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Chapter 129: Chapter 129-entering the demon world

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Demon saint cangman was dead?

A sword strike?

Sacred Lord dark sky was completely stunned, and his face was filled with disbelief.

Although he had already guessed that ye chen might have a way to deal with the demonic Saint, he had never thought that ye chen would be able to kill the demonic Saint with one sword attack!

Could this be a fake devil Saint?

It wasn’t just sacred Lord dark sky; everyone in the dark sky sacred land had the same feeling.

However, they soon denied this thought. When demon saint Cang man emerged from the demonic abyss, the vast Saint might was like an ocean, and the demonic Qi was so strong that it made everyone feel a sense of despair. He was definitely a true demon saint!

Saintess Xue Wei and red flame Peak Master Chen Beiwang were both shocked. They had already guessed that it was ye chen who had killed the demon saint as if he was killing a dog. How domineering!

The profound sky Saint son, Xiao Yixian’s eyes lit up. He didn’t expect the profound sky Holy Land to have such a powerful expert!

Hundreds of peak Masters and elders from the xuantian sacred land were dumbfounded. When the cangman demon saint passed through the demonic abyss, everyone thought that they would die for sure. They didn’t even know if the xuantian sacred land could survive.

Who would’ve thought that this demon saint would be killed by a mysterious expert before he could even display his unparalleled demonic power!

Everyone felt as if they were in a dream. Everything felt so unreal.

“I’m so excited to be able to kill a true devil Saint with one strike! Ten thousand years ago, the ancestor went out to travel and did not return. The later generations all thought that the ancestor had passed away. Could it be that the ancestor has returned?” Old forefather cloudsky’s eyes lit up, and he was so excited that his entire body trembled.

Many of the peak Masters and elders of the mysterious sky Holy Land were shocked. Could it be that the patriarch had really returned?

Just as the people from the profound heavenly Holy Land were cheering, demon master ashen dawn and demon master ashen wing were completely stunned.

Not only them, but the two demon supremacies and five demon masters who had followed demon saint Cang mang from the demonic abyss were also eager to fight. However, they could not help but stand there in shock.

The invincible demon saint cangman, a patriarch who had lived for thousands of years, had died just like that?

None of the demons could believe what they were seeing. Cang Yi demon master said bitterly, ” “Was that an incarnation of the ancestor?”

Demon master cangxu’s face was particularly gloomy. He took a deep breath and slowly said, ” “That’s the true body of the demon saint patriarch! I’m afraid the old ancestor has really fallen!”

the xuantian sacred land is guarded by an invincible Saint. The patriarch has already died. Leave quickly! The crack in the demonic abyss had already stabilized into a demonic abyss passage. A demon Supreme shouted loudly outside the passage and turned around to return to the demonic abyss passage.

With the death of demon saint cangman, they had lost their greatest support. They didn’t even have a pillar of support. Coupled with the fact that the xuantian sacred land had the unrivaled Saint, the thought of retreating appeared in their hearts. They were ready to retreat.


The primordial chaos creation sword reappeared in the sky. With the vast power of thousands of worlds, it froze the two demon supremacies and five demon masters in the void.

The sword light flashed, and the two demon Venerables and five demon masters were all blown into nothingness. They turned into ashes and smoke, leaving nothing behind.

Even a great devil Saint couldn’t block such a strike, let alone these Devils.

High in the sky, demon masters ashen wing and ashen Dawn’s eyes were filled with despair. With such a powerful expert in the profound heaven sacred land, it was impossible for them to escape!

Even so, demon master cangxu and the other demon master didn’t give up hope. They each turned into a stream of light and rushed toward the demonic abyss passage.

As long as that unrivaled Saint didn’t make a move, they still had a chance to escape!

Ye chen transmitted his voice to Saint Lord profound sky, ” “As for the remaining two demon masters, Holy master can take your fellow disciples to practice with them. I believe that you will be able to deal with them.”

Sacred Lord dark sky’s eyes lit up as he replied, ” “Junior Brother ye, rest assured. I guarantee that these two devils won’t be able to return!”

Then, sacred Lord dark sky’s overbearing voice reverberated through the sky. the demon saint is dead. Kill the remaining demons with all your might!

All the disciples within a thousand miles of the xuantian sacred land had just felt the monstrous demonic might and were on tenterhooks. Now that the news of the demon saint’s death had spread, all the disciples of the xuantian sacred land were excited.

It turned out that he was a devil Saint. No wonder his aura was so powerful!

Even a demon saint had been killed in an instant. The profound heavenly Holy Land’s heritage was much deeper than they had imagined!

Everyone rejoiced and felt that it was a wise decision to join the profound heavenly sacred land. When this news spread throughout the eastern barren territory, countless geniuses and talented women would do everything they could to enter the xuantian sacred land. The difficulty of entering would be greatly increased.

The profound heavenly sacred land’s rise was imminent!


Before sacred Lord dark sky could finish speaking, a sun and moon appeared outside the demonic abyss. The power of the sun and the power of the moon intertwined and locked down the space.

The sun and moon shone together!

“This kind of phenomenon can’t stop me!”

Demon master cangxu shouted. The Scarlet Sword of Light slashed out, piercing through the void and tearing the universe apart. It was about to tear apart this confined void.

“Sun and moon flowing gap!”

The profound heavenly sacred Lord’s cold voice rang out. The sun and moon rotated, and a dense aura of time seemed to flow. The Scarlet Sword of Light, demon master ashen dawn, and demon master ashen wing’s movements were all slowed down.

Clang! Clang!

Immediately after, the black Heaven Bell let out a world-shaking bell chime, shaking out a vast Bell wave that contained endless saintly might. There seemed to be thousands of stars revolving in the bell wave, and the infinite power of the stars pressed down on the two demon masters along with the bell wave.


The jagged demonic blade tore through the sky and slashed toward the black Heaven Bell with a vast Saint might.

After demon saint Cang man’s death, the gods in the jagged demonic blades woke up and protected the two demon masters. They were ready to knock the black Heaven Bell away and bring the two demon masters back to the demon world.


A slender palm stretched out of the void, raising its hand to slap the magic sawtooth blade, instantly suppressing the God inside the Magic sawtooth blade. The monstrous power of the magic sawtooth blade quickly converged and disappeared along with the palm.

It was ye chen.

Ye chen didn’t directly kill the two demon masters, as they weren’t too much of a threat to Saint Lord profound sky and the others. They could be used to train them.

“Boom boom boom!”

The bell wave from the black Heaven Bell sent the Scarlet demonic sword flying and landed on the two demon masters.

Although the Scarlet demonic sword had blocked part of the black Heaven Bell’s power, the vast holy power of the black Heaven Bell was still not something that these two demon masters could contend with.

The demonic Qi of the two demon kings shook violently. They couldn’t control themselves and spat out a mouthful of blood. Their auras quickly weakened.

Ever since he’d forcefully resisted the heavenly Tribulation and rebuilt his Dao Foundation, the profound heavenly Saint Lord’s battle-power was comparable to a peak Dao Lord. After using his Saint weapon, his might became even more powerful. He could easily suppress two demon masters and heavily injure them!

Not long ago, when Demon Lord cangxu had rushed out of the demonic abyss, he had been restricted by demon saint cangman’s Saint weapon. Otherwise, he would have killed Demon Lord cangxu.

Without the interference of the demon race’s sacred weapon, sacred Lord dark sky could finally use his full power to heavily injure two demon lords.

“Boom boom boom!”

Xiao Yixian, Zi Menghan, li Qingzhou, and many other peak Masters and elders made their moves in unison. It was rare to have such demon masters to practice with. Naturally, they did not want to miss this opportunity. Each of them used their remarkable power spirit treasures and greeted the two demon masters.

While everyone was practicing on the two heavily injured demon masters, ye Chen’s puppet incarnation arrived outside the demonic abyss passage, preparing to enter the demonic world through it.

Seeing that the demonic race had turned the crack into a demonic abyss passage, ye chen had a bold idea.

If the demons could invade the ancient barren world, why couldn’t they attack the demon world?

Ye chen planned to use a puppet incarnation to go to the demonic world to investigate the situation first, then make a plan to fight on the other side of the demonic abyss!

This way, it would be more stable!

When ye chen had used the sword to kill demon saint Cang man and the others, their memories had been extracted by the sword, greatly enriching ye Chen’s knowledge.

The invasion of the xuantian sacred land by the ancient demons was not the only one. After many ancient demons in the demon world learned that the seal between heaven and earth had been broken, they made an agreement to attack the eastern barren territory of the ancient barren world at the same time. They wanted to turn the eastern barren territory into the demon world.

This time, the ancient demons had sent many old fogeys to invade the xuantian sacred land. Not only were they responding to the call of the ancient demons, but they also wanted to recover their strength to their peak in the prosperous ancient barren world, hoping to reach a higher level.

I’m afraid that some of the cracks in the demonic abyss have already fallen. The entire East continent is about to be in a storm.

However, ye chen couldn’t save the entire Eastern barren territory, and he didn’t have time to think too much about it. He just had to do what he could and have a clear conscience.

From the memories of demon saint cangman, ye chen had also obtained another piece of information.

The Imperial factions or powerful sacred grounds of the ancient barren world had their own strongholds in the devil World. They built strong fortresses in the devil World and sent in powerful warriors through the demonic abyss passage, using the devil World as a training ground.

The profound heavenly sacred land was too weak. It would be impressive if they could defend a crack in the demonic abyss, let alone establish a stronghold in the demonic realm.

But now, ye chen wanted to suppress the danger to the demon world, and was prepared to send a puppet incarnation to explore the demon world first.

According to demon saint cangman’s memories, the other side of the demonic abyss crack was originally a small stronghold of the ancient demons. Ever since the demonic abyss crack was discovered, the ancient demons quickly built a war fortress outside the crack, preparing to attack the ancient barren world.

Other than the two demon Venerables and seven demon masters brought by demon saint Cang man, there was still an elder demon venerable in the war fortress of the demon Realm.

Ye chen was going to slaughter demons!

Ye Chen’s puppet incarnation passed through the demonic abyss passage and appeared in the demonic world.

What appeared in front of him was a huge, empty Hall. There were dozens of thick stone pillars carved with various demonic shadows supporting the dome. The dome was imprinted with thousands of stars, and there was a dense and pure demonic Qi floating in the air.

In this Hall, there was an old demon with white hair and a beard pacing back and forth anxiously.

This person’s entire body was covered in a layer of fine black scales, and the edges of each scale were a little gray. It was obvious that he had long been extremely old.

name: demon venerable Cang Yuan ”

[ identity: one of the ancient demon lords of the ancient demon clan ]

cultivation: Dao execution middle stage


Although demon saint cangman had died in the ancient barren world, demon venerate Cangyuan could still sense the disappearance of his aura from the other side of the demonic abyss passage. He could also hear the demon venerate’s roar outside the passage. He was feeling uneasy.

Demon saint cangman had fallen?

The mysterious heavenly sacred land had an invincible Saint?

All of this made demon venerate Cangyuan extremely worried. It had completely disrupted their plan. He didn’t know what to do and was completely flustered.

The ancient demons and the blood demon sect had worked together. They had several cracks in the demonic abyss in the East barren and had always had the advantage. They had never thought that the xuantian Holy Land would attack the demon world. The war fortresses outside the demonic abyss passage were only for preparation for the attack. They were not specifically used to defend the passage.

After demon saint Cang man’s death, the two demon venerates did not return. Demon venerate Cang Yuan wanted to seal the demon abyss but he was afraid of keeping his people outside.

Moreover, they had just stabilized the crack in the demonic abyss into a passage to the demonic abyss. They had not made the corresponding seal preparations in advance, so it was not an easy task to seal the passage to the demonic abyss.

Just as demon venerate Cangyuan was still struggling, ye Chen’s puppet incarnation entered through the demonic abyss.

Upon seeing ye Chen’s puppet incarnation, demon venerable Cang Yuan was slightly stunned.

This puppet was dressed in black and had black hair. It was extremely handsome and held a full moon scimitar in its hand. Its entire body exuded an indescribable demonic nature.

However, even though this person had a demonic nature, he was not a member of the ancient demon clan. He was a human!

“Who are you?” Demon venerate Cangyuan shouted. His voice was extremely old, but it was full of vigor.

Ye Chen’s puppet answered with a domineering tone, ” “Demonic blade, ding Peng!”

Who was demonic blade ding Peng?

Demon venerate Cangyuan had never heard of this name before. He frowned and shouted coldly, ” “Where are you from? How are the ancient demons who passed through the demonic abyss?”

“You mean demon saint cangman and the others? They’re all dead!” Ye Chen’s puppet answered indifferently.

“Dead? That was impossible! He’s a great devil Saint, how could he die?”

Demon venerate Cangyuan’s heart trembled as he subconsciously cried out in panic.

Although he sensed the disappearance of demon saint Cang man’s aura and heard the demon Lord’s roar, he still hoped that he had heard it wrong.

Now that he had seen demonic blade ding Peng here and heard this person’s words, he couldn’t help but not believe it. A strong sense of powerlessness rose in his heart, and he was at a loss.

“Now, it’s your turn!”

The puppet incarnation’s tone was cold as it raised its hand and slashed out with the full moon scimitar.

The full moon scimitar tore through the sky as if it was splitting the heavens and earth apart. It brought with it a soul-stirring demonic nature as it instantly appeared in front of demon venerate Cangyuan.

Just as demon venerate Cangyuan’s mind was distracted, he suddenly felt a sense of danger. He subconsciously took out his divine weapon, a blood-red butcher’s knife, in an attempt to block the full moon scimitar.

But it was too late!


Before the blood-colored butcher’s knife could even touch the full moon scimitar, the scimitar had already sliced through demon venerate Cangyuan’s neck. His head flew off and blood stained the sky.

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