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My legendary class is Husband Of Deathwill Sisters?
Chapter 439 [Bonus chapter]I’ve yet to find something I am against

Chapter 439: I’ve yet to find something I am against

“I will do my best…”

Alex said those words carelessly, for he was charmed by Mia’s beauty — and he simply wanted to help her as much as he could. But as Sara tilted her head and glanced into his eyes, Alex’s body jerked, and he understood what he had just promised.

“Thank you very much,” Mia seemed in a good mood as a pleasant sonata of giggles followed her words.

She stood up and casually strutted upstairs, going to her granddaughter with a smile on her face. She glanced behind once, and Alex couldn’t miss that; he nodded to her, then faced Sara, who started a talk about Alex’s future plans.

Similarly to Stella, Sara knew her mother was an adult, and in a harem world, she couldn’t just say no, for it would cause bothersome problems in their family. Besides, Mia was never this happy, and she surely had a lot planned for herself, Alex, and her two girls.

She accepted the relationship like Stella, then started a serious talk with her beloved. Some of it concerned Celia, for her little girl could only learn ‘the truth’ in a far future, not now.

“It’s always been hard to stand up to mother, but now that we are on the same ground, I will have more to say,” Sara said sweetly, laughing. Even as an adult and mother, one simply couldn’t go against the mother.

That would be different from now on as Mia wouldn’t be a mother but more like a rival in love or sister. It was odd, but what could Sara do? She accepted it and moved on!

Alex nodded, no longer awkward as it was just them two, “You knew what was coming, though.”

Sara glared at her beloved until both of them entered the room upstairs.

“I am the queen!” Celia adorably lifted her hand, her little fingers flashing with many rings. She wore the black dress that her grandma had prepared for her. And since her hair was dyed blonde, Celia looked like a small version of Mia.

For the grandma picked the same clothes, just an adult version.

Both of them paced around the room, holding their dresses and laughing with smiles and giggles. They had a lot of fun, and when Alex and Sara entered, Celia forced them both to join.

The couple used the system to put clothes on, then looked at each other. Sara couldn’t help but get jealous as her mother’s fashion and the taste was way above hers. Her beloved looked too good in his suit; it was a mere cloth, yet Mia brought out Alex’s handsome and dangerous side.

Sara also looked stunning, enough to freeze Alex.

Her dress was similar to the battle dress that she had received from Princess Natalia. However, the battle dress was solely for a battle. In the dress that was meant a purpose to look good and charm the world, Sara was simply gorgeous.

Her mother naturally brought the best out of her girl!

Before these two noticed, their hands joined, and they started dancing. Alex had some lessons from his girls, so he was leading his dullahan momma. A few moments later, the music rang out, and the little queen and Mia Deathwill took seats to look at them both with wide smiles.

At last, the night arrived, and Celia and Sara used the checkpoint system to return to their house in the Dullahan Kingdom. Celia wanted to sleep with grandma and spend a night with her, but she had to wait for obvious reasons.

After taking a bath alone, Alex cooled his head. He knew that awaited him, and he was getting more excited than nervous. He had already sworn to take care of Elias Deathwill’s wives, snatching them from him, for that man was a heartless bastard.

He hadn’t expected Mia to be that beautiful, though.

And now he would have sex with her. Even better, she wanted him, for she had seen a few good moments in the Deathwill Castle through Celia’s authority.

All his nervousness dissipated, and he became ready to provide the warmth that Mia Deathwill deserved.

“I am… back,” Alex stepped into Mia Deathwill’s room; his eyes widened as she stood next to the window in her black nightgown — her body illuminated by moonlight — and since it was pretty thin, Alex saw her white skin shining.

But the real moon — or moons — was in the room, for Alex immediately fixed his eyes on Mia Deathwill’s blue eyes, slowly closing up distance with her.

“How was your bath?” Mia asked faintly, then added before Alex answered her, “I’m sorry I didn’t take it with you… I’m also a little nervous.” She smiled, and that was what disarmed Alex.

“I might’ve left it too soon,” Alex mumbled out mindlessly.

Mia chuckled while shaking her head gently, “Not really… As you can see, I’ve had enough time to change into a nightgown. It’s my favorite one… How do I look?”

She lifted her hands, then moved her body a little from side to side, showcasing her curves to Alexander. She did it a little lazily, but Alex couldn’t feel more blessed already.

And to her question, Alex lacked words. He knew that saying ‘beautiful’ or ‘gorgeous’ wouldn’t be enough, for she must’ve heard these two words enough in her life.

He hadn’t answered immediately, still gazing at Mia’s pretty face.

She read him, though, “Words the same; they sound different from person to person.”

“Gorgeous,” Alex replied, his words causing Mia to stare at him with a dazzling and once again disarming smile. But this time, Alex hadn’t allowed himself to get influenced by her.

She had done enough leading, and it was time for him to take matters into his hands — in this case, her body.

After extending his hands, Alex seized Mia’s waist, then pulled her closer to himself. He couldn’t hold himself back from taking her lips, too. But as he leaned closer, some self-restraint took over him, and Alex first gently brushed his lips on Mia’s.

She smiled wider, then whispered, “What do you like the most in girls’ bodies, Alexander? I’m pleased to tell you that I’ve yet to find something I am against….”

And with that, Alex could do whatever he wanted with this beauty.

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My legendary class is Husband Of Deathwill Sisters? Chapter 439 [Bonus chapter]I’ve yet to find something I am against