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Chapter 137: Chapter 137-heavenly clouds, behead my Ming Dao

Translator: 549690339

“Venerated Tiger is dead? How is this possible?”

“Senior Tiger fought with the great devil Saint before, how could he die Here? This can’t be an illusion, right?”

senior Tiger is dead. We’ve lost the battle. Run!


The demonic beasts hiding outside the sky high sect’s ruins cried out in alarm. After confirming that the heaven suppressing Supreme Tiger had fallen, all of them fled in panic. Some fled far away, some rushed towards the demonic abyss, and some used all kinds of space escape secret techniques.

Purple Dream stood in the air quietly. Her long black hair danced in the wind, accentuating her Jade-like body. She was like a blooming Divine Lotus. Her temperament was otherworldly, like a fairy from the nine Heavens. However, no one could see her face clearly.

Zi Menghan kept the rules of the blue cloud Peak in mind. From the moment she appeared in the Sky High School’s ruins, she had used the secret technique ye chen had taught her to conceal her face and aura, so as to avoid bringing disaster to the blue cloud Peak.

The heart mirror above Zi Menghan’s head trembled slightly as she looked at the demonic beasts that were fleeing in all directions. A vast power of the world appeared out of thin air. This power of the world seemed to be an illusory power that did not exist in this world, but it exuded a real and terrifying pressure that landed accurately on every demonic beast.

All the demonic beasts crumbled silently in the air as if they had been crushed by an invisible and vast force. Even if some of them had fled several thousand kilometers away, it was useless. Even those who had used secret techniques to hide in the depths of the void were crushed to pieces. There was no exception no matter where they fled to.

In the blink of an eye, all the demonic beasts within thousands of miles of the ruins of the sky high sect had been exterminated.

This scene sent chills down the spines of the cultivators from the other forces of the East barren. This power was too strange and unpredictable. They would not even know how they died. They admired Zi Menghan, but they were more afraid and fearful of her.

Zi Menghan’s figure disappeared without a sound, leaving behind a vast expanse of scorched earth. There was no longer any trace of the sky high sect. Even the demonic beasts ‘traces were completely wiped away, leaving only a deep and endless crack in the demonic abyss in the void.

When the heaven suppressing Tiger entered the ancient barren world, he had already expanded the demonic abyss crack into a demonic abyss passage. However, under the continuous bombardment of the heavenly Tribulation, the demonic abyss passage became a demonic abyss crack again, hanging in the void like a huge scar.

The crack of the demonic abyss couldn’t be erased, so it could only be sealed.

However, there were more and more cracks in the demonic abyss in the eastern barren territory. There was no point in sealing it. Zi Menghan ignored the crack and let it hang in the void.

There might be some demonic cultivators who would go to the eastern barren territory through the crack. There might be some demonic cultivators who would take the risk and enter the crack. There was a possibility that the crack would be sealed by some powerful cultivators. There was a possibility that the crack would be occupied by some powerful Holy Land or Emperor-ruled celestial gate. However, all of these had nothing to do with Zi Menghan.

If any demons dared to come through the crack again, they would be killed again.

Just as Zi Menghan broke through to the Nirvana realm, a system notification sounded in ye Chen’s mind.

your disciple, Zi Menghan, has broken through to the fifth stage of the visualization cultivation system, the Nirvana stage. [ as the master, you have received the heavenly clouds. ]

[ heaven’s auspicious cloud: legend has it that it was formed by the great God Pangu’s righteousness. It is neither connate nor future. After it is used, it can ward off all evil and be immune to all spells. It can ignore the attack of any treasure or weapon and is immune to all divine arts and spells. ]


Auspicious cloud?

He didn’t expect to obtain such a legendary treasure!

Ye Chen’s mind flickered, and a cloud silently appeared in the air.

The sun, moon, and stars were shining in the clouds, shining with five-colored light and singing celestial music. Countless golden lamps, lotuses, kasayas, and beads drooped down from the cloud Bed, as if water was dripping down from the roof.

Ye chen floated down onto the cloud and suddenly felt a sense of security that he had never felt before.

Relatively speaking, ye chen still preferred this kind of defensive treasure.

Zi Menghan returned to the blue cloud Peak and gave ye chen a simple report. Then, she went back to her closed-door training. She seemed to be an ascetic. She did not seem to care about what had happened in the ruins of the Sky High School.

However, this incident caused a huge earthquake in the East continent.

There were rumors all over the East continent that a mysterious woman had entered the ruins of the Sky High School to undergo a tribulation. With the help of the heavenly might, she killed all the demonic beasts in the black Tiger Ridge and the heaven suppressing Supreme Tiger.

All the major forces were trying to find out the origin of this extraordinary woman, but no one knew. She appeared out of thin air and disappeared into thin air. Even the wind listening tower, which was known for its intelligence, had not been able to find out the origin of this woman.

The divine weapon used by this woman was a Purple Mirror. It was said that her divine weapon had reached the realm of Natal divine weapon before crossing the Tribulation, but everyone was skeptical. Even the experts who had witnessed the battle found it hard to believe.

Most of the Natal weapons were transformed into Natal weapons after they became holy weapons. However, they had been passed down for countless years and had been preserved as legacy treasures.

Perhaps some heaven-defying half-Saint weapons could become the Natal divine weapon of some living being by luck, but he had never heard of anyone who had a Natal divine weapon before reaching the Almighty realm!

This had completely subverted everyone’s understanding!

Some people suspected that the woman was the saintess of Zifu. It was said that the divine weapon Lu Yao had refined was a Purple Mirror.

Lu Yao, the saintess of the purple Manor, didn’t clarify the matter at first. Instead, she used this incident to become the most popular young talent in the East barren. Her reputation surpassed the Saint of the sacred violet Manor, and she was on the verge of becoming the next successor of the sacred violet Manor.

The Zifu Saint son dragged the Saint master along to pay a visit and seek guidance on how to forge his Natal divine weapon.

The Zifu saintess had no choice but to clarify that she wasn’t the one who had done it, and that she didn’t know anything about the forging of Natal weapons.

Her Heavenly Tribulation had already been overcome by the Holy Land’s array. This was something that everyone in the Holy Land had seen. Now that she was still at the early stage of the Almighty realm, it was naturally impossible for her to attract another Heavenly Tribulation. She also did not have the strength to kill the demon venerable.

The purple mansion Saint Lord couldn’t help sighing when he learned of this. How great would it have been if the extraordinary woman who had attacked the sky high sect’s ruins was really the Saint of the purple mansion sacred ground!

Unfortunately, this could only be an extravagant hope.

The Zifu Saint heaved a sigh of relief, but at the same time, he felt a little lost.

At the request of the Saint sovereign, the saintess of the purple mansion, Lu Yao, came out to clarify the matter. She didn’t dare to continue pretending to know nothing.

After all, it was too outrageous to have a Natal weapon before becoming an Almighty. Many major forces were already jealous. If they didn’t come out to clarify, the sacred violet Manor would become the target of public criticism.

Many cultivators of the East barren verified again and again and confirmed that the Zifu saintess was not the extraordinary woman who had gone through the Tribulation. They all turned their suspicions to the saintesses of other Holy Lands. Some suspected that she was a hidden successor of an immortal sect ruled by an Emperor, and some suspected that she was a guest from the central Prefecture. However, they could not confirm who did it.

While the outside world was in an uproar, the blue cloud Peak was as calm as ever. The entire mysterious sky Holy Land was developing like a raging fire. Many disciples of the mysterious sky Holy Land had great adventures.

Someone had discovered a Dao Lord cultivation technique in the ordinary area outside the Sutra library. It could allow one to cultivate to the Dao Lord realm and become a rising star in the profound heaven sacred land.

Someone had accidentally fallen off a cliff and chanced upon a piece of ancient jade. On it was recorded a powerful body tempering cultivation technique. When tempered to the extreme, one’s body would be comparable to a Supreme-grade numinous treasure.

Someone was taking a bath in a remote small lake and accidentally found a spirit treasure level divine bell at the bottom of the deep lake. The bell was imprinted with Scriptures and recorded some kind of sound wave divine ability.

Some people cultivated hard until they fainted, and when they woke up, they had a Dao severing stage cultivation technique in their minds, causing their cultivation to advance by leaps and bounds.


Since the opening of the golden era, many disciples of the xuantian Holy Land had unimaginable fortuitous encounters. Most of these disciples were usually diligent and hardworking, but some of them had far more extraordinary hearts and minds, which made other disciples envious.

As for the disciples who didn’t usually cultivate and hoped to run into great luck every day, none of them had ever encountered such an opportunity.

In the beginning, these disciples ‘fortuitous encounters were only primordial soul realm or Almighty realm cultivation techniques, divine powers, treasures, and spirit pills. In recent years, there were even Dao severing realm cultivation techniques and divine powers, which made people even more enthusiastic about cultivation.

Many of the disciples of the mysterious sky Holy Land believed that the mysterious sky Holy Land was accompanied by great destiny, which would affect the disciples ‘destiny. Their fortuitous encounters were related to the great destiny of the mysterious sky Holy Land.

The Xuan Tian Saint son, Xiao Yixian, couldn’t hold it in. He spent three months browsing through most of the ancient books in the sutras Depository and found a Saint-level super power, the divine mountain prison suppression handprint. He laughed wildly and left.

After learning about the profound sky Saint son’s harvest, many core disciples of the xuantian Holy Land came to the sutras Depository to search for techniques and divine arts. Some went to the hidden places of the xuantian Holy Land to explore and find some.

Most of the disciples thought that it was because of the great fortune of the Holy Land. Only Saint Lord xuantian, the saintess xuantian, and the peak Master of redflame mountain suspected that it might be related to ye chen. However, they all kept it to themselves, and no one went to find ye chen to confirm it.

Xue Wei, the xuantian saintess, was very close to the blue cloud Peak. From time to time, she would bring some special spiritual tea and spiritual fruits. She often communicated with Zi Menghan and Li Qingzhou. Occasionally, she would also cultivate at the blue cloud Peak for some time. She could obviously sense that the blue cloud Peak was different, but she knew not to ask too much.

The xuantian saintess Xue Wei could feel that her Foundation was being strengthened unknowingly. Her understanding of the DAOs had become much clearer and easier. In time, she might be able to resist the heavenly Tribulation of the Almighty!

Red flame Peak’s firecloud spirit body, Chen Xi, accompanied the saintess Xue Wei to the blue cloud Peak to pay her respects every time. She had also vaguely sensed the mystery of the blue cloud Peak and had asked the red flame Peak Master, Chen Beiwang, many times. However, Chen Beiwang was very tight-lipped and only asked her to build a good relationship with the people of the blue cloud Peak while keeping it a secret. He did not talk much.

Old Grandmaster Yunxiao joined in the fun and read the ancient books in the Sutra Depository. However, he did not hold much hope and just wanted to kill time.

However, when old ancestor Yunxiao was browsing through an ancient book, he found a self-severing Dao enlightenment divine technique in the mezzanine of the ancient book. It required great perseverance and wisdom to sever one’s own body and reconstruct a complete true self.

The moment he saw this set of cultivation technique, old ancestor Yunxiao was petrified on the spot, and his breathing could not help but become heavy.

This was a Dao-severing technique!

By taking advantage of the opportunity of cutting off one’s own body, one could cut open the great Dao and reconstruct one’s true self!

Since the opening of the golden era, old ancestor Yunxiao’s old body had been nourished and had long recovered to his peak state. However, he had never touched the threshold of the Dao cutting realm.

And now, old ancestor Yunxiao felt as if a new door was slowly opening up in front of him.

At that moment, old ancestor cloudsky could not help but wonder if the mysterious sky Holy Land would really become the protagonist of this golden era.

Old ancestor Yunxiao went into seclusion without any hesitation. The day he came out would be the day he crossed the Tribulation and severed his Dao!

These opportunities in the sacred land had naturally been secretly arranged by ye Chen’s puppets.

After ye chen had gained control of the dead soul seal, he had obtained a huge amount of cultivation Arts and treasures from the dead, most of which were of no use to him.

Since then, ye chen had placed some cultivation Arts and treasures that he didn’t care about all over the sacred land, leaving them for the disciples as opportunities.

However, at that time, ye chen did not set up many things, and the level was not high. Even if someone had obtained an opportunity, it did not cause too much of a reaction.

With the arrival of the golden era and the profound sky Saint Lord’s Ascension to Dao master through the heavenly Tribulation, the profound sky Holy Land had gained another one to two hundred Almighty realm experts. The strength and Foundation of the entire profound sky Holy Land had multiplied several times, and ye chen had the confidence to set up more opportunities.

For example, the divine mountain prison suppression handprint that Xiao Yixian had obtained was ye Chen’s improved version of Saint Qing Yue’s Blue sky ancient mountain handprint. He had already changed it beyond recognition, and no one would be able to recognize its true origin.

Another example would be the Dao-cutting technique of the cloud sky old ancestor. It was also ye Chen’s improved version of Saint qingyue, demon saint cangman, and the other demon lords and demon lords ‘techniques. It was to cut off one’s own body to rebuild one’s true self. It had a demonic nature in itself, but it was a Grand demonic nature of the righteous path.

With the overall strength of the mysterious sky sacred land rising, ye chen could hide in the blue cloud Peak and cultivate more safely.

Two years after Zi Menghan had slaughtered the demonic beasts, the xuantian sacred land’s reputation had reached an unprecedented level. Its reputation in the East continent was even higher than those other sacred lands with deep foundations.

The disciples of the xuantian Holy Land were more respected than the disciples of other Holy Lands in the eastern barren territory, so they had a greater sense of belonging to the xuantian Holy Land.

Even the Emperor-ruled immortal sects respected the xuantian sacred land, and the xuantian sacred land’s authority in the East barren was greater than before.

On this day, an uninvited guest suddenly arrived at the profound heaven sacred land. From far away, a powerful and overbearing voice could be heard. Ziwei Empire’s Vanguard, Ling Yun, welcomes the ninth princess’s return to the Empire!

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