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Chapter 135: Zi Menghan’s tribulation

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The sky high sect’s ruins were filled with demonic Qi and evil energy.

The pavilions and kiosks were basically destroyed, leaving only broken walls and ruins. Most of the area had become the habitat of many magical beasts. Wild grass grew everywhere, and demonic shadows could be seen faintly. It was no longer as glorious as it used to be.

Countless fierce beasts from the demonic realm occupied this place. They were different from the demon race. No matter what cultivation realm they cultivated to, they would retain their original demonic beast form and not take human form.

A ferocious demonic ape with pitch-black hair all over its body was bathing in a large lake in the mountains. The lake’s surface only reached its waist. It roared towards the sky, shaking the entire world.

The Golden-crowned and blood-feathered giant Peng bird spread its wings and soared into the sky. Its eyes were filled with ferocity as it turned into a bolt of blood-red lightning and rushed into the horizon. It swallowed a human mighty figure that was passing by in the distance into its stomach, and the shadow IT cast covered the sky and the sun.

Between the cliffs, there was a Divine Tree that was as white as Jade. It had thousands of branches, and each branch was full of human heads. Around it, there was a rain of crystal-clear petals, giving people the feeling of ascending to immortality.

The two-headed dragon with black demonic flames all over its body roared at the sky, penetrating gold and cracking stones. It could shake people’s blood and Qi from far away.


Ye chen had searched the souls of the other demonic clans and learned that the demonic beasts that occupied this place were from the black Tiger Ridge of the demonic world. The strongest one was a peak Dao severing realm demonic Tiger, who called himself the heaven suppressing Tiger. He had fought with the demonic Saint before, but he was unscathed. He had also gathered a large number of powerful demonic beasts under his command.

Although the upper echelons of the demonic world and the ancient barren world had reached an agreement not to kill innocents, the black Tiger Ridge of the heaven suppressing Tiger did not care too much about it. They continued to feed on humans, even devouring demonic cultivators when they encountered them.

Zi Menghan stepped into the air and walked towards the ruins of the Sky High School.

Zi Menghan had developed the divine treasure realm to the extreme. Her internal organs could accommodate all the spirits of the world and unearth endless mysteries. She could fly in the air with her physical body alone and control the heaven and earth invisibly. It looked slow and steady, but in fact, it was extremely fast.

When Zi Menghan was a thousand miles away from the ruins of the sky high sect, a sharp gaze landed on her.

Following that, a green-feathered demonic Hawk that was a few hundred feet long pierced through the void and appeared beside Zi Menghan in the blink of an eye. Its sharp claws left several black cracks in the void as it headed towards Zi Menghan.

Zi Menghan waved her hand casually and the green-feathered demonic Hawk crumbled into pieces in the void. Its bones, flesh, and blood were crushed by some kind of special energy and dissipated into the void silently.


All of a sudden, a forceful and domineering roar of a beast rang out from the forest below. A 1000-feet-long wild lion covered in blood-colored scales shot up into the sky. Its four hooves landed on the ground, stomping on a small mountain below. With a domineering and ferocious aura, it opened its mouth and bit towards Zi Menghan.

Zi Menghan raised her eyes and glanced at him. The lion’s body started to burn with raging flames silently. In the blink of an eye, it was burned into a piece of charcoal and fell from the sky.

Zi Menghan immediately visualized the immortal Fire divine flame in its body, emitting a terrifyingly high temperature that burned from the inside out. Even if the blood-scaled Lion had reached the peak of the Almighty realm, it would still find it difficult to resist.

However, the blood-scaled lion’s roar spread out and shook the sky. All the magical beasts in the ruins of the sky high sect heard it.

One after another, powerful spiritual wills with murderous auras rushed out of the ruins of the sky high sect and swept across Zi Menghan’s body. All of them were extremely surprised.

In their eyes, this human woman did not have the slightest fluctuation of divine power. She was just like an ordinary person.

However, Zi Menghan’s speed was much faster than the demon Emperor’s. She had also easily annihilated two demonic beasts, one of which was comparable to a peak demon Emperor. They all knew that Zi Menghan was not as simple as they had imagined.

On the highest mountain peak in the depths of the sky high sect, a Black Tiger that was a thousand feet long was crouching on the peak, looking down. The black Tiger’s body wasn’t particularly large, but every strand of its fur was shimmering with ancient demonic patterns, and its body exuded unparalleled demonic might.

This was the head of the black Tiger Ridge, the heaven suppressing Supreme Tiger!

“Blood ROC, go and try! Don’t let this person get close!” The heaven suppressing Tiger let out a deep demonic sound towards the Golden-crowned blood-feathered great ROC that was circling a steep mountain in the distance.

“Yes, your honor!”

The Golden-crowned ROC flapped its wings and the hundreds of blood-red feathers on its body turned into blood-red swords that pierced into the void. In the next moment, they pierced out from Zi Menghan’s vicinity and formed a sword array that enveloped Zi Menghan.

Zi Menghan’s footsteps didn’t stop. The void around her was completely frozen. The sharp swords stopped in mid-air, unable to get close to Zi Menghan.

Zi Menghan raised her hand slightly and the sword array formed by the sharp swords crumbled in the void as if it had never appeared.

“You’re looking for death!”

The Golden-crowned ROC let out a demonic shriek as it disappeared in a flash of blood-red light like a bolt of lightning. A terrifying spatial wave rushed towards Zi Menghan from the depths of the void.


The Golden-crowned blood-feathered great ROC pierced through the void and its sharp claws tore through the void. With an extremely sharp aura, it came down on Zi Menghan. Zi Menghan was as small as an ant under its claws.

However, in the next moment, Zi Menghan’s body exploded with a monstrous aura.

Zi Menghan’s body was so small that it was almost invisible when compared to the giant body of the Golden-crowned blood-feathered ROC. However, her aura was stronger and more overbearing than the Golden-crowned blood-feathered ROC!


Six seemingly real and illusionary worlds appeared around Zi Menghan. Some of them were filled with immortal Qi, some were filled with fighting intent, some were filled with mortal dust, some were filled with beasts, some were filled with ghosts wailing and gods howling, and some were filled with starving people.

The wailing and howling hell world was the first to come into contact with the Golden-crowned blood-feathered ROC and pulled it in on the spot. It was wailing everywhere and ghostly figures were everywhere.

The Golden-crowned blood-feathered ROC’s body quickly shrank, and in the blink of an eye, it was only a few feet tall. It seemed to have been suppressed by the world’s will, or it seemed to have entered a vast world and was affected by the folded space.

At this moment, more than half of the ROC’s cultivation was suppressed. A blood-red world appeared around it, and it struggled with all its might, trying to break free from this world.

When he tried his best to break free, he fell into another world. There were changes of dynasties, changes of mountains and rivers, grudges, schemes, and plots. The rolling mortal world was in it.

The Golden-crowned blood-feathered ROC was horrified. It burned the demonic power in its body and flew out of this world of mortals, but it was enveloped by another world of fighting intent.

The power of the six worlds surged, causing the ROC to reincarnate uncontrollably.

The six paths of reincarnation!

This was only what the Golden-crowned blood-feathered great ROC experienced. In the eyes of the many demonic beasts from the sky high sect, the Golden-crowned blood-feathered great ROC had just gotten close to Zi Menghan when it was drawn into the six seemingly real and illusory worlds. In the blink of an eye, it had been suppressed to the size of a few feet.

As the six worlds rotated, the Golden-crowned blood-feathered ROC seemed to have completely lost its autonomy. It could not help but reincarnate in the six worlds, and every time it reincarnated, its power would be reduced by half.

After the ROC experienced the six reincarnations, its Foundation was greatly damaged and it fell from the demon Lord realm back to the demon Emperor realm. It was still regressing at an even faster speed.


The heaven suppressing Tiger raised his huge head and clawed at the void. A Black Tiger Claw that was as large as a mountain appeared in front of Zi Menghan.


A Purple Mirror appeared above Zi Menghan’s head, reflecting a greater world. Wind and thunder roared, mountains stood tall, rivers surged, divine trees reached the sky, the sun, moon, and stars rotated, bringing with them the vast and endless power of the world as it met the black Tiger Claw.

“Boom boom boom!”

The heavens and earth trembled as vast energy ripples spread out. Large areas of the void collapsed, and several mountains thousands of feet tall below were swept away.

The cultivation of the heaven suppressing Tiger had reached the peak of the Dao cutting realm and he had fought with a true Saint before. Even though this move was not his full power and the heart mirror had blocked most of the power for Zi Menghan, there was still a vast energy fluctuation that acted on Zi Menghan.

A layer of tribulation runes appeared on the surface of Zi Menghan’s body, quickly devouring and converting these attacks. They turned into even more tribulation runes and entered her body, faintly revealing a deep and vast taste of tribulation.

At the same time, the six worlds around Zi Menghan retracted silently. A skeleton of a bird that was a few thousand feet long fell from the void. Before it could touch the ground, it turned into dust and disappeared.

The Golden-crowned blood-feathered ROC that was in the demon Lord realm had lost all of its energy and died under the six paths reincarnation.

Natal weapon?! The heaven suppressing senior Tiger cried out in shock.

With his experience, he could naturally tell that the heart mirror that Zi Menghan had used was her Natal weapon!

In his opinion, Zi Menghan was not an Almighty yet. How could she have her own Natal weapon? This was simply unimaginable!

Demonic beasts were not good at refining weapons. Even though he had reached the peak of the Dao severing realm, the weapon he used was only an ordinary half-Saint weapon. Although he had refined it for most of his life, it still could not be considered a Natal weapon.

This young woman definitely had a shocking secret!

The eyes of the heaven suppressing Tiger shone with cold light. He stood up from the mountain peak and was about to kill Zi Menghan himself. Suddenly, he looked up at the sky as if he sensed something and his pupils shrank.

A black cloud suddenly appeared between heaven and earth, covering a radius of a thousand miles. It was as heavy as a mountain, and there were large amounts of purple lightning and snakes flashing within it.

Heavenly Tribulation!

The wind between heaven and earth began to howl, and the sound of thunder could be heard in the sky. A massive amount of heaven and earth spiritual Qi poured into the Tribulation clouds above, and the heaven’s might that was pressing down became more and more vast, as if the heavens were going to destroy the world.

The eyes of the heaven suppressing Tiger turned serious. Back when he crossed the heavenly Tribulation to become a demon, the heavenly Tribulation was much weaker than this!

Even if the heaven suppressing Tiger had cultivated to the peak of the Dao severing stage, he would not dare to be easily sensed by the heavenly Tribulation. This could very likely lead to his own Heavenly Tribulation in advance!

Furthermore, Zi Menghan was only two to three hundred miles away from him. The range of the heavenly Tribulation had covered the entire main peak that he was on!

“All of you, get out of the range of the heavenly Tribulation!” The heaven suppressing Tiger roared. He quickly retracted his monstrous aura. In the blink of an eye, it was all retracted back into his body, not revealing any aura.

Many demonic beasts in the ruins of the sky high sect fled as soon as they could, not daring to resist the vast and endless heavenly might.

A roll of human skin flew out from the top of the head of the heavenly Tiger. It was like silk or Jade, and there were all kinds of dragon and phoenix-like ancient runes carved on it. A wave of obscure heaven’s secrets flowed out and covered the heavenly Tiger.

At this moment, the heaven suppressing Tiger used a secret treasure to shield himself from heaven’s secrets!

Even if one was under the Tribulation cloud, as long as one did not provoke the Tribulation cloud, it would be very difficult for the Tribulation cloud to sense them.

“You’re the so-called heaven’s favorite of the human race? You dare to come to my territory and cause trouble, you’re really looking for death! Roar!” The heaven suppressing Tiger sneered and let out a world-shaking tiger roar. The sound waves of the Tiger roar pierced through the void and turned the area where Zi Menghan was into a purgatory of sound waves. It poured into Zi Menghan’s divine sea from every opening.

A layer of tribulation runes appeared on Zi Menghan’s body, and an aura of immortality circulated around her body, turning into a light screen of tribulation runes that surrounded her.

The rumbling sound waves and the sea of tribulation runes wanted to collide. Zi Menghan immediately let out a muffled groan and blood seeped out of her mouth. Her face turned slightly pale, but she was still rapidly converting a large amount of destructive energy into tribulation runes.

The sound wave attack from the heaven suppressing Tiger was too powerful. Even if Zi Menghan’s thousand tribulation indestructible Mystic technique was powerful enough, she couldn’t completely convert it in a short time. She still suffered some injuries, but it wasn’t serious.

Not long after, the sound waves had all been converted into tribulation runes. The Tribulation runes around Zi Menghan were as dense as the sea. Her injuries had fully recovered, and she was exuding a strange aura that seemed indestructible. Her aura was getting stronger.

She was using the hands of the heaven suppressing Tiger to temper her own Dao!

The face of the heaven suppressing Tiger was unusually ugly. This person’s cultivation was not even an Almighty, but he could actually block his attacks repeatedly?

“Boom boom boom!”

Right at this moment, a deafening sound came from the Tribulation clouds in the sky. Rolling thunder and lightning covered the sky and earth as they came crashing down on Zi Menghan, enveloping the area within a few hundred miles of Zi Menghan.

Zi Menghan retracted her tribulation rune and covered her body with it, allowing the destructive lightning to strike her. She quickly refined the lightning into tribulation runes and turned them into her own power.

Following that, Zi Menghan took out a Purple Heart mirror and hung it high above her head. It trembled slightly and swallowed large amounts of lightning. She used the power of the heavenly Tribulation to refine this heart mirror and her Dao heart was also sublimating.

The lightning wreaked havoc, and many of the mountains in the ruins of the sky high sect were lowered by hundreds of feet in the blink of an eye. Countless trees were set ablaze by the lightning fire, but they were then covered by the rolling sand and dust, filling the sky.

It was foreseeable that after this Heavenly Tribulation, the ruins of the sky high sect would probably no longer exist.

When the heavenly Tribulation descended, it automatically avoided where the heaven suppressing Tiger was. It was as if it could not sense his existence at all. It was obvious that the strange human skin he used was not simple.

“I will kill you!”

The heaven suppressing Tiger’s voice was as cold as ice. He pulled out a blood-red Tiger soul saber from his spine. With a trace of the rules of heaven and earth that could cut through all things, he sliced through the void and attacked Zi Menghan.

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