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Chapter 133: Chapter 133-the riot of corpses in taixuan Cemetery

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Yu Huatian’s name had risen in the East barren. Some unparalleled demon Venerables tried to predict his destiny, but they couldn’t get any information.

The demonic race had occupied several strongholds and were sending demonic armies to the East barren continuously. Some demonic beasts were even slaughtering the entire world. The entire East barren was in a state of turmoil.

Although Yu Huatian and many elders were slaughtering the demons, it was only a drop in the ocean for the entire East continent. They could only solve the superficial problem. Most of the areas were still being slaughtered by the demons.

The taixuan Holy Land had fallen into the hands of the green-horned demon tribe, and it was completely different from the scene of immortal Qi curling up in the air. Everywhere was filled with demonic Qi. Some places were filled with blood light, some places were filled with resentment, and some places were filled with the wailing of dead souls. The fierce demonic Qi was rolling like clouds.

The demonic abyss passage in the depths of the taixuan Holy Land was opened, and endless demonic Qi surged out of it. Tens of thousands of demons were cultivating here, cultivating all kinds of demonic evil techniques, turning the original scene of clouds and clouds into a demonic land.

One of ye Chen’s puppet incarnations had successfully sneaked into the ruins of the taixuan Holy Land. He could vaguely sense that there was a monstrous demonic saintly might lying dormant in the depths of the demonic land. There was an infinite treasure light blooming there, and even a treasure light that represented a Saint weapon was shining. It must be where the Treasury of the taixuan Holy Land was.

The devil Saint was using the treasures that taixuan Holy Land had accumulated for tens of thousands of years to refine himself. His demonic power was vast, and his life essence was rolling like smoke, causing the surrounding void to rumble.

In the other three directions, there were Dao severing demon venerates lying dormant. They were surrounded by a vast amount of life essence, devouring thousands of living beings to restore their longevity.

There were also seven to eight demon masters scattered in various areas, each occupying a treasured land on the main peak that was once rich in spiritual Qi, and were cultivating demonic techniques.

As for demon emperors and demon kings, there were even more of them.

The entire taixuan Holy Land had completely turned into a demonic land.

Ye Chen’s puppet incarnation used its treasure hunting talent to sense carefully. It found that the Scriptures library, divine weapon Pavilion, alchemy peak, and other important places had all been plundered. Most of the important buildings had been destroyed, and countless treasures had been casually used by the demons.

Ye Chen’s puppet incarnation arrived at the ancestral Cemetery of taixuan Holy Land and found that most of the tombs in the cemetery had been destroyed.

Tombs were dug out one after another. Stone coffins, Jade coffins, and wooden coffins of different colors were scattered all over the place. The coffins were opened, and white bones or half-rotten corpses were thrown out randomly. All the treasures buried with them had been taken away.

In many places in the taixuan Cemetery, there were demons cultivating Demonic Cultivation methods. Some were devouring and refining the rich death Qi on the corpses, some were branding runes full of demonic nature on the corpses to refine them, some were using the corpses to arrange demonic arrays to cultivate, some were taking out demonic banners, and there were faint sounds of ghosts crying and wolves howling.

It was really too miserable!

Not only had they been dug out, their burial items had been stolen, and even their bones had been used to cultivate demonic techniques. It was truly too miserable!

Ye chen secretly used the power of the dead soul seal. He could sense that these skeletons were at least Almighty realm experts when they were alive. Those with low cultivation base would not be qualified to be buried in this Cemetery.

He roughly sensed that sixteen of the skeletons had reached the Dao master realm when they were alive, and seven to eight hundred of them had reached the Almighty realm.

A Dao master was also known as the ruler of the great Dao. Their understanding of Dao had reached an extremely profound realm, and they were deeply entangled with the Dao of heaven and earth. If powerhouses above the Dao Lord realm were to die, most of them would find it difficult to control the violent energy in their bodies and transform it into the Dao.

The Dao Masters who could leave behind their corpses were all extremely powerful when they were alive. After they died, they could still suppress their own Dao in their bodies, not letting the outside world’s Dao of heaven and earth affect their Dao. They could keep their corpses and not let them rot for a long time.

The taixuan Holy Land had a long history. Although it had produced many Dao Masters, it had also suffered a lot of disasters. It was already commendable that the taixuan Cemetery could preserve the corpses of 16 Dao Masters.

However, it was impossible to defeat the demon saint of the green-horned demon race with these bones.

Ye chen moved forward among the scattered bones, rushing toward the depths of taixuan Cemetery. He spread out his demonic spirit, secretly searching for the remains of Dao severing realm experts and Saints.

At the peak of the taixuan Holy Land, several Saints had appeared. Even if some Saints were likely to transform into the Dao when they died, it was impossible for all the saints of the taixuan Holy Land to have transformed into the Dao, right?

The entire taixuan Cemetery had a radius of nearly a thousand miles, and it was covered in all kinds of incomplete array patterns. Corpses were everywhere, and coffins were in a mess. It looked like an endless mass grave.

Not long after, ye chen saw two tombs of Dao execution realm experts in the depths of taixuan Cemetery. The arrays outside had also been destroyed, and the corpses were thrown aside.

There were seven or eight peak-stage demon emperors sitting cross-legged on the side in a strange posture. They were absorbing the rich death energy and incomplete Dao runes from the corpses of the two Dao severing experts.

In the depths, the tomb of a Saint had also been dug open. The coffin lid was opened, and a life-like white-haired old man lay quietly in the coffin. The rules of saintly way surrounded him, turning the area into a forbidden zone.

The saint’s tombstone was tilted to the side, and a few ancient words could be vaguely seen: Saint Teng Qing’s tomb.

Ye chen carefully sensed for a while. This Saint Teng Qing’s skeleton was the only saint’s skeleton in the taixuan Cemetery, which was somewhat a pity.

If they could get a few more Saint bones, this battle would be in the bag.

There was a Dao severing stage demon Supreme sitting cross-legged around Saint Teng Qing’s great tomb. He was sensing the power of the rules of saintly way from the remains of Saint Teng Qing and cultivating some unknown demonic technique. However, he seemed to be unable to get close to the remains of Saint Teng Qing and could only sense from a thousand feet away.

This demon Supreme had long black hair, and his entire body was covered with fine green scales. There was a sharp green horn on his forehead, and he was emitting a cold and dark demonic light. His entire body was surrounded by a layer of green demonic Qi, and the demonic might he exuded was extremely strong.

Within a hundred miles of this demon commander, no demon dared to approach him.

“Name: demon venerable Qingyang”

“Identity: one of the demon supremacies of the green-horned demon clan”

cultivation: Dao execution middle stage


Ye chen didn’t pay too much attention to demon venerate Qingyang. Instead, he sent his spirit sense into the bones of Saint Teng Qing and the three Dao severing experts.


All of a sudden, demon master Qingyang opened his eyes. His pupils were as white as snow, shining with a strange light as they landed on ye chen. His voice was cold and emotionless.”Which demon master are you under? Who allowed you to come here?”

“You’re talking to me?” Ye chen glanced at fiend supremacy Azure sun, his tone full of provocation.

Ye Chen’s current spirit sense was exceptionally powerful. Even if it was only a puppet incarnation, it could easily penetrate into the saint’s body through the Saint Dao rules around it.

In that split second, ye chen had already taken control of all the bones in the entire taixuan Cemetery, including the one belonging to Saint Teng Qing.

Demon master Qingyang’s breath stagnated for a moment before he burst into a rage. He raised his hand and turned it into a demonic hand that covered the sky as he yelled, ” “You’re looking for death!”

He had never thought that such a puny mighty figure would dare to provoke him like this!

“You’re the one who should die.” Ye chen shook his head and said.


Right at this moment, a human figure appeared in front of ye chen in a flash. His entire body was wrapped in a dense gray-white Death Qi. He waved his hand, and a powerful Saint path rule power rushed out, easily shattering that huge hand.

Demon venerable Azure sun’s pupils contracted as shock filled his face.”How is that possible?”

The saint’s remains that appeared in front of ye chen was naturally not unfamiliar to him. It was the remains of Saint Teng Qing!

This saint’s remains had actually revived?

Demon venerate Azure sun’s heart trembled as he turned into a streak of light and charged into the distance. At the same time, he used his demonic Arts to roar out a demonic voice, ” “Patriarch Qing Yuan, the remains of Sage Teng Qing have been revived!”

However, as soon as this voice came out, demon venerate Azure sun realized that his voice reverberated through the entire taixuan Cemetery without any sound coming out.

At some point, the entire taixuan Cemetery was shrouded in a layer of grayish-white Death Qi, completely isolating this place from the outside world. Even though demon venerable Qingyang used his demonic Arts to make a demonic sound, he couldn’t send out any information.

Many demons cultivating demonic techniques in taixuan Cemetery heard demon venerable Qingyang’s roar, and they were all shocked.


The remains of the Saint had been revived?

Before they could react, they saw many scattered skeletons in taixuan Cemetery stand up. Each skeleton was shrouded in a thick grayish-white aura of death, and they looked at them with faint eyes.

All the skeletons in taixuan Cemetery had been revived!

Even though these demons were usually brutal and bloodthirsty, they could not help but feel an unprecedented strong fear at the sight of this scene. Their scalps went numb and they could not believe their eyes.

Qingyang demon venerable looked at the scene in taixuan Cemetery with extreme fear in his eyes. He looked at ye Chen’s puppet incarnation and said in disbelief, ” “You can control these bones? Which demon are you from?”

“I’m a human. I’ll send you on your way now.” Ye chen said indifferently.

In the next moment, demon venerate Azure sun felt the space around him fill with gray-colored saintly way rules. They were like vines filled with the aura of death, locking down the entire space and turning it into a Cage of Death. No matter how much demonic power he had, he couldn’t move at all.

Sage Teng Qing stepped through the air and instantly appeared beside demon venerate Azure sun. He raised his hand and slapped demon venerate Azure sun’s head.

Demonic power surged in demon venerable Qingyang’s body, and a huge black Seal glowed with blood light rushed out from between his brows. It exuded the unique pressure of a half-Saint weapon, shaking the sky as it tried to escape from this blockade.

However, it was all in vain.


An earth-shattering boom rang out as the black seal was sent flying. The gray power of saintly way landed on demon master Qingyang, turning him into nothingness.

At the same time, the other skeletons that had resurrected in taixuan Cemetery attacked at the same time. Gray-white deathly aura filled the entire taixuan Cemetery and greeted the demons who were cultivating demonic techniques.

The skeletons of two Dao severing experts, more than ten Dao Lord experts, and hundreds of Almighty experts attacked together. All the demons in the taixuan Cemetery felt a deep sense of despair.

“Boom boom boom!”

Deafening rumbles sounded in taixuan Cemetery, and all the demons in the cemetery were bombarded and turned into ashes.

“Who is acting so atrociously!”

Suddenly, an old shout came from the treasure house in the depths of the taixuan Holy Land. The voice was full of the rhythm of the great path, and it forcibly evolved its own will into the will of heaven and earth, pressing down on this place.

It was demon saint Qing Yuan of the green-horned demon race!

Although ye chen had used Saint Teng Qing’s power to seal off the entire taixuan Cemetery, the instant he killed demon saint Qingyang, demon saint Qingyuan still sensed his death and immediately attacked the cemetery.

“Shua shua shua shua shua shua”

In the next moment, grayish-white vines with deathly aura rushed out of Sage Teng Qing’s body. The vines seemed to contain vigorous vitality. They pierced through the void and crushed demon saint Qing Yuan’s rules of saintly way.

Immediately after, Sage Teng Qing rose into the air. His rules of saintly way crushed the heaven and earth. The void collapsed, and the heaven and earth rumbled. He quickly rushed in the direction of the treasure vault of the taixuan Holy Land.

All the skeletons in taixuan Cemetery rushed out together. Under the leadership of the two Dao severing experts ‘skeletons, they silently charged towards the demons of the taixuan Holy Land. Although there was no killing cry, it was filled with a chilling killing intent.

“Teng Qing’s skeleton has actually come back to life?” Demon saint Qing Yuan let out a cry of disbelief.


A pitch-black stone chisel pierced through the void and headed straight for Saint Teng Qing’s skeleton. The saintly might was vast and the demonic Qi churned as if it wanted to destroy the world.

This stone chisel was a demonic Saint weapon that demon saint Qing Yuan had spent his entire life refining!

“Boom boom boom!”

Sage Teng Qing raised his hand and slapped the stone chisel. There seemed to be a world of vines filled with a grayish-white deathly aura in his palm. It was as if the power of an entire world had struck the stone chisel, causing an earth-shaking boom.

The rules of saintly way splashed, and the violent demonic Qi surged. Countless demons were affected and turned into ashes.

Although only a skeleton was left of Sage Teng Qing, under the effect of the [ death spirit seal ], he was able to unleash all of his combat strength before he was born. He was like a true sage.

A Saint-level battle was not something ordinary cultivators could interfere with. The aftermath of their battle could easily kill a peak Almighty expert, and even demon masters would be seriously injured if they were too close.

At the same time, the Army of corpses that had rushed out of the taixuan Cemetery was pushing through the other demons in the ruins of the taixuan Holy Land. These dead creatures were not afraid of any attacks at all. They fought with their lives on the line and quickly harvested the lives of many demons.

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