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Chapter 435: Perfect Control

It sounded like an impossible dream. 𝗶𝚗𝘯re𝐚d. 𝑐𝗼𝙢

The dullahan race was able to become headless since their birth, which was ingrained within them. No way a dullahan would forget how to become headless, and only young people momentarily could lose control over the such state.

But King Julias wanted to go beyond that. His dream was to have the utmost control over his body, to separate not only his head but also other parts, and also to have control over organs and soul!

Since he was able to leave a powerful sword behind with his will within it, the man believed wholeheartedly in his dream.

And as Sara and Alex had come here to gain more power and levels, they would delightfully go through King Julias’ challenges.

“Very well! That’s what I expected from those that could arrive in this place,” King Julias said pompously, his voice booming with pride and joy.

His castle trembled, then. A loud whistling of wind reached Alex and Sara’s ears, soon turning into lethal gusts that slammed into them. The wind was sharp and carried through the faint specks of mists.

“Your challenge has begun,” the king said, his voice fading away.

Alex and Sara remained rooted in their spots. Their eyebrows knitted, focusing on the sharp wind going through them. The wind itself was loud and not dangerous, but specks moving it were the real weapon.

And as Alex had inferred, their goal was to grasp those mist specks, absorb them and fill their bodies with that energy, and enable their bodies to separate at wish.

Sara had the same train of thoughts.

But even if their imagination and wits turned out to be superb, the challenge itself was far from easy. At first, it was hard to grasp those mist specks. They kept howling, hurtling into the couple, then avoiding their reach like little rascals.

It was tough to tell how much time had passed in this castle with a different time flow. But after some time, Alex and Sara managed to seize control over some specks. They put them around their limbs, and surely not to their surprise, their limbs separated, forcefully and roughly — as if someone strongly pulled out their arms.

“It’s not what King Julias wants from us,” Alex chuckled, looking at his motionless arm on the ground.

Sara faintly smiled before taking out a potion, “He must have expected failures at the beginning, though.” She then picked up her arm and allowed the high-quality potion to attach it back.

Alex went through the same process since he didn’t want to leverage on his other bloodline, staying as a pure dullahan. He returned promptly to the challenge, focusing deeply on the mist grains.

Still, the lost arm had given him some idea. He remembered how he ripped off his Asura Arms before; in fact, it was a similar process. And as Alex realized how handy King Julias’ dream could come to his vast arsenal of skills, Alex became eager to achieve the king’s dream.

Alex’s soul trembled unknowingly, and it started spreading across his whole body. All energies dwelling within him shone with his desire!

At last, as Alex put the mist grains to his body with the same idea, his arm gently separated itself from his body, floating around him like a weapon.

“Splendid!” King Julias’ voice swept through the room, kicking away all wind and mist. Sara also stopped focusing on her task. She grasped her arm, which was bleeding, then looked at Alex with jealousy and happiness mixed within.

The latter emotion prevailed.

“This… This is perfect separation!” King Julias assessed Alex’s progress, then gave him the best mark as Alex had exceeded his expectations. Of course, Alex thanked him, then promptly sent a few tips to his dullahan momma.

A few minutes later, following Alex’s tips, Sara achieved the same feat.

The fast progress started from that moment!

It’s been days in the Ancestral Grounds. Owing to the different time flow, the outside world had barely progressed, yet Alex and Sara had both achieved perfect control over their bodies, acquiring the new skill.

[Perfect Body Control(SSS)]

“We will have to practice it against the undead, so our bodies instinctively will adapt to our enemies’ bladed weapons,” Alex smiled while looking over himself. He had a 360 view as his head floated around.

And as he was in dullahan mode, he had techniques to protect his body well. In the past, dullahans had used those to protect just their heads, but now, Alex and Sara could apply these to their bodies.

It was really significant progress.

“Yes,” Sara was the happiest that words barely left her mouth. She once again had a lot to say, and all her thoughts fought first before leaving her lips. “With this, no one will doubt you, Alex.”

Only a few days separated Alex from fully becoming a member of the Dullahan Kingdom… And after that, Celia would also be able to freely stomp in that place and meet more aunts and uncles.

The couple’s happy time ended when King Julias’ parted his non-existent lips, “I reckon there are troubles heading to our kingdom outside. I hope you all have enough time to pass this dream to other dullahans and maximize our forces!

I wish I also could see it… Alas, my time has come. My will no longer should exist in Ancestral Grounds. I shall become one of the mechanisms to continue the legacy.”

Alex and Sara paid respect to the former king, bowed, and thanked him for his guidance and help from the bottom of their hearts, “We will ensure the prominent future for the Dullahan Kingdom!”

“Haha!” King Julias laughed triumphantly, his voice slowly fading away.

[The Dullahan King’s Sword has been bound to you.]

[You have unlocked the legendary sword’s full potential.]

The black sword erupted with energy; black streaks floated from it, giving Alex an aura equal to Thanas in his prime. He was like a king or someone with enough authority, which would make dullahans respect him without him saying a word.

The couple promptly left the Ancestral Grounds.

They needed a lot of breaks and love.

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