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My legendary class is Husband Of Deathwill Sisters?
Chapter 468 Mia versus Avaritia and Myu versus Gula

Chapter 468: Mia versus Avaritia and Myu versus Gula

Mia and Myu Deathwill had teamed up, too.

Furthermore, they had called their families from the battlefield. Dullahans and cats rose to the skies on their unique concepts, then Mia donned them in her clothes soaked in her sinful mana.

Myu’s gluttony couldn’t really help or strengthen her people.

Nonetheless, she was ready to lead them to fight two sins.

“Sinful Ultimate Skill.”

Both of them uttered the skill in tandem. In an instant, Mia summoned her battle horse and sat on it like a queen. Her clothes surged with strength, and her army became even stronger with a palpable power-up.

Myu’s clothes fluttered with ravenous desire to devour her counterpart. She stood impatient, waiting for Mia’s order.

At last, she lifted her hand, “Kill them.”

Myu pounced like a cat through the skies, leading forces to destroy Gula and Avaritia. Of course, Gula stepped forth to take down the momma kitty. She seductively unbuttoned her shirt and revealed her assets but, more importantly, the disgusting lips on her stomach.

Those lips parted widely, and countless tongues pelted for Myu Deathwill!

“It’s big mommy Gula’s kiss!” Gula grinned.

Myu scowled, her sinful mana oozing out of her curves. She made the creation of a ravenous kitty, which hissed at Gula. The mana cat opened its mouth and started eating all those tongues.

Myu punched them like Schnee would, her little hands balled and coated in mana. Cats and dullahans helped her case, their weapons and skills pelting in Gula’s direction. However, those only worked on tongues as Gula had shrouded herself in skill which ate all enemy skills.

“Fill her stomach until it bursts, then!” Myu’s eyes gleamed teasingly, and she started pummeling all into Gula’s invisible barrier. She left the tongues to other forces, which was indeed a wise choice.

A worry rippled in Gula’s beautiful eyes.

At the same time, Mia worked with her royal family. They already faced greed’s skill, and their irked expression told exactly what it was.

“Similarly to Gula, once you throw a skill at her, she renders it useless… But she uses it for her advantage, too.” Mia scrutinized her counterpart, smiled, then slapped her horse to move toward Avaritia.

She told her family to surround herself with the sin and ensure she would have no way of escaping them. The dullahans circled around Avaritia and blocked her from every angle with their tough equipment and battle horses.

Avaritia smiled, “It can be only greed versus greed, woman.”

“So it shall be,” Mia shrugged, her horse still carrying her toward Avaritia. Now that she was in her reach, Mia turned the horse into her favorite clothes and strutted toward Avaritia, defenseless.

Many dullahans voiced their worry, but Mia ignored them.

Black-green energy escaped Avaritia’s hand. She turned that into chains. Similar to her, Mia formed the same chain, but there was a difference between them. Mia’s chains had written ‘Alexander’ on them.

And as the chains wrapped around their necks, the greedy battle began.

It was more or less a battle of will!

On the other side, Myu kept slamming her paws and gluttony cat on Gula’s barrier. For the first ten minutes, it seemed like her efforts were futile. But now, Gula’s smirk disappeared, and she worriedly gazed at her counterpart.

She asked, “How come… you are more hungry than me? You only wield the sin of gluttony, I am the sin of gluttony!”

“Shut up, fucking bitch! Of course I am fucking hungry!” Myu howled in exasperation. “I was fucking last! Last, you get it? Last to join Alexander’s family! Everyone had their moments and helped him on his path, and I was just… just fucking riding and eating him to help him with his sinful mana!

I want more! More! More! More!” Myu screamed without any care for her surroundings, not minding her words at all.

“The fuck you are hungry for?!” Gula screamed, bemused. But as Myu didn’t care about her nor felt like giving her an answer, Gula focused on her battle style. That also proved to be a challenge as the barrier started cracking… Once a crack appeared, it never stopped, and it just kept spreading like the worst disease of 2020!

“No!” Gula shrieked as her skill crumbled. She hadn’t screamed for too long as Myu smashed her paw on her face, saddled her, then started beating the shit out of her while voicing out her frustration.

At last, Gula died and turned into raw mana. Myu promptly lifted it to the sky, adding strength to her beloved.

Back to Mia Deathwill, the chains shrunk. However, only Avaritia’s chains shrunk, bringing her closer to the gorgeous dullahan. Mia had the original size, and she seemed already victorious.

She opened her eyes and chuckled, “I’m the same as the other momma… Haha.” It still felt funny to her ‘the momma’ nickname. Alex often used it, and it somehow stuck in Mia’s mind.

She continued with a dazzling smile, “I want to experience the same moments as others did before me. But who am I to wish for a catastrophe? No world is peaceful, though… After this final battle, we will have years of peace, and then something will disturb us, for we are all unique girls bound to the extraordinary man. You also know how awesome he is, don’t you? But unfortunately for you, my greed has been already signed to him; hence you will lose.”

And as Avaritia stood a few inches before Mia, her face dazed, and in shock, for she hadn’t expected that love at first sight would be a cause of her death, Mia extended her hand, gently grasped Avaritia’s neck, and crushed it a second later.

The beautiful woman turned into raw energy, “I will tell you that I have also fallen at first sight for him.”

She then lifted her hand and sent energy to Alexander Deathwill!

And as she was one of the women who could perfectly join the battlefield below, Mia descended and continued the slaughter while Alex fought against Blackburn Blade in the final battle.

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My legendary class is Husband Of Deathwill Sisters? Chapter 468 Mia versus Avaritia and Myu versus Gula