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My legendary class is Husband Of Deathwill Sisters?
Chapter 449 Lustful daughter and hungry mother [R-18]

Chapter 449: Lustful daughter and hungry mother [R-18]

“It will be fine… She will sleep for at least a few hours,” a seductive voice rang out in the cave. Following it was a male voice, which sounded unsure and quite troubled. That man surely wanted to take things outside, to a room.

But the sexy girl didn’t care. As she brought her man down by saddling him with her voluptuous curves, the man fell defenseless, and she triumphantly sat atop him. Then she went down with her plump ass caressing him through her clothes.

After her face was a few inches to the man’s crotch, the sexy blue-haired woman pulled down his pants — her prey sprang free, he was half-erect and lively — she pressed her lips on his tip, munching still soft texture.

And as her beloved started heating up, lustful energy climbing up his spear, the girl inhaled his smell while tasting him, her eyes rolling backward and her lips pressing tighter on him.

His smell was thick, and was the taste.

As the tip of his spear moistened with a new taste, the sexy girl parted her lips, whipped the liquid off, then gobbled the weapon again — slurping sounds filled the cave as she bobbed her head.

‘Those sounds…’ a girl who heard all those sounds inwardly contemplated them, and those could only allude to one activity that many couples practiced on a daily basis. She herself… hadn’t done that, though.

Yet she knew what it was, for secret reasons.

Myu Deathwill, as silently as she could, turned her body to the side. She elbowed the ground and gawked at the scene on her right, for a handsome man was sitting flatly on the ground with narrowed eyes and scrunched ecstasy face.

A familiar hair danced between his legs, and Myu Deathwill could make her daughter’s face from the vivid bobbing movement as her head often reared from the man’s legs.

Her heart trembled, and she made a careless sound.

Alex instantly heard her, his head jerking to the side. He saw Myu Deathwill, still laying on the ground but on her side with her upper body slightly raised, watching them with widened eyes and flushed cheeks.

He didn’t make any sound but just clapped his hand to his face, “I knew it would happen.”

Hearing him, Schnee stopped sucking her beloved’s cock, looked to the side, and smiled dangerously taunting, her lips curved widely and her eyes gleaming in lust and desires. She didn’t feel wrong for doing that next to her sleeping mother, that much was clear, and her smile suggested quite a lot!

“You never liked quick naps, mother. Morning and glad to see you back! You know, darling has worked hard to bring you back, and he spent a week without anyone tending to his desires… And as he is about to release his first shot, I can’t sacrifice more time to you,” Schnee parted her lips and breathed heavily on Alex’s cock before plunging at him again.

She became more aggressive and faster, slurping sounds simply slapping the cave, which looked like she had been waiting for her mother to wake up.

Alex, under such a situation, couldn’t hold back. He arched his head and released all in Schnee’s mouth. For a week, he stored a lot of his juices in his balls, so Schnee’s cheeks bulged in an instant.

She still held onto his cock with her lips pressed tightly on him. Yet, some of his liquid slipped outside her lips, ticking down her chin. She wiped it off quickly, but to no avail, as Alex’s seed even found an exit through her nose.

A lot of it found refuge in Schnee’s stomach, going down her throat.

Schnee distanced herself from Alex, lifting her messy face to look at him with a stupid yet satisfied smile, grinning from the pleasure and new achievement, her eyes shining and curves reddening for too much lust dwelled within her.

Alex rolled his eyes and stood up. On the other hand, Myu Deathwill was speechless as she never knew a woman could get this messy and perverted. Even if Schnee’s face was one big mess, she looked mesmerizing and content, her expression enough to satisfy her man and make him feel pride.

Drank on such feelings and pleasure, Schnee once again launched herself for Alex’s cock. And as he stood, and she was on her knees, Alex also jerked his lips, sliding his glans across her soft tongue.

Schnee worked with her beloved for their pleasure, no longer paying attention to Myu Deathwill, whose eyes kept widening from such a display of union.

“I told you it would happen… Since you didn’t listen to me…” Alex gathered Schnee’s blue streaks in a bundle, then holding them tightly, he pushed his cock deeper into her mouth, grazing her throat.

Of course, it was quite a blow to Schnee, but as she was that masochist, her eyes trembled from the pleasure, and she deeply inhaled while her future husband selfishly focused on his own pleasure.

It was no longer them working for their pleasure but him enjoying himself while punishing her.


After coming in Schnee’s mouth — Schnee’s stifled moans banged Myu Deathwill’s chest — Alex drew a chair from his inventory and sat down like a king. He slowly withdrew his cock from her mouth, then awkwardly turned to Myu Deathwill. 𝒾𝒏n𝗿𝒆а𝑑. 𝘤𝘰m

“Nice to meet you, I am-” Alex’s introduction halted as Myu said his name, “Alexander Deathwill.”

She knew him as he was her benefactor. During this week, her consciousness became clear, and from that mass of flesh, Myu saw Alex in perfect view as he continued taming her hunger.

“I know you,” she emphasized those words well.

Unfortunately, the talk couldn’t continue. As Schnee had finished relishing her beloved’s seed, she sat down on his cock, devouring him entirely. Her tight canal tightened around him, her ass shook with passion, and she started twerking on his cock.

Alex groaned from the pleasure while Schnee kept smiling ambiguously, glancing at her mother while tending to her beloved’s cock. She quickly drew his seed, her ravenous pussy taking it all.

Seemingly in control, Schnee saddled her beloved again. She tightly held his shoulders this time, digging into his skin as her soft front swayed before him. Her ample chest heaved as though casting a spell, her pussy contracting as his puffy tip went through her up and down.

“You are the best, darling! There’s no man better than you, and only you can make girls lose themselves because you are strong, kind-hearted, handsome, lovely, well versed in bed skills, and the best man to ever stomp in this world!” Schnee whimpered as she sang praises about Alexander.

It was different from her usual moans of pleasure and debauchery. And as Alex knew what the difference was today, he inferred Schnee was like a businesswoman presenting her product to a client.

That client was Myu Deathwill, her mother. It surely drove her mad with excitement — Alex could tell as she rode him — so that situation was an advantage to the perverted kitty.

“It couldn’t turn any different, could it?” Alex glanced at his cat girl, whose body bobbed on him. He decided to drop all common sense and his conscience. He had already given her too much freedom, too.

After extending his hands to hold her tight, Alex swung his hips, and he started seizing the flow and control of his kitty. A few thrusts later, which were all perfectly stroking Schnee’s g-spots, Alex had Schnee at his wish, showcasing the bed skills she had promoted to her mother before.

More importantly, he kept coming within her, the sin of lust mana coursing through him, interacting with Schnee’s sinful energy and simply turning them into love and lust-struck idiots.

Myu was overwhelmed by such a display. Strangely enough, she could sense a genuine love between them, no matter what position — even those that made Schnee seem like a love slave instead of a lover.

And this was what turned her heart jealous and her pussy… hungry.

She, although she was exhausted from just returning to her normal body, crawled her way toward Alexander and Schnee — both of them saw her doing so. And as Myu found herself before Alex, her eyes locked on his cock, which had been continuously disappearing because of Schnee’s wet snatch.

After some time, Schnee stopped all movement, and her body shuddered as Alex sent another shot deep inside her. She moaned louder — or it was just Myu being close to her — then arched her upper body backward, not dropping off Alex’s cock because it stood erect even now.

“You want a taste of my future husband, mother?” Schnee asked with a smirk, her vision upside down.

“If he swears to kill Elias Deathwill, he will have all of me,” Myu said, controlling her hunger with her hatred toward her ex-husband.

As Alex heard her, he recalled Schnee from his early days in the Deathwill Castle. She also wanted to kill Elias, and even her voice sounded the same. Because those times had been pretty eventful, and Myu Deathwill swore to give herself wholeheartedly to him, Alex got excited, and Schnee felt it pretty well with her snatch.

“He will,” Schnee declared, then lifted herself off Alex’s cock. She made room for her mother, who, as she had expected, jumped on Alex’s cock with her lips.

As Myu quickly seized Alex’s tip for herself and started licking her daughter’s juices on his glans, Alex comfortably sank into his chair and watched her doing him. He held more than usual, for it seemed like Myu had been immensely interested in blowjob.

And then, he reached for her hair, held her strongly, and pushed his cock deeper into her, spraying his seed within her.

Her face had become even similar to Schnee’s as her cheeks bulged. She then drank all of him, barely letting his seed drop onto the ground. Unfortunately, as it was her first time giving a head, Myu let some of it fall.

“I want more,” Myu whispered, not letting his cock go. She once again planted her lips on his tip, invited him in for a vacuum sucking, then bobbed her head.

Alex commented while Schnee held him from behind, licking his neck, “Daughter is a lustful lass, and her mother is a hungry-“

“Bitch.” Schnee finished his words, blowing her hot breath to his ear. She knew that her mother heard her as Myu glanced at her, then sucked more fervently.

The three of them remained in such a position for a long time. While Myu practiced her blowjob skills, Schnee had been commenting on her every move, passing some tips and breathing skills so Myu could breathe without any problem while her mouth was stuffed with Alex’s cock.

She passed all lessons perfectly; she wasn’t the mother of the sin of lust candidate without reason. There was a sleepy and hungry talent for sex skills in that mature lass who was like more ‘meaty’ Schnee, in the best way.

After that, it was time to teach the ravenous pussy some lessons. Myu sprang to her feet, standing straight before Alexander. She was naked already, so her tits jutted out in the best display, her pussy also in a good view as she spread her legs impatiently.

Alex gazed at Myu, who was like Schnee’s big sister, her most distinguishable trait was her hair, which flowed in a different way, and that mature aura of a mother.

He smiled, beckoning her to sit on him. And as she devoured his cock with her lower lips, Alex held her tightly, his hands on her waist.

“Welcome to my home, mother-in-law, and my future wife, Myu Deathwill,” Alex smiled genuinely before jerking his hips and driving pleasure into her curves.

Myu smiled for a few seconds and then made an ‘O’ with her lips as Alex started poking her womb and finding her sweet spots effortlessly.

And as he kept stroking her insides, pushing her hair and body up with thrusts from below, Schnee leaned closer to his ear again.

“That’s now how you ask a girl out.” She teased.

Alex jerked his head to her side and bit her lip, “That’s now how you look after your mother.”

“But she’s so happy,” Schnee grinned, licking her bloody lower lip.

As Alex retracted his vision, he could only agree with Schnee, for Myu Deathwill had been riding him with the blessed, though messy, smile, whimpers escaping her.

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My legendary class is Husband Of Deathwill Sisters? Chapter 449 Lustful daughter and hungry mother [R-18]