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Chapter 121: Extorting the heaven amplification Holy Land

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The heavenly Yan sacred Lord’s expression changed slightly when he heard Kang Ye’s words.

He knew that what evil king Shi Zhixuan said was true. Ancestor Kang Ye had indeed attacked evil king Shi Zhixuan’s disciple, and now, ancestor Kang Ye wanted to take the hit on his own?

“Ancestor Kang, this isn’t a matter that concerns you alone! How many years has it been since someone has come to our heaven amplification Holy Land? Not to mention, even the mountain Gate was destroyed! This hatred was absolutely irreconcilable! Even if we have to destroy Jade and stone, we must kill the enemy!”

die! sacred Lord heavenly Yan shouted as the life essence in his body burned crazily. He gathered the power of thousands of elders and disciples and poured it into the heavenly treasure glazed Pagoda. The pagoda bloomed with an infinite light, and its Saint might pressed down on the void, suppressing toward ye chen.

The heavenly venerate had just taken over as the Holy Lord, but his Holy Land was attacked and even his sect was destroyed. And now, patriarch Kang Ye actually wanted to give in?

If he really allowed this patriarch to lower his head and admit defeat, the heaven amplification Holy Land would lose all its face!

He had no place to hide his old face!


The Azure-Golden Saint seal carried a vast amount of Saint power and fiercely collided with the heavenly treasure glazed Pagoda, making an earth-shattering roar. The Saint power splashed, the energy wreaked havoc, and the void collapsed in large areas.

Ye chen looked at the sky amplification Saint Lord coldly and sneered, ” I’m only here to seek justice. Since the heaven amplification Holy Land is not willing to give me justice, I’ll have to seek it myself!

After his speech, ye chen fully activated the power of the Azure Gold Saint seal, waking up the God in it. The entire ancient seal was like a divine mountain, emitting a vast Saint might.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Under the support of ye Chen’s vast divine power, the Azure gold divine seal bombarded the heavenly treasure glazed Pagoda continuously.

The clash of the two Saint weapons created several dozen Li Long cracks in the air. Like a broken vase, the cracks spread out in all directions. The space was blown apart, turning into a land of destruction.

“Waa waa waa”

After taking five consecutive attacks from the green-gold Sacred Seal, sacred Lord heavenly Yan, the elders, and the disciples all spat out blood. Their auras weakened, and their faces turned pale. Their eyes were filled with shock.

The heavenly treasure glazed Pagoda, which had gathered the power of one to two hundred Almighties from the heaven amplification Holy Land, was actually suppressed by evil king Shi Zhixuan using the Azure Gold Saint seal alone!

“Evil king Shi Zhixuan, what a man!”

he suppressed the entire Holy Land by himself. How arrogant and overbearing!

“The amount of divine energy in this person’s body is unimaginable. Is this the divine might of an overwhelming prodigy?”


The spectating heaven’s favorites and Almighties were all in shock as disbelief filled their faces.

Although they knew that evil king Shi Zhixuan’s combat power was shocking, they didn’t expect him to have the power to take on a Holy Land. Especially when the heaven amplification Holy Land used their Saint weapon, he still had the upper hand!

“Please summon the Holy array!”

” kill! ” the heaven amplification sacred lord roared, and a supreme saintly might spread from the heaven amplification sacred land. a large formation with surging killing intent rose from the depths of the sacred land, shining with dazzling divine light and surging with endless killing intent.

This array was a Saint-level array. Although it was damaged, it was enough to trap and kill ordinary Dao severing experts.

It was a pity that ye chen had inherited the formation Dao quintessence, and his formation Arts were already unparalleled in the world. He could easily see through all the flaws of this Saint grade formation.

This formation was a combination of trapping formation, killing formation, air restriction, spirit lock, and other formations. With the rules of Saint path, it could indeed pose a great threat to Dao severing experts. However, ye chen could see at least seven flaws in this Saint formation with a glance. With ye Chen’s current cultivation base and Azure Gold Saint seal, he had five flaws that could break the formation.


Ye chen took out the blue Gold Saint seal and smashed it on a corner of the Saint formation, making an earth-shaking boom and shattering the Saint formation on the spot.

He broke the Holy array with one strike!

However, the Saint array that could kill Dao severing realm experts had no effect on ye chen at all!

All the experts watching from afar were shocked. It was hard to imagine what level ye chen had reached!

if this is all the heaven amplification Holy Land can do, there’s no need for it to exist!

die! ye chen shouted coldly as he took out the Azure Gold Saint seal and attacked the heavenly evolution Holy Land’s Mountain protection formation.

“Boom boom boom!”

With a deafening roar, the protective formation that enveloped hundreds of mountains in the heaven amplification Holy Land began to fluctuate violently. The heaven and earth within a radius of thousands of miles shook violently as if there was a tsunami and an earthquake.

With a few more attacks, the heavenly evolution Holy Land’s Mountain-protecting formation would definitely be broken!

“Shua shua shua shua shua shua”

In the deep depths of the heaven amplification Holy Land, several huge and endless auras swept through the sky, as if several ancient and vast primordial fierce beasts had awakened.

“Please rest in peace, patriarchs!” Patriarch Kang Ye shouted, his old voice reverberating throughout the entire heaven amplification Holy Land.

Hearing patriarch kangye’s shout, the terrifying aura gradually disappeared.

The heavenly Yan sacred Lord’s gaze swept across patriarch kangye like lightning. He said anxiously, ” “Forefather Kang, if our Holy Land were to use our heritage, it’s not impossible to suppress this child here! Why did you stop me?”

Patriarch kangye walked to the heavenly Yan sacred Lord’s side. His face was ashen and his body was lethargic. He sighed. Holy Lord, there’s no need to continue fighting with this person. The heaven amplification Holy Land does have a lot of resources, but we can’t waste them like this.

“My life is coming to an end. I wanted to use the huge life essence in the black turtle’s body to extend my life and protect the Holy Land for another thousand years. I didn’t expect that we’d end up attracting such a powerful enemy for the sacred land.”

“I’m already at the end of my rope. I can’t protect the sacred land anymore, but I can’t make enemies for it, can I?”

“This matter was caused by me. I will bear the consequences.”

The heavenly Yan sacred Lord’s face turned green. ancestor Kang, when has the heavenly Yan sacred land suffered such great humiliation? Even if I have to die, I will not retreat!”

“Don’t be too calculative over one person’s gains and losses. Think more about the sacred land’s heritage.” It doesn’t matter if you die, but what about the sacred land?”

The heaven amplification Holy Lord’s face turned green and red. After this battle, the prestige of the heaven amplification Holy Land had plummeted. There was nothing he could do to help.

Kangye looked at ye chen and sighed, ” fellow Daoist, it’s my fault for attacking the Black Tortoise. I’m almost at the end of my life. I’ll pay you back with my life. I hope you won’t take it out on the heaven amplification Holy Land.

Ye chen replied indifferently,”from the moment you attacked, your life no longer belonged to you!” I’m here to seek justice for my successor. I’m very displeased with the actions of the heaven amplification Holy Land. Your life is far from enough!”

Patriarch kangye muttered to himself for a moment, and a pained expression appeared on his face. He took out a green lamp from the void. The light was dim, but it exuded a terrifying pressure that seemed to be able to melt a huge hole in the sky.

I obtained this leaving fire green lamp by chance. It’s a Supreme-grade spirit treasure and can be considered my apology. What do you think? ” Kangye raised his hand and waved it slightly, sending the Supreme grade spirit treasure flying towards ye chen.

Many paragons and mighty figures in the void in the distance were dumbfounded. He had attacked a Holy Land alone and suppressed the entire Holy Land so much that it could not even lift its head. The patriarch of the Holy Land had actually taken the initiative to compensate with a Supreme-grade numinous treasure?

In the past, they wouldn’t even dare to think about such a thing!

Ye chen reached out his hand and took the flame leaving Blue Lamp. After examining it for a while, he put it away and looked at patriarch Kang Ye with cold eyes, then said indifferently, ” “Your sincerity is still acceptable, but it’s far from enough!”

“Shi Zhixuan, don’t you go too far!” The sky amplification sacred Lord roared in rage.

The fact that patriarch kangye wanted to take out a Supreme-grade numinous treasure to compensate evil king Shi Zhixuan already made the heavenly Yan Holy Lord’s heart ache. Shi Zhixuan was still not satisfied?

Ye chen glanced at him indifferently and said arrogantly, ” “If you’re not convinced, then continue!”

Holy Lord, ” patriarch kangye sighed. I’ve been protecting the sacred land for so many years. It should be enough to exchange for a half-Saint weapon. Please get it for me.

He knew that a Supreme-grade numinous treasure could not satisfy the appetite of the evil king, Shi Zhixuan!

ancestor Kang is ridiculing me! sacred Lord heavenly Yan wanted to continue persuading him.

Supreme-grade spirit treasures were already very painful to him, let alone half-holy weapons!

“Holy master doesn’t need to say anything, I’m about to die. Before I die, I can’t provoke an enemy the Holy Land can’t afford to offend.” Forefather kangye shook his head gently as if he had accepted the situation.

Hmph! the sky amplification Saint Lord groaned and threw a shiny blade toward ye chen. The blade was covered in ancient runes, and the blade was shining with a cold white light as if it could cut through the universe.

This shiny Divine Blade was a half-Saint weapon!

Ye chen put away his snow bright godly blade, and the blue Gold Saint seal above his head emitted a faint Saint might. He said coldly, ” “It’s not enough!”

“Shi Zhixuan!” The heavenly venerate Lord enunciated each word, his eyes filled with killing intent.

Ye chen looked at the sky amplification Saint Lord without fear and said coldly, ” “If you had given me this condition before using your Saint weapon, I might have agreed. Since he had used his holy weapon, the price was naturally different! Take another half-Saint weapon, or we’ll fight to the death!”

“A battle to the death is a battle to the death! Do you really think the heaven amplification Holy Land is afraid of you?” yes! the heavenly venerate Lord gritted his teeth and replied. He still wanted to die with ye chen.

Patriarch kangye was stunned for a moment before sighing, ” fine. Holy master, give him another half-Saint weapon!

“Ancestor Kang!” The heavenly venerate Lord grunted, feeling extremely unwilling.

A half-Saint weapon was a divine weapon unique to Dao severing experts. Even in the Holy Lands, it was an extremely rare existence, and every one of them had been passed down for countless years.

Now, he had to give away two half-Saint weapons in a row. Sacred Lord sky Yan’s heart was bleeding.

as long as people are alive, the inheritance of the heaven amplification Holy Land will be there. Forefather Kang Ye’s tone was light and slow, as if it was difficult to speak.

The heavenly venerate Lord took out a bronze lock filled with mysterious Dao runes and threw it to ye chen.

This bronze lock could lock a person’s chakra sea and make them lose all their magic power. It was also a half-Saint weapon.

Ye chen took over the lock and looked deeply into forefather Kang Ye’s eyes, then said coldly, ” “Seeing that you’re so tactful, I won’t pursue it any further! Let’s go!”

Ye chen and Xuan Xin’s figures disappeared in the void, along with the huge Blue-Gold Saint seal.

As evil king Shi Zhixuan left, the many elders and disciples of the heaven amplification Holy Land subconsciously heaved a sigh of relief.

Just a moment ago, they had the feeling that the sacred land was facing a life and death situation.

The evil king Shi Zhixuan was more like a devil than a devil!

I’m about to transform into the Dao between heaven and earth. It was pure luck that I was able to resolve the conflict between the Holy Land and evil king Shi Zhixuan. Holy Lord, you must not provoke evil king Shi Zhixuan again. The power behind him is probably far beyond what you and I can imagine. Forefather kangye warned the heavenly Yan sacred Lord.

The heavenly venerate sacred Lord was still indignant, but he understood the situation and could only accept it.


Patriarch Kang Ye’s palm gradually disappeared, turning into the purest rule force and dissipating into the world.

Immediately after, his arms, legs, torso, head, and other parts of his body transformed into the Dao of heaven and earth one after another. His cultivation was returned to heaven and earth, leaving only his clothes that fluttered in the wind.

The Dao master of a generation had come to an end.

Many of the paragons and Almighties who saw this scene were shocked. What happened in the heaven amplification Holy Land today was far beyond their expectations!

Evil king Shi Zhixuan had attacked the heaven amplification Holy Land and defeated the entire heaven amplification Holy Land by himself. He had forcefully exhausted patriarch Kang Ye’s lifespan and extorted a Supreme-grade spirit treasure and two half-Saint weapons. Such a glorious record could be called a legend!

“This trip was not in vain! It’s really wonderful!”

I really didn’t expect evil king Shi Zhixuan to be so strong. Not only did he attack the Holy Land, but he also retreated unscathed. I’m afraid no one would believe it if I told them!

haha, I’ve recorded it with an audio-visual stone. I’m sure I can sell it for a good price!

it’s not that the heaven amplification Holy Land can’t make evil king Shi Zhixuan stay, but the price is too great. It’s so great that even the heaven amplification Holy Land can’t bear it. They have no choice but to swallow their anger!

Shi Zhixuan also has a holy weapon. Even if the heaven amplification Holy Land uses all their resources, they might be able to compete with Shi Zhixuan, but it’s still more difficult than ascending to heaven to keep him here!

this time, the reputation of the heaven amplification Holy Land has plummeted!


The crowd could not help but start discussing. This matter was enough to set off a great uproar in the East continent!


Suddenly, the heavenly treasure glazed Pagoda’s Saint might swept through the wilderness and shook the surrounding void.

The heavenly venerate sacred Lord’s cold and stern voice sounded from afar. “Everyone, have you seen enough? Are you waiting for the heaven amplification Holy Land to invite you in?”

When the elites and Almighties heard this, they knew that the heaven amplification sacred Lord was in a fit of anger. They didn’t dare to provoke him and left quickly.

In the depths of the void somewhere far away, fa Kong’s eyes were wide open as he mumbled to himself unconsciously, ” master fought the heaven amplification Holy Land alone and silenced them. He even extorted a Supreme-grade spirit treasure and two half-Saint weapons. Why do I feel like master’s treasures came so easily? ”

Even someone as jumpy as fa Kong couldn’t help but be shocked when he saw ye chen extorting the heaven amplification Holy Land.

Li Qingzhou let out a long breath. I didn’t expect master to still have a Saint weapon. What’s the connection between master and the resurrected Saint? ” Master is becoming more and more unfathomable!”

let’s go. There’s no need to continue watching. Let’s go back and cultivate. Otherwise, I don’t know when I’ll be able to keep up with master’s pace. Zi Menghan muttered and left quickly with li Qingzhou and fa Kong.

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