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Chapter 438: I want you

Mia made it clear she thanked Alex for becoming Sara’s husband and Celia’s father, showing them happiness and genuine love. If it weren’t for him, these two would be in a much different situation.

Perhaps, a different successor would’ve already kicked away Celia and manipulated Sara’s heart differently.

“I don’t know how someone else could’ve taken a different route with such a beautiful woman and adorable little girl. It’s my fortune to have them as wife and daughter,” Alex said after taking a seat. “It feels like mother-in-law knows a lot about us.”

It would be sweet if Mia Deathwill somehow got wind of Sara and Celia’s happiness. It would turn her lone life merrier, after all.

But Mia Deathwill surprised Alex with something else, “I wish you used just my name to call me, Alexander.” She was sincere, her voice sounding so sweet — it was dangerous!

“Yes,” Alex immediately replied as if in a trance.

“Thank you,” Mia replied happily while her daughter gazed at her agape with narrowed eyes, not expecting that at all.

Celia was the most innocent one, her eyes shifting from Alex to Mia, “Grandma made daddy blush! Hehe!”

Mia laughed merrily, too, her little hand scratching Celia’s cheek gently, “While men hold the highest spots throughout realms and continents, the kings, we queens have our own, exclusive strengths, don’t we?”

“Yes!” Celia grinned and pointed at her daddy, saying he would do everything to make grandma happy because she was just too beautiful.

And while Mia agreed wholeheartedly with mellifluous giggles, Sara no longer sat confused and with a shocked expression. She shut her lips, sighed with an understanding, then took a different approach.

Her good sister, Stella, was already in an ambiguous situation as her mother became Alex’s lover. It seemed like the dullahan momma accepted the same fate — and it was much easier because of the winged girls.

Sara didn’t know that her mother had furtively glanced at her before starting her story.

“Because Celia is such a sweet child, her powers had reached me. I saw your plight, sadness, loneliness, and struggles. But then, I witnessed Alexander extending his hands to Celia, taking a lovely approach with her, then bits of your progress.

My heart leaped with joy when Celia called him father, and I cried for a week. I was relieved and proud of you, Sara, when I saw you with Alexander close. I could tell that you two have bonded, like a wife and husband,” Mia spoke so elatedly about them that Sara and Alex couldn’t stop themselves from blushing — in fact, Alex blushed more since he was already red for obvious reasons.

It turned out that Celia’s kind heart woke part of her authority, and she could send various images of her life to Mia Deathwill. Unfortunately, Mia quickly explained that she was forced to stay in her mansion, far away from others, because of Elias Deathwill.

Hearing this name, Celia trembled with fear, and she clutched Mia’s clothes. In an instant, the grandma’s expression changed to that cold and dangerous one, erasing Alex’s blush and bringing Sara out of her slightly embarrassed state.

Both looked at her seriously, then Sara explained about Elias Deathwill’s sudden invasion.

The more Mia listened, the colder atmosphere became. Celia no longer trembled just from fear, and her parents gawked at Mia, feeling like her power and hold of sins were on a greater level than everyone in their family!

“Celia, dear, you go and check the presents I’ve made for you,” Mia gently put Celia down on the ground, then gestured for her to go upstairs. A suit came out from the closet, surprising Celia, then it bowed like a butler, and under the gentle giggles of her family, Celia followed his wake to check her presents.

As the adults remained in the room, Mia parted her lip, her voice cold, “I clashed with Elias Deathwill. He was desperate to find more means to his sins… And I surprised him with my research and power, fending him off and securing peace…

It seems like his eyes are no longer clouded by lust but by hatred,” Mia chuckled as she inferred from Alex and Sara’s story that Elias hated women now.

She wanted to repay the ladies and everyone who protected Celia. But as she would do it soon, she talked more about Elias Deathwill.

“Once you find Myu Deathwill, you will find Elias Deathwill. With all sins gathered in your heart and us around you, the path toward his sword will open to you.

That sword is a key to victory, Alexander,” Mia added, for she knew that Blackburn Blade and Luxuria worked together to summon other sins. That sword was a piece created by The Fallen Goddess herself, and it could subjugate even her daughters.

Alex and Sara nodded.

“How can we help you, Mia?” Alex asked with a little awkwardness still in his tone, his intent genuine. As his mother-in-law was sealed in one place, he wanted her to leave and start living like a normal person again.

Mia laughed, covering her place, “I’ll need your help, Alexander. Though my research is deep and ahead of everyone else, I can’t move the formation I’ve created to control sin and enable me.

If I step outside, I’ll lose control. The solution is then to just keep it within me, my heart. Alas, I can’t store it in my heart and soul, for I lack means and knowledge. You need to find a way to my heart and soul, then store it for me.”

“How do I do that? I can try some stuff, but it might be dangerous…” Alex narrowed his eyes, thinking about his ways and knowledge about sins. 𝑖n𝚗𝘳e𝗮d. 𝒄𝐨𝗺

Mia surprised him, though, “Your legendary class is tightly bonded to your [Wrath] and other sins. It’s normal to be lustful in a relationship, to be envious or greedy, to be angry or lazy… Your class evolves as you and your relationships develop.”

No relationship was always sweet and lovely.

Mia extended her hand, grasped Alex’s, then brought it to her chest. He inadvertently squeezed her breast, which made Sara dagger Alex with her eyes — she did the same to her mother.

“I want you to use your class, tame me, and open a new world to me. A warm world with girls and boys smiling around,” Mia whispered, imagining her family and Alex’s family she wanted to step in.

Alex just mumbled carelessly, “I will do my best.”

“Thank you,” Mia chuckled, then smiled faintly at her daughter.

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