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Chapter 6: I found you

“I always believed I had one mother and no sisters. But the reality was that my father hid his relationships. He was also so clever that all his wives never found out about others, even if they visited the castle and lived here for days with him… Don’t ask me how he did that,” Sara sent a peculiar glance toward Alex before continuing her story.

“But when the world changed, and we received those status windows and other privileges, my father’s lies and empty promises became exposed,” Sara chuckled, which was unexpected.

But after her following words, Alex let out a chuckle as well.

It turned out that the system revealed too much information.

The promises that he made, the promises that he forgot, and other lies that he kept well hidden from the world; all of them flashed in Elias Deathwill’s eyes.

They appeared as quests.

The same happened in nearly all residents’ hearts.

“My father was scared that the gods sent him this information. He got so paranoid he believed that others would see through his quests soon… Of course, we have learned that we can give those quests to players and let them help us. In return, we will have our problems solved, and the players will receive the reward from the gods,” Sara’s story was reaching the end.

She shook her head for the last time, “In his mental dilemma, my father exposed his quests to his first wife, my mother. She saw through his lies and fought him in the castle. Then, other wives and his whole kingdom saw through his quest list.

They all… learned what exactly my father thought about them and how he neglected his promises.”

Since there was no way for him to continue being the king and the strongest swordsman, Elias Deathwill used special techniques. He sent his castle and other facilities to the unique leveling ground zone.

He prepared a class for his successor and passed him all his quests.

“W-Wait… He passed me his quests?” Alex asked with widened eyes.

And that was when the hidden list appeared before him.

He just peeked at the top of the list, and that was enough to make Alex tremble no end. People were truly in need, yet Elias Deathwill focused solely on himself. in𝓷𝓇𝒆α𝒅. 𝗰𝘰𝘮

Sara smiled faintly, “My mother was a high-class woman. She often praised her husband and spoke about true love… After all, her husband made her believe that she was the only one in his heart… When she learned the truth, her shame took over her, and she fought against him.

Now, I don’t know where my mother is… She is not in her home. I also have no place in that kingdom anymore…” Sara bit her lips.

She had two homes. One was the kingdom her father made; another was the dullahan’s kingdom.

The former was no longer active, and the latter had kicked her away. No, dullahan’s wanted to wipe off the shame, so they put bounties on Sara and Celia.

And that was exactly why Elias Deathwill named the class ‘Husband Of Deathwill Sisters’.

That was because his daughters needed the help the most. And frankly, he cared about them more than anyone else.

He didn’t know that the system would offer many paths for Alex to take. But luckily for him, his successor turned out to be a pretty good guy.

He wouldn’t ignore sisters, nor he would ignore the new quest list he had just received.

Alex would take those problems and quests head-on!

‘It’s like I got a list of all unique NPCs… I have a long adventure ahead of myself,’ Alex’s adventurous heart palpitated.

But then, he glanced at Sara, who had been looking at him intensely.

He turned off the system windows and extended his hand toward hers, “I found you.”


Now, he could only go and look around for Celia.

They were playing hide and seek, after all.

And though Alex didn’t say anything after Sara shared the story about his class, he kept holding her hand throughout the whole hide and seek game.

In this way, he told her he would work hard to get her quests.

“Mom! Why are you two holding hands?” Celia asked after Alex found her.

Alex smiled widely, “I am also holding yours.”

“True! Are we going somewhere?” Celia asked with little sleepy eyes.

Her new friend chuckled, “You two go to bed. I will also return to my world.”

“Oh! A new world!”

Mentioning the new world wiped off Celia’s sleepiness. She wanted to hear more about the new world, so Alex told her a little story about it. He spoke in a slow and gentle tone, making her little eyelids fall down relatively easily.

Alex then turned around and faced Sara, “I will be going. Good night.”

“Yes, good night. See you tomorrow.”

“Yeah. I will be back as soon as I can,” Alex smiled widely.

His body turned into particles as if he got killed. However, those particles were blue, meaning he had logged out successfully.

Once he left the capsule, Alex yawned.

He felt way more tired than he thought. His body also perspired more, perhaps due to the battles he had gone through.

He smelled so much that Alex immediately headed to the bathroom.

“I could’ve asked about her sisters,” Alex saw that Sara was also worried about her sisters.

He inferred that the other two sisters should be back home already. But they were not, meaning that their battles were still going on.

What were those hungry demons? Alex grew curious.

But he knew he would spend time cleaning those monsters soon enough. He also didn’t want to speak about more worries after Sara had told him about her father and her own story.

Well, all he knew was that dullahans searched for her. But he believed that Celia’s father also should be guilty of something.

After all, she had never mentioned him.

And Celia also called Alex [Daddy] before, so it was like she didn’t know about him at all…

This made Alex ask a simple question, “When their world has become the game? Celia is four years old, so… less than four years…”

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