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My legendary class is Husband Of Deathwill Sisters?
Chapter 445 We have worked hard!

Chapter 445: We have worked hard!

Veronica’s task on Earth was to find a man known as Razoe. He was the strongest ancestor in the Winged Realm, and he had been chosen to go through Earthling Quests on Earth, which proved his strength.

It was a simple task, to be honest.

After all, Veronica belonged to Alex’s family, and she had a good grandpa here who had guided her to Razoe through his connections. It was a fun trip, too, as Veronica, Ubo, and Celia used the plane for the first time.

Stella was also on the board, curiously looking around the machine that somehow floated and flew.

She read about planes on the net during their flight, and then she understood everything about them.

“I can sense him,” Veronica whispered nervously, her lips close to Celia’s ear. Her mother and grandpa heard her, however. And with that, their senses sharpened, and they slowly went into a restaurant. Ubo followed, clueless, as he just sensed the shift in the mood.

Yes, the strongest ancestor worked in a restaurant, which had been his retirement dream ever since. He never could focus on his dream because of the responsibilities in the Winged Realm.

But now that his strength was gone, and he didn’t have to look around the newest generations, Razoe flourished in the new environment as a manager, cook, waiter, and more! He thoroughly had given his life to this job!

So when he noticed the unusual group entering the restaurant, he became tense, and when his eyes landed on Veronica, he understood that the authority girl had found him even on Earth.

He sighed, then, using his status as manager, booked a private room for the unusual group and himself.

“Seems like Razoe has a heavy head,” Harvey laughed after taking a seat; he raised a menu, then picked some stuff for himself. And as he passed it to Celia, she asked him with big eyes what he meant.

“A heavy head means he has a lot of experience and knowledge here,” Harvey rapped his head, laughing.

Celia narrowed her eyes, “Really?” It sounded like a disease or something utterly opposite!

Harvey shrugged, “That’s how it used to be in my world.”

“Grandpa’s world!” Celia’s eyes twinkled, and even Veronica turned her eyes to him, looking forward to hearing more. Ubo crossed his arms, listening, too. And while they talked about universal stuff, Stella warmly looked at three happy fluffs.

She then heard the doors opening a few moments later, her warmth replaced by a business-like aura, sitting straight and elegantly.

Razoe took a seat, then began the talk first, “I thought you had come to check on my earthling quests, at first… But as you have brought the girl with authority, something must have happened in my realm, am I right?”

“Correct,” Stella replied, taking Razoe’s attention to herself. She explained that the ancestors started their resurrection plan — Razoe’s eyes flashed with shock and fear — then she promptly added that her father destroyed them on the same day. i𝙣𝐧r𝑒𝘢𝒅. 𝚌𝚘m

But that was not the end of the problems. Other families wanted to help their ancestors, mainly Lefius House, and they had been causing problems ever since. They demanded their ancestor to be in their house’s prison, which was a mere excuse to get him back.

That was why they needed Razoe, who would solve all issues with his presence alone.

“I’m pretty close to finishing my quests, actually…” Razoe uttered, and his words caused the other side to finally get shocked. “The restaurant business is all over the world… I just need to pick up the reward, and my job here should be done.”

He then raised his eyes at Harvey, who chuckled, then asked, “What’s the point of those quests? I have a guess.”

“It’s what you think it is…” Harvey looked far to the past, then smiled, “After you finish the quest, you will receive three choices. Stand on Earth’s side and protect the world from the antagonists. Work with antagonists to enter Paradise… And the third voice is to simply return to your former life.”

Every choice has its cons and pros. For example, the first choice would allow Razoe to go between worlds and even bring his race here in the future. If he took that choice now, he would be able to bring at least five winged people to Earth.

And the number would increase over time, depending on many factors. He would get good allies who wanted the same, and that was to keep two worlds intact.

The second choice would turn Razoe into a loyal and truthful antagonist, which would quickly get the trust of Yasir and others.

And the third would open ways to interact with both sides, but at many risks, and so on… Perhaps, he would be able to join either side in the future, but with fewer benefits.

It was a tough choice, but not for Razoe.

“I’m living my dream here… The first choice is what I will take,” Razoe laughed, then added, “I will be able to return to Winged Realm in a week, then. Pass that news to your father… and now, this feast is on me!”

Three waitresses knocked on the doors, and the big feast began.

Celia and Veronica, and Ubo enjoyed it wholeheartedly.

The dullahan princess even cheekily said, “We have worked hard, right!”

Veronica gawked at her for a few seconds, then giggled, clearly influenced by this rebellious girl, “Yes!”

Ubo grinned.

Harvey and Stella rolled their eyes at them.

On the other hand, Alex and Eva entered Deathwill Castle. They headed to the realm’s capital, then in the shrine, Alex became the king while Eva received the imminent queen status.

The system windows swarmed their eyes.

But as Alex was already familiar with messages about his castle, he skimmed through new stuff while understanding all. He then looked around the shrine, which turned him into the king and owner of the realm.

[Eva Mora Deathwill has passed you her ownership of the lands.]

“You will evenly split them between your wives, and I want to be the same… Though I will fight for the capital, where I have lived for years,” Eva whispered faintly with a little more emotion in her voice, turning slightly merrier and resolute — she wanted to properly thread on a new path.

And that path naturally involved Alexander Deathwill, her king.

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My legendary class is Husband Of Deathwill Sisters? Chapter 445 We have worked hard!