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My legendary class is Husband Of Deathwill Sisters?
Chapter 451 Alexander Deathwill versus Elias Deathwill(The last battle)

Chapter 451: Alexander Deathwill versus Elias Deathwill(The last battle)

“It’s not a big deal, you know?” Alex smirked, casually taking off one of his arms as though he had a prepared technique for it — which surprised Elias Deathwill. He then shouted the exciting words, “Ultimate Skill!”

[You have used Schnee’s Ultimate Skill.]

[The Kitty Beast Totem has been created.]

[A feral desire has embraced you.]

[You can not resist it.]

[Wrath has become the dominant sin.]

The first totem was perched between Alex and Elias. That totem created a zone, which embraced them both, and forced [Wrath] to take control over them. With that mana as dominant energy, both of them dropped their humanity, getting closer to their beastly instincts.

Their faces scrunched with a hunger for blood, their eyes narrowed and shone red with killing intent, and their bodies erupted with swirling like tornado black mana. Fortunately, their clothes stayed intact!

And with that state, the two swordsmen clashed fervently. Their bodies followed the best skills at hand, so Elias kept pouncing at Alex for a few slashes, then retreated to sink his sword in the sheath.

Alex’s swords blazed with blue flames and sharp wind as he continued leveraging his bloodlines and sinful energies. The flames were enticed by hatred, but he also managed to add other sins to it.

They kept attacking each other, their weapons bouncing off with energies splashing in every direction. Snow no longer mattered as they melted everything in the vicinity; deep cuts riddled the hill.


The second sword of Alexander Deathwill shattered.

“Ultimate Skill!”

[You have Remia’s Ultimate Skill.]

[The Elven Forest Totem has been created.]

[The forest has been influenced by Gluttony Sin.]

From the second totem, nature bloomed at a rapid pace! Many seeds sprouted into tall and sturdy trees, shining as if in morning dew! Their roots and branches promptly heeded Alex’s orders, bending and going after Elias Deathwill.

He ordered them instinctively, for even in the feral state, Alex followed his plan. He never stopped, actually. Therefore, Alex quickly made a path for himself. No forest dared to disobey him in Remia’s Ultimate Skill Zone!

In a few seconds, no less, Alex once again faced Elias Deathwill. Elias needed to exert more strength as the forest joined the fray with its unique properties. And in his feral state, he cared less about his body, not minding taking a few blows head-on.

He was always wary of Alex’s swords, however. He couldn’t always avoid them, let alone Alex’s blue flames, which were heightened with the wind and sin element. Those energies whipped him countless times.

Of course, Alex suffered wounds all over his body as well.


Their struggle to kill each other lasted for an hour already. By that time, Schnee’s Ultimate Skill ended, their minds became clear-headed, and words bypassed their lips as they glared at each other.

“Not summoning more Ultimate Skills?” Elias jeered, his eyes on Alex’s torso as he no longer had any Asura Arms. Of course, his own torso was riddled with laceration from top to bottom, and blood gushed out in abundance.

“Guess why…” Alex said breathlessly, catching as many mouthfuls of air as he could, looking tired and on the verge of losing consciousness.

“Mana… One Ultimate Skill is enough to wear down the user, yet you used two of them… You aren’t in a form to use them endlessly,” Elias commented on his analysis his brain had done during the feral state. He was not worse, however.

His sword no longer produced any black mana, and dipping it in the sheath would be useless.

Moreover, Alex slowed down. With the forest as his only enemy, Elias Deathwill didn’t have to worry much about his survival. In fact, he saw himself killing Alex; his chances were surely higher than ever before.

He limped his way toward Alexander Deathwill, fending off all assaults with just his swordsmanship. His high grade and talent joined with copious experience, rendered the forest naive as if Elias were fighting against the baby.

He soon stood a few inches before Alexander Deathwill. He smiled, looking at the man who was his successor and an important piece of his plan. That no longer mattered as everything went to shit.

But there was hope… If he took over Alex’s energies and ownership of the Deathwill Castle, Elias could return home and return to the peak, become strong enough to face Yasir and Blackburn Blade and even Luxuria and her sisters!

He impatiently lifted his sword, took a thrust stance, then slid down the ground with his weapon leading the way; his target, Alex’s heart.

But as the sword’s tip was a few inches before him, Alex suddenly mumbled something under his nose. His eyes shifted colors, shining blue like two moons, and his body jerked with a sudden energy boost.

Elias couldn’t stop himself, however.

And as his sword went through Alex, his eyes widened, for he had felt nothing. No flesh, no blood, no sound.

It was as if he thrust through nothing.

[You have used Sara’s Ultimate Skill.]

[You have exerted mana from the Dullahan King’s Ultimate Skill.]

[You have used the Perfect Control Skill.]

In an instant, Alex grabbed Elias’ wrist. His other hand thrust the black sword forward, piercing through his chest, popping the heart as though balloon. Elias’ eyes widened in shock, and he stood rooted on the spot, his strength plummeting significantly as coldness took over him.

Blue flames invaded his insides, freezing and preparing to end him forever.

“I promised her to kill you through that sword… You told her to snatch it away, a bridge between humans and dullahans, was it?” Alex muttered in a chilling voice, his eyes daggering Elias Deathwill.

His body reacted to the victory, his heart snatching Elias Deathwill’s sinful energies he had been hoarding for years.

“Mia…” Elias just muttered the name of a person Alex spoke off, his voice hoarse and weak.

“Yes, Mia. She was your first wife and the first one to contest you after your lies. It’s actually fate that this sword — a weapon you lusted after — is the cause of your downfall, your death.

You were greedy… weren’t you?” Alex asked with a sneer.

At that time, Elias became even weaker as his enemy siphoned too much of his sinful energy. He slid down on Alex’s sword; his handsome face hit Alex’s shoulder and propped him on it.

“I… I always… I always wanted… to be… human… A human who wouldn’t scheme against everyone, his beloveds, and who could love from the bottom of his heart… I couldn’t do that… I knew it… I just had my sword… Only my swordsmanship and thirst for blood were genuine…” Elias’ voice trailed off as he was getting weaker and weaker.

Alex grabbed his hair and arched his head back so that he would look straight into his eyes, “How many examples do you need to know that you were like everyone else? You couldn’t believe in yourself, so how could you believe in others?

You delusional failure!” Alex tightened his grasp around Elias’ hair.

For some reason, Elias smiled, “Take care of them.”

“I have been doing that ever since I stepped into the Deathwill Castle!” Alex bit his lips and punched Elias’ messy face. The man promptly fell onto the ground, his body gently bounded off the ground, some ribs broke, and he lay flat with blue flames eating him from inside, and Alex’s sin energies stole his.

Alex extended his hand for Elias’ sheath. He stuffed it with his sins, slowly awakening Erin and bringing her to her former state, the state he loved.

Elias watched that process with his last will, not wanting to pass yet, “If I believed in myself, I would stay at the top of humanity… Your swordsmanship… was good but flawed because of those Asura Arms. Heh.”

Alex cast him a disgusted glance, “There’s no hope for you, really… Even in your last moments, you only talk about things that make you stay at the top with power… You know, Elias… I’d rather be a weaker swordsman but still be a human than be better than you and have no heart.

In fact, I don’t think sins should be on the sword but in the heart… A sword is a mere tool, always has been. As you can’t even understand it, you have been fated to lose.

This is the end, Elias. The world will remember you as the foolish king, husband, and father.”

“I see.”

With a flick of his fingers, Alex activated his blue flames rooted in Elias’ body. Those flames burst out as if irked, gnawing on their prey and deluging him in its blue content.

Lost in those flames, Elias Deathwill’s soul soon extinguished, and his body turned to ashes.

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My legendary class is Husband Of Deathwill Sisters? Chapter 451 Alexander Deathwill versus Elias Deathwill(The last battle)