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Chapter 138: Zi Menghan returns to the Empire

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The voice of the vanguard from the Ziwei Empire contained tremendous divine power. It crashed into the mountain-shielding formation of the xuantian sacred land like a huge wave in the vast sea. The energy light shield formed by the mountain-shielding formation lit up with formation patterns that looked like dragons and phoenixes. A pressure unique to the Dao Lord realm pressed down on the peaks of the xuantian sacred land through the formation.

As this pressure descended, a cold-looking young man with a sharp face appeared in the void in the distance. He was wearing a Dragon-scaled golden armor and his body was surrounded by a thick murderous aura. Just by standing in mid-air, he seemed to be able to make people’s hearts unstable.

This was the vanguard of the Ziwei Empire, Ling Yun.


As soon as Ling Yun finished his sentence, a blazing sun rushed out of the main peak of the mysterious sky Holy Land and crashed into Ling Yun. Ling Yun was sent flying, and the Dragon-scaled golden armor on his chest was charred.

The dark sky sacred Lord suddenly appeared in the air and looked coldly outside the mountain. “You dare to come to my profound heavenly sacred land and act so atrociously? how impressive!”

Then, powerful figures flew out from the peaks of the profound heaven Holy Land and stopped in the air. They looked at Ling Yun, who was outside the Holy Land.

Ling Yun stopped in mid-air, his eyes filled with shock.

He came from the Zi Wei Empire and cultivated the best techniques in the East continent. He was also very famous in the Zi Wei Empire and had never thought much of the other Holy Lands in the East continent. He didn’t expect sacred Lord Xuan Tian to be so powerful!

Ling Yun returned to the void and said with a straight face,”You must be Saint Lord Xuan Tian. I’ve been ordered to welcome the ninth Princess back to the Empire. Could it be that the profound heaven sacred land wants to start a war with the Zi Wei Empire?”

“You are just a small Vanguard, how dare you represent the Zi Wei Empire?” Sacred Lord dark sky laughed coldly and didn’t care.

Not long ago, a demon saint had tried to cross the border to invade the profound sky sacred land, but he had been killed by ye chen with a single sword strike. With ye chen around, Saint Lord profound sky had no fear of the Zi Wei Empire at all. Moreover, this time, it was the Zi Wei Empire’s Vanguard who had initiated the provocation. The Zi Wei Empire couldn’t stand on the side of reason.

The Zi Wei Empire’s Foundation was unfathomable, but it was not easy to shake the profound heaven sacred land.

However, Saint Lord profound sky knew that the ninth Princess of the Ziwei Empire was ye Chen’s eldest disciple, Zi Menghan, so he didn’t kill Ling Yun. Otherwise, he would have used his Saint weapon to kill Ling Yun right outside the mountain Gate!

Ling Yun’s face turned green and red. He was speechless.

Shen Beiwang, the peak Master of red flame peak, laughed and tried to smooth things over, ” since Lord Vanguard is here for the ninth Princess of the Ziwei Empire, please wait outside the mountain Gate for a moment. Lord Vanguard’s voice was so loud just now, I think the ninth Princess must have heard you and will come out to meet Lord Vanguard soon.

“You’re actually making me wait outside the Holy Land?” Ling Yun’s face turned green with anger.

“Wait or not! If you still dare to cause trouble in the profound heavenly sacred land, I’ll kill you!” Sacred Lord dark sky said before disappearing.

There were still some peak Masters and elders who were curious about the ninth Princess ‘identity. They stayed in the air, wanting to see who the ninth Princess of the Ziwei Empire was.

At the same time, they were all extremely excited.

The princesses of the Ziwei Empire had all joined the xuantian sacred land, which was enough to show how deep the heritage of the xuantian sacred land was. They were all secretly glad that they had been able to join the xuantian sacred land.

Ling Yun’s expression was extremely ugly, but he didn’t dare to continue attacking the mountain-protecting formation after seeing how overbearing the profound sky sacred land was.

Ling Yun didn’t want to be stared at like a monkey in the air. He descended from the sky and stood in a Pavilion at the edge of the square. He waited for Zi Menghan’s arrival with an ugly expression.

Just as Ling Yun’s voice reached the mysterious heavenly sacred land, ye chen had already woken up from his cultivation. His gaze pierced through the void and landed on this person’s body, and relevant information appeared in his mind.

Name: Ling Yun

[ identity: one of the three vanguards of the Ziwei Empire’s Azure Dragon Guard ]

cultivation base: early stage of Dao Lord realm ”


One of the Azure Dragon Guard’s three vanguards?

A mere Vanguard was actually a Dao master. Was the Zi Wei Empire really that powerful?

It had been a few years since the golden age had opened. Perhaps this person had only broken through in the recent years, but he was still considered a proud Son of Heaven.

This guy was here for Zi Menghan with ill intentions. It seemed like the Zi Wei Empire was not at peace.

Zi Menghan was also startled by his voice. She woke up from her cultivation, her eyes shining with a bright light. She floated to the outside of ye Chen’s cave and bowed respectfully, ” master, someone from the Imperial dynasty has come. I need to return to the Imperial dynasty, so I’m here to bid you farewell.

Ye Chen’s gentle voice came out of the cave, ” “Do you know that there might be many dangers waiting for you in the Zi Wei Empire?”

“This disciple knows! However, sooner or later, I’ll have to face my own tribulation. I’ve already made preparations!” Zi Menghan replied calmly.

Ye chen was silent for a moment, then slowly said, ” “If you stay at the blue cloud Peak, no one in the Ziwei Empire can take you away with me here.”

Zi Menghan’s heart trembled. After hesitating for a moment, she said softly, ” “Master, I’m worried about the Empire. I can’t cut off my ties with the world yet, so I have to go back! After I’ve dealt with my personal affairs, I’ll come back to serve you, master!”

since you’ve made your decision, then go. Take care. Ye chen did not try to persuade her any further. A Jade bottle flew out from the cave, containing all kinds of resources and treasures. He had left it for Zi Menghan to use.

With Zi Menghan’s current strength, there were not many people in the Ziwei Empire who could do anything to her. Since she wanted to go back, then so be it.

Li Qingzhou also woke up from his cultivation. He stood by the Blue Lake halfway up the blue cloud Peak and said to Zi Menghan, ” “Senior Sister, master is right. I’m afraid you’ll encounter many dangers when you go back this time. Shall I go with you?”

Zi Menghan smiled and said, ” Junior Brother, you’re overthinking it. Even if my brothers and sisters are fighting fiercely, they wouldn’t dare to attack me in the open. Besides, since I dared to return to the Zi Wei Empire, I must have my own ways to deal with the dangers that I might encounter. Your tribulation is coming, so you’d better stay at the blue cloud Peak and cultivate. By the time I return, you might have already become a Supreme Being.”

Li Qingzhou was about to say something, but his expression suddenly changed. He exclaimed, ” “Senior Sister, you’ve broken through?”

Li Qingzhou had been cultivating in seclusion, preparing for his tribulation. He had not been informed of Zi Menghan’s breakthrough. Only now did he know that Zi Menghan had already broken through.

Zi Menghan smiled and nodded. I was lucky to have broken through. I saw that you were in seclusion. I didn’t want to disturb you.

Li Qingzhou’s face was full of smiles. He clicked his tongue and said, ” heh, I didn’t think that Senior Sister would have a breakthrough. Then I won’t have to worry anymore. Those who want to scheme against Senior Sister will probably be shocked.

Zi Menghan bade farewell to li Qingzhou and floated to the xuantian sacred land’s Mountain-protecting formation. She silently arrived near the pavilion.

It was as if she was in another world. Although there were many peak Masters and elders in the xuantian sacred land waiting for her to appear in the void, wanting to see who the ninth Princess of the Ziwei Empire was, no one could see her.

Ling Yun walked out of the pavilion and gave Zi Menghan a fist salute. “Azure Dragon Guard Vanguard Ling Yun greets the princess!”

Ling Yun’s posture was standard, but there was no respect in his tone.

Ling Yun had long heard of the news that Zi Menghan was born with a crippled body. Just now, he sensed carefully and didn’t feel the slightest fluctuation of divine power from Zi Menghan. Thinking that Zi Menghan still couldn’t cultivate, he didn’t have any respect for her.

The peak Masters and elders from the mysterious sky Holy Land looked at each other. In their eyes, Ling Yun was bowing to the air, leaving them completely confused.

Zi Menghan’s gaze fell on Ling Yun as she said, ” “Lord Ling, whose orders did you come to find me? What is it?”

Ling Yun cupped his hands and said, ” “I’m here on the orders of the Sovereign Lord to welcome Princess back to the Empire. As for the details, I don’t know. You’ll know when you return to the Empire.”

“Let’s go,” he said. Zi Menghan nodded her head and spoke casually, not asking any further.

Ling Yun lifted his hand and tore the void apart. He enveloped Zi Menghan with his divine power and entered the void.

In the next moment, Ling Yun had brought Zi Menghan to a Valley thousands of miles away. There were hundreds of soldiers there, and ten of them were in the Almighty realm. The rest were in the primordial spirit realm. They were the elites of the elites.

Ling Yun didn’t come alone to welcome Zi Menghan back to the Empire. Instead, he came with many of the vanguard guards.

However, Ling Yun didn’t have the soldiers wait outside the xuantian sacred land. Instead, he had them wait here first and meet up with them after he brought Zi Menghan back.

No matter how bad Zi Menghan’s reputation was, she was still a Princess of the Zi Wei Empire. She still had to show off.

“The princess has received it and is preparing to return to the Empire!” Ling Yun shouted as he summoned a white jade ship that was engraved with cloud patterns. It grew in the wind and expanded to a few thousand feet in size. He used his divine power to land on the White jade ship with Zi Menghan.

“Shua shua shua shua shua shua”

The soldiers of the Azure Dragon Guard’s Vanguard unit rose into the air and landed on various parts of the ship.

Zi Menghan stood quietly at the edge of the ship, her eyes looking into the distance.

“Princess, it’s windy outside. You should go into the cabin.” Ling Yun’s voice suddenly sounded.

Zi Menghan didn’t turn her head. She looked into the distance and said, ” “No need, I want to see the East continent. Why? When I left the Imperial court, the merchant ship I took could block out the wind. Lord Ling can’t even do this?”

Ling Yun was silent for a moment. He raised his hand and made a hand seal. A layer of energy shield rose from the ship and enveloped the entire ship, isolating it from the wind and dust.

“Lord Ling, how’s the Empire now? How is my mother?” Zi Menghan asked softly.

Even though she had not returned to the Zi Wei Empire for many years, she still missed the Zi Wei Empire, especially her mother.

When Zi Menghan had awakened her crippled body, she had been ridiculed and looked down on. Only her mother’s love for her had never diminished and was always considerate of her.

“A few years ago, there was a border official who colluded with the demons and caused some trouble, but with the appearance of Saint mu, the chaos was easily settled. Now, the army of the Empire is fighting in the demon world, and the fate of the country is at its peak. As for consort Yun, she lives in the Imperial Palace. I’m not sure about her situation, but I think she should be doing well.” Ling Yun replied indifferently.

Seeing that she could not get anything out of him, Zi Menghan did not continue asking.

Ling Yun waited for a moment. Seeing that Zi Menghan didn’t pursue the matter, he couldn’t help but ask, ” “Your Highness, there are rumors that the mysterious heavenly sacred land has a Saint. Is that true? In addition, did Your Highness gain anything from the profound heavenly sacred land? Can you start cultivating now?”

Zi Menghan raised her brows and said, ” “I don’t know if there’s a Saint in the profound heavenly sacred land. I’ve naturally gained something in the profound heavenly sacred land. Is Lord Ling that curious about my situation?”

“It’s no secret in the entire Ziwei Empire that Your Highness has been born with a crippled body. Naturally, I hope that Your Highness will be able to achieve something.” Ling Yun frowned slightly and sighed. It’s a pity that the princess might not be able to continue cultivating freely this time.”

Zi Menghan turned her head and looked straight at Ling Yun. She said indifferently, ” “You really know something. I’m already on the ship. Tell me, what is it that Imperial father wants me to go back for?”

Ling Yun’s face revealed a mocking smile as he said,”Men should get married when they’re older, and women should get married when they’re older. The princess should know why she was summoned back to the Imperial court.”

Zi Menghan’s brows furrowed slightly as a look of deep thought appeared in her eyes. She said calmly, ” “It seems that someone wants to marry me off. I wonder which good brother or sister is it?”

“This subordinate does not dare to inquire about the matters of the imperial family.” Ling Yun shook his head lightly as he stared at Zi Menghan. He wanted to see if he could figure something out from her expression, but to no avail.

“Who is the marriage partner?” Zi Menghan asked again.

“I heard that he’s a descendant of Saint mu. You’ll know the details when the time comes, Princess.” Ling Yun chuckled.

Saint mu, the Saint who flattened the two cracks in the demonic abyss, and the marriage partner was actually his descendant?

Zi Menghan’s expression changed slightly. She could clearly sense that there was something fishy about this.

Zi Menghan didn’t ask any further. She looked into the distance and recalled her childhood. There was no emotion in her eyes.

In the Zi Wei Empire, the competition between the princes and princesses was extremely intense. Whoever performed outstandingly would be able to gain more power and could cultivate more profound mantras and skills, accumulating their own strength.

However, princesses of the Zi Wei Empire had to get married. After getting married, they would no longer be able to cultivate any of the Zi Wei Empire’s paths, skills, and divine arts. Their cultivation would be considered to have reached its end.

Zi Menghan was diagnosed with an innate disability and was ignored by all the princes and princesses. Even many meritorious and influential people who wanted to form a marriage alliance with the royal family would not choose Zi Menghan. She had only met the seventh Princess Zi Mengxi once in the Tai Cang divine city.

Would it be Seventh Sister this time?

Or perhaps, other siblings?

The marriage alliance was with the descendant of Saint mu, what was the scheme behind this?

Zi Menghan followed the Azure Dragon Guard. Half a month later, they had already traveled nearly ten million miles and entered the territory of the Ziwei Empire.

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