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Chapter 447: The monster

Knowing where she was and that Elias Deathwill had no eyes on her, Alex calmly prepared for an adventure to another continent. He confirmed location through the game forum, picked up necessary stuff to overcome a few hurdles, then hopped into the portal created through his ring…

At least, that was the plan.

Alex’s girls stopped him before he could jump. Of course, he wasn’t alone initially. His kitty was with him as they were about to meet her mother. However, it seemed like everyone wanted to hang out with Alex.

Perhaps, they were interested in his conquest, for Myu Deathwill surely was the last girl on his list.

“Or there’s more?” Olivia smirked, taking a stand next to Alex before the others. Soon, his girls swarmed him with their expressions and questions, overwhelming their beloved. Of course, Alex took it all head-on, and Schnee also hissed at others to aid him.

“Everything happens for a reason,” Alex whispered, then turned around as his girls threw peculiar gazes at him. He entered the portal, and his family quickly followed after him.

In the blink of an eye, Alex and his family appeared in the Dwarven Kingdom.

“Why is she here?” Meiya asked as she looked around the underground kingdom. It was more than cavernous as houses stretched far and wide, the ceiling was also far from everyone’s reach, and people seemed to be living to their heart’s content, yet Meiya felt uncomfortable solely because of her race.

For some reason, she couldn’t even bring herself to sprout her wings; that’s how odd the Dwarven Kingdom felt to her. A few girls agreed with her; some disagreed.

Alex shrugged, “She might have found help or peace here.”

Because of his intel, Alex didn’t dwell too much on this question. He expected a few dwarves to come out and talk to him. But as he waited and waited, no one seemed to come out to greet him.

It was odd since the Dwarven Kingdom wasn’t available to anyone. If someone found them, the dwarves would swarm the individual with tempting quests and ensure he would keep all intel to himself.

It was impossible, though. Still, even if someone found the location and path leading to the Dwarven Kingdom, it was not so easy to enter this place. Perhaps, the Dwarves had their hand in it…

Still, Alex expected some dwarves to question him…

“It’s because we used a different method,” Sara inferred after contemplating for a while, her eyes shining with ideas. “They can sense others trespassing their borders but not someone who teleports straight inside.”

“It’s the most plausible theory,” Alex nodded, turning his eyes at the vast kingdom. He connected his heart to sinful energy within his soul, then guided everyone toward Myu Deathwill’s location.

Schnee was in his hands in her cat form, and he kept patting her on the way.

As Alex had predicted, his family gathered too much attention. So many stares went through Alex and others that he no longer could enjoy the new scenery, atmosphere, and mood.

But that was something Alex had already expected. And it wasn’t just because Mia Deathwill was in the ranks. It was because everyone was beautiful and from exquisite origins, their beauty on a different level.

And they were in a mortal continent, so it was a rare event for all dwarves around them.

Of course, Alex wasn’t concerned about his family’s safety with his and his girls’ levels.

“Are you heading to the monster’s cave?” A dwarf asked, his voice trembling. This question raised curiosity in everyone’s minds, and they soon pinned down the small man with their narrowed eyes.

Alex gently asked, “Monster’s Cave?”

He took a few cover glances around and noticed that fewer and fewer dwarfs inhabited this part of the kingdom. It was indeed weird.

The dwarf nodded, still shaking, “There’s a monster in the cave ahead of this path. It releases dangerous mana every day, but we can calm its anger through treasures. No one wants to ever come here except soldiers tasked to feed the monster.”

“Sounds like a glutton,” Olivia commented, receiving a deadly stare from Schnee in return, which made her shrug and shut her lips tight.

Alex asked a few more questions, but they weren’t helpful at all. In the end, he and his family could only proceed further to see whether Myu Deathwill was the monster the dwarf had spoken about.

Alex noticed that Schnee kept trembling in his arms, both from anger and disbelief.

At last, Alex was at the cave’s feet. The entrance was pitch black, and no one could peek inside. Of course, it was a pretty grand entrance, so a lot of mana easily oozed out from the inside.

And as Alex’s and Deathwill Sisters and Mothers sensed the mana coming out from the inside, they knew that Myu Deathwill was at least inside. Was she the monster, though? 𝒾𝗻𝐧𝓇𝒆𝒶𝒅. 𝒸૦𝒎

Schnee desperately wanted to know. She bit Alex on his forearm, urging him to go forward.

And so he led everyone inside, their bodies sinking into the unknown darkness. After a few detours from left to right, Alex and others finally saw some light. It came from a fire, and it stretched far and wide.

In the middle of the cavernous room, Alex and others noticed a sleeping mass of flesh, breathing silently while curled up.

Schnee’s kitty mouth went agape, and so did others.

Flesh, flesh, and flesh. That was all they could see except for some blue streaks protruding from the side. Those folds surely belonged to someone humanoid, but their mass was on the monster side.

The existence was… big, at least six meters tall, and no normal eye could discern how wide it was.

However, Schnee’s golden eyes knew the name and soul behind that bundle of flesh, disgusting meat!

Her eyes watered, her trembling heightened, then, at the very least, Schnee jumped out from Alex’s hands, turning into a humanoid form. She dropped with her slim, curvaceous, and lovely body shaking to Alex’s delight.

And then, her scream swept through the cave, “Mother! You are a sexy bitch! What the fuck is this?! ANSWER ME!”

The mass of flesh trembled, awakening from ‘her’ slumber.

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