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Chapter 136: Chapter 136-flattening the ruins of the sky high cult

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The heaven suppressing Tiger seemed to be wandering outside of the rules of the great Dao of heaven and earth. His speed was extremely fast. The ferocious-looking Tiger soul saber seemed to be able to cut open the great Dao. In the blink of an eye, it was near Zi Menghan.

Zi Menghan’s gaze suddenly shifted to the Tiger soul saber that was charging at her. Her clear eyes seemed to be filled with a myriad of disasters.


Countless runes of catastrophe suddenly appeared on the Tiger soul saber. They were as vast and endless as the ocean.

At this moment, Zi Menghan transferred the power of the disaster from the myriad tribulation indestructible Mystic technique to the Tiger soul saber.

Not only could the myriad tribulation indestructible Mystic technique refine one’s body through countless tribulations, but it could also transfer one’s own tribulations to others through the Tribulation text.

With the appearance of these tribulation runes, the energy contained within the Tiger soul saber went into a complete frenzy. Thunderclaps rang out on the surface of the Tiger soul saber, causing it to tremble.

Following that, the Tiger soul saber seemed to have turned into a lightning conductor. The myriad of disastrous lightning around Zi Menghan was drawn over by the Tiger soul saber, turning into a dazzling sea of lightning that was filled with a destructive aura.

“Not good!” The expression of the heaven suppressing Tiger changed drastically. He raised his hand and tried to recall the Tiger soul saber.

Unfortunately, the Tiger soul saber was drowned in the endless tribulation lightning, causing him to completely lose his sense of it.


In just a moment, the Tiger essence saber shattered in the sea of lightning.

The heaven suppressing Tiger groaned. His huge body seemed to have been severely injured and he fell heavily to the ground, crushing half of the mountain. Blood trickled from the corner of his mouth.

The Tiger essence saber that he had been refining for his entire life was destroyed, and his body was also affected. He was severely injured.

A strong killing intent bloomed in the eyes of the heaven suppressing Tiger. A pitch-black King pattern appeared between his brows. Black light flickered and demonic Qi overflowed. It seemed to be able to communicate with the nine levels of hell. He wanted to use a secret technique to kill Zi Menghan before the heavenly Tribulation.

However, before he could do anything, the runes of catastrophe also appeared on the surface of the heavenly Tiger.

The myriad tribulation indestructible Mystic technique targeted living beings, and the Tiger soul saber was only a medium. The person Zi Menghan was really going to deal with was the heaven suppressing Tiger!

At that moment, the heaven suppressing Tiger felt as if thousands of disasters had befallen him.

Some kind of mysterious curse power had infinitely weakened his cultivation base, and the images of the demons and humans he had killed and devoured in the past had clearly emerged in the bottom of his heart. The living beings that had been less than ants in his heart had killed him in all kinds of brutal and domineering ways, making him die and come back to life again and again, making him feel the pain and despair again and again.

After dying tens of thousands of times, the heavenly Tiger Supreme finally understood that this was the work of his inner demons!

After realizing this, the heaven suppressing Tiger’s consciousness returned and he felt that his spirit had weakened by more than half.

In the next moment, a sense of fear rose in the heart of the heaven suppressing Tiger. When he was attacked by the heart demon, the effect of his secret treasure on heaven’s secrets disappeared, and his entire Tiger body was exposed to the heavenly Tribulation.

“Boom boom boom!”

The endless Thunder tribulation drowned the thousand-foot body of the heaven suppressing Tiger. The entire heaven and earth was filled with destructive energy.

Zi Menghan used her thousand tribulation indestructible Mystic technique’s ability to transfer calamities and tribulations and forcefully pulled the heaven suppressing Tiger into the heavenly Tribulation.

During the Tribulation transcendence, if other existences that posed a threat to the heavenly Tribulation were sensed by the heavenly Tribulation, they would also suffer the same Heavenly Tribulation as the person undergoing the Tribulation. However, the power of the heavenly Tribulation would not change at all.

As the heaven suppressing Tiger was exposed to the heavenly Tribulation and was detected by the heavenly Tribulation, the heaven suppressing Tiger would also suffer the same baptism as Zi Menghan.

“Boom boom boom!”

The violent and destructive heavenly lightning covered the ruins of the sky high cult. The power of thousands of Thunderbolts churned, destroying everything in the world.

The moment Zi Menghan entered the ruins of the sky high sect, the news spread far and wide. All the major forces in the East continent knew about it.

The Sky High School’s ruins were occupied by the Lord of Black Tiger Ridge and became the Paradise of demonic beasts. It was said that the reputation of the heaven suppressing Supreme Tiger was comparable to that of a Saint in the demonic world, and all the major forces in the East barren didn’t dare to provoke him.

But now, someone had actually broken into the ruins of the sky high sect and dared to cross the heavenly Tribulation there. This had attracted the attention of many forces in the East continent.

Under the heavenly Tribulation, most people’s spiritual will was blocked outside, unable to see the situation inside.

However, there were still a few cultivators with powerful spiritual will or eye techniques who managed to capture what was happening under the heavenly Tribulation.

Zi Menghan fought with the heavenly Tiger under the heavenly Tribulation and pulled the heavenly Tiger into the heavenly Tribulation, making the spectators feel that it was unreal.

Just as the heaven suppressing Tiger was busy resisting the heavenly Tribulation, Zi Menghan crossed the void and brought the heavenly Tribulation to the sky above a towering giant peak. There was a pure white jade Tree that was ten thousand feet tall between the cliffs of the peak. Thousands of branches drooped down, and each branch was full of human heads. Crystal-clear flower petals rained down around them, giving off a strange feeling.

Sensing Zi Menghan’s arrival, the roots of the thousand-foot white jade Tree rose from the cliff and pierced through the void. It was as if there were countless feet walking in the void as it rushed into the distance.

However, it was too late.

With Zi Menghan’s arrival, the heavenly Tribulation had already sensed the aura of the White jade Tree.

“Boom boom boom!”

The rumbling Heavenly Tribulation landed on the White jade godtree, causing thunderclaps to burst out from the trees. The branches were broken and the terrifying lightning tribulation enveloped the White jade godtree completely.

A series of shrill screams rang out from the lightning tribulation, as if thousands of living beings were being crushed by it at the same time.


Not long after, a piece of charred rotten wood fell from the sky and made a muffled sound. The lightning tribulation that enveloped the area disappeared without a trace.

“Boom boom boom!”

The endless sea of lightning also churned around Zi Menghan. The destructive power of the Thunder punishment poured into Zi Menghan’s body. However, under the effect of the indestructible seal in her body, it quickly transformed into a vast sea of tribulation runes, tempering Zi Menghan’s physical body and Dao heart, causing her strength to constantly change.

The White-Jade sacred tree had fallen under the heavenly Tribulation, but Zi Menghan was unscathed!

Upon seeing this, the other demonic beasts who were watching the battle from a distance were all shocked. They rushed into the distance without hesitation, trying to put some distance between them and Zi Menghan.

The towering ferocious demonic ape roared at the sky and exerted force in its feet. Its huge demonic body flew out like a cannonball, pressing down on the thousands of Dao laws in the void and causing them to rumble. The giant peak that was thousands of feet high collapsed with a loud bang.

The two-headed dragon let out two furious roars, and a green Hurricane and a black demonic lightning spurted out of its mouths respectively. The black demonic flames around its body were burning fiercely, and its entire demonic body seemed to have merged with the void, instantly flying to the horizon.

A golden centipede that was a thousand feet long crossed the void. Its hundreds of legs cut the void like sharp swords. It quickly disappeared into the void and fled into the distance.

A three-headed Hellhound rushed out of a pool of blood and barked at the sky. Three gusts of black wind came out of its mouth and interwove into a hellish tunnel that seemed to be connected to hell. The three-headed Hellhound’s body disappeared into the tunnel.

Other than the heaven suppressing Tiger, who was at the peak of the Dao severing stage, the other demonic beasts had yet to step into the Dao severing stage. Only the White jade Divine Tree had reached the peak of the Dao Lord stage, but it was pulled into the heavenly Tribulation by Zi Menghan and fell. The other demonic beasts naturally did not dare to stay where they were.


The heart mirror above Zi Menghan’s head trembled slightly. A vast world was inverted above the ruins of the sky high sect, as if it was a reflection of the entire ruins.

At this moment, the ferocious demonic ape, the two-headed dragon, the hundred-foot centipede, the three-headed Hellhound, and the other ferocious beasts all fell from the sky. They had all entered Zi Menghan’s heart mirror without a sound and were pulled back to her side. Their auras were exposed to the heavenly Tribulation.

It was too late to escape now.

The endless Thunder tribulation enveloped these demonic beasts. The Thunder was endless, and the heavenly might was mighty. The angry roars of many ferocious beasts could be heard. It was obvious that these ferocious beasts were not having a good time.

After a long time, the heavenly Tribulation that had enveloped the entire ruins of the skyraise sect disappeared.

After the heavenly Tribulation, the entire ruins of the sky high sect had been razed to the ground. A glazed shape that had been burned by fire could be seen everywhere. Hideous cracks had appeared on the scorched land, and the atmosphere was filled with the deathly silence of a tribulation.

Zi Menghan was like a fairy from the nine Heavens who had descended to the mortal world. She hovered quietly in mid-air. The aura exuding from her body was extremely strange. It seemed to be on the verge of destruction, but it also seemed to contain endless vitality.

She had already successfully transcended the Tribulation and stepped into the Nirvana stage.

In the distance, the huge body of the heaven suppressing Tiger appeared on the other side. Most of the black fur on his body had been burnt and fallen off. The demonic Qi around him was in a mess.

It was said that the heaven suppressing Tiger had fought with a Saint and was unscathed. Although it was an exaggeration, the strength of the heaven suppressing Tiger was not comparable to that of an ordinary demon.

The heavenly Tribulation that the heaven suppressing Tiger encountered was the same as Zi Menghan’s. This kind of Heavenly Tribulation was not enough to take his life, but it did cause him to suffer some serious injuries.

Not far from the heaven suppressing Tiger, the ferocious demonic ape knelt on the ground and panted heavily. Countless wounds from the heavenly lightning appeared on its body and it was charred.

This ferocious demonic ape was the legendary mountain demonic ape. Pure demonic blood flowed in its body, and it had endless potential. However, it was still severely injured by this kind of Heavenly Tribulation, and its origin was greatly damaged.

The other ferocious beasts of the devil race were not so lucky. The bodies of the two-headed dragon, three-headed centipede, three-headed Hellhound, and other ferocious beasts had all been blown into several pieces, lying haphazardly everywhere. They had all fallen under the heavenly Tribulation.

As for the demonic beasts that had reached the demon Emperor realm, they were not a threat to the heavenly Tribulation. Only a small half of the unlucky demonic beasts that were unable to escape in time were killed by the aftershock of the heavenly Tribulation. Most of the demonic beasts were ignored by the heavenly Tribulation and survived.

It was impossible for the heavenly Tribulation to carry out heavenly punishment on any snakes, insects, rats, or ants. The heavenly Tribulation would only target the existence that posed a threat to the heavenly Tribulation.

Zi Menghan’s tribulation this time had wiped out more than half of the forces that occupied the ruins of the sky high sect, the black Tiger Ridge. Her glorious battle record shocked many cultivators from the East barren who were watching the battle from afar.

Even Qin wudao, the descendant of the ancient Qin family, and bu Tianya, the myriad swords Saint son, who had made a name for themselves in the East continent, had never achieved such a result!


All of a sudden, the heart mirror above Zi Menghan’s head reflected the heaven and earth. A tribulation cloud that blotted out the sun appeared in the sky. A terrifying heavenly might descended, as if the heavenly Tribulation had reappeared.

After Zi Menghan had experienced the heavenly Tribulation, her understanding of it had become deeper. She could visualize the heavenly Tribulation just now and it was almost exactly the same.

At this moment, Zi Menghan decisively took the initiative to attack!

“Why is there still a Heavenly Tribulation?” The heaven suppressing Tiger cried out.

Even though his cultivation had reached the peak of the Dao severing realm and he was only one step away from becoming a saint, he had never seen such a situation.

“Boom boom boom!”

An ocean of lightning poured down from the Tribulation clouds. It was filled with destructive energy and covered the heaven suppressing Tiger and the fiendish demonic ape.


The ferocious demonic ape let out an unwilling roar towards the sky, and its huge body exploded into several pieces.

Although this ferocious demonic ape had managed to withstand the true Heavenly Tribulation, it had also suffered heavy injuries and eventually died under the heavenly Tribulation that Zi Menghan had visualized.


The heaven suppressing Tiger roared towards the sky. A monstrous qi and blood power rushed into the sky. The majestic demonic Qi churned in the sky, tearing the endless thunder and lightning apart. It quickly rushed towards the demonic abyss passage in the depths of the sky high cult’s ruins.

In the face of such a situation, the heaven suppressing Tiger wanted to escape back to the demonic world before making any plans!

The skill that Zi Menghan used looked similar to a Heavenly Tribulation, but its power was still a little different from a real Heavenly Tribulation. She couldn’t control the will of heaven and earth to turn it into the true power of heaven. Although it was powerful, it couldn’t force the heaven suppressing Tiger to stay.

Zi Menghan’s body seemed to be connected to another world. With a light step, she arrived in front of the heaven suppressing Tiger. The heart mirror reversed and another cloud of tribulation appeared, shrouding the sky above the demonic abyss. Endless thunder and lightning fell, blocking the path of the heaven suppressing Tiger.

“Chi la!”

The heaven suppressing tiger’s tail swept across the sky, tearing the entire sky and the sea of Thunder Below into two. His huge body attacked Zi Menghan, and his eyes were full of killing intent.

Zi Menghan had actually blocked his way back to the demon world, completely infuriating the heaven suppressing Tiger. He didn’t care about his injured origin at all and wanted to kill Zi Menghan with all his might!

Zi Menghan raised her hand and slapped towards the tail of the heaven suppressing Tiger. Behind her hand, a heavenly stele of the ancient tomb could be seen.

“Boom boom boom!”

An earth-shattering boom was heard and a violent energy swept through the surroundings. An ancient tomb with a sky-high tombstone fell on the body of the heaven suppressing Tiger, burying all the divine arts and demonic Qi in his body.

The heaven suppressing Tiger Supreme felt all of his powers being sealed. It was as if he was being suppressed by an ancient tomb. Even if he used all his strength, he could only use a small portion of his power. His entire body’s strength was weakened to the extreme.

This was one of the great super powers that ye chen had created, Dao burial!

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

Right at this moment, immortal phoenixes appeared out of thin air one after another. Some of them were burning with magnificent flames, some of them exuded extreme Yin and extreme cold Qi, some of them had sharp killing intent in their feathers, and some of them were filled with endless vitality.

Hundreds and thousands of immortal puppets charged at heavenly Tiger. Each immortal puppet could easily kill those super experts at the peak of the Almighty realm. The pressure they exuded was extremely terrifying and drowned heavenly Tiger.


The heaven suppressing Supreme Tiger didn’t last long before he let out a world-shaking roar and his aura disappeared completely.

A demon venerable of a generation had fallen!

Zi Menghan had just killed a Dao severing peak stage demon!

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