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My legendary class is Husband Of Deathwill Sisters?
Chapter 430 Kiss with the queen

Chapter 430: Kiss with the queen

“Celia and Veronica are in my world. Do you want to join them?” Alex asked Ubo, whose eyes instantly twinkled after his words. He opened a way to Earth for him, then stood up after the portal closed, and Ubo was gone, going to the beds from where the forest fairies queen and fox queen had been eying him.

They smiled at him with their mesmerizing and mature charms. Alex reciprocated their feelings, not shrinking or shying away under the beautiful eyes of much older ladies.

He approached Yumia’s bed, then leaned down, embracing her, which was nothing more than a hug. He tightly wrapped his arms around her, though. And as Alex thanked her for protecting Celia and Veronica, Yumia cast him an incredulous look.

Alex knew what she had in mind, so he spun around, went to Anais’ bed, then repeated the same hug. Anais wasn’t his in-law or that close friend, but they embraced each other in a similar, nearly identical way as Yumia and Alex had done.

“I can’t thank you enough,” Alex said while picking up a chair. He put it between the two beds, quite away from the ladies, as he wanted to have them both in one view. He kept shifting his eyes from the gorgeous queen to another.

Yumia and Anais exchanged glances, then the forest fairies queen replied, “You can tell our feelings, Alexander, so I won’t rebuke you. But can you imagine myself running away while kids are behind, fighting?”

Anais added, “Can you imagine me leaving my sworn sister behind?”

Alex bashfully smiled, scratching his cheek. He knew those two wouldn’t leave each other because, for some time now, they were really like twin sisters. Anais had taken a liking to Celia and Veronica through Yumia, and they unconsciously became closer with everyone in the city, to say nothing of Yumia being Alex’s in-law.

Yumia and Anais were also women with principles, their hearts brave.

Alex knew that thanking them like that surely would make them raise their eyebrows at him, but he didn’t know how he could repay or thank them differently. Their talk soon steered away from Elias Deathwill as Alex had already decided what he would do soon.

Alex shared that he worked with antagonists and that they had been in his castle for a while now…

“A lot of antagonists who can turn into allies…” Yumia repeated in a daze, her mind spinning with an odd thought she couldn’t kick away. And as Anais peeked at her face, she knew what Yumia was thinking.

Clueless about the real meaning behind those words, Alex nodded and said, “Yasir reached the new heights at being scum. I will negotiate and talk with the antagonist soon… Because I have antagonist’s mana and sword, and it had worked with as my allies, I reckon I am closer to finding a way of fixing the antagonists’ lives.”

The antagonists had to fight against the world; if not, the goddess would send her ire at them and punish them. But as Alex wielded so many unique energies, perhaps he would find a way and have a talk with the goddess?

Alex then blinked a few times as there was an awkward pause in the room.

And then, gathering all her courage, Yumia confessed with her eyes rooting Alex in one place, “I’ve been infatuated by you for a long time now, Alexander. If your plan with antagonists works, and you get more friends, will you give me a chance?”

Alex stared agape.

Anais quickly added, “Ah, Alexander. You can’t imagine how she cried after you said you liked the friendly atmosphere. This silly girl had been looking for a man for years, then she took a liking to her daughter’s beloved. And when this very daughter has given her permission to pursue her love…”

It wasn’t hard to recall that day… Alex spent weeks with his harem, so his time with Anais and Yumia after stood out. It was different and soothing, and he couldn’t even imagine that one of them thought about him in such a way.

And as Alex thought further, he could imagine the pain in Yumia’s heart. He brought Meiya back home, and it was clear he wanted to provide happiness to the other two wives. In fact, Alex already swore to go to Dullahan Realm and find assistance to find Mia Deathwill.

If things turned his way and Mia looked for love, Alex would hurt Yumia again.

“I’m already blessed with friends. After this war ends and we no longer be pressured by antagonists and sins, I will have plenty of time for friendship. I might even be able to run away alone for some peace of mind.

So… Yumia… You don’t have to pray for the antagonists to become my friends… I’m sorry for hurting you and not noticing anything,” Alex blamed himself, for Yumia was a good woman, and it would be hypocritical of him to not give her a chance as he had done to Remia.

She deserved more than a chance if she had been searching for a man this long and only found affection in Alex.

Alex liked her, and she had been a good in-law. With his eyes opened, he could see himself falling in love with the beautiful fairy momma, so there was nothing that stopped him anymore.

He had trodden to Yumia’s bed again, then leaned in a similar way. But as the mood was different, so was the cuddling. He affectionately held her and slowly went for her lips.

Nothing truly stopped them as the soft kiss soon unfolded between Alex and Yumia. Her lips tasted sweet, and a new thrill and taste pushed Alex for more. He stuffed his tongue in her mouth, then coiled it around hers.

And as it’s been years since Yumia had kissed someone in such a way, she was defenseless and more sensitive than ever. It was as if her body was vulnerable at least a thousand times more, for she had been alone for truly a long time.

She was wide open for Alex, and he took pleasure in taking advantage of it. And Yumia also took joy in being held by Alexander and him taking over her.

“I’m finally… in the king’s arms,” Yumia breathlessly whispered before her lips got snatched by Alexander again — he was surely aroused by those words. And by the time these two noticed, Alex was already atop her, and Yumia’s clothes slid down a little.

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My legendary class is Husband Of Deathwill Sisters? Chapter 430 Kiss with the queen