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Chapter 128: Chapter 128-slaying the demon saint

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Sacred Lord dark sky’s eyes shone with a bright light when he heard this, and he was shocked.

Junior martial brother ye is not even afraid of the great devil Saint?

Although sword devil Dugu Qiubai’s puppet incarnation had once killed the blood demon church’s Hierarch in the blood desolate mountain range, the blood demon church’s Hierarch had been undergoing tribulation at that time. With the help of the resurrected saint’s remains, he was lucky enough to severely injure the blood demon church’s Hierarch.

Strictly speaking, the blood demon church’s Hierarch didn’t die at the hands of sword demon Dugu Qiubai at that time. Instead, he died under the heavenly Tribulation after being severely injured.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the blood demon church master was undergoing his tribulation, sword demon Dugu Qiubai’s puppet incarnation and the revived remains of the Saint would probably not be able to kill the blood demon church master!

But now, the one on the other side of the crack in the demonic abyss is a true sage, and junior martial brother ye is still confident in dealing with it. It seems that junior martial brother ye has hidden his strength far deeper than I thought!


Sacred Lord profound sky controlled the three Saint-level formations near the crack in the demonic abyss and suppressed the three sides, preventing the battle from spreading to the other areas of the profound sky sacred land.

“Holy master, what is the meaning of this?” The Xuan Tian Saint son, Xiao Yixian, was stunned.

Sensing the changes in the crack in the demonic abyss, Xiao Yixian also rushed over from his seclusion.

Not only him, but the xuantian saintess Xue Wei, the ice River Spirit body Jiang chuxue, the fire cloud spirit body Chen Xi, and others also came here. They all looked at the crack in the demonic abyss with vigilance.

They didn’t understand why the profound heavenly sacred Lord wasn’t suppressing the demonic abyss after using the sacred level formation.

Sacred Lord dark sky’s eyes were deep as he said, ” the Saint level formation can’t stop the devil Saint.

“Holy Lord, even if the Holy formation can’t stop the demon saint, it can at least stop him for a moment,” old ancestor Yunxiao said with a frown. He could use this time to transfer the Holy Sons, holy virgins, and many core disciples of the Holy Land. As long as they’re alive, the profound heavenly sacred land will have a chance to rise again!”

The mysterious sky Saint son, Xiao Yixian, raised his eyebrows and said in a low voice, ” “I swear to live and die with the Holy Land!”

The saintess Xue Wei’s eyes shone with light as she looked at ye Chen’s puppet not far away. The corner of her mouth curled up slightly, feeling much more at ease.

Ever since she found out that sword demon Dugu Qiubai was only ye Chen’s incarnation, saintess Xue Wei had a kind of blind worship for him. Even if a demonic Saint was coming from the other side of the demonic abyss crack, she was still not too worried.

She believed that as long as ye chen was here, all the problems would not be a problem!

“I’m not leaving.” Holy maiden Xue Wei said with a determined tone.

Old ancestor Yunxiao felt gratified and anxious at the same time. He consoled her with all his heart, ” Holy Sons, holy virgins, and all the core disciples, you are the future of the sacred land. As long as you are here, the mysterious sky sacred land will be here. Don’t let your emotions get the better of you!

Sacred Lord dark sky waved his hand at the cloud sky Grandmaster and shook his head. “Don’t panic, ancestor. I have my own arrangements! If they really can’t resist it, I’ll have them retreat! All disciples, continue to channel your energy into the black Heaven Bell and use its might to suppress it!”

At this moment, the profound sky Saint Lord also chose to believe in ye chen.

Putting everything else aside, at least evil king Shi Zhixuan’s puppet incarnation had not been deployed yet. If it was really time to retreat, evil king Shi Zhixuan’s Saint weapon would be enough to hold off this devil Saint for a while. It would not be too late to retreat then.

The demon saint had yet to appear, and if they were to allow the core disciples to leave now, the reputation of the profound heaven Holy Land would surely plummet. Many of the core disciples ‘Dao hearts would also be damaged, and even if they were to leave now, it would not be the time.

Of course, sacred Lord dark sky didn’t just stand by and watch. He continued to direct the peak Masters and elders of the dark sky sacred land to pour energy into the dark sky Bell and continue to suppress the crack in the demonic abyss.


Suddenly, a powerful demonic aura burst out from the crack in the demonic abyss.

A demon master had passed through the crack in the demon abyss!

Although the crack in the demonic abyss could not allow the demon commander or the demon saint to cross over, it was enough for the demon master to cross over.

Furthermore, the Saint weapon of the demon saint on the other side of the crack had already appeared in the ancient barren world. The danger of the demon Lord crossing over was greatly reduced. It could even help the demon saint resist the xuantian sacred land’s obstruction and quickly stabilize the crack into a passage.


A Scarlet-red sword-light tore through space and instantly appeared before sacred Lord dark sky, attacking him.

The sword was a Supreme-grade numinous treasure!

At this moment, the black Heaven Bell was suppressing the crack in the demonic abyss. Sacred Lord dark sky didn’t use it to defend against the enemy. Instead, he waved his hand, and a sun appeared 30000 meters above him. It rained down endless flames, trapping the Scarlet sword in the air.

Great sun burning the sky!

As the domineering sun’s flames burned, the Scarlet sword’s power was rapidly decreasing, and it trembled violently.

Although sacred Lord dark sky had only broken through to the Dao Lord realm a few years ago, he was different from ordinary sacred Lords. He had forcefully withstood the heavenly Tribulation to reforge his Dao Foundation, so his cultivation was comparable to a peak Dao Lord. Even Supreme-grade spirit treasures couldn’t affect him much.


A demonic shadow rushed out of the demonic abyss crack and stood in the sky. The demonic Qi around him was as vast as the sea. His body was covered with fine black scales, and his eyes were shining with a blood-red light. He exuded a demonic aura.

[ name: demon master rising sun ]

[ identity: one of the demon masters of the ancient demon clan ]

“Cultivation base: peak of Dao Lord realm”


As expected, he was a demon from the ancient demon race!

This demon was actually a peak Dao Lord. This was enough to show how much the ancient demon race valued the profound heaven sacred land!

The passage to the demonic abyss allowed demon masters to pass through, so the ancient demons had sent a peak demon master to ensure that nothing would go wrong. They had not sent the weaker demon masters to die.

If one were to look carefully, one would discover that the edges of each of demon master rising sun’s greenish-black scales were a little grayish-white. He was obviously an old demon expert who didn’t have many years left to live.

If it was a normal era, the ancient demons would not have sent out such an old fogey.

However, the ancient barren world was currently in a Golden Age. Even if the elder demonic cultivators did not have much time left, as long as they could take down the xuantian sacred land, they would be able to recover to their peak state in the ancient barren world. They might even be able to make another breakthrough!

“It’s said that the profound heavenly Saint Lord successfully resisted the heavenly Tribulation and rebuilt his Dao Foundation. It looks like the rumors are true. It’s a pity that the profound heavenly sacred land is only a stepping stone for the ancient demons. If you’re smart enough to join us, I’ll spare your life!”

Demon Lord cangxu laughed eerily as black runes appeared around him. True demon shadows enveloped sacred Lord profound sky, trying to pull his soul into a special illusion.


A ball of light suddenly exploded from sacred Lord dark sky’s body, and a red sun rose into the sky. Then, a bright moon rose into the sky. The sun and moon shone together, and the power of the sun and the power of the moon shone down. The two opposing energies intertwined and lit up the world.

The sun and moon shone together!

At that moment, the power of the sun and the power of the moon on the profound heavenly Saint Lord’s body reached an unimaginable balance. It easily shattered the illusion created by Demon Lord rising sun and destroyed it.


At this moment, a deep buzzing sound came from the crack of the demonic abyss again, and a new demon master appeared.

“Name: demon master ashen wing”

[ identity: one of the demon masters of the ancient demon clan ]

cultivation: late-stage Dao Lord realm ”


It was still the ancient demons. It seemed that the back of the demonic abyss crack was not only a stronghold of the ancient demons, but also their base camp. Otherwise, why would they use the demon masters of the ancient demons one after another?

The demon saint of the ancient demon race was hiding behind the scenes, holding the fort for the two demon masters.

When the crack in the demonic abyss was completely stabilized, it would be the time for the ancient demonic race’s demonic Saint and many demonic Lords to descend together!

“Die, you trash from the profound heavenly sacred land!” hehe! the cangyi demon master laughed eerily as he attacked the elders of the profound heaven Holy Land with demonic Qi.

The cangxu Demon Lord and the profound heavenly sacred land’s battle were evenly matched. When a new Demon Lord appeared, the peak Lords and elders of the profound heavenly sacred land couldn’t help but feel despair.

The demon saint had yet to descend, but the two demon masters of the ancient demon race had already exhausted them.

let me deal with this new demon master. If there are any strong enemies in the future, I hope Holy master can make arrangements for them!

Old ancestor Yunxiao sighed softly. The divine power in his entire body started to burn crazily. His aura rose rapidly as he wanted to die together with one of the demon masters.


Ye Chen’s puppet reached out and pressed down on the old ancestor. A domineering aura spread out from his body, forcibly suppressing the old ancestor’s burning life essence.


Old ancestor Yunxiao’s face was filled with question marks.

What does that mean?

If he didn’t make a move now, those peak Masters and elders wouldn’t be able to stop him!

I tried to burn my life force origin twice in a row, but I was still suppressed. It’s fine if the sacred master is suppressing me, but even this blue cloud Peak Master is suppressing me?

Wait a minute, the blue cloud Peak Master seems to be just a powerful cultivator, how can he suppress me?

“Don’t be impatient, patriarch. Everything is under control!” Ye chen said with a gentle voice. It was not yet necessary for him to burn his life force.

Immediately after, ye chen whispered into the air, ” “Menghan, Qingzhou, you two go and try.”

As soon as the crack in the demonic abyss was attacked, Zi Menghan and Li Qingzhou had already rushed here. They were both hiding in the void, ready to attack at any time.

Not only them, but even ye Chen’s body was hidden in the deepest part of the void. His divine sense had been firmly locked on the crack in the demonic abyss, and the Qi in his body seemed to have not been released yet, ready to attack at any time.

The ancient demons of the demon Realm had come through the crack in the demon abyss, and they had already sent two demon masters. As disciples of the mysterious heaven Holy Land, they naturally had to do their part.

More importantly, the ancient demonic race’s attack had made ye chen feel a sense of danger. He had to kill this danger in advance!

Zi Menghan and Li Qingzhou revealed themselves in the void and looked at each other. Their eyes were filled with a monstrous fighting spirit.

“Boom boom boom!”

Zi Menghan raised her hand and summoned the purple clouds of tribulation. A sea of purple lightning poured down from the sky, crashing toward demon master ashen wing.

Lightning had always been the nemesis of the demon race. The lightning that Zi Menghan had conjured even contained a trace of heavenly might, which made it even more effective against demon master Cang Yi.

Before the ashen-wing demon master could reach the peak Masters and elders, he was enveloped by the endless lightning. The lightning, which contained the power of heaven, rumbled around him, shaking the demonic Qi in his body and throwing his aura into chaos.


Li Qingzhou wielded the Supreme Sword, and an extremely condensed sword intent slashed toward demon master cangyi.

Ji realm sword slash!

As soon as the ashen wing demon master resisted the lightning, he felt a sharp aura coming at him. He felt a bone-chilling coldness and retreated without hesitation.


The sword-light struck Demon Lord Cang Yi’s heart, and a powerful sword will burst forth. It left a sword-shaped wound on his heart, knocking him down from the sky. Demonic Qi trembled around him, and demonic blood splattered across the sky.

“Good moves, you two! I’m here to join in the fun!” The mysterious sky Saint son, Xiao Yixian, laughed wildly. A vast Star Domain appeared around him. Stars with infinite Starlight surged and attacked demon master cangyi.

The wound on Cang Yi demon master’s chest quickly healed. He raised his hand, and a pitch-black demonic domain that blotted out the sun shot up into the sky. It collided with the thousands of stars that Xiao Yixian had transformed into, creating an earth-shattering boom.

a genius from the younger generation of our mysterious heaven Holy Land has actually grown to this extent? ” He could fight a demon master at such a young age?

“Heh, the few of you can be considered rare young geniuses. The profound heavenly sacred land’s luck really isn’t weak! Unfortunately, it ended here! I’ll turn all of you into blood slaves of the ancient demon clan later to strengthen our Foundation!” The ashen wing demon master’s blood-red eyes swept across the room as he laughed eerily.

“You talk too much nonsense!” die! li Qingzhou shouted coldly. The Supreme Sword slashed at demon master cangyi again.

At the same time, Zi Menghan and Xiao Yixian both launched their attacks.

The three paragons had surrounded demon master Cang Yi, but the latter could only hold his own.

“Boom boom boom!”

The laws of heaven and earth near the crack of the demonic abyss collapsed completely. All kinds of dazzling energy splashed in the sky and earth, and a vast saintly might came out of the crack.

“Hahahaha! The xuantian sacred land will become history from now on! You’ll all be buried with the profound heavenly sacred land!”

An old man’s wild laughter suddenly came from the crack in the demonic abyss. The sound contained the rhythm of the great Dao, and it pressed down on the entire sky, making it rumble violently. It was as if the man was the master of the thousands of Dao laws in the world.

At that moment, all the disciples in the profound heavenly Holy Land felt an indescribable, terrifying pressure. It was as if their hearts would burst from the pressure in the next moment!

The ancient demon saint had arrived!

[ name: demon saint cangman ]

[ identity: one of the Saints of the ancient demon race ]

cultivation base: early stage of the Saint stage


Heh, I thought this guy would be a Saint King. I didn’t expect him to be a mere Saint?

Ye chen lightly shook his head, and the sword disappeared from its original spot.

In the next moment, the primordial chaos sword of fortune suddenly appeared in front of demon saint Cang man. Thousands of large worlds appeared out of thin air, as if the power of the thousands of worlds was acting on demon saint Cang man’s body. His soul, body, and divine weapon were all immobilized in the air.

At this moment, not only demon saint Cang mang, but everyone from the xuantian sacred land was stunned.


There was a huge explosion as if 3000 worlds had exploded at the same time. The violent energy drowned demon saint cangman’s body completely and crushed him into nothingness.

When this terrifying energy wave disappeared, demon saint cangman’s aura disappeared as well.

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