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My legendary class is Husband Of Deathwill Sisters?
Chapter 431 Sex with the queen [R-18]

Chapter 431: Sex with the queen [R-18]

The Queen Of Forest Fairies lay below him with reddened cheeks, slightly parted lips, shining eyes fixed on Alex, and her clothes naturally gradually slipping down. Her nightgowns snapped and went down, revealing more of Yumia’s skin.

Alex had seen her in many dresses as she stood in the spotlight with her queen’s aura and beautiful curves — and though he never had any feelings before, Yumia’s body drawn his eyes to inappropriate places.

Now that Yumia confessed and Alex understood what he had done, a spark of affection lit up in his heart, and it started a fire that utterly left Yumia contentment.

Her ‘king’ didn’t hold himself. He hovered his attention on her beautiful face, leaned down, and kissed her lips once more. And the same time, his hand squeezed her breast through a thin fabric.

It already felt like touching her bare flesh — a soft but firm feeling filled his palm. He fondled her best — suddenly broke the kiss — then looked down to properly seize and examine what had fallen into his hands.

Her voluptuous chest, which heaved owing to thrill and excitement, rooted his eyes on her breasts and forced his hands to knead her more. Yumia was blessed, though, her tits spilling out from Alex’s grasp.

But as he made circular motions to feel her chest entirely, then squeezed her peaks together, Alex surely entered the horny mood to feel more of his mother-in-law.

And he was in quite an enjoyable mood. He hadn’t had to put on any mask — he just enjoyed himself. As he ran his eyes from top to bottom, Alex kissed and embraced more of his forest fairies’ queen’s curves.

“Ah, yes… I love it rough; I love when you suck on my nipples…” Yumia breathlessly whispered what she loved, and opposite to her daughter, she really liked when her beloved pulled her nipples, stretched her tits, and took an even more vicious approach with her breasts.

She wouldn’t mind if Alex didn’t think of her pleasure while tending to her chest but selfishly sucked and fondled her here — she would love it.

But as Alex had been careful, confirming what Yumia liked and disliked, the queen could tell Alex wouldn’t be like that — unless he put one of his masks, but that surely wouldn’t be today — so she sweetly invited him for more.

Under her inviting eyes, Alex slid his left hand across her torso, down to her pelvis, then slipped his hand into her panties. Similarly, the queen extended her hands to Alex’s crotch, gliding her hands across the bulged part of his pants.

She then excused herself, pushed her hand into his pants, and seized the half-erect cock into her grasp.

Both started tending to each other’s private places. While Alex scooped out her nectar from the royal garden, Yumia slid her soft hand across Alex’s shaft. She had a little room with her hands still in his pants.

But as Alex drew a blanket over them, covering themselves from the third and gleaming pair of eyes, Yumia could slide down his pants, take out his cock entirely for her desires, then pump him to her heart’s content.

She had kind of experienced technique as Alex felt jolts of pleasure bringing his head down, grunting. He hadn’t come yet, for Yumia controlled pace near perfectly. At the same time, Alex had been fingering her as if there were no tomorrow.

Had it been not for her orgasms, Yumia would’ve had Alex utterly at her wish. Yet it was impossible as she wanted to relish every moment with him, and it’s been such a long time since someone made her come like that.

She whimpered adorably, and so did Alex — but he sounded far from cute. He was like a panting swordsman after a long and arduous battle, though his sword had yet to be used; hence Alex leaned down, his lips close to Yumia’s sweaty face.

“Where do you want me to come?” Alex was at a point where he didn’t mind coming on his girls’ bodies, within their mouths and even asses. He was open to many fetishes and ideas, so he asked.

Yumia stopped pumping Alex’s cock, her eyes fixed on his face, “I don’t doubt your stamina, but we do not have too much time today, don’t we? I want it planted deep inside me, Alexander.”

And there was a little room to look and thoroughly enjoy various plays in that blanket, so Yumia guided Alex to her pussy; his slightly wet tip instantly became drenched wet as her pussy produced too much nectar.

Alex’s hot and soft tip slowly entered her. His cock, which was indeed hot from all love and care, still surprised Yumia as she let out a loud whimper, which sounded like a triumphant scream.

Her body shuddered in pleasure while her pussy walls coiled around Alex’s cock. She did her best to clamp him down and give him what every other gorgeous woman from his harem regularly provided, and there was also a slight nervousness in Yumia’s heart as it had been years, and she wasn’t as tight as she used to be before.

But Alex simply couldn’t care. It felt good within her. He didn’t bother comparing as he felt content, and he could tell that Yumia loved him inside, too. He hadn’t betrayed any expectations, and those surely had been high.

As he jerked his hips and stroked her succulent canal with his cock, the whole bed trembled, seemingly bouncing off the floor, and the big ball of the blanket had a very obvious movement indicating what was happening inside — and if that was not enough, the squelching sounds and moans of the queen alongside Alex’s grunts were enough to tell that these two enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

Their hands wrapped around each other, the couple kissed, fucked each other like animals, and simply melted into each other.

As Alex had been stimulated before, he hadn’t lasted for too long, though. He still had done well, and many men would turn jealous of his ability.

At the very least, his cock spurted all his seed into Yumia’s womb, for Alex had poked her here numerous times.

“Ohhhhh!” Yumia let out a sound so unlike herself that Anais, on the outside, whistled, astounded and amused. For many reasons, the fox girl chilled on her bed, but she ensured that no one would disturb these two.

No one could enter the infirmary, and it had been just three of them.

A few more whimpers followed that whorish exclamation, then the effects of the best orgasm in her life faded slightly, and light in Yumia’s eyes shone much brighter as her sanity returned.

She wrapped her arms around Alex’s neck and whispered in her tantalizing tone, “More, my king.”

Alex didn’t even know when he inserted his cock into her snatch again, but he was once again making her soft tits roll around with his thrusts.

“You only covered us with a blanket when I was about to take out your cock… Do you have your eyes on my sworn sister, Alexander?” Amidst his thrusts and kisses, Yumia asked head-on, smiling.

Alex chuckled, then shook his head, “She’s your sworn sister, so she must’ve seen your nude body already… And she’s healthy enough to leave the room, isn’t she? But when it comes to me, I would rather keep my naked body, and more importantly, my cock, only to my girls…

If someone outside my family saw me naked, men would aim to kill me, and girls would flock to my side,” Alex said in an unnatural tone, “That’s how loaded I am.”

Two streaks of darkness slipped outside Alex’s Wrath Mana within his soul. They had different colors on the hem, which was odd.

Alex and no one else hadn’t noticed it.

No way he could with Yumia below him, still yearning for a little more time.

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My legendary class is Husband Of Deathwill Sisters? Chapter 431 Sex with the queen [R-18]