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Chapter 139: The Purple Emperor City

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Purple Emperor City.

The imperial capital of the Zi Wei Empire was a majestic heaven pass. The city walls stretched out like an ancient dragon, and one could not see the edge of the city.

The imperial capital was not suspended in the sky, but it was filled with a myriad of magnificence. It was not any weaker than the floating divine islands and Divine Cities of the ancient aristocratic families.

In the sky above the Purple Emperor City, there were one hundred and eight great stars shrouded in purple Qi. Each star seemed to be within reach, and they were vast and boundless star power. They vaguely formed some kind of profound and magical formation that protected the entire Purple Emperor City.

The entire Purple Emperor City covered an area of tens of thousands of miles. It was said that there were eighty-one huge dragon veins under the ground of the Purple Emperor City. Purple Qi rose up, and the clouds were steaming. The spiritual Qi was so rich that it could almost turn into water. The Dao rhythm in the air was particularly clear, as if it could cause one to fall into a state of enlightenment at any time.

Zi Menghan and her party did not stop anywhere else in the Zi Wei Empire. They arrived at the Purple Emperor City without any obstructions.

Zi Menghan’s status in the Zi Wei Empire was practically non-existent. Her arrival didn’t cause too much of a reaction as she was brought directly into the majestic Imperial City by Ling Yun.

There was a Golden Dragon of fate coiling in the sky above the Imperial City. The Dragon’s body was at least tens of thousands of feet long, and its huge dragon head was like an ancient divine mountain, staring at everyone who entered and exited the Imperial City.

Upon seeing Zi Menghan’s arrival, the fate Golden Dragon let out a loud Dragon’s Roar towards the sky. There seemed to be a joyful emotion in its voice.

Zi Menghan raised her head to look at the Golden Dragon of fate, and a hint of surprise flashed across her clear eyes.

This fortune Golden Dragon was formed from the Zi Wei Empire’s boundless fortune. In the past, it would not even look at her. Now that she had arrived, it actually let out a Dragon’s Roar of its own accord, which was really strange.

Zi Menghan thought to herself, ” perhaps, after cultivating with my master for so many years, my luck is no longer the same as before.

“Who dares to disturb the Golden Dragon of fate?”

Suddenly, a voice that contained infinite divine power came from the depths of the Imperial City. It shook the great path in the entire void, as if it could not bear the pressure of the voice.

The person who spoke was a Dao severing stage existence!

Zi Menghan squinted her eyes slightly. With the opening of the golden age, the Zi Wei Empire’s Foundation had become more and more solid.

When Zi Menghan left, the strongest person in the Imperial City was the Imperial Household manager who was at the peak of the Dao Lord realm. Now, there was actually a Dao severing realm expert guarding the city, and it was not the Imperial Household manager. It seemed that the Ziwei Empire had developed very quickly in recent years.

Ling Yun stepped forward and said respectfully, commander Lin, the vanguard of the Azure Dragon Guard, Ling Yun, has brought the ninth Princess back under the orders of the Sovereign Lord. He is about to report to the Sovereign Lord and has no intention of disturbing the Golden Dragon of fate!

Immediately after, Zi Menghan felt a powerful spiritual will land on her. Commander Lin’s voice rang out again, ” “The ninth Princess is back? The Sovereign Lord has ordered that when the ninth Princess returns, he will bring her to the back garden to discuss matters!”

Zi Menghan’s eyebrows raised slightly.

A Vanguard of the Azure Dragon Guard like Ling Yun wasn’t qualified to enter the Imperial City. He left after reporting his mission, and there were naturally Palace maids who led Zi Menghan to the back garden of the Imperial City.

The entire back garden covered an area of nearly a thousand miles. The mountains were thousands of feet high, the rivers were flowing, exotic flowers and plants were everywhere, red-crowned cranes were flying, and spirit beasts were running around. It was just like a vast paradise.

In the back garden, there was a huge Lake with no end in sight. There were lotus flowers that were about ten feet in size in full bloom. Each lotus leaf was several feet in size, and they were all green like jade, emitting a crystal-like luster. When they spread out on the lake, the entire Lake was shrouded in a dense mist-like spiritual Qi.

“Boom boom boom!”

Above the lake, two young men with horns were fighting. The energy ripples caused the void to tremble.

The residual energy of their attacks landed on the Lotus flowers on the lake, but a layer of pale green energy shield lit up on the surface of the lake, silently eliminating the residual energy of the two men.

There were restrictions everywhere in the back garden. If someone who was not familiar with the terrain came here, it would be easy to get lost.

These two young men were both dressed in luxurious clothes, and their bodies were surrounded by rich purple Qi. They were noble and domineering, and every move they made seemed to be able to cause the mountains to collapse and the earth to crack. They were extremely domineering.

These two people were both Almighty!

Zi Menghan could clearly see that these two were the princes of the Ziwei Empire. One of them was the thirteenth Prince, Zi Mingxuan, while the other was the third Prince, Zi Lingxiao.

The battle between the two seemed overbearing, but in fact, neither of them had used any real means. They were just testing each other.

In addition to these two, there were several other figures standing in the red wood corridor by the lake. Each of them exuded an air of nobility. The men were handsome and the women were graceful and luxurious.

These were all the princes and princesses of the Zi Wei Empire. Now that they were all gathered together, it felt like a family gathering.

However, from Zi Menghan’s point of view, the estrangement between these people was very deep. They seemed to be gathered together happily, but in reality, they were all scheming.

“Sister nine is back!” A young lady with a sweet smile walked towards Zi Menghan with light steps.

This person was the seventh Princess of the Zi Wei Empire, Zi Mengxi.

“Seventh elder sister, I’ve missed you so much after we parted that year.” Zi Menghan replied indifferently. Her eyes were as deep as the starry sky, making it impossible for others to see through her true thoughts.

When Zi Menghan and her group had left the Tai Cang divine city, they had been ambushed by the men of sacrifice that Zi Meng had raised. Although Zi Menghan had never mentioned this matter to anyone, she would never forget it.

Zi Mengxi seemed to be used to Zi Menghan’s cold attitude and was not bothered by it. She smiled and said, ” “Father has gathered us here for an exchange. Since ninth sister is here, father should be here soon.”

Zi Menghan walked into the red wood corridor and a lady with a golden hairpin smiled, ” “I’ve heard that father has arranged a marriage for ninth sister. She is the descendant of Saint mu. Ninth sister is truly blessed. Congratulations!”

The person who spoke was the third Princess, Zi mengli.

“Oh?” Zi Menghan replied indifferently. Since third older sister wants to marry into the MU residence so much, this marriage should be given to third older sister.”

The third Princess, Zi mengli, choked. She put on a fake smile and said, ” “No, sister nine is the most suitable.”

At this moment, the seventh Princess, Zi Mengxi, smiled and said, ” “Ninth sister, you probably don’t know yet, but this marriage was originally third sister’s. However, third sister recommended you to Imperial father, which was why Imperial father called you back. Third sister is really good to you!”

This was not the work of the seventh Princess Zi Mengxi?

Zi Menghan raised her brows and looked at the third Princess. She said coldly, ” “Third sister, what’s going on?”

The third Princess, Zi mengli, glared at the seventh Princess and smiled at Zi Menghan, ” “Some time ago, a Governor colluded with the demons to wreak havoc in our Empire’s territory. Saint mu walked out of his self-seal and personally flattened the two demon abyss rifts. According to the rules, with Saint MU’s achievements, our imperial family should bestow a marriage to the MU family. The first person I thought of when it came to such a good thing was ninth sister, and she specifically recommended you to Imperial father!”

“I’m not that close to third sister. I’m afraid this matter isn’t that simple?” Zi Menghan replied indifferently.

Before the third Princess could speak, she heard Zi Mengxi say, ” “Although Saint mu has come out of seclusion, he doesn’t have much time left. The recovery of the golden age has not reached the point where Saint mu can recover quickly. I’m afraid he can’t hold on for long.”

“In addition, the MU family has been passed down for too long, and their wealth has long been exhausted. The current successor is already over fifty years old, and is also a hedonistic son of a rich family. He spends all his time drinking and drinking and has emptied his body, so he can no longer be humane. Even if Saint mu were to revive, he would not be able to help him return to normal.”

“Otherwise, why would third sister give such a good thing to ninth sister?”

Zi Menghan’s eyes flashed with a look of realization. So that was the case!

After coming out of the seal, even in the golden era, he could not stop his aging?

The MU clan’s decline could not be blamed on others. It was all the descendants ‘own corruption.

The MU family had more than 50 descendants and had hidden illnesses. The MU family would be cut off in this generation. No wonder the third Princess did not want to marry into the MU family and used Zi Menghan as a shield.

Saint mu had come out of his closed-door cultivation to smooth out the two cracks in the demonic abyss. This achievement was worthy of the sun and the moon, and Zi Menghan was naturally very impressed.

However, it was impossible to let her marry into the MU family because of this!

“Third sister?” Zi Menghan looked at the third Princess with a questioning look.

The third Princess, Zi mengli, saw that the seventh Princess had made this matter clear, so she decided not to hide it anymore. She put on a fake smile and said, ” “Seventh Sister is right, Saint MU’s descendants are nothing much! However, ninth sister’s inborn crippled body isn’t any better than his. Trash and trash, you two are a match made in heaven!”


Zi Menghan raised her hand gently and sent the third Princess, Zi mengli, flying with a slap. She crashed into the pillar of the red wood corridor, and her face turned red and swollen.

When Zi Menghan made her move, the third Princess Zi mengli had clearly seen it. When she wanted to use her divine power to block it, she realized that all her strength was suppressed in her body and she could not use it.

By the time she could react, her body had already been sent flying.

Everyone was dumbfounded. The third Princess had been sent flying by the useless ninth Princess?

Zi mengli covered her face, her expression slightly dazed, but she immediately screamed in exasperation, ” “Trash, you dare to hit me?”

Following her roar, Zi mengli raised her hand and shot out a Phoenix covered in purple Qi. It let out a loud Phoenix cry and pounced towards Zi Menghan fiercely.


Zi Menghan raised her Jade-like hand and slapped it gently, easily shattering the Purple Phoenix in the void. It did not affect her at all.

“Third sister, let everyone see who is the real trash?” Zi Menghan’s tone was indifferent. There was no emotion in her eyes and they were extremely deep.

Zi mengli was about to use other methods to teach Zi Menghan a lesson, but after seeing Zi Menghan’s gaze, she felt a sense of fear and did not dare to continue.

Zi mengli took out a Jade bottle and poured some powder on her face. The redness and swelling on her face disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye. It returned to normal very quickly, and no one could tell that she had just been slapped.

“Little Jiu, I didn’t expect you to be able to cultivate! You still dare to attack third sister! In your eyes, is there still any respect for seniority?” The third Princess, Zi mengli’s gaze was incomparably cold. She didn’t dare to make another move and used her status to suppress Zi Menghan.

Zi Menghan’s eyes were cold as she replied, ” “Third sister’s words are so unpleasant to hear, yet you still have the face to talk about seniority?”


At this moment, the thirteenth Prince, Zi Mingxuan, turned into a beam of light and landed in front of Zi mengli. He smiled coldly and said, ” it looks like ninth sister has learned a lot in the xuantian sacred land. I’d like to see how much you can learn from a mere sacred land!

The thirteenth Prince, Zi Mingxuan, was the younger brother of the third Princess, Zi mengli, from the same mother. The two of them were very close.

Zi mengli’s cultivation was at the later stage of the primordial soul realm, while Zi Mingxuan had long broken through to the Almighty realm. At this moment, he wanted to stand up for his sister.

“Little thirteen, I don’t want to bully you.” Zi Menghan raised her head and swept her gaze towards Zi Mingxuan, her tone cold.

“Today, you have to fight even if you don’t want to!” Zi Mingxuan’s Black hair fluttered in the wind and his eyes flickered with a cold chill. A Purple Star appeared behind him, exuding an extremely terrifying and vast pressure.

The third Prince, Zi Lingxiao, descended from the sky and stood between the two of them. He smiled and advised, ” “We’re all blood siblings, so don’t hurt our relationship. I think we should just forget about this matter. When Imperial father is here, everything will come to a conclusion.”

The other princes and princesses also tried to comfort him, but they didn’t stop him.

They all wanted to use Zi Mingxuan to probe Zi Menghan’s capabilities.

“Don’t try to stop me! I must teach her a lesson today!” Zi Mingxuan roared and clenched his fist. A Purple Star appeared in front of his fist and he smashed it towards Zi Menghan.


With a loud boom, Zi Mingxuan’s body flew out at an even faster speed. He spat out blood and fell heavily to the ground. His eyes were filled with disbelief.

Zi Menghan retracted her palm and shook her head gently. “I’ve already said that I don’t want to bully you.”

All the princes and princesses were stunned. Zi Mingxuan was a true Almighty, but he was sent flying with just one move?

Although Zi Mingxuan had not used his full strength, everyone knew that even if he had used his full strength, he would not be Zi Menghan’s match!

Because of the earlier exchange, none of them had clearly seen how Zi Menghan had attacked. With just a casual slap, she had sent Zi Mingxuan flying!

The seventh Princess, Zi Mengxi, was even more shocked. When she first saw Zi Menghan, she was already able to fight with the myriad swords Saint son, who was at the peak of the primordial soul realm. Now, it seemed that Zi Menghan’s improvement was even greater!

Zi Mengxi felt a little uneasy. Back then, she had sensed that Zi Menghan would be a strong opponent for her in the future. She had once sent a death warrior to kill Zi Menghan, but his soul lamp was extinguished very quickly. After that, she did not dare to attack Zi Menghan again.

She had expected Zi Menghan to grow, but she had not expected her to grow so quickly!

Zi Mengxi prayed in her heart, hoping that ninth sister didn’t find out that I was the one who ordered the death Warriors.


Zi Mingxuan shouted out as he clenched his fist in the air. A Supreme grade spirit treasure purple whip appeared in his hand as he lashed out at Zi Menghan.

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