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My legendary class is Husband Of Deathwill Sisters?
Chapter 440 Mia Deathwill’s house is now entirely dirty [R-18]

Chapter 440: Mia Deathwill’s house is now entirely dirty [R-18]

“I want to kiss you, I want to see you naked,” Alex whispered while having a hold of Mia’s curves. After her words, it was as though she had planted a charm skill on him, and he couldn’t resist her beauty.

But that was before, too. Alex, ever since he heard her words, wanted to simply eat her thoroughly. It was as if he was currently holding the sin of lust.

To his words, Mia simply smiled, knowing exactly what kind of a charm she had. And once again, Alex hadn’t disappointed her. He wasn’t some ravage or a man who simply cared about his desires.

He gently took off her nightgown, his eyes still on hers. But he sometimes couldn’t resist the allure and glanced behind, only to return to his gentlemanly way owing to Mia’s giggles as she found his actions adorable.

Once her nightgown fell, Alex reached for her bra. As skilled as he was, he flung it away a second later, his eyes landing on her jutting out ample breasts. He cupped them both carefully, then realized his mistake.

He couldn’t keep Mia standing on her two feet, as he was sure he would soon lose himself in her body. He slid his hands down, hailed her into a princess carry — getting a soft yelp from her — then took her to her bed.

In a soft embrace, Mia bent her right leg while the other was outstretched. She covered her pussy, but not for too long. Of course, as Alex had yet to taste her breasts, he went down to her erect nipples and picked one of them without much thinking.

He compensated the other through his hand, twisting and rubbing it as much as he could while his lips munched and sucked on the other. Before long, Alex became quite too invested in her chest, switching from one pearl to another.

He kissed her aureoles, sliding his tongue around them, spitting his saliva across her whole chest. And as he kept savoring her softness, Mia’s short but lovely whimpers reached Alex’s ears, filling him with ideas.

Just as she had said before, Mia had yet to find something she was against, so Alex had already imagined what else he could do with those tits, which was as perverted as it could get.

After relishing her chest, Alex and Mia felt a new connection forming between them. With that established, Alex started going down, kissing his way to her pussy. He made Mia laugh a pleasant note, then soft moans resumed.

At last, Alex was before her legs. He parted them without saying anything and immediately locked his eyes on her pussy. As she was letting out faint streams of juices, shining in a beautiful allure, Alex went against his plan once again.

“Raise your ass up,” he hoarsely whispered, quite impatient.

And as Mia heeded his words, he wrapped his arms around her ass, having it high and closer to his lips. In such a lewd and unexpected position, Mia stared at Alex with her eyes between her proud breasts.

But as Alex didn’t even give a lick to her snatch and just pounced at it ravenously, Mia screamed cutely, closed her eyes, and her body simply jerked as Alex started shoving his tongue in and slurping her juices for his needs.

“That’s the first time I am… in such a position!” Mia shouted while thrashing gently on the bed. Her tits kept swaying before her face, so she took hold of them, squeezed them, and added more pleasure.

In the meantime, she felt Alex connecting more with her as he had his hands locked around her bottom. His technique was much better than her former husband, and he simply broke through her restraints.

At last, without any notification, Mia’s body shuddered, her pussy clamped his tongue, and she ushered a flood of juices at his face. After some more licks in that sloppy mess, Mia’s eyes rolled with shame, and she let out a golden liquid.

She pissed herself, which was as shameful as it could get. Yet Alex laughed out loud, wiped off his face, and still held that plump ass in his reign.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t think I want to drink that,” Alex jested, his eyes fixed on Mia’s face, which was so flushed red his heart leaped, instantly finding her too adorable.

Mia collected her mind, then replied breathlessly, “I don’t think I want to drink your piss, too. Now, that’s one thing I am against… But I wouldn’t mind trying out the other liquid you can shoot. I have never tasted it.”

“Huh?” Alex blinked, shocked, “Have you really never?”

Mia nodded, now using her tits to her advantage to hide her lips as those went in her direction with the bottom part of her body raised up, “Yes.”

“But you have such a pretty face I want to kiss and make a mess-” Alex blurted out his desires, then bit his tongue.

Though perverted and too candid, Mia found them right for such a mood and place. She faintly laughed, then raised her chin up, opened her lips widely, then flapped her tongue in a way that matched Alex’s aroused mood.

“There are so many things I haven’t tried… As you can see, I really want to try… for example, taking your cock into my mouth, sucking on it, and drinking your seed…” Mia broke her noble aura now that she utterly exposed her desires.

And as much as she didn’t want to talk about her ex, for this one time, she told Alex that he had ever only done it in missionary without proper foreplay and stuff. Elias Deathwill was pretty egoist, even with such beauty in his arms, though he thought otherwise.

“I will make a mess out of your face and pussy… and ass in the future,” Alex declared, gently putting Mia’s ass on the bed. He then stood up, revealed his as hard as it could get cock, then strutted his way to Mia’s face.

He cast a dominant shadow on her face, then dropped onto his knees, his cock just a few inches before her face.

Mia eyed him with desires and approval, then whipped his tip. She soon took him wholly into her mouth, sliding her lips across his shaft. Her inexperience became clear, but as Mia controlled her breathing and used her tongue and lips to the utmost of her ability while following her instincts, Alex quickly filled her mouth.

Some of his seed dripped down her chin onto her chest. But as Alex quickly regained the might due to his high stats, Mia hadn’t given up on his cock. Mia held him with her lips and hands for the second and third rounds, demanding his seed into her mouth.

She wanted to grasp his balls, too, for more, but as Alex warned her he didn’t like it, Mia listened like a good girl and continued tending to his shaft.

At the very least, the position changed. And it was surely not because Alex’s knees had grown weaker.

He soon found himself behind Mia, his loaded and still full of vigor cock caressing her ass. In that spoon position, Alex extended for her leg, lifted it up, then slowly pushed his cock in. After settling within her tight snatch, Alex extended his other hand for her breast, and with her softness draping him and his hands seizing as much as he could, Alex started thrusting his cock back and forth.

“Ah!” Mia moaned louder than ever before. And as Alex kept slapping her ass with his pelvis, her voice gradually became louder, a note of satisfaction and pleasure clearly audible in her whimpers.

At one point, as their bodies slapped into each other quite strongly, the sounds of it eclipsed her moans — only for a few seconds. As Alex came within her, filling her womb, Mia let out the loudest and most adorable scream of pleasure ever.

And that continued for a long night as Alex and she tried a lot of positions. Each ended with a thick and deep load within her. At some point, Alex and Mia’s juices splashed across the room, as not taking such a beautiful girl for a ride would be a sin.

And so, Alex took her for a ride across the whole house, doing it wherever he could.

“I really… I really love you, Alexander!” Mia screamed for the last time before losing consciousness owing to her exhaustion and simply overdose of pleasure.

Alex also became limp, so he was glad that he had managed to exceed expectations.

He lifted her back to the bed. And to his surprise, Mia climbed him up in her sleep, draping him with her softness and forcing him to sleep on his back.

He was so exhausted that he didn’t really care, though.

Alex wrapped his arms, then his eyelids closed.

It was a good night!

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My legendary class is Husband Of Deathwill Sisters? Chapter 440 Mia Deathwill’s house is now entirely dirty [R-18]