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Chapter 446: The finding

A few days had passed ever since Alex became the realm owner.

The undead were no longer enemies in his realm, which was quite controversial as ladies liked to level up on them. Of course, the whole world had been teeming with that undead, so girls went to the cat and winged realms to continue their slaughter.

Some also descended to mortal realms to help their alliance.

Eva Mora explained her father’s technique, “These undead come from the old times. Father has brought races and monsters from primordial times. But there are a few human skeletons and zombies that had raised my suspicion.”

Alex tilted his head, waiting for her to continue. But the next part of her research had to be discussed in a particular place, the shrine. Eva Mora brought out a skeleton from her pocket realm — which could store conscious and alive existences — then threw it into a pond within the shrine.

There were many ponds, which seemed like a decoration for this exalted place. Yet that was not the case. Everything had a reason in the shrine, and Eva Mora found ‘the main’ purpose of those shrines.

“What is this?” Alex asked, bewildered. Before him, the skeleton rattled in the water like a broken toy. Something started coalescing on the pound’s surface as various colors emerged from nowhere.

Those colors turned into a picture, then into a movie.

Alex and Eva became rooted on the spot, watching the movie unfolding before them. It was not a complete movie, though. They saw an adult man going through an unknown cave, his equipment from the far past, and his skills also quite lacking.

Yet, the same could be said about monsters.

The man fought against bat-like monsters, killed nearly all of them, then died to the remaining survivors. His dead body dropped onto his knees and slid down the slope.

[You have found a secret vampire laboratory in the mortal continent!]

“This is… awesome,” Alex whispered, his eyes lit up in happiness. This finding was indeed the advantage that only Eva Mora had found out about. With a few connections, Alex would be able to strengthen his alliance for the final battle!

In these times, particularly in a time when Alex had no way of finding Myu Deathwill, that finding significantly raised Alex’s mood for the better, and he cheered with Eva Mora, hugging her tightly.

“That’s not all,” Eva said with reddened cheeks, not minding her creased and awry clothes after Alex’s hug. “There are a few skeletons and zombies with advanced skills… Their skills are also unfamiliar… It might be a lack of experience and knowledge, but I have a suspicion that there’s more to it. Let’s check it now.”

She hurled another skeleton into the pond. The same process followed, and the screen appeared on the water’s surface. But this time, Alex’s smile faded away, and he gawked at the screen with widened eyes.

In the movie, the memories of someone dead were out of the world — literally. Those memories came from the world where his father was born. He knew them because of his time in Purgatory…

And as he saw that world, Alex froze and simply remembered every detail, planning to bring it to his father.

“Alex?” Eva Mora asked, anticipating exciting news. And as Alex explained about the totally unknown world that had long since fallen, Eva Mora’s eyes flashed with a desire to research and get more information.

She was like her father, wasn’t she?

“We have received a manual for a new skill… Though it’s pointless for both of us,” Alex whispered, then put the manual in Tomo Homie’s chat room. He also told him to not kill but enslave all skeletons and zombies whose skills seemed modern or close to their times.

He believed that there was more to it. From his experience in Purgatory, Alex knew that The Goddess liked challenges and playing with people’s lives. Simply showing the past wasn’t her cup of tea.

There was a chance that some undead had awakened some of the memories, for example, by conquering the shrine on their own…

That would be The Goddess’ way of doing things.

“I will be going,” Alex said, turning more serious and slightly annoyed.

Eva Mora bid him farewell, “You will find him. Don’t worry.”

“Yeah,” Alex replied flatly, then closed himself in his room. He had been doing his best to find Myu Deathwill… What barred Alex from doing the same if Elias could locate them without any problem?

He looked into his soul and Wrath, then realized something crucial.

Other sins.

Those had surely sprouted somewhere within him, waiting for a good moment to come out and influence him. If Alex could find their bits, seize them, and become much better at wielding this whole bundle of sins, he surely would get enough power to overwhelm everyone.

And as his knowledge about them was sufficient, Alex sank into the red-black ocean. His intent was to find all sins that dwelled within him, except for gluttony, for that was within Myu Deathwill’s heart.

– 𝒊𝘯𝑛𝐫ℯ𝒂d. 𝐜𝘰𝓂

Alex woke up after an unknown amount of time. Even if he spent weeks in his room, no one would’ve been able to reach him as he locked himself in his Master Room. That was just him acting cautious.

But as his eyelids trembled and he revealed his eyes, Alex’s red eyes had a tinge of darkness in the middle. His body was also tattoed from top to bottom, but just for a second, as those black specks soon gathered within his heart.

“I’ve found you,” Alex whispered in a tone that no girl had ever heard him. He sounded too different, for there was a note of desire and pride. He lay lazily on his bed with his manhood pushing against his pants, forming a tent, as if his uncontrollable urge suddenly took over him.

He gazed at the ceiling with a smirk and wicked expression. His eyes glittered in the yearning for domination.

And then, Alex lost consciousness. He woke up five minutes later, his eyes clear and expression back to his usual one. He rubbed his temple, then remembered what he had found, which was Myu Deathwill’s location.

It was time to find and meet Schnee’s mother.

As for his momentary change, Alex had forgotten about it, as if it was a fleeting dream.

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