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Chapter 443: How old are you?

“Fucking die already, bitch!” Olivia screamed as she pierced through the female demon with her lightning spear. She looked like a demon herself, her red eyes shining bright with killing intent, her hair was disheveled, and blood trickled down her temple.

She drew a mouthful of breath, then drilled through the demon with lightning sparks crackling around her.

At last, she killed the last demon.

“How many hours did it take?” Remia asked breathlessly, gasping for air as much as she could, barely able to stand on her two feet, looking just a tad better than Olivia.

But as Olivia was one of the girls on the front line, her bloody appearance was not weird at all.

Fortunately, there were two healers in the team, so Olivia had most of their attention. A few seconds after the last demon fell, her body froze, and she felt the golden pillar of warm mana swathing her.

She calmed down while the other girls answered Remia’s question.

After fighting for so many hours, the girls dropped onto their asses, circling around themselves as if on a picnic.

They needed at least a few minutes of a break.

Of course, the girls proudly talked about their victory over the demons. No one believed they would lose, and as they wielded sins and other peculiar energies within their bodies, their potential was on a different level.

[You have won the shrine’s challenge.]

[You can seize the ownership of the dark realm only if you fulfill the last prerequisite!]

“What now?” Olivia cursed, scrolling the system window. Her eyes then narrowed dangerously, and she wanted to smash the screen.

[Eva Mora has to be the queen of this land for you to own the realm.]

Stella softly commented, “It’s that old man’s doing. He sacrificed a lot to cause chaos, but amidst it, he ensured that his daughter would have a place for herself.”

Meiya added with a note of amusement, “He obviously saw Alex as a good candidate for her. It’s basically tailored for him to become the king of the realm and her to become his wife.”

Schnee chortled, “He just got the queen and the princess; now another one is available on the plate!” She was in a much better mood now that she had worked with the cats and now her sisters.

Schnee found out that she still had the sin of lust energy, so her strength was on a high level indeed.

To her words, some girls reacted with silence, not saying anything, and some laughed or cursed. The last one was mainly Olivia, as she felt like her handsome really needed to stop himself.

Schnee teased her, however, “Well, he has to get my momma, and everything will be completed. Haha!”

“You sure recovered fast,” Olivia commented with a slight tease, then whispered, “Good to see you back in that mood.”

Schnee squinted her eyes, her cheeks flaring, “Yeah… Thanks…”

And then Stella made them team up thoroughly, “You’ve forgotten about a woman living in his soul… My f-i-a-n-c-e is surely popular.”

“I will pluck your feathers!” said Olivia and Schnee in tandem, a new portion of energy filling their bodies, just so that they could attack Stella.

But as Stella had Meiya by her side, the battle was even and rather odd as it seemed like they were all cuddling with their ample breasts fighting for space.

Schnee cursed, “Eat more, Olivia!” Olivia’s par was quite losing.

Olivia instantly cast an angry glare at her ally, “I’m still growing, and there’s a lot of room for those tits to grow! I am just nineteen years old, you idiot! I am not-” At that point, Olivia’s lips curved into a sneer, “Hey, Meiya… How old are you?”


“Today we party, and our contestants are welcome to our castle,” the first princess of the Dullahan Kingdom announced after the tournament’s end.

Her people had won significantly against prodigies from the Darkmana Empire, and Alex had a clash with one of the kings, his strength leaving others speechless.

The First Princess has been in charge of the whole kingdom now since her father’s death… She seemed even colder after his funeral, but after experiencing Alex’s might, her cheeks grew hotter, and she grew jealous of Mia Deathwill, her little sister that was in very close contact with him.

Inwardly, she cursed how favored Mia was, both in beauty and lack, but there was no time for such petty matters.

The Dullahan Kingdom celebrated their victory, after all.

“It was a splendid battle, Alexander,” the current king of Dark Lamias approached Alex with a drink in his hand. They had a good talk, mainly about their battle, but the king was a man, so he naturally asked about cold princesses and how Alex planned to move forward.

He winked pretty a lot.

But then, Alex received a message from his girls.

[Find Eva Mora if you want to own the realm.]

Alex felt like scratching his head. Where would he find her? He scrunched his face and sighed, his reaction making the king look at him with a peculiar gaze.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

Alex quickly apologized and shared a little, “I need to find someone… I don’t really know where she is, but she’s important to me.”

“Maybe I can help,” the king laughed, “How does she look like?”

“Uhhh… Well, have you seen a woman with black-white hair and bone tails?” Alex asked, knowing that Dark Lamia might get angry at him. After all, Eva Mora was one of their enemies.

But the king nodded, “We have seen her here. I wanted to bring it up to the princess. It was on our way to the tournament.”

“Seriously?” Alex widened his eyes at the odd news. Was she sane to appear in the dullahan kingdom? What if her mind was broken? As Alex had a somewhat good relationship with Eva Mora, he wanted to help her.

The king laughed, “She’s beautiful enough to cast aside our differences, I get you, Alexander. I don’t think she has enough strength to leave this realm… When we tried to catch her, she simply fended off our attacks and escaped somewhere.

Sorry in advance, haha!” he laughed to alleviate the atmosphere.

Alex sighed, nodded, then continued the party, for just like his girls, Alex was in the spotlight, so he just couldn’t leave like that to look out for Eva Mora.

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