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Chapter 444: Eva Mora

After the banquet, Alex and his dullahan girls went to their house. Celia was with them, so everyone went just to sleep. The next morning, Celia suddenly received news that Veronica had an important task to do.

Curious and eager to help, Celia requested a trip to Earth! Ubo was also on Earth in his humanoid form, and it seemed like these three would have a good adventure!

Left with two blonde-haired beauties, Alex knew that he also would soon start a good adventure, just in bed. And it indeed happened as the mother-daughter pair pulled him to the bed to start a morning in the passionate way — overly passionate!

After nearly breaking the bed, Alex lay on it with Sara and Mia clutching him from the sides, “How will I find Eva Mora?” he asked.

To his question, the girls swore to help him.

He then grew curious about Veronica’s important task. Was it related to her school, or did something once again happen when he was busy with his own matters?

He contacted Remia, who was naturally online, spending time in her elven garden now that the shrine had been conquered.

[Remia Leaf: I heard that Winged Realm was under attack yesterday.]

Alex lifted his upper body immediately, pushing aside Mia and Sara, who softly screamed because of his sudden move.

[Alexander Deathwill Mao: What happened?]

[Remia Leaf: Ancestors attacked them, but Mr. Auberon dealt with them seamlessly… So it’s fine. However, he requested Veronica’s help, and he wants her to find the Ancestor who was sent to Earth for Earthling Quests.]

[Alexander Deathwill Mao: Isn’t that dangerous?]

[Remia Leaf: It should be fine… He confirmed that this ancestor doesn’t hold evil intent… It’s just that he’s stubborn and doesn’t want to die.]

Alex sighed with relief.

He also learned that Stella and Meiya couldn’t help the Flayott House because of their battle against the demons in the shrine, so they were eager to help Veronica and ensure that Winged Realm was safer than ever.

Alex was naturally fine with it. 𝓲𝐧n𝚛𝐞𝒂d. 𝑐𝗼m

He explained all to Sara and Mia, then the mass area search for Eva Mora started. The dullahans heeded the princess’ order and, on their battle horses, swept through the realm in search of Eva Mora.

It took them days to find her.

So before Alex could have a talk with her, he deepened his bonds with everyone in his family. The best way was to simply feel warmth, so Alex had abundant sex life during that time, doing that with everyone he loved.

On his way to have a talk with Eva Mora, Sara whispered, “Mother has noticed it during your first time with her… But you can produce sin of lust energy, Alex… And as I had a talk with Yumia, she told me you were too prideful.

At first, it was obvious since you have me…” Sara didn’t cover her pride, smiled, and continued, “We have confirmed that you can unconsciously produce other sins than Wrath.”

That news was both good and bad. There was a chance Alex would lose himself in sins, after all. And the good news was, naturally him getting stronger because of those sins.

The couple hadn’t uttered a word after Sara’s words. They simply strode toward Eva Mora’s location as she had been notified of Alex’s desire to meet her.

Before they reached her, Alex parted his lips, “I don’t remember how long ago it exactly was… But I knew I would have problems controlling myself with such beautiful girls like you… And that happened, too… I lost track of what was important and neglected a few things…

Well, I told you that I would need your help to bring me back to Earth if I somehow got too conceited or drank with power. Now that you can see through me, I expect you to give me a strong slap should I lose myself in those sins. Alright?” Alex asked but didn’t turn around to look at Sara, knowing that there was only one answer.

Sara rolled her eyes at her beloved’s confidence, then imitated her winged sister, “Ok.”

“Haha!” Alex laughed just before the cave with a peculiar barrier popped before him. That was a strong barrier, but nothing that would stop Alexander.

And as he noticed the blue butterfly in the corner of his eye, Alex knew that Eva Mora had seen him. The barrier was no longer a problem.

“Ah!” Sara yelped, for it still stopped her. “This girl… Well, have a nice talk with her.”

Alex nodded, then entered the cave. In a few minutes, he was before Eva Mora, whose eyes were red, swollen, and sad, simply because she had no one around her. Her father died, and her friends were also gone.

Her level was high because of many sacrifices, but what was that before the loneliness and pain of losing someone?

Alex understood it, so he sat down next to her, “Has he mentioned something about your undead?”

“Father said he always found peace in them,” Eva Mora replied weakly and slowly.

“He really caused chaos… didn’t he?” Alex continued.

Eva barely nodded, then curled up, hugging her knees.

He allowed himself to give her a pat, then talked about the old man. That was terrifying existence across years, and he deserved respect. Alex talked about the good sides and comforted Eva Mora.

He then talked about his objective, feeling like it was a good time.

“So you’ve come here to tame me…” Eva Mora replied after hearing his story, then left a self-condescending chuckle.

Alex shook his head, “We started our friendly relationship with a business, didn’t we? And we can continue going this way. From a different perspective, a king and queen are in a business relationship, too.”

Alex didn’t know whether he was right. He felt off saying it this way.

“In those times as antagonists grow in strength and Blackburn Blade dwells with the sin of lust, I don’t want to waste any time… But I would never force someone to love me or be pushy about it…”

Although Eva Mora was a beautiful woman herself, it was impossible for Alex to just fall in love with her or develop affection, which was because of different circumstances than Deathwill Mothers.

But the future was unknown, and it wouldn’t hurt to go with more businesses.

To his words, Eva Mora raised her eyes and blankly stared at him. After some time, she extended his hand as if asking for a handshake. But it was not a handshake as Alex tightly grasped her little hand and held it until she stood up to start a new life.

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