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Chapter 130: The demonic world’s war fortress

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A beam of black light shot out from the center of demon venerate Cang Yuan’s brows and disappeared into the void. It quickly rushed into the distance. It was demon venerate Cang Yuan’s soul.


Saber intent burst forth and the void shattered, destroying demon venerate Cang Yuan’s soul in the void.

Demonic blade ding Peng’s puppet incarnation had reached the Dao severing realm, and when he used the half-Saint weapon, the full moon scimitar, its combat power was comparable to a full-force attack from a peak Dao severing realm master.

This was also because demon venerate Cang Yuan was too weak. If he were to face an even stronger opponent, his puppet incarnation could use the ultimate realm of divine powers at the same time and fight Saints!

“Quickly run!”

In the distance, some powerful demons were shouting in panic. Beams of demonic light flew out from the battle fortress and rushed in all directions.


The full moon scimitar shot up into the sky, like a black demonic moon hanging in the dark sky.


The full moon scimitar trembled slightly, and thousands of black sword gleams slashed into the depths of the void.

In the next moment, extremely condensed saber gleams slashed out from the depths of the void, turning the fleeing devil experts into ashes.

Although the full moon scimitar had slashed into the depths of the void, it had already locked onto the auras of the thousands of demons and accurately killed many of the demon experts who were escaping.

In the blink of an eye, the entire battle fortress had turned into a silent dead zone, without the slightest sign of life. Not even the remains of a demon were left behind.

Ye Chen’s puppet incarnation quietly floated in the sky, and the situation around the battle fortress appeared in his mind.

The laws of heaven and earth of the devil World and the ancient barren world were completely different. Even the environment of the entire world was very different from that of the ancient barren world.

The entire sky was dusky, and one could vaguely see black ribbons of demonic Qi rippling. A dark red sun hung high in the sky, and the light it sprinkled down had a faint demonic nature. The void was filled with dense demonic Qi.

The demonic Qi here was like the spiritual Qi of heaven and earth in the ancient barren world. It could be absorbed and refined by all kinds of living beings, turning into their own energy.

Demonic Qi could subtly influence a person’s mind. It could create an invincible demonic heart that did not respect the heavens and earth. It could also make living beings become cruel and bloodthirsty, turning them into killing demons without their own thoughts and souls.

This battle fortress was built at the foot of a pitch-black demon mountain. The entire demon mountain was filled with strange rocks and all kinds of unknown demonic trees. Most of the trees were dark and heavy in color, and a strong demonic Qi was flowing between the rocks and trees.

Behind the pitch-black demon mountain was a huge mountain range that stretched for tens of thousands of miles. Giant peaks pierced the sky, and ravines were tens of thousands of feet long. The mountain shape was strange, and countless powerful demonic beasts were dormant there. Several of their auras had reached the Dao severing realm, and each of them occupied a region. The closest one was five to six thousand miles away.

According to the memories of demon saint Cang man and the others, ye chen knew the name of this huge mountain range-demonic Cloud Mountain range.

The Dao-severing demonic beasts in the demonic cloud mountains had all cultivated for thousands of years. They each had their own territory and did not interfere with each other.

This battle fortress used to be a stronghold of the ancient demons. As the ancient demons had a Saint guarding it, although these Dao severing stage demonic beasts were envious of the crack in the demonic abyss, they did not dare to come and snatch it. Thus, the battle fortress was relatively peaceful.

In front of the battle fortress was a vast reddish-brown wasteland. There were strange stones everywhere, and there were also forests. Some demon towns were scattered in the distance.

This was a very suitable place to set up a stronghold. The mysterious heaven Holy Land would use this place as a nail to suppress the war in the demon world!


Ye Chen’s puppet turned into a beam of light and entered the battle fortress. He used his treasure hunting talent and found the treasure vault.

“Shua shua shua shua shua shua”

Beams of treasure light shot towards ye Chen’s puppet incarnation and exploded beside it, turning into a vast sea of treasure essence Qi.

Ye chen performed a hand seal, and the rolling essence Qi of the treasures was quickly refined into array disks, array flags, and other things. Each of them was engraved with ancient and complicated array patterns. They turned into streams of light and flew everywhere in the fortress, forming illusion arrays, trapping arrays, defensive arrays, offensive arrays, and so on.

In the blink of an eye, the fortress was surrounded by a large-scale compound array comparable to the Holy Land’s Mountain-protecting array. It was composed of more than a hundred super arrays, enough to block the attack of a Dao severing expert!

Ye chen took away the most precious treasures in the battle Fort’s Treasury, leaving the rest of the resources behind as reserves for the profound heavenly sacred land.

After taking the treasure, ye Chen’s puppet incarnation quietly left the battle fortress, passing through the demonic abyss passage and returning to the profound heaven sacred land.

When ye Chen’s puppet incarnation returned to the mysterious sky Holy Land, demon master cangxu and demon master cangyi were both struggling in the void with disheveled hair. They were being attacked by many experts of the mysterious sky Holy Land.

The sacred weapon, the dark sky Bell, exuded a terrifying sacred might as it fought alongside sacred Lord dark sky. The two demon lords had become the trial opponents for the peak Masters, elders, and disciples of the dark sky Holy Land. Demon Lord cangxu’s Supreme-grade spirit treasure had already been taken away, so the two demon lords could only rely on their own cultivation and demonic techniques to deal with the endless attacks of the dark sky Holy Land.

The two demon masters were very clear about their situation, but they had never given up on the hope of escaping. As long as there was any possibility, they would not give up.

It was precisely because of this that the many peak Masters, elders, and disciples of the profound heaven Holy Land could display their strengths without any scruples. They used these two demon masters as their targets to display their divine arts and Dao techniques to their hearts ‘content to verify their own great DAOs.

Seeing that everything was under control, ye chen transmitted his voice to the profound sky Saint Lord, ” “Holy master, the other side of the demonic abyss passage has been completely cleared. Holy master can go and receive it at any time. Everything about the situation on the other side is recorded in this jade talisman. I hope that Holy master can suppress the threat of the devil World on the other side of the devil abyss!”

Then, a jade talisman flew toward sacred Lord dark sky.

Sacred Lord dark sky reached into the air and grabbed the Jade talisman. After scanning it with his divine sense, the contents of the Jade talisman appeared in his mind.

The battle fortress, the ancient demons, the formation, the demon towns, the demonic cloud mountains, the Dao severing stage demonic beasts, and many more. All sorts of complicated information was imprinted in sacred Lord dark sky’s mind.

Sacred Lord dark sky’s eyes flashed with divine light. Although there was danger on the other side of the demonic abyss, there were also countless opportunities. It could be used as a stronghold for the dark sky sacred land, the first stop for the dark sky sacred land to enter the demonic world!

The profound sky sacred land had always been one of the weaker sacred lands. Even sacred Lord profound sky hadn’t expected that under his leadership, the profound sky sacred land would grow to the point where it could launch a counterattack against the demon world!

Of course, all of this was thanks to Junior Brother ye of mysterious origins. If it weren’t for Junior Brother ye’s sudden appearance, the entire profound heaven Holy Land might not even exist!

It’s time for the profound heavenly sacred land to rise in this Golden Age!

Sacred Lord dark sky’s heart was filled with pride. He glanced at the two demon kings and thought of one word: A stray dog!

“They don’t have much value, kill them.” kill them, ” sacred Lord dark sky said softly, sentencing the two demon lords to death.

The two great demon kings ‘expressions changed. The demonic Qi in their bodies surged and churned, frantically burning the demonic Qi in their bodies, wanting to fight like trapped beasts.

Clang! Clang!

The black Heaven Bell let out a clear and ancient bell ring. Thousands of stars appeared, bringing with them the vast power of the world to cover the two demon masters, suppressing the boiling demonic Qi in their bodies.

“Boom boom boom!”

A vast ocean of stars appeared around the mysterious sky Saint son, Xiao Yixian. Each star was surging with immense power. They all smashed onto demon master cangyi, who was already on the verge of death.

At the same time, li Qingzhou’s Paragon sword emitted an infinite amount of sword light. The sword hummed in the sky and pierced through demon master cangxu’s glabella with a domineering aura that could destroy thousands of DAOs. His body and soul were completely shattered in the void, leaving no trace behind.

The two demon masters were both executed!

Now, the invasion of the ancient demonic race had failed.

The ancient demons had invaded the xuantian sacred land, but a single sword light had killed demon saint Cang mang, many demon lords, and demon lords. The fact that Zhe Yi was in the xuantian sacred land made everyone feel like they were in a dream.

At that moment, all the peak Masters, elders, and disciples of the xuantian sacred land felt their state of mind improve. They re-positioned the xuantian sacred land’s position in the ancient barren world. Everyone’s eyes were filled with confidence. Their Dao hearts were much more stable than before.

it turns out that the profound heavenly sacred land has become so powerful without us realizing it!

Even the demon Lord and demon saint knelt down instantly. Demon masters could only be used as a trial target. Which Holy Land could do this?

Especially the mysterious sky Saint son, Xiao Yixian. The light in his eyes was as bright as the sun.

the opening of the golden era has exposed the secret of the xuantian sacred land. I’m the Saint child of the xuantian sacred land, and I’ve gathered the fate of the entire sacred land. I’ll definitely become a saint in the future, and I might even become a saint Emperor!

The cloud sky Grandmaster looked at the profound heavenly Saint sovereign in shock. He tried to hold it in but couldn’t.”Saint Lord, demon saint cangman’s true body crossed over and was instantly killed. Could it be that our xuantian sacred land’s founder is still alive?”

Sacred Lord dark sky thought to himself, ” the ancestor had only entered the Saint realm not long ago. Even if the ancestor came personally, he probably wouldn’t be able to instantly kill a demon saint!

hiss, in that case, junior martial brother ye’s battle prowess had probably long surpassed the founder of the sect!

Sacred Lord dark sky laughed when he saw the peak Leaders and elders looking at him. this is the secret of the profound heavenly sacred land. You don’t have to know too much. Just focus on your cultivation.

The more sacred Lord profound sky said this, the more everyone felt that the sacred land’s Foundation was terrifying. It had far exceeded their expectations.

Xuantian saintess Xue Wei and red flame Peak Master Chen Beiwang looked at each other. They both knew that it was all thanks to ye chen that the xuantian Holy Land could achieve what it had today!

If not for ye Chen’s powerful attack, the mysterious sky sacred land would have been completely massacred by the ancient demonic clan!

However, they all knew ye Chen’s temperament, so they did not expose him and pretended not to know.

Then, sacred Lord dark sky said to the Holy Sons, holy virgins, peak Masters, and elders, ” the seniors of my profound heaven Holy Land have killed all the demons on the other side of the demonic abyss passage, leaving behind a war fortress as a Sentry, waiting for us to take over it. You can all share your thoughts.

Everyone’s hearts shook when they heard sacred Lord dark sky’s words.

Most of them didn’t know anything about the battle fortress. After asking others, they found out that many Emperor-ruled immortal sects and powerful Holy Lands had their own strongholds in the devil World. They were like nails embedded in the devil World, using the devil World as a trial ground.

Using the entire Devil World as a trial ground was something that forces without a strong foundation could not do. It was completely beyond their imagination!

He didn’t expect the profound heavenly sacred land to grow to this level!

In the golden era, I can’t lie if I’m honest!

a senior expert has forced his way into the devil World. I guess they need to set up a formation to guard the other side of the devil abyss. I’ll take the core disciples of myriad array peak as the first batch to go! Yuan Hongde, the peak Master of the myriad array peak, stepped out and responded to sacred Lord dark sky.

As the myriad array Peak Master spoke, nearly a hundred peak Masters and elders at the Almighty realm also spoke up, expressing their willingness to go to the demon world and be the vanguard for the profound sky Holy Land to enter the demon world.

Sacred Lord dark sky was pleased. If a sacred land wanted to become strong, it didn’t just rely on individual strength. It also needed the unity of everyone.

Not only them, but even the Holy Sons, holy virgins, and many core disciples took the initiative to say that they wanted to go to the demon world and explore the Holy Land.

Sacred Lord dark sky and the other peak Masters and elders came to a decision after some discussion.

The demon world could only be used as a training ground for the xuantian Holy Land. The focus should still be on the ancient barren world. For the time being, 100 peak Masters or elders of the Almighty realm were selected to go to the demon world, led by the xuantian Holy Son Xiao Yixian. After entering the demon world, they would take precautions and make further plans after investigating the nearby situation.

Although ye chen had already informed the profound sky Saint Lord about the situation around the battle fortress, he was only paying attention to the territories and movements of demonic beasts above the Dao Lord realm. He would need to personally investigate for more detailed information.

The dark sky Saint son, Xiao Yixian, was in high spirits. He led the peak Masters and elders into the demonic abyss passage carefully.

When they walked out of the demonic abyss, they were surprised to find that there were no demons around. The entire battle fortress seemed to have been abandoned, and even the treasure vault was left behind. A large number of cultivation resources were piled up in the treasure vault.

not a single demon was left behind. The seniors of my mysterious heaven Holy Land are truly domineering! Some peak Masters sighed in their hearts and prostrated themselves in admiration.

They had already learned about the situation here from the profound sky sacred land. Xiao Yixian had asked the peak Leaders to transport most of the treasures in the treasure vault back to the profound sky sacred land and brought Yuan Hongde and the others to investigate the situation around the battle fortress. They wanted to set up many protective arrays and turn the battle fortress into a Golden City.

When they saw the vast array outside the battle fortress, they all fell silent.

The defensive formation here was probably comparable to the mountain-protecting formation of a Holy Land, right?

Why would it need to be reinforced?

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