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Chapter 126: Ye Chen’s self-created unparalleled great Divine Art

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Hearing Zi Menghan’s words, Saint Lord xuantian, saintess Xue Wei, and red flame Peak Master Chen Beiwang all started to doubt their lives.

Sword devil Dugu Qiubai’s name was spread by Saint Xue Wei.

Back then, saintess Xue Wei was ordered to go to the Xuanwu mountain range to encircle and annihilate the blood demon church’s branch. However, she did not expect that the blood demon church’s branch would have four demon emperors in charge. They had plotted against the red flame Peak Master, Shen Beiwang, causing the lives of saintess Xue Wei and many xuantian Holy Land disciples to be on the line.

At the critical moment, ye chen stood out and killed four demon emperors in a row. However, he didn’t want to show off, so he casually gave a fake name, sword demon Dugu Qiubai.

From then on, ye chen had only used a puppet incarnation?

After the golden era began, the sword devil Dugu Qiubai killed Leng Wuxin, the first person in the East continent to become a Daoist master. Was she also a puppet incarnation?

Not long ago, the one who burned his life force to kill the blood demon church master, who was comparable to a Saint, was also a puppet incarnation?

The blood demon Cult Master, who had threatened the entire Eastern barren territory, had actually been killed by ye Chen’s puppet incarnation. This made Saint Lord profound sky and the others feel like they were in a dream.

Were all puppet incarnations this powerful?

Moreover, the puppet incarnation was so real that no one had ever realized that it was a puppet. This kind of puppet-making ability was simply godlike!

The profound heavenly Saint Lord and the others couldn’t help but wonder if they had seen Peak Master ye’s true body.

The xuantian saintess looked at Xuan Xin, and a flash of realization appeared in her clear eyes. “You’re the demon heaven’s favorite who underwent the Tribulation in the Black Tortoise mountain range, right? If that’s the case, then evil king Shi Zhixuan is also a puppet incarnation of martial uncle ye?”

Xuan Xin nodded and admitted.

He knew that saintess Xue Wei and Chen Xi, the disciple of the red flame Peak Master Chen Beiwang, often came to blue cloud Peak to visit, so he did not hide it from her.

The saintess Xue Wei and the peak Master of red flame mountain, Chen Beiwang, were both extremely shocked. The two unparalleled geniuses who had stirred up a storm in the East barren were both ye Chen’s puppet incarnations. How powerful was ye chen?

As for Saint Lord profound sky, although he’d guessed that evil king Shi Zhixuan was related to ye chen, he’d never thought that it was just ye Chen’s incarnation. He was also extremely excited.

With an unparalleled expert like ye chen overseeing the sacred land, even a Saint would find it difficult to shake the sacred land’s Foundation!

Knowing that ye chen was safe and sound, the profound sky Saint Lord and the others all relaxed and left.

I didn’t expect master’s puppet incarnation to be so powerful. It could even kill the master of the blood demon sect, who is as powerful as a Saint. Does this mean we can do whatever we want in the East barren? ” Fa Kong rubbed his hands secretly. His slightly chubby face was filled with anticipation. His Restless Heart was almost unable to hold back.

Zi Menghan glanced at him and said casually, ” “How’s the formation of your myriad tribulation immortal seal?”

Fa Kong’s face was full of pride. Senior Sister, I’ve just successfully formed the indestructible seal of all tribulations. My body has been tempered to be comparable to a superior-grade numinous treasure. Ordinary means should not be able to hurt me!

Zi Menghan nodded and said,”master said that as long as i form the seal of everlasting tribulation, I can leave the mountain at any time.” It’s just that master doesn’t like to be too famous. Try not to mention the profound heaven sacred land’s Blue cloud Peak’s name outside, so as not to cause too much trouble for master.”

“Of course I’m aware of this.”

Fa Kong nodded and said with a face full of joy, ” “I’ll find out where there are secret lands or ancient relics in the East continent and go there to suppress the proud sons of heaven! Haha, master is good at using aliases. I’ve wanted to try it for a long time! one day, my alias will also be known to the world. The entire ancient barren world will know my legend, but no one will know who I am. It’s great just thinking about it! By the way, aren’t you guys going down the mountain to see the wonderful world?”

“Is there any secret land or relic in the East continent that can be compared to the blue cloud Peak? Going down the mountain to look for opportunities, how can it be better than cultivating in seclusion on the blue cloud Peak?” Zi Menghan retorted.

Fa Kong’s breath stagnated slightly. He shook his head and said, ” “Senior Sister, you can’t say that. You once said that everyone has to go through a tribulation. Even if you can avoid it now, it will come sooner or later in the future. Our myriad tribulation indestructible Mystic technique still needs various tribulations to improve. Now that I’ve cultivated the myriad tribulation indestructible seal, I’m planning to enter the world and face the tribulations.”

alright, ” Zi Menghan nodded. go ahead. I don’t have any plans to face the Tribulation yet.

Fa Kong looked at li Qingzhou and Xuan Xin. “Where are second senior and fourth?”

Li Qingzhou shook his head. to be honest, there’s nothing in the outside world that can attract me. I’ll consider it when I break through to the Almighty realm.

Xuan Xin’s eyes looked into the distance, and two cold glints appeared in his eyes. He then said in a deep voice,”My Natal weapon is lost in another world. I’m going to find it!”

Fa Kong patted Xuan Xin’s shoulder, nodded, and praised, ” “I totally agree with fourth brother’s idea! Let’s go down the mountain together. I haven’t thought of where to go yet, so I’ll follow you!”

then, thank you, senior brother fa Kong. Xuan Xin cupped his fists and bowed.

“Third fatty, just don’t drag Xuan Xin down!” Li Qingzhou pouted and said.

Fa Kong smiled and replied, ” fourth brother’s strength is indeed not weak. It’s just that he’s lacking in experience. With me around, I guarantee that he won’t be at a disadvantage!

Zi Menghan said,”then the two of you can go down the mountain together. It’s better to take care of each other.” If you run into any trouble, send a message through the Jade talisman and we’ll be the first to rush over.”

“Alright! Don’t worry, Senior Sister. When I return to the mountain next time, my alias will probably be famous all over the world!” Fa Kong laughed in response.

Right after that, fa Kong bowed towards ye Chen’s cave and said in a clear voice, ” “Master, Junior Brother Xuan Xin is preparing to go to other worlds to look for his lost Natal divine weapon. I have condensed the myriad tribulation indestructible seal and am ready to go with Junior Brother Xuan Xin. I hope master will allow me to do so!”

A moment later, two small white jade cauldrons flew out of ye Chen’s cave, and ye Chen’s voice sounded in their ears, ” “Go. Whenever you encounter anything, first think about the rules of my blue cloud Peak. The journey to Cross Worlds is long and dangerous. There are some resources here, you can take them with you.”

“Yes, this disciple will remember!” Fa Kong and Xuan Xin received the White jade cauldron and bowed toward ye Chen’s cave.

After that, the two of them bade farewell to Zi Menghan and Li Qingzhou and left the blue cloud Peak.

Zi Menghan and Li Qingzhou returned to their own residences and continued to cultivate with all their might, hoping to break through as soon as possible.

At this moment, ye chen was studying all kinds of arts and techniques, preparing to create his own Arts. He did not force fa Kong and Xuan Xin to stay, but let them go down the mountain.

However, ye chen naturally had many backup plans.

Zi Menghan was right. Everyone had their own tribulations to go through. If they didn’t go down the mountain to experience the tribulations, the tribulations would accumulate and in the future, it would turn into an immeasurable tribulation, or even an immeasurable tribulation. It would be difficult for them to survive.

Although ye chen had not gone down the mountain to experience the tribulations, he had been using his puppet incarnation all this time, so he did not have to worry about the cultivation tribulation.

After fa Kong and Xuan Xin left the mountain, the entire blue cloud Peak returned to its usual peace.

Inside ye Chen’s cave, Dao runes were circulating, and clouds were rising.

The layout of ye Chen’s cave was not much different from before, except for a spring in a corner. It was spotless and contained Dao laws, flowing with multicolored light.

[ stainless water: one of the ten divine water of the connate level. After drinking it, one’s body and soul can be cleansed, one’s mantras can be congealed, and one’s body will be free of dust and dirt. It can also prevent the five decays of heaven and man. ]

This was the reward that ye chen had received after Xuan Xin’s breakthrough. It was temporarily placed in his cave, and he would occasionally boil some water to drink.

At this moment, ye chen was learning all kinds of Dao Arts and divine arts, creating his own divine arts.

After an unknown amount of time, ye chen opened his eyes. In his mind, several great super powers had formed.

First of all, ye chen had created a kind of extreme Supreme Dao super power based on the extreme realm sword cut. Regardless of whether he was using a weapon or not, as long as he used this super power, his strength would increase by ten times, and he would no longer be bound by the sword.

When ye chen used the puppet incarnation to kill the blood demon church’s Hierarch, only Dugu Qiubai could use it. It was because Dugu Qiubai used a sword, which allowed him to use the extreme realm sword slash, a super powerful ability with instantaneous explosive power.

But now, ye chen had created the Supreme Dao realm, and each puppet incarnation could instantly burst out ten times the battle power. In the future, when he encountered all kinds of dangers, he would be able to deal with them easily.

If ye chen had created this kind of extreme divine Dao technique before, he might not have needed to sacrifice Dugu Qiubai’s puppet incarnation to kill the blood demon church master!

Then, ye chen created a new great art based on the Dao Arts and skills he had mastered, the six paths reincarnation!

After the six paths reincarnation was cast out, one could communicate with the six ancient worlds in the dark-the heavenly Supreme Dao, the Asura Dao, the human Dao, the beast DAO, the Hungry Ghost Dao and the hell Dao. As the six paths reincarnated, it could destroy everything.

To use this unparalleled divine power, one had to have enough energy. Whether it was divine power, heart power, mental power, or qi and blood power, as long as one had enough energy, they could use it.

Furthermore, the stronger he was, the more powerful the six paths reincarnation would be.

Apart from these two great arts, ye chen had also created an unparalleled great art that could turn the mystical into something rotten, the Dao burial!

This kind of great Divine Art could completely bury all the divine arts of the opponent. No matter how mysterious the opponent’s Divine Art was, they would lose all their power and be unable to exert any effect when they encountered this kind of Divine Art.

The inspiration for creating this great divine power came from the transcendent mortal sword. However, the transcendent mortal sword’s effect could only be used on existences at the peak of the Dao Lord realm, while this great divine power of burying the Dao could be used on any opponent!

Of course, if the opponent’s level was too high, this kind of Divine Art could only weaken the power of the opponent’s Divine Art but not completely bury it.

For example, if a Samsara sea stage cultivator mastered this sacred art, it would be a daydream for him to bury the path, skills, and sacred art of an Almighty.

After ye chen had created these three unrivaled super powers, he did not continue to create more. Instead, he passed them on to his disciples through his puppet incarnations and once again entered a deep level of cultivation.

Divine powers were only a means, and one’s cultivation base was the foundation.

After receiving ye Chen’s knowledge, ye Chen’s four great disciples were all deeply shocked.

There was no need to talk about the extreme divine realm. As ye Chen’s disciples, they had a deep understanding of the power of his extreme realm sword strike.

Li Qingzhou had the most profound experience. He was the only one among the four great disciples who specialized in sword Dao. He was the only one who had learned this Divine Art, and he could instantly burst out ten times his combat power, killing enemies of a higher level in an instant.

And now, fa Kong and Xuan Xin could cultivate this kind of divine power. As long as they used the divine power of the ultimate Supreme Dao stage, their strength could also increase tenfold in an instant, and they would have the ability to turn the tables in an instant.

It was a pity that this cultivation technique required the support of a huge amount of divine power. Zi Menghan could not cultivate this unparalleled divine power.

However, ye Chen’s other two unparalleled great super powers had no restrictions on Zi Menghan at all. She could cultivate them all.

No matter what kind of power was used in the six paths of reincarnation, it could be used as long as the power was strong enough.

The Dao of burial’s effect was even more mystical. It had the same effect as his master’s transcendent mortal sword. If it was used, it could destroy all the divine arts of the opponent. It was also an extremely rare and unrivaled Divine Art.

After mastering these Sacred Arts, their strength would have an obvious increase.

Li Qingzhou was practicing sword arts on the cliff of the blue cloud Peak. After being taught by ye Chen’s puppet incarnation, he sighed, ” “Master’s divine arts are really too powerful. I think it’ll take a lot of time to cultivate these divine arts. I don’t know how long it’ll take to break through to the Almighty realm, so it’ll take even longer to cultivate these great divine abilities.”

Zi Menghan’s voice rang out from nearby, ” “If you think it’s a waste of time, you can choose not to cultivate.”

After receiving ye Chen’s puppet incarnation, she walked out of her residence, preparing to try cultivating these two unrivaled great powers at the Blue Lake.

He happened to hear li Qingzhou’s complaint, so he retorted.

Li Qingzhou quickly said,”I’m joking!” Even the Holy Lands don’t have this kind of unparalleled divine ability that master taught us. If we don’t cultivate it, we’ll suffer the wrath of the heavens!”

By then, fa Kong and Xuan Xin had already left the xuantian sacred land for who knew how many miles.

Fa Kong’s body shone with the light of Buddha. He shook his head and sighed, ” “Master is truly too powerful. These few unparalleled great divine arts have unimaginable power, but master actually created three of them in one go. If we want to cultivate these great divine arts successfully, I’m afraid it will take a lot of time.”

Xuan Xin’s Black hair fluttered in the wind, and he said in a deep voice,”master’s cultivation is unfathomable. It’s naturally beyond our imagination.” I feel that as long as master is willing, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to create hundreds of unrivaled divine abilities. It’s just that in master’s heart, his own cultivation is the foundation of everything, and divine arts are only a means to deal with the enemy. He doesn’t want to waste time creating so many divine arts.”

Fa Kong nodded his head in agreement,”I agree with you!” Now that we have to cultivate these three unrivaled great divine arts, our journey will probably be delayed a lot! However, if he didn’t cultivate, he wouldn’t be willing! Sigh, it’s also very worrying to learn too many things from master!”

my Natal weapon has been lost for so long anyway, so there’s no rush. We can take our time and cultivate on the way. Xuan Xin replied.

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