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My legendary class is Husband Of Deathwill Sisters?
Chapter 450 It’s our last battle, Elias Deathwill.

Chapter 450: It’s our last battle, Elias Deathwill.

Alex’s family had received a new family member.

Everyone was shocked to see the fast recovery and the beauty of Myu Deathwill. Though that mass of flesh still vividly appeared in their minds, no one could connect it to the beautiful kitty momma.

She integrated pretty well into Alex’s family, too. As Myu loved sunbathing in her kitty form as she loved sleeping after good pounding on her beloved’s chest in the same form, she mostly spent days chilling.

But as Alex, his family, and Deathwill Castle continued to progress, Myu Deathwill took the reins of her future and started joining the alliance’s conquest.

As Alex had promised, he helped Tomo Homie with the shrine conquest and continued taking them over with the alliance. He met many players, teamed up with them to help them grow faster, and in the blink of an eye, Alex’s continent was swarmed with high-level players whose skills came from the whole universe.

Following that, Alex used Anais Foxtails’ connection to another continent… And that was when Alex realized that he no longer could level up and that he had to quickly find Elias Deathwill and finally end him.

“He knew that he was to cause uproar with his scheme, so he kicked all hero guilds from this continent, scattering them across the others,” Tomo Homie commented while venturing across one of many cities in the holy continent.

It used to be a holy and dark continent, but the latter had been removed by the antagonist’s leader himself.

Now, he was like a god here, his level increasing at a rapid pace.

“He won’t be a problem soon,” Alex replied, his voice chilling and eyes shining with killing intent.

In the end, he used his special ring to send some forces to another continent to start the alliance’s branch here.

“You are making a grave mistake,” Stella said to her beloved as he prepared to go through his black portal to see Elias Deathwill. With his sins collection completed, he could find the man without any problems.

Elias was more or less the same.

Alex turned around and faced Stella properly. Behind her, he saw many similar gazes, irked by his desire to fight Elias Deathwill alone. Everyone, mainly Elias’ relatives, had a deep reason to hate and want to see him dead.

“I’ve become who I am now because of all of you. Your powers dwell within me, and I will use them to fight Elias,” Alex said in a ‘do not argue with me’ tone, his eyes clear of any hubris and other influences. He smiled, then added, “There will sins and Blackburn Blade waiting for us. You will take off the sins while I face Blackburn Blade.”

And with those words, Alex turned his heels and stepped into the portal.

No sooner than he had teleported than Alex’s vision became white. He appeared on a snowy hill, with snowflakes slapping his face immediately after and snow blurring his vision. Of course, Alex quickly got rid of those through his mana. i𝘯𝓷𝚛𝐞𝓪𝐝. 𝓬𝐨𝚖

“Alone… like an abandoned dog,” Alex said those words quietly, yet the man on the opposite side of the hill heard him well. No storm could muffle their talk.

Elias Deathwill sat cross-legged, his body beneath snowy layers. He opened his eyes, shook off the snow, then stood up. His skin was already black, ready for a battle, and his eyes remained emotionless.

On his hip, he had his sheathed sword.

“My whole plan was doomed the moment Luxuria appeared in Schnee’s soul,” Elias Deathwill heaved an odd laugh as though he lamented his fate or blamed the unfairness of the world.

Alex chortled, “Surely not because of me. If things went your way, you could’ve tamed Luxuria. It would be like Schnee giving you the best present, wouldn’t it be? But as you have become without your sinful sources, you lack the strength to face her. You are also alone… I wonder why?”

Elias glared at Alex, not replying to him. The reason he was alone was actually pretty simple. He promised his loyal dogs a fortune, and he swore an oath to bring back their families when The Lost Kingdom came out to be.

Alas, as Luxuria and Blackburn Blade took the reign here, the loyal dogs realized that their master was helpless and that he could no longer fulfill his promise.

They lashed at him, but to no avail.

“It’s our last battle, Elias Deathwill,” Alex inhaled deeply, puffing his chest. Then he exhaled, his Asura Hands sprouting from his torso. His wings protruded from his back, and he stood with his mana heating up.

“Only you can save my ass,” Elias replied, agreeing with Alexander. That was their last battle, and the winner would advance further and get enough strength to face other calamities brewing in their world.

He took out his sword, and the sins flashed in their respective colors on his handle. His senses heightened, and he scouted the area. As he found none around Alex, hiding, preparing to assist him, Elias inferred that Alex allowed his ego to take over him.

He smiled, then whispered, “There’s nothing I can’t cut in such a state.”

Alex brandished his swords, replying with a wide smile, “That’s my swordsmanship.”

Both launched themselves at each other, their swords colliding kicked away all snow around them, their eyes wide as their faces were close — their glaring contest lasted seconds, for Elias knew Alex’s style.

Many swords have been thrust into the air instead of Elias Deathwill just because of that experience during Meiya’s event.

After disappearing from sight, Elias Deathwill promptly landed on Alex’s side. He was a few meters away, his sword sheathed again. He loaded abundant sinful mana into his blade, then slashed forward, conjuring a vast sword slash and chucking it at him.

“So that’s your style now!” Alex shouted as he kindled blue flames around his swords, fending off the black slash. “You need to dip the sword in the sheath to maximize your sinful energy.”

“And it works well,” Elias sneered, pointing at Alex’s sword with his eyes.

In an instant, one of Alex’s weapon’s crumbled.

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My legendary class is Husband Of Deathwill Sisters? Chapter 450 It’s our last battle, Elias Deathwill.