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Chapter 122: The blood demon church master’s breakthrough to the sage realm

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The incident in the heaven amplification Holy Land had come to an end for the time being, but its influence had spread throughout the East barren.

There was a Black Tortoise in the Xuanwu mountain range undergoing its tribulation. Before the Black Tortoise underwent its tribulation, its life essence was as vast as the ocean. It was no less than the life essence contained in the body of a Daoist master. Some people speculated that this Black Tortoise was the reincarnation of the divine beast, Black Tortoise.

The Black Tortoise was targeted by several Holy Lord level experts when it was going through its tribulation. The evil king Shi Zhixuan appeared and killed several Holy Lord level experts to protect it, shocking the world.

However, things were not over yet.

In order to chase after one of the ambushers, evil king Shi Zhixuan had attacked the heaven amplification Holy Land alone. He had defeated the heaven amplification Holy Land by himself and eventually killed the old Dao master who had ambushed him. He had also extorted a Supreme-grade spirit treasure and two half-Saint weapons from the heaven amplification Holy Land, which was even more unbelievable.

Evil king Shi Zhixuan’s name once again resounded throughout the eastern barren territory.

While the outside world was abuzz with the news, ye Chen’s puppet incarnation had already returned to the blue cloud Peak with Xuan Xin.

The energy in the fairy Pool had been exhausted, so Xuan Xin left ye Chen’s cave and built a new cave at the bottom of the Blue Lake on the blue cloud Peak.

Ye chen threw the half-Saint weapons, the netherworld demonic cauldron, the bronze lock, the snow Divine Blade, the leaving fire blue Lamp, the long-handled godly axe, the poison Blade, the demonic blade, and the silver spear into the furnace. Soon, they were all melted into a vast ocean of treasure essence Qi, floating in the furnace.

Not long after, two new puppets appeared from the thousand treasure oven. They were both young people.

One of them was dressed in black and was extremely handsome. He held a full-moon scimitar with a demonic will, and his entire person exuded an indescribable demonic nature.

The other person was dressed in a flying fish robe and held an embroidered spring sword in his hand. His facial features were exquisite like a painting, and there was a domineering aura in his gentleness.

Another two Dao severing stage puppets!

The full moon scimitar and the embroidered spring saber were both condensed in the thousand treasure oven. They were half-Saint weapons as soon as they were formed, and they were made for these two puppets.

In order to erase the traces, ye chen had melted all the treasures he had extorted from the heaven amplification Holy Land and Reforged new puppets and half-Saint weapons. If he used the puppets again, no one would suspect him.

The blue cloud Peak returned to its peaceful state as if nothing had happened.

A few months later, Saint Lord profound sky came to visit ye chen in person, and the latter received him on the blue cloud Peak.

“Saint Lord, why have you come?” Ye chen asked.

The profound sky Saint Lord looked at ye chen and said directly, ” Junior Brother ye, the profound heaven sacred land’s Saint, Xiao Yixian, is about to undergo his tribulation.

in this golden era, the Saint is closely related to the rise and fall of the Holy Land. Yixian is preparing to resist the heavenly Tribulation to strengthen the Holy Land’s fate.

it’s too dangerous to resist the heavenly Tribulation. To be safe, I’m willing to exchange a half-Saint weapon for a root of the spiritual root you saw last time. I hope you can fulfill my wish.

of course, I know very well that the value of a half-Saint weapon is far less than a root of that kind of spirit root. If you’re not satisfied, you can go to the treasure house of the xuantian sacred land and choose whatever you want.

After saying this, a white bone staff appeared in sacred Lord dark sky’s palm. There were all kinds of dark red demonic shadows imprinted on it. Each demonic shadow seemed to be alive and gave off a terrifying spiritual might.

Ye Chen’s eyebrows slightly raised as he said in surprise, ” “This is a mo weapon?”

“That’s right,” sacred Lord dark sky nodded.”This demonic weapon is called the myriad demon rod. Back then, the Cang Kong Demon Lord came to the profound heavenly sacred land through the demonic abyss crack with this myriad demon wand.”

As he spoke, the profound sky Saint Lord handed the myriad demon wand to ye chen and said, ” “Junior Brother ye, I know that mo weapons can be of great use in your hands. Take it.”

Ye chen waved his hand and said, ” without the protection of the Holy Land, I can’t cultivate here in peace. When Xiao Yixian goes through his tribulation, I will give him a chaos root. I will forget about this half-Saint weapon. Saint Lord, you should take it back.

Ye chen waved his hand toward his cave after he finished speaking. A root of the chaos Gourd Vine flew out, emitting a dense chaos Qi as it floated toward Saint Lord profound sky.

The chaos Gourd Vine was growing vigorously under the nourishment of the time spirit spring. It was just a root, which was nothing to the chaos Gourd Vine.

“Many thanks, Junior Brother ye!”

Sacred Lord dark sky took the root of the chaos Gourd Vine and said seriously, ” “Junior martial brother ye, this chaos root is extremely valuable. How can I take it for free? Besides, the demonic weapon won’t be able to display its full power in my profound heaven sacred land. It’s a waste to keep it in the Treasury. It’s better to keep it with junior martial brother ye!”

After saying that, Saint Lord profound sky bid farewell to ye chen and left.

He had left the myriad demon wand at the blue cloud Peak.

This sacred Lord profound sky was quite a show-off!

Ye chen smiled and shook his head. He turned into a beam of light and flew out of the cave. His body quickly shrunk into a grain-like shape and landed on a pine tree outside the cave. The wand automatically flew into his cave.

Ye chen casually threw the myriad demon wand into the thousand treasure furnace, melting it into a vast sea of treasure essence Qi. It then turned into a brand new Dao severing stage puppet with white hair and beard, looking otherworldly.

In a short period of time, these puppets should be enough.

“Boom boom boom!”

It didn’t take long for the terrifying might of lightning to spread out from within the profound heavenly sacred land.

The mysterious sky Saint son was going through the heavenly Tribulation!

When the profound sky Saint sovereign had forcefully resisted the heavenly Tribulation and entered the Dao Lord realm, he had attracted countless old fogeys to watch from a distance. Now that the profound sky Saint son’s tribulation had been known by the outside world, many experts were also watching from a distance.

A saint’s tribulation was a very important event for any Holy Land. In order to prevent others with ulterior motives from causing trouble, the xuantian Holy Land did not allow any outsiders to enter and observe the ceremony. Everyone could only sense it from a distance.

After a long while, the mysterious sky Saint son, Xiao Yixian, successfully resisted the heavenly Tribulation and became a new young Almighty.

The entire East continent was in an uproar.

First, the dark sky Saint Lord had resisted the heavenly Tribulation and entered the Dao Lord realm. Now, the dark sky Saint son had resisted the heavenly Tribulation and entered the Almighty realm. Everyone knew that the dark sky Holy Land was probably going to rise in this golden era.

Many peak Masters and elders of the xuantian Holy Land were excited, and many disciples were more enthusiastic about cultivation than ever. The rise of the xuantian Holy Land was unstoppable, and they were blessed with great fortune. As long as they cultivated well, they could also become famous in the eastern barren territory.

Only Xiao Yi Xian himself knew that it was almost impossible for him to survive this Heavenly Tribulation.

At the critical moment, the root that the Holy master had given him had played a crucial role. Not only had it pulled him back from the edge of life and death, but it had also baptized his mind, allowing him to luckily pass the heavenly Tribulation and even increase his potential.

When Xiao Yixian asked sacred Lord profound sky about the origin of the root, sacred Lord profound sky didn’t say much. He only mentioned that he had relied on the root to pass the Tribulation.

Xiao Yixian was confused, but seeing that sacred Lord Xuan Tian didn’t want to say more, he didn’t ask.

He had successfully passed the Tribulation, but he still needed to concentrate on cultivation to consolidate his cultivation base, so he was not in a hurry to leave the mountain.

The xuantian sacred land’s enthusiasm for cultivation was high, and many disciples had made breakthroughs.

Before the opening of the golden age, there were not many disciples in the phenomenon realm. They were all core disciples of the main peaks.

Phenomenon realm disciples were very common in the profound sky sacred land now. Nearly a hundred young disciples had even entered the essence soul realm. The sect was thriving.

While the xuantian sacred land was flourishing, the turmoil in the East continent was getting more and more intense.

In the heaven amplification Holy Land, a Saint Lord had died in the heavenly Tribulation, and then Kang Ye had been attacked by ye Chen’s puppet incarnation when he tried to sneak attack Xuan Xin. He had extorted a Supreme grade spirit treasure and two half-Saint weapons. His reputation had been completely ruined.

Chu Feiyang, the heaven amplification Saint son, became more confident when he saw Xiao Yixian, the profound heaven Saint son, successfully resist the heavenly Tribulation.

Half a year after Xiao Yixian’s tribulation, Chu Feiyang had made sufficient preparations and resisted the heavenly Tribulation in a large secret realm in the heaven amplification Holy Land. Unfortunately, he failed at the last step and finally died tragically under the heavenly Tribulation.

Even though Chu Feiyang was a heaven’s favorite of the present age, and even though he had also made a lot of preparations, he still could not resist the heaven’s tribulation. This made many heaven’s favorites in the East continent who were stuck at the peak of the primordial soul realm re-recognize the difficulty of resisting the heaven’s tribulation. For a while, they were not in a hurry to pass the Tribulation.

Chu Feiyang’s failure to pass the Tribulation had filled the entire heaven amplification Holy Land with a sorrowful atmosphere. Many elders and disciples of the heaven amplification Holy Land were greatly affected. They felt as if they had been abandoned by the entire golden great era and were depressed.

The heaven amplification Holy Lord announced that the mountain would be sealed. Anyway, the Golden great era would last for a long time. He wanted to let the entire heaven amplification Holy Land recuperate for a while and make plans for the future.


The sect master Ouyang Wudi was killed by ye Chen’s puppet incarnation, and the whole sect fell into silence.

The yellow spring sect was not weak. It was said that there were many Almighties in the sect, but they did not dare to be so high-profile anymore for fear of being destroyed.

A few months later, there was news that the netherworld sect had been incorporated by a demonic envoy of the blood demon church and had become a subordinate force of the blood demon church.

The reputation of the netherworld sect was gone, and the blood demon church was in the limelight again.


The venomous martial school’s Grand Elder had also been killed by ye Chen’s puppet incarnation. Adding on the fact that ye Chen’s puppet incarnation had attacked the heaven amplification Holy Land, the venomous martial school had temporarily fallen silent.

They were mainly afraid of evil king Shi Zhixuan. If they revealed the venomous evil sect’s Foundation, evil king Shi Zhixuan might come to their door personally.

In the face of such an evil and awe-inspiring evil king, they did not dare to cause any more trouble.


After the sky high sect’s sect master was killed, the entire sect’s reputation plummeted.

Although the sky high sect was an ancient sect with a long history, its Foundation was still far inferior to that of a Holy Land. It was said that the death of the sect had greatly affected the morale of the people. Many of the former enemy forces had begun to nibble away at the sky high sect’s industries in the surrounding areas.

The sky high sect’s sphere of influence was constantly shrinking, and it was foreseeable that it wouldn’t be long before the sky high sect completely declined.


The Dead Sea at the border of the eastern barren territory was filled with demonic Qi. Many mighty figures had gone in to investigate, but none had returned alive.

Some people suspected that the blood demon church had revived in the Dead Sea. The nearby cultivators had all moved away as they were afraid of being slaughtered by the blood demon church.


Not long after being ambushed in the blood desolate mountain range, sacred Lord tai Xuan had used many large arrays and defensive divine weapons to cross the Tribulation and become a Dao Lord. After stabilizing his state at the Dao Lord realm, he had personally gone to the blood desolate mountain range with his divine weapon to take revenge.

However, divine Lord tai Xuan was once again beaten back.

Even though sacred Lord tai Xuan had brought his holy weapon, he was still seriously injured and almost died in the blood desolate mountain range.

Sacred Lord tai Xuan brought out a piece of news from the blood desolate mountain range. The blood demon church’s Hierarch was in the blood desolate mountain range. He had already cultivated to the peak of the Dao severing realm for many years and was trying to break through to the Saint realm!

Moreover, the Hierarch of the blood demon church had a holy weapon. If not for the protection of the Holy weapon, and if not for the fact that he did not approach the blood demon church Hierarch, he would have died in the blood desolate mountain!

The deathly Silent Sea with its demonic aura was just a smokescreen released by the blood demon church master to confuse the powers in the East barren!

The entire Eastern barren territory was shocked by the news.

All of a sudden, the major forces could not sit still.

Many holy grounds and ancient sects remembered clearly that the blood demon sect had massacred the world a thousand years ago. Several great inheritances had been annihilated, and countless small and medium-sized sects and forces had been annihilated. The number of cities and villages that had been massacred was even more numerous.

If the current Hierarch of the blood demon church broke through to the Saint realm, would what happened in the past happen again?

The Hierarch of the blood demon sect had reached the peak of the Dao cutting realm before the Golden World opened. Now that the Golden World had opened, could the Tribulation of becoming a saint stop him?

Sacred Lord tai Xuan took the lead and invited many sacred Lords for a discussion. They quickly came to a consensus that they had to stop the blood demon church’s Cult Master from breaking through!

However, the blood demon church’s Hierarch was at the peak of the Dao cutting realm, and he had a Saint weapon. It wouldn’t be easy to kill him.

Even if there were still Dao severing stage patriarchs living in the world, if they were forced to fight, it would only speed up the consumption of their lifespans. They might even die before the battle was over.

If they had to ask their ancestor to die just to stop the blood demon church master from breaking through, the price was far from what they could afford.

Of course, they might have other methods to stop the blood demon church master from crossing the heavenly Tribulation, but the price of each method was extremely huge. They were basically consumables, and no one was willing to use them so easily.

They had come up with a plan. When the blood demon church master was about to cross the heavenly Tribulation, they would activate many Saint weapons and Saint killing formations to interfere. As long as they could distract the blood demon church master and make him die under the heavenly Tribulation, the remaining followers of the blood demon church would not be a threat.

Ye chen had many puppet incarnations, and all the big and small things that happened in different places could not escape his eyes and ears.

He quickly understood the whole story of the blood demon church’s master’s attempt to break through to the Saint realm. The saint’s remains had left the clear sky peak quietly.

The blue cloud Peak and the blood demon church had a blood feud. Moreover, there was a demonic crack in the mysterious heaven sacred land. Ye chen did not want to see the blood demon church master successfully pass the heavenly Tribulation. It would be better to kill him before he did.

As for sacred Lord tai Xuan and the others, ye chen didn’t count on them.

The strength of this group of people was too pitiful. Even if they used their Saint weapons and other means, it would not be an easy task to stop the blood demon church master from crossing the heavenly Tribulation.

How could the master of the bloody demon church not have any countermeasures when he was going through the Tribulation?

At the critical moment, he still had to rely on himself!

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