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Chapter 141: The overbearing Zi Menghan

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“Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The crisp sound of clapping came from afar. The sound seemed to contain some kind of rhythm of the great Dao, and even the rolling Thunder could not cover up the sound of the clapping.

Zi Menghan looked in the direction of the voice and saw the third Prince, Zi Lingxiao, standing quietly in the air. He was dressed in a sky-green robe with cloud patterns on it. His hair was like clouds and his star-like eyes were looking at Zi Menghan with a smile. He clapped his hands and smiled, ” “Good move, ninth sister!”

Although the third Prince, Zi Lingxiao, was also surrounded by lightning, he had two purple Dragons coiling around him, which easily isolated him from the rumbling lightning. He was not affected at all.

“Third brother also wants to fight with me?” Zi Menghan looked straight at Zi Lingxiao.

Zi Lingxiao waved her hand and smiled, ” no, my goal is to break through the nine heavenly barriers. Why do I need to fight with ninth sister? ” According to father, it’s harder than ascending to the heavens to pass the nine heavenly barriers. I’m afraid it’s not possible to do it alone. I would like to invite ninth sister to pass the barriers together, what do you think?”

Zi Menghan’s gaze towards Zi Lingxiao was cold as she said calmly, ” “This little sister doesn’t dare to be associated with someone of a higher status.”

Before Zi Menghan left the Zi Wei Empire, she did not have much interaction with the third Prince. Hence, she did not want to have any more contact with him.

The third Prince, Zi Lingxiao, was not bothered by this and said with a smile, ” “I know that ninth sister has a grudge against our brothers and sisters, but this is the reality. No matter who it was, only by showing enough ability or potential could one win respect. Back then, sister nine was indeed not eye-catching, but now she had the capital to be valued. If you and I join hands, we can break through the nine great heavenly barriers. Don’t let this opportunity slip by in a moment of rashness.”

Hearing Zi Lingxiao’s words, Zi Menghan was unmoved and said indifferently, ” “Third brother, although I don’t know what the heaven tests are like after that, if you want to invite people to join forces now, I’m afraid you won’t be able to pass the ninth test without an invincible Dao heart.”

Zi Lingxiao’s heart trembled. She took a deep breath and her eyes shone with a bright light. There was a strong will that was forming in her heart.

Zi Lingxiao looked at Zi Menghan and suddenly asked, ” “Ninth sister, do you want to break through the nine heavenly barriers alone because you’re confident?”

Zi Menghan looked deeply at Zi Lingxiao and said calmly, ” “No, I just don’t trust anyone.”

With that, Zi Menghan strode away and disappeared from Zi Lingxiao’s sight in the blink of an eye.

Looking in the direction Zi Menghan had left, Zi Lingxiao’s eyes flashed with a thoughtful look, ” “You don’t trust anyone? Perhaps! However, I’m afraid everyone has underestimated sister nine.”

Zi Menghan’s heart mirror easily reflected the entrance to the second stage. Zi Menghan entered an area that seemed like a Heavenly Tribulation. After passing through the entrance, she entered a vast sea of fire. Once again, there was an infinite amount of heaven and earth spiritual energy that was filled with the power of the world to cleanse her body.

In this sea of fire, Zi Menghan did not encounter anyone. She did not even see Zi Mingxuan, who had promised to wait for her in the nine Heavens realm tower.

Zi Menghan pondered to herself. The first three stages of the nine Heavens realm tower, The World of Ice, the world of Thunder, and the world of fire, should be randomly entered. They might also randomly enter other worlds, which was why it was so difficult for more than a dozen princes and princesses to meet in the same world.

These worlds seemed to be extremely dangerous, but to the descendants of the royal family, they should be able to survive without any danger. The real danger would come from the few major heavenly passes behind.

Zi Menghan walked through the sea of fire like a fairy of fire and entered a new world. Once again, she was baptized by the immense power of the world.

Zi Menghan entered the fourth heavenly pass and observed her surroundings silently.

The whole world was covered in a layer of gray, and the clouds floating between the sky and the earth were a strange dark brown. The earth was barren, and there were dark-colored gravel everywhere. The top grade was surrounded by wisps of black Qi, which made it particularly enchanting and evil.

“I’m afraid this is a small world in the devil realm?” Zi Menghan’s brows raised as she guessed in her heart.

Zi Menghan had once razed the black Tiger Ridge to the ground by herself. She was no stranger to demonic Qi. She could easily sense that the aura in this world was the same kind of pure demonic Qi.


Suddenly, there was a flash of light in the void, and two figures appeared out of nowhere.

The man was a purple-robed youth with a towering horn, while the woman was a graceful and Noble young lady. They were the thirteenth Prince, Zi Mingxuan, and the third Princess, Zi mengli.

Above Zi Mingxuan’s head, there was an ancient four-legged square tripod suspended high in the air. It was suffused with an ancient bronze luster. The tripod was imprinted with mountains, rivers, and everything. Strands of divine brilliance fell down, protecting Zi Mingxuan and Zi mengli within.

This four-legged square cauldron was Zi Mingxuan’s superior-grade spiritual treasure, the mountain river demon-suppressing cauldron!

With the help of the mountain river demon-suppressing cauldron and Zi Mingxuan’s own strength, the first four tests didn’t have much of an impact on him.

Even now, Zi Mingxuan had yet to use his Supreme grade spiritual treasure purple whip.

His goal was also to pass the ninth heavenly trial. He had been holding back his strength since the beginning, not wanting to waste it on the first few trials.

When he saw Zi Menghan’s figure from afar, Zi Mingxuan was slightly stunned. Soon after, he revealed a cold smile as he turned into two streams of light and headed towards Zi Menghan with Zi mengli. He laughed heartily from afar, ” “Haha, ninth sister, I didn’t expect you to pass the first three stages. It seems that you’re quite lucky! However, your luck has come to an end now that you’ve met me!”

“You sure are confident!” Zi Menghan shook her head lightly. She had never treated Zi Mingxuan as her opponent.

He was not worthy!

The third Princess, Zi mengli’s eyes flickered with a venomous look as she said in a menacing tone, ” “Little Jiu, you’ve become so arrogant after learning some skills in the East continent! Father said that the first three trials are not difficult. Do you really think that you are invincible just because you passed the first three trials by luck? Your steps will stop here!”

Zi Menghan’s gaze landed on the third Princess, Zi mengli, and asked with interest, ” “Third sister still wants to fight with me?”

The third Princess, Zi mengli, wanted to say something tough, but the image of Zi Menghan slapping her away appeared in her mind. She could not help but shiver in fear and said, ” “Little Jiu, you are born with a crippled body, so you should accept your fate! I’m not afraid to tell you that even if you display enough strength, your fate will not change in the slightest. You are destined to marry that trash from the MU family!”

sister, it’s useless to say more. Let me teach her a lesson! Zi Mingxuan shouted coldly and stepped forward in the void. His body exuded a vast and terrifying pressure, as if he wanted to freeze the void around Zi Menghan.

Zi Menghan’s cold eyes stared at Zi Mingxuan as she said indifferently, ” “You’ve already lost, yet you still dare to continue?”

Zi Mingxuan’s face turned green and red, then he sneered, ” “In the back garden, I just didn’t want to use the spiritual treasure to bully you! In this Nine Heavens realm tower, there are not many restrictions. I will let you understand that trash will always be trash!”

Before he could finish his sentence, the four-legged cauldron above Zi Mingxuan’s head had already left his body and was falling down towards Zi Menghan. It was as if a part of the world was pressing down on her, trying to suppress everything.


In front of Zi Menghan, a sparkling immortal Phoenix appeared out of thin air. It let out a Phoenix cry that resounded through the sky and charged towards Zi Mingxuan. The fire around it burned the void and collapsed it. Its aura was extremely terrifying.

“Boom boom boom!”

The immortal puppet collided with the four-legged square tripod and let out a deafening sound. It was as if divine Thunder had struck. The violent energy fluctuations swept across the surroundings, sending the third Princess Zi mengli flying.

Zi Mingxuan’s pupils suddenly contracted. The situation was completely different from what he had expected.

The mountain river demon-suppressing cauldron seemed to have hit a vast world and was knocked back on the spot. However, the fairy book seemed to be unaffected. Each feather was emitting a dreamy and magnificent luster, and there were faint fire patterns of the great path flowing between the feathers. It was like a real fairy book.

The strength that Zi Menghan had displayed had far exceeded Zi Mingxuan’s expectations!

Mingxuan, her methods are too strange. Don’t underestimate your enemy. Attack with all your might and beat her out first! The third Princess, Zi mengli, reminded him from afar.


Before the third Princess Zi mengli could finish her sentence, an extremely sharp blade radiance appeared out of thin air and slashed towards Zi mengli’s neck ruthlessly, tearing a huge clear crack in the void.

Behind this dazzling blade light, a seemingly real and illusionary figure appeared. His entire body was surrounded by thick demonic Qi. His entire person was like an invincible Divine Blade, exuding a cold blade intent, but he did not have a real body.

When the blade light was about to hit him, the aura of the figure instantly burst out.

The peak of the Almighty realm!

This figure was not a real person, but a fighting soul condensed by this world. His entire person was like a demonic blade that only knew how to kill!

This person was the true hidden danger of this world. When he attacked, there was no movement at all, and he did not hold back at all.

Zi mengli and Zi Mingxuan’s attention was focused on Zi Menghan, and their vigilance towards their surroundings had unknowingly dropped. The saber figure had chosen this moment to attack, and the timing was perfect.

“Save me!” Zi mengli was so frightened that her face turned pale and she cried out in alarm.

At this moment, she truly felt the feeling of death descending upon her, as if she would be cut down by the blade in the next moment.


Suddenly, a brilliant light burst out from the third Princess Zi mengli’s body. A vast power wrapped around her body, and her figure disappeared without a trace.

Monarch Zi Wei made his move.

Under the situation where the third Princess, Zi mengli, was about to die, Imperial Lord Zi Wei used a profound skill to forcefully bring her out of the nine Heavens realm tower.

Of course, with the departure of the third Princess, Zi mengli, she would no longer be able to obtain any benefits from the nine Heavens realm tower, even though her life was intact.

“Sister!” Zi Mingxuan cried out in shock as he watched Zi mengli’s figure disappear on the spot, making him feel extremely helpless.

In the next moment, Zi Mingxuan’s icy cold gaze shifted onto Zi Menghan as he shouted, ” “Zi Menghan! You go out and accompany my sister!”

At this moment, Zi Mingxuan directly called out Zi Menghan’s name without the slightest bit of respect.

Furthermore, Zi Mingxuan didn’t even care about the Almighty realm blade artist who appeared in the fourth heavenly pass. He wanted to beat Zi Menghan out first.


Zi Mingxuan’s palm suddenly clenched in the air and a purple dragon whip appeared in his hand. He raised his hand and lashed it towards Zi Menghan.

The purple whip transformed into a domineering purple dragon in the void. It shook its head and wagged its tail. The pressure of a Supreme-grade numinous treasure exploded with a loud bang, as if it could crack the world apart.


Another clear and proud cry of an immortal Gu rang out, an ice blue immortal Gu appeared in the void, resonating with the fiery red immortal Gu.

The blazing fire immortal Gu and the freezing ice immortal Gu danced at the same time. The two completely different and overbearing forces of Fire and Ice spiraled and intertwined, perfectly merging into a revolving destructive light beam that shot towards the purple dragon.

“Boom boom boom!”

An earth-shattering boom rang out as the energy of heaven and earth went completely berserk, transforming into a vast destructive energy that swept out.

“How is that possible?” Zi Mingxuan cried out in shock, his eyes filled with disbelief.

He had used his Supreme-grade spirit treasure and had attacked with all his might. However, Zi Menghan had not used any spirit treasure and had blocked his attack with her skills. This had completely exceeded his expectations.


Right at this moment, The Blade Artist at the peak of the Almighty realm from the fourth heavenly barrier disappeared from where he was standing. He turned all his power into a brilliant black blade light and slashed it straight at Zi Menghan, who was in mid-air, as if it could cut through one’s soul.

This demonic swordsman at the peak of the Almighty realm didn’t have his own intelligence, but he could sense who was the biggest threat in the arena. He found the right opportunity to launch an attack on Zi Menghan.

Zi Menghan’s hand waved gently. It looked ordinary, but there seemed to be another world in her palm. The vast pressure of the entire world gathered in her palm, and she struck towards the blade light at a seemingly slow but fast speed.


A deafening sound rang out, and the brilliant Saber Light silently dissipated in the void as if it had never appeared.

With the disappearance of the blade light, The Blade Artist at the peak of the Almighty realm also disappeared.

The fourth heavenly barrier was broken through by Zi Menghan.


A gate with flowing light suddenly appeared in the heavens and earth. The entire gate had runes that flickered like dragons and phoenixes, as if it was connected to another world.


Zi Mingxuan took the opportunity to turn into a purple light and rushed into the light door.

After the previous exchange of blows, he knew that he was definitely not Zi Menghan’s match. He decisively abandoned Zi Menghan and wanted to enter the next heavenly pass first.

“This isn’t a place you can enter. You should leave!”

Zi Menghan’s tone was as cold as ice. Her figure suddenly appeared in front of Zi Mingxuan and she raised her hand to slap him. It was as if a huge world was pressing down on Zi Mingxuan’s body and he was immediately thrown out of the world.

In the next moment, Zi Menghan’s figure disappeared into the door of light and appeared in another world. With the power of heaven and earth as vast as the ocean pouring into her body, the power of destruction and vitality exuded from Zi Menghan’s body became even more illusory.

However, if one were to sense carefully, they would realize that Zi Menghan seemed to be in a state of dormancy at any moment, yet at the same time, she seemed to be able to burst out with boundless vitality at any moment.

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