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Chapter 127: Chapter 127-the seal of the demonic abyss crack is broken!

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After ye chen had created the three unparalleled great super powers, he had once again sunk into cultivation. Zi Menghan and Li Qingzhou were both practicing these new great super powers. The blue cloud Peak had once again become quiet.

In the outside world, as ye Chen’s puppet incarnation killed the blood demon church master, the dark clouds that shrouded the hearts of hundreds of millions of cultivators in the East barren disappeared, and the entire cultivation world of the East barren returned to its former noisiness.

Heavenly tribulations descended every day. Some people broke through, some died, some geniuses of aristocratic families married, and some love rivals fought over love affairs. Every day was filled with endless excitement.

Time flew by like flowing water. In the blink of an eye, three years had passed.

On this day, ye chen suddenly woke up from his cultivation. Two cold beams of light shot out from his eyes as he raised his head and looked at the valley eighty miles Southeast of the blue cloud Peak.

That was where the crack in the demonic abyss was located!

Just a moment ago, ye Chen’s sharp senses sensed that the crack was shaking violently. A powerful force was rushing out from the other side of the crack. The energy fluctuation was abnormally terrifying, comparable to the full-power attack of a Dao severing expert.

At this moment, the entire Valley was shining with all kinds of brilliant light. Symbols flickered, and the power of heaven and earth surged.

As the seal outside the crack in the demonic abyss was attacked, many formations throughout the valley were activated. They shared and weakened the energy fluctuations coming from the crack in the demonic abyss.

Old ancestor Yunxiao’s coffin emitted an infinite amount of divine light and Dao runes. It suppressed the array eyes of many large arrays and crushed the remaining energy waves of the devil attacks in the void.

If ye chen hadn’t strengthened the seal, the crack would have been blown open in an instant even with the cloud sky great ancestor here.

In the next moment, the sun, moon, and stars shone in the valley. The wind whistled, Thunder roared, and flames soared to the sky. All kinds of light blades blotted out the sky and covered the crack in the devil abyss. Violent energy bombarded the devil World through the crack in the devil abyss.

This crack was too close to the blue cloud Peak. In order to be absolutely safe, ye chen had strengthened the formations several times. There were more than a thousand formations in the valley, densely packed and connected, forming a super complex formation.

Not only were there defensive formations, but there were also many offensive formations.

The demonic race could launch an attack from the other side of the crack, and ye chen could also counterattack the demonic world through the crack. It was just that ye chen had never taken the initiative to attack the demonic world in the past, in case he provoked the more powerful demonic race.

Now that the crack in the demonic abyss was under attack, all the arrays in the valley were activated at the same time and launched a counterattack. The terrifying power of nearly 1000 arrays was comparable to the bombardment of a peak Dao severing expert, and they poured into the demonic world through the crack in the demonic abyss.

“Boom boom boom!”

Terrifying energy fluctuations radiated from the other side of the demonic abyss, as if a life-and-death battle was taking place on the other side of the rift.

The cloud sky old ancestor was completely dumbfounded. He only remembered that the blue cloud Peak Master ye chen had come to reinforce the formation a few times, but he had never thought that the power of the formation would be so strong!

If he were to face the power of all the formations in the valley, he would probably be blown to pieces in an instant!

How many powerful formations had the peak Master of the clear sky peak set up?

Just what level had this kid’s array Dao attainments reached?

However, things were not over yet.

After the formation in the valley was activated, the mountain-shielding formation of the entire profound heavenly sacred land was also activated. The power of the mountain-shielding formation was dozens of times stronger than before, and a vast energy pressure swept toward the valley.

Clang! Clang!

The black Heaven Bell let out an earth-shaking chime, and infinite saintly might fell onto the valley.

Old ancestor Yunxiao couldn’t help but tremble. The power of the mountain-protecting formation and the Saint might of the black Heaven Bell were all coming towards the valley. It was enough to flatten the valley. He was in the center of thousands of formations, so it was too late to run!

Soon, old ancestor Yunxiao realized that his worries were unnecessary. After the endless energy entered the valley, it passed through the formations and was amplified by the formations. It then blasted into the crack of the devil abyss in a domineering manner. The monstrous Saint might and the pressure of the formations poured into the devil World.


An angry roar came from the other side of the crack. It seemed that the demons on the other side of the crack had suffered a lot of casualties.

Sacred Lord dark sky appeared above the valley and frowned as he looked down at the crack in the demonic abyss.

Ye chen had connected the many formations in the valley with the profound sky sacred land’s Mountain-protecting formation, even pulling in the dark sky Bell. He didn’t tell Saint Lord profound sky, but the moment he sensed the change, he guessed that it was ye Chen’s doing, so he wasn’t too surprised.

However, the demons ‘attack this time was too strong. At least a Dao severing realm demon had attacked, so sacred Lord dark sky was still worried about the seal on the demonic abyss.

Junior martial brother ye, the demons ‘attack this time is so fierce. Can the many methods you left here block them? ” Sacred Lord dark sky said in a deep voice.

This crack was too close to the blue cloud Peak. He knew that ye chen would definitely send a puppet to observe this place. Although he couldn’t sense ye Chen’s Qi at all, he was sure that ye Chen’s puppet was nearby.

Not far away, a speck of dust flickered under a Blue Rock and quickly turned into ye Chen’s appearance. He slightly nodded at Saint Lord profound sky and said, ” “I’ve set up thousands of formations here, and I’ve even used the profound heavenly sacred land’s Mountain-protecting formation to suppress it. As long as the other side of the crack isn’t a Sage, we should be able to stop them.”

Sacred Lord dark sky’s expression relaxed, and he smiled. I’ve paid a great price to get information from the heaven secret Pavilion. The other side of the demonic abyss crack is a stronghold of the ancient demons, and there’s only one demonic Saint in the ancient demons guarding it. The price for that demonic Saint to take action is too great, so he probably won’t take action personally.

“Boom boom boom!”

Before sacred Lord profound sky could finish speaking, demonic light erupted from the crack in the demonic abyss, and a vast amount of saintly might passed through the crack.

Even though ye Chen’s formations had already been laid out, they still couldn’t resist such a vast Saint might. The formations collapsed one after another, and there was no time for this might to reach the great mountain-protecting formation.

Old ancestor Yunxiao’s coffin was blasted into the sky above the valley and exploded into pieces in midair.

Old ancestor Yunxiao’s figure appeared in mid-air. His hair and beard were all white, and he was emaciated. He was dressed in a gray robe, and his entire body was filled with a dense lethargic aura. At the same time, there was a huge amount of dormant life essence.

Originally, old ancestor Yunxiao’s life was coming to an end. He had sealed himself in a special coffin and used many divine crystals and chalcedonies to seal his life essence. He could be considered to be struggling at death’s door.

However, with the arrival of the golden age, all kinds of mantras and rules appeared and integrated into his body. Like a withered tree coming back to life in spring, his body was full of vitality.

In the future, when he adjusted his various states to their peak, he would have the opportunity to break through to the Dao severing realm. At that time, his lifespan would be greatly increased, and he would have no problem living for another few thousand years.

However, at this moment, the crack in the demonic abyss suddenly encountered an unprecedented attack. Old ancestor Yunxiao’s coffin was shattered. He looked at the crack in the demonic abyss below the valley in horror and cried out, ” the devil Saint?!

The seal on the crack of the demonic abyss had been broken!

Sacred Lord profound sky’s jinx was too evil. A Saint from the other side of the demonic abyss attacked personally and used his sacred weapon to break over 1000 array seals in the valley, forcefully breaking the seal outside the demonic abyss!

A cold and evil voice came out of the crack in the demonic abyss, echoing through the entire xuantian sacred land. “From now on, the profound heavenly sacred land will no longer exist in this world!”

This voice seemed to contain some special truth of heaven and earth, and the entire world seemed to move with the sound. It was as if the incarnation of the great Dao was announcing the destruction of the profound heaven Holy Land.

The devil Saint!

Sacred Lord dark sky’s face twitched. He didn’t expect his words to be so evil. There really was a demon saint on the other side of the demonic abyss!

He was a true Saint!

Before the opening of the golden age, in the eastern barren territory, Almighties were the most powerful existences. Dao Masters were rare even among the Holy Lands and emperors. No one had ever heard of Dao severing experts, let alone Saints.

Back then, when the Hierarch of the blood demon sect broke through to the demon saint, he set off a storm of blood in the entire East continent. Several ancient sects with long heritage were destroyed. It was common for cities and sects to be massacred.

If demon saint Xue tu had not provoked the MU family of the longevity family, he would have destroyed a few Holy Lands!

And now, a true demon saint was about to descend upon the xuantian sacred land!

Even though the golden age of the ancient barren world had opened, it hadn’t been long. So far, only the sacred Lord of the xuantian sacred land had broken through to the Dao Lord realm. There hadn’t been any new Dao severing experts, let alone demon Saints.

The xuantian sacred land’s Foundation was not strong enough to stop a demon saint!

The commotion caused by the crack in the demonic abyss was too great. Many peak Masters and elders sensed the change and flew over immediately.

Looking at the devastated Valley from afar, everyone’s mood was particularly heavy.


Boundless pitch-black demonic Qi surged out of the crack in the demonic abyss, filling the entire Valley in the blink of an eye and completely covering the entire mountain. It was so dense that it was impossible to disperse, and it was rapidly filling the entire profound heavenly sacred land. Demonic clouds churned and blotted out the sun.

“Boom boom boom!”

Immediately after, a series of rumbling sounds came from the crack of the demonic abyss, and there were faint Crimson demonic shadows flashing in the crack of the demonic abyss.

Old forefather Yunxiao’s pupils suddenly contracted as he blurted out, ” “The demons are well-prepared and are quickly stabilizing the crack in the demonic abyss. It won’t be long before they can stabilize the crack into a passage to the demonic abyss! At that time, both demon lords and demon Saints could come through the demonic abyss passage! The profound heavenly sacred land will be in real danger!”

Clang! Clang!

The black Heaven Bell let out a desolate and ancient chime, and it pressed down on the crack in the demonic abyss with infinite Saint might.

As the black Heaven Bell descended, a vast sea of stars appeared in the heavens and earth. Every star was surging with immense and boundless star power, and the thousands of stars followed the bell waves to suppress the crack in the demonic abyss.

At this moment, the dark heavenly sacred Lord decisively summoned the black Heaven Bell. He poured all of his divine power into the black Heaven Bell, pushing its power to its maximum.

Sacred Lord dark sky had resisted the heavenly Tribulation and broken through to the Dao Lord realm, so he was extremely powerful. He was comparable to a Dao severing expert.

With his current strength, he could unleash more than half of the black Heaven Bell’s power, which was comparable to a peak Dao severing expert!

“Boom boom boom!”

An earth-shattering boom rang out in the valley. Saintly might surged, demonic Qi churned, and blood waves surged.

The mountain rocks on the four walls of the valley shattered like paper, and an infinite amount of sand and dust swept through the world. The entire Valley sank tens of thousands of feet, and the crack of the demonic abyss was suspended in the void.

There was a demonic Dao Saint weapon in the valley!

Although the crack could not allow the demon saint to enter, his Saint weapon could still pass through it!

A demon saint was controlling a demonic Dao sacred weapon on the other side of the demonic abyss, blocking all of sacred Lord Xuan Tian’s attacks.

“Clang clang clang clang clang clang!”

The black Heaven Bell rang nine times in a row, and the vast saintly might fell on the valley along with the bell waves. Everywhere it passed, the void collapsed, and the sky and earth collapsed, turning into a land of nothingness.

“Boom boom boom!”

Heaven-shattering sounds rang out one after another as the void in the valley collapsed, turning into a deep abyss. Even the profound heavenly sacred land’s Mountain-protecting formation was completely useless against the wreaking of Saint might.

a demon saint is trying to enter the xuantian sacred land through the demonic abyss crack. The sacred land is facing a life and death crisis. Please help me activate the sacred Bell to defend against the enemy! Sacred Lord dark sky’s voice sounded.


The entire xuantian sacred land lit up with a dazzling light as thousands of streams of energy poured into the Saint weapon.

The black Heaven Bell shone with an unprecedented dazzling light and a sea of stars appeared around it. Every star looked like a real star and contained an unimaginable power. As the bell waves descended on the demonic abyss, the power of the black Heaven Bell was almost completely restored!

“Boom boom boom!”

The sky cracked and the earth cracked. Saintly might burst out. The entire sky collapsed completely, turning into a land of destruction with chaotic energy.

Through this collision, one could vaguely see a black demonic blade with saw teeth floating outside the crack of the demonic abyss. It shook with the vast rules of saintly way and gave off a terrifying aura.

This was the Holy weapon of the demon race!

it’s useless. If you want to stop me from descending, you’ll have to be a Sage!

The cold and evil voice came from the other side of the crack in the demonic abyss. It suppressed the great Dao of heaven and earth nearby, as if it was responding to the man’s words.

Old ancestor Yunxiao’s body released a monstrous aura and his old voice rang out, ” “Holy master, these old bones of mine are already about to rot, so let me use my remaining heat for the Holy Land.”

Sacred Lord dark sky pressed down on the cloud sky Grandmaster’s shoulder and said, ” “There’s no need for the patriarch to burn his life to fight. He’s a devil Saint, and it’s useless even if the patriarch burns his life! Moreover, it’s not the time yet!”

After that, the profound sky sacred Lords waved toward the Treasury of the profound sky sacred land. Three Saint-level killing formations flew toward them from the depths of the void, and the terrifying pressure they gave off could be felt even across the void.

Ye Chen’s puppet incarnation squinted his eyes and transmitted his voice to the profound sky Saint Lord, ” Saint Lord, there’s no need to use the Holy array. There’s no reason to be on guard against thieves all day long. Let him in. I’ll deal with him.

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