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My legendary class is Husband Of Deathwill Sisters?
Chapter 469 Alexander Deathwill versus Blackburn Blade

Chapter 469: Alexander Deathwill versus Blackburn Blade

The battle between Alexander Deathwill and Blackburn Blade had been heated from the very beginning, and no one would be able to tell who had the edge. They kept exchanging sword moves, and those were of the highest quality.

Alex had Erin as a sheath on his hip and Ivonne behind him, desperately hurling her techniques and lowering Blackburn Blade’s speed. But that man was simply too strong, and he rendered them useless.

Even as Alex loaded a heavy amount of sinful energy into his sword, Blackburn Blade swung his and turned it into a mere spectacle of black fireworks, which were strangely flashy in the blue sky.

Alex had also cast his divine totems, for he had lost some Asura Arms already. Stella’s Divine Totem was the most important in his final battle against Blackburn Blade! He also used Sara and Ivonne’s Ultimate Skills.

The latter made his arms become like spider legs, stretch forward, and attack from even more angles.

“Ah… My girls!” Blackburn Blade noticed his girls’ struggles, mainly Luxuria, whom he had nights of pleasure, his voice urgent and sharp. He instantly changed his stance, his body exploding with his negative energy.

His sudden outburst of mana stunned Alex, who hadn’t expected that Blackburn Blade would hold so much power. He lifted his swords to protect himself, their blades flashing blue, yet Blackburn Blade’s power overwhelmed him easily.

Alex’s body bent into an arrow shape, and he flew backward. Behind him, Blackburn Blade already waited, his sword cutting through defenseless Alex. He then growled and thrust his black sword straight into Alex’s back.

By a stroke of fortune, Alex’s heart was safe. His soul was not, however. Blackburn Blade’s unique concept invaded his soul, heart, and mind. He started seeing images he had never wanted to see, and immense negativity took hold of him.

He saw his girls dying to sins even though he had seen them doing better than all of them. Worse, he couldn’t shake that feeling. The sword in his body made him believe that everything was real.

And Alex saw his death; that felt so real, too…

Blackburn Blade madly gazed at Alex, gripping his sword hard and twisting it to deal more damage and showcase his dominance over Alexander Deathwill.

But then, something absurd happened. A divine sign flew from below and entered Alex’s body! An immense warmth spread across Alex’s body, and the sign activated Warmth Of Passion that Blackburn Blade’s cold sword unconsciously blocked.

A few moments later, more signs started entering Alex’s body. At that time, Blackburn Blade grew so mad that he took out his sword — a lot of blood fountained out of Alex — and he shoved his sword a few more times, aiming for Alex’s heart.

And even though he had perfectly aimed for it, Alex’s heart was fine… That was naturally because of Perfect Control!

Alex’s eyes shone brightly as negativity slowly fled away from him. He no longer saw any painful and impossible images but the clear sky, and he also felt his enemy behind him, an enemy that had to die!

He didn’t care about his wounds, for the pride of all his wives winning on the battlefield eclipsed all pain. And as they had sent him his support, Alex raised his swords high and muttered as though he were entranced, “Sinful Ultimate Skill: Deathwill Mao.”

In an instant, Alex’s body healed, the world tree’s wood filled gaps in his armor, his level increased further by breaking the maximum cap, and his whole energies surged like a volcano!

[You have used all Ultimate Skills at once.]

[You have broken the level cap of the Avander World.]

[You have reached level six hundred.]


All sins and his beloved’s unique mana exploded within Alex, causing the world to shake as if the new ruler had taken it over. His appearance changed, too — no, it kept changing with every second.

At one point, he had blonde hair and blue eyes. At some point, he had green hair and eyes, his skin looked healthier, and his ears were long! He had World Tree armor filling gaps of equipment but also a wooden dragon beneath his feet.

His energies kept exploding with power, wanting to be the primary force. But as Blackburn Blade gritted his teeth and glowered at Alex, everything subsided, and he lashed at him with every force behind his slash, which made his attack rainbow.


As the sides turned, Blackburn Blade slid a few steps behind mid-air, his sword closer to himself because of the weight of Alexander’s sword. He hadn’t given up, though, and instantly counter-attacked with his speed.

But in his stronger form, Alex saw him in slow motion. He thrust his sword and easily penetrated through Blackburn Blade’s torso.

“Ugh!” the man cried and staggered a few steps behind. In his mind, he suddenly heard a sane and familiar voice.

[How could you abandon me like that? And here, I had forgiven you for your sin and wanted to reconcile with you.]

“Shut up! You have always been screaming at me, driving me mad and insane. I only need Luxuria!” Blackburn Blade ignored his wound and lurched at Alex to no avail as another slash sent him backward. He dropped to an invisible floor in mid-air and spat a mouthful of blood.

[Because you have been ignoring me, using my sadness to boost your negative force. Have I always been a mere force to you?]

Blackburn Blade glanced at his demon, a self-made demon. He recalled good times with her and her sister. They were… oddballs. He liked them; he loved them. But in the end, he lost them!

Because this world was cruel!

“I only need strength! And conquer Paradise!”

“No,” Alex replied in the demon’s place, shrinking the distance with a thrust. His sword went through Blackburn Blade’s chest, and that move was like a blast of energy that kicked away all of his strength. “You wouldn’t be screaming for Luxuria if you just wanted strength. You remind me of a few loners I’ve met on my adventure, Blackburn Blade. And I think I will never really understand you… How can you not love or trust someone? Isn’t it written in our mortal desires? I really can’t, nor I really want to… Because I was always pretty sociable, you know?”

“Fuck you,” Blackburn Blade replied and closed his eyes. Alex gave him a peculiar glance as he looked like a kid who had his toy stolen. And then, Alex saw a demon smiling at him, her voice thanking him.

If it weren’t for Alex and his heart, the demon lady probably would never have had a chance to talk with Blackburn Blade. And now, as they both would enter Purgatory, there was a chance for more talk.

Though Purgatory was not a quiet place, Alex shrugged and casually wished them the best.

At last, Blackburn Blade turned into mere energy and went to Purgatory with both his body and soul. Alex gazed at his particles, then felt a sudden loss of strength.

He started dropping like a broken toy.

That was not a problem, however. First, Olivia caught him in her arms. She planted a lovely kiss, then let him go as though she was too tired. Alex rolled his eyes. Secondly, Schnee took hold of him. She did the same, except she had planted two kisses.

Some argument erupted the second later.

Next, Alex felt Stella’s warmth and her soft voice. Before he could feel her more, Meiya’s chest took him in, and he felt her stroking his hair. More and more girls started flying toward him despite the war still going on!

Alex noticed Sara’s loss of the arm. He felt like a volcano erupted in his stomach, then tightly embraced her. That arm would soon be healed through divine means, fortunately.

And as Alex dropped onto the ground after everyone close had hugged him, The Alliance brought him the good news.

“We are winning! Those guys noticed the death of the sins and Blackburn Blade! We are winning! The world will continue to exist!”

Alex couldn’t sully the mood with a question about their losses. He knew that many must have died so Alex and his family could fight sins and Blackburn Blade safely. He smiled at the man, then closed his eyes.

It was over… He thought about the future and the responsibilities he would have to take soon enough.

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My legendary class is Husband Of Deathwill Sisters? Chapter 469 Alexander Deathwill versus Blackburn Blade