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Chapter 442: Wind Phoenix

On one side, Alex fought alongside dullahans to ensure their high spot and safety. In his realm, his future wives clashed with demons, going all out as the power of Ultimate Skills rang out within the shrine.

In mortal continents, heroes and villains fought against the undead for their own gain.

And in a peculiar white realm, where clouds were friends and used in many ways, and the family Alex was close with lived, a man with a pipe within his lips raised his eyes bluntly at the cloudless sky.

It wasn’t cloudless for him, though. As one of the family leaders in the Winged Realm, Auberon knew about the floating island above. If he desperately wanted, he would be able to outline the clouds teeming the dwelling of the stubborn ancestors.

But as his strength rose, mainly due to Alex’s barracks, Auberon became strong enough to peer at the sacred place effortlessly.

He was never optimistic about that place, and with his new understanding, Auberon knew that ominous and selfish aura oozed out from that island.

He retraced his eyes down to the undead, then let out his terrifying wind creation at them, killing them in abundance and in just one move. At this point, Auberon needed way more undead to get some experience than before, his level going higher and higher.

‘When will they move?’ he questioned himself while trying to predict the imminent danger.

In the depths of the sacred cloud, an old man with wrinkled skin and pale golden eyes gazed at a round table. He swept his eyes through everyone — stopped for a second on an empty chair — then smirked.

“We don’t know how long it will take for Razoe to return from another world. Our authority plan has failed… So without further ado, I reckon we should start taking over the Winged Realm and start our resurrection plan.”

The old man said, his words raising a slight commotion by the round table. Not everyone was on the same page when it came to their plan, but as they had already agreed and done a few cruel things to their younger generations, they couldn’t simply step back. 𝗶𝚗𝘯𝘳ℯ𝒂𝑑. co𝙢

Nothing stopped them from wincing, though.

“Have you contacted Lefius and filled them in? All of them, I mean?” asked another man whose eyes seemed lifeless, too.

To his words, the previous old man nodded with a deeper smirk, “Of course. And while our plan initially assumed we would sacrifice young blood evenly for our return, Flayott Household was the cause of our authority plan’s failure.

We should take most of their blood for ourselves. What do you think, brothers?” the old man asked, and his eyes gleamed as his brothers raised hands in approval, even the Flayott Ancestor.

With all the talk done, the sacred cloud trembled, and the experts from the past started descending from the sky. Their aged wings looked rough and over-used, all of them seemed like skeletons with gray and wasted skin, and their eyes couldn’t even shine well.

Yet their mana stood out, and immense pressure immediately descended onto the Winged Realm.

Out of all noble households, Lefius accepted them wholeheartedly. Many old figures had descended onto their grounds, gazing at the Lefius Head. The nervous man welcomed them with open arms.

“Are your forces ready?” asked the old man whose name was Jorgen, and he was the one who talked the most by the round table in the sacred cloud.

“Yes! Everyone is ready to execute your orders, sir,” Lefius Head replied.

Jorgen nodded slowly, then coated his voice in wind mana, sending it across the whole Winged Realm, reaching every depth and even sealed places, “Throughout the years, we have been looking at the new generations. The disappointment was all we saw. All of you were weaker than us in our prime years, and you also found no clue about the purpose of our race.

Therefore, we shall take over the Winged Realm once again, return to our prime through blood sacrifice, and find that purpose on our own.

And how will we do that? That’s simple… We will erase every other holy realms, and only our clan will remain divine! With that, our purpose should awaken in our blood,” said Jorgen, his eyes flaring with desire.

His speech continued, and he immediately targeted Flayott Household for the sins they had committed before. This came as a big surprise, but Auberon and his wives weren’t so surprised.

“And so, we shall erase Flayott House,” Jorgen guided his pals over to the Flayott Main Island. Their old wings flapped slowly, their bodies mainly carried by the wind mana, and this very mana started forming various wind creations which shone in silver light.

They manifested the wind in the sharpest, visible form.

Before these coalesced into their prime forms, Auberon came out with his family following him. Other than his first wife, Danielle, he had many other girls and children behind him.

His brothers, uncles, and more — everyone was on his side.

“You don’t look so surprised,” Jorgen said in a jeering tone.

Auberon just let a cloud of smoke out of his lips, then put the pipe into his inventory. Although his eyes were fixed on the old ancestors, his voice reached his family, “Just act as support and leave everything to me.”

Flayott House nodded at once.

“And it looks like you are confident in facing us,” Jorgen scoffed, then swept his hand before even Auberon could call forth his power.

His friends had done the same, the sharpest wind creations immediately launching themselves at Auberon and his wives.

But to everyone’s surprise, Auberon conjured his creation in less than a second, and his Wind Phoenix embraced everyone, including the enemies’ skills. His creation was simply too vast and too powerful!

“What?” Jorgen asked, stupefied.

To answer all his questions, Auberon revealed his level, which was close to five hundred! And that was naturally because of Alex and his barracks.

In the Winged Realm, there was no king. The heads had the highest levels but were still far from the five hundred. But as Auberon leveled up, he showcased just how much of a gap those few levels were.

And as his family fueled his Wind Phoenix, Auberon’s strength peaked!

[You have seized the ownership of the sacred cloud.]

He became the owner of the prominent island!

And as he trapped old men in his Wind Phoenix, Auberon declared, “My family’s prison lost a few prisoners, so you will fill in. Thank you.”

“I… I created that prison!” Flayott Ancestor howled in pain.

Auberon smiled, “I will give you the best cell, then.”

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