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Chapter 441: The Shrine

“Mom! I want to see grandma!” Celia woke up, then the first thing she had done was talk about her grandma with Veronica. For that, she had to wake up early and go to Deathwill Castle.

It was the weekend, so Veronica was here with other kids who hadn’t found a home yet. 𝚒𝐧𝙣𝘳𝒆𝐚𝘥. com

And then, she requested a trip to her grandma.

But as Sara knew that her mother’s house might be in a perverted mood, soaked in musky and sweet smell, she held her daughter in her arms, not letting her talk about Mia Deathwill.

She contacted Stella through the game system, then told Celia to showcase to her what she had learned in school.

At last, Alex had sent a message about him and Mia.

It was fine to visit the house!

And so Sara took her daughter to her grandma.

Other than many suits going around the house, nothing was really odd in the house. Of course, Mia had been smiling even more than before, and she looked somewhat younger and simply dazzling.

Sara knew the reason, so she took a seat and waited for more development.

“Grandma can leave this house, you know?” Mia held Celia in her arms, stroking her hair with affection. She added, “Your daddy helped me.”

“Hehe! Daddy is the best, and he can help everyone!” Celia felt her little heart swelling with pride as her father did another good job. He helped her beautiful grandma leave her ‘prison’, which was worth more than legendary treasures.

Alex grinned while Sara cast narrowed eyes.

She then sighed and asked, “The Dullahan Kingdom needs your help, mother. Let’s head straight here… You also need to take care of your house, for no one had permission to enter it, even maids.”

Mia softly replied, “I knew I would be outside for a long time… Well, I will practice King Julias’ dream before we set off to the Dullahan Kingdom… Celia! Would you like to practice with me?”

“Ok!” Celia burst out with happiness and followed her grandma.

Now that Alex was alone with Sara, the dullahan momma asked an odd question, “Am I still dullahan momma?”


“We’ll have to tease mother as Dullahan Grandam, soon,” Sara jested, then took a seat on her beloved’s lap. Without any words, the couple kissed and started quite an intimate deed, for their hands went through their clothes!

Sara asked then, “How was mom?”

“…” Alex didn’t reply, gazing into her eyes.

As that was a stupid choice, Alex soon suffered a lot as Sara bullied him by leveraging her knowledge about his body. Of course, the couple had long since locked the mansion and ensured that no one from outside would hear them, mainly Alex’s groans.

And a few hours later, the family returned to the Dullahan Kingdom.

[Alexander Deathwill Mao: We will soon start a tournament against the Darkmana Empire’s people. Kinda excited. How about you, girls?]

In the ownerless realm, a group of beautiful ladies stood with their expressions blank, gawking at the system message they all had received simultaneously.

They were surrounded by lifeless and soulless undead, whose bodies were cracked, shattered, destroyed, and mauled — and even more. The girls went all out to get the shrine and overcame the challenge.

But it was not that easy.

There were too many of them; it was simply a deluge of monsters.

The girls’ progress to the shrine was slow but steady. Still, their beloved surely had a lot of fun in a different realm. From the news, he boned the beautiful dullahan princess, had a good time with dullahan momma in Ancestral Grounds, and he indeed could even aim for more princesses with his new status.

And now, he would enjoy new enemies from the famous Darkmana Empire.

And what were the girls doing? Fighting the same and mundane undead!

“You don’t look at us with those eyes, Yumia,” Meiya whispered, her eyes narrowed with envy as she knew that Yumia had a good time with Alex before coming here, becoming a part of their family.

Yumia smiled, not feeling sorry, then clicked her tongue, “Let’s do it as I said before. I will use Ultimate Skill, seize the forest, and we will land on the shrine’s barriers to take it down together.”

The winged girls had tried to enter the shrine before. They flew past undead, then landed on it. Alas, there was a barrier. And with the system message kindly explaining to them that they had to defeat undead around the shrine, the girls knew that they were moments before mundane work.

However, Yumia believed that if everyone landed on the shrine together, mainly girls with a high level, the barrier would crumble and start the challenge.

“We can try it,” Olivia said, shrugging.

With her Ultimate Skill, Yumia could easily connect to the forest, which was impossible earlier, for it was the realm’s forest soaked in the deathly mana. But in her form closer to the elven bloodline, Yumia seized control and drove everyone to the shrine.

And then, everyone went all out. Their forms burst out with their unique mana, and everyone fell down together onto the shrine’s barrier.

Their weapons and skills stopped mid-way. Cracks appeared on the barrier while terrifying pressure suddenly descended on girls, for they were trying to trespass the holy land without fulfilling the quest.

But as Olivia wielded the antagonist’s mana, she had it much easier. She thrust her spear more and more, then finally, a hole appeared within. Everyone focused their skills here, and the hole expanded.

At last, girls entered the shrine…

[This world and its people are… presumptuous… But as you are Alexander Deathwill’s wives, I will let this one slide… Your challenge shall be more challenging, though!]

The voice no one recognized drummed in the girls’ ears.

And then, the shrine spat out… demons.

Demons of the fallen antagonists from other worlds, various creations across the universe stood before Alex’s wives!

[Kill the demons and find a way to seize the realm for yourself!]

[If you don’t kill demons now, you will never be able to take over this realm.]

“We are so sorry for insulting you, goddess,” Olivia connected a few dots, spoke in a jeering tone, then slammed her spear at the nearest demon.

It was time for battle!

The battle they couldn’t lose!

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