of the golden age, he resisted the heavenly Tribulation and stepped into the Almighty realm. He was one of the rare talents in the East barren.

Zi Menghan had not met the eighth prince in the previous few heavenly passes. The fact that he was able to fight his way to the fifth heavenly pass and stand in the air in a world of death where no flying was allowed was enough to show his strength.


A shrill howl suddenly came from the great bone Palace, reverberating throughout the entire dead world.

“Shua shua shua shua shua shua”

As the voice rang out, all the skeletons in the world of death began to climb up from the ground. Their eye sockets flickered with ghastly fire as they looked at Zi Shanhe in the air, casting death gaze.

At that moment, a faint power of the death realm acted on Zi Shanhe’s body. It was as if it had suppressed his mind and his body was frozen in the void.

The veins on Zi Shanhe’s forehead were throbbing. He was trying his best to resist the strange force.

Zi Menghan, on the other hand, seemed to have blended into this world. She was not sensed by the spirits of the dead in this world, and the hundreds of millions of spirits of the dead ignored her.


Right at this moment, a pitch-black ray of light shot out from the white bone demonic Palace. It carried with it a profound power of catastrophe and curse, and it came straight for Zi Shanhe.

Zi Shanhe roared in anger. Eighteen bright stars appeared around him, forming a positive and negative Eight Trigrams Formation that protected him.

However, the pitch-black light seemed to be completely illusionary. It passed through the formation of the positive and negative Eight Trigrams without any resistance and landed on Zi Shanhe without a sound.


A piece of ancient jade appeared between Zi Shanhe’s eyebrows. It was flowing with saintly way aura, blocking the power of death and even the strange binding of the billions of dead souls around him.

That piece of ancient jade was a saint’s Jade. It had been nourished by the rules of saintly way all year round and had long transformed into a special ancient treasure. It was extremely precious. Now, there was a crack on it, which made Zi Shanhe’s heart ache.

Zi Shanhe looked at the white bone demonic Palace and was about to make a move. Suddenly, he looked in the direction of Zi Menghan and a look of surprise flashed in his eyes, ” “Sister nine? Why are you here?”

Zi Menghan’s aura seemed to have completely integrated into the world. She was inconspicuous even when she stood in the middle of the Army of white skeletons. If Zi Shanhe had not noticed her from the corner of his eyes, he would not have been able to discover her with just his divine telekinesis!

In Zi Shanhe’s impression, Zi Menghan was born with a crippled body. Many princes and princesses had reached the phenomenon realm and even the primordial soul realm, but she had no cultivation at all. Since she was young, she had been out looking for her own opportunities and had been rejected by many Holy Lands.

Although Zi Menghan had displayed her powerful cultivation and sent the thirteenth Prince, Zi Mingxuan, flying with a single blow, Zi Shanhe still did not see her as an opponent.

Zi Mingxuan had reached the Almighty realm with the help of external forces. In Zi Shanhe’s opinion, he was already useless. It was nothing much for Zi Menghan to defeat Zi Mingxuan. He could do the same.

Zi Menghan didn’t enter the Void and remained standing on the ground. She replied indifferently, ” “If you can appear here, why can’t I?”

Zi Shanhe frowned. He had a vague feeling that Zi Menghan might be more difficult to deal with than he had imagined.

Moreover, Zi Shanhe still could not figure out why the skeleton army would ignore her when Zi Menghan was in the Army.

“For ninth sister to be able to appear here, her strength is naturally extraordinary. This trial is extremely dangerous. Why don’t you and I join forces and break through it together?” Zi Shanhe extended an invitation to Zi Menghan.

Zi Menghan shook her head lightly and replied nonchalantly, ” the nine heavenly barriers are to forge an invincible Dao heart. Aren’t you afraid that your Dao heart will be unstable if you join forces with others in this place? ”

When Zi Shanhe heard this, his eyes shone with divine light. His body exuded a domineering aura as he shouted, ” “I can pass this test, but I hope you won’t make trouble for me! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

Zi Menghan’s expression was calm as she replied casually, ” “Don’t worry, I won’t make a move on you. Go ahead and do it!”

Zi Shanhe’s eyebrows twitched. Just as he was about to say something, he saw two cursed lights filled with a deathly aura rushing toward them.

As Zi Menghan spoke, her aura was revealed and was sensed by the terrifying existence in the white bone Devil Palace. This time, the attack also wrapped around her.

Looking at the beam of light that was filled with the power of curses and death, Zi Shanhe was on guard. He formed a seal with both hands, and an invincible righteous Qi spread out from his body. Behind him, the shadow of an ancient man holding a scroll appeared.

Many of the princes had been cultivating in Imperial College ever since they entered, and this kind of path, skill, and Divine Art was a great Confucian Divine Art that Zi Shanhe had obtained from Imperial College. The righteousness Qi was the nemesis of this kind of curse.

When he first came into contact with the curse, Zi Shanhe had underestimated his opponent and almost fell for it. Even the saint’s ancient jade on him had cracked.

Now that he had made his preparations, he could no longer hold back in front of Zi Menghan when he saw the deadly curse. He immediately used this great scholarly magical technique.

As expected, when the curse’s death energy got close to the ocean-like righteousness Qi around Zi Shanhe’s body, it evaporated and disappeared without a trace. It did not affect Zi Shanhe at all.

Zi Shanhe took the opportunity to turn around and look at Zi Menghan. His eyes widened.

Faced with this strange and difficult curse, Zi Menghan did not Dodge and extended her hand to meet it. She did not use any divine arts or skills. The curse that was filled with the aura of catastrophe entered her body without a sound. It did not affect her at all!

Zi Shanhe’s eyes could vaguely see the trajectory of the stars. The divine power in his body was poured into his pupils. He could vaguely see the mysterious runes flashing under Zi Menghan’s skin.”Perhaps ninth sister has mastered some sort of special body-tempering technique that can refine the power of this curse! It seems like I’ve underestimated her!”

As Zi Menghan’s aura was exposed and she could no longer merge with the dead world, the White skeletons nearby turned their heads towards Zi Menghan. Their eyes flickered with ghostly fire as they stared at Zi Menghan.

At this moment, the mysterious power of the dead world landed on Zi Menghan and pointed straight at her Dao heart.

However, it was as if there was another world inside Zi Menghan’s body. This gaze of death that could suppress one’s mind had no effect on her!

Zi Shanhe’s pupils suddenly contracted. He felt that his ninth sister was even more mysterious than he had imagined!


An ear-piercing demonic sound came from the white bone Devil Hall, and a powerful aura seemed to be surging out from the depths of the hall.

Zi Menghan looked at Zi Shanhe, who was in mid-air, and said calmly, ” “If you’re not confident, then let me do it.”

“As long as you don’t interfere, I can naturally solve it!”

Zi Shanhe shouted coldly and stepped into the void. With every step he took, an illusionary star covered in purple Qi would appear in the void, and there was a vast space power circulating.

With three steps, Zi Shanhe was already near the white bone Hall. He grabbed the dark golden ferule in the air and smashed it down on the white bone Devil Hall.

Large golden characters appeared on the ruler, suffused with the might of the great path. The heavenly music of the great path taught by the Saints rang out faintly around it. It was as if a large world was pressing down, causing the entire void to rumble.

“Boom boom boom!”

The white bone demonic Palace collapsed with a deafening boom, revealing a collapsed void filled with spatial turbulence that led to another direction.

Then, an illusionary black shadow rushed out of the white bone Devil Hall, wailing in the void.

Along with this demonic sound, a pitch-black illusionary altar appeared silently under Zi Shanhe’s feet. There were all kinds of strange runes carved on it, and there was an ancient demonic sound of worship around it, imprisoning Zi Shanhe in the void again.

In the next moment, ghostly flames flew up from the White skeletons. In the blink of an eye, the entire sky was covered with ghostly lights, all of which gathered toward the ancient altar.

Zi Shanhe could feel the power in his body draining away quickly. An ancient Bell with purple Qi appeared above his head. It was surrounded by the divine light of the sun, moon, and stars. It slowed down the power draining from his body but could not stop it.

Zi Shanhe felt extremely aggrieved. The ancient jade between his brows trembled slightly, flowing with peaceful saintly way pressure, forcing the ancient altar away.


die! Zi Shanhe shouted. Every pore on his body emitted a dazzling purple divine light. His hair stood on end, and his entire body was like a piece of crystal clear purple jade. His aura suddenly increased by several times.

The ferule fell from the sky, and the Golden incantations of the great path turned into divine characters that were about ten feet in size and illuminated the sky. The sacred words that taught one to read and follow etiquette rang like a yellow bell. An ancient figure holding a scroll appeared and disappeared. Wherever it passed, the void collapsed, and it smashed onto the illusory black shadow.

“Boom boom boom!”

An earth-shattering boom rang out as the void collapsed into a chaotic land filled with a destructive aura. The illusory figure let out a shrill cry before shattering into pieces.

With the disappearance of the illusory figure, the ancient altar in the sky also disappeared without a sound. The countless white skeletons on the ground fell in large numbers and fell into a dead silence again.

The purple light on Zi Shanhe’s body was quickly retracted. He half-knelt in the void and gasped for breath. His aura was a little chaotic.

It was obvious that he had used up a lot of his energy to use such a powerful Divine Art.

Zi Shanhe turned into a stream of light and rushed towards the collapsed void where the great bone Palace was. When he was about to reach it, he subconsciously looked back and said in surprise, ” “Sister nine isn’t coming?”

I still have my own opportunities in this heavenly pass. I’m not in a hurry to enter the next pass. Zi Menghan shook her head in rejection.

Zi Shanhe shook his head gently and stepped into the collapsed void. His figure quickly disappeared from the spot.

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