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Chapter 429: Happy cat and wolf

Alex’s wives scattered to prepare for a long battle with the undead. They had it relatively easy in the realm as nothing could really stop them from escaping to Deathwill Castle, no matter what distance and circumstances.

That was because of the ladies’ skills.

Alex could only stare at them while holding onto Schnee’s form. He turned his concern into a strong belief in his girls, then looked outside. The realm was as dark as it was, and as Stella had hinted to him that Schnee was in a grim mood, Alex used his newest checkpoint to go to the divine cat realm.

Schnee followed him without saying anything, her cat body in his arms.

After using that checkpoint, Alex appeared in a sunny world. He was in Schnee’s grandpa’s house, but it was empty. Schnee turned into a humanoid form, then wore casual clothes that looked like sports clothes.

She then landed on the windowsill and hopped off onto a tree’s branch.

Alex followed her silently. Though the sun was indeed good for the mood, Alex sniffed the undead presence in the realm. He was sure the cat people were in disarray, but outside, no undead could stomp into their dwellings and their lands.

He didn’t comment on undead but took a seat before Schnee. She sat propped by the tree’s wide bark, her knees high and ass stuck to the branch. She looked thoughtfully ahead, memories of her talk with Alex and ‘innocent self’ mixed with Luxuria and her sudden appearance in the divine cat mirror.

Alex extended his hand and affectionately caressed her cheek. It was one of his favorite things to do, and his touch gathered Schnee’s attention; her golden eyes flashed, and she turned them at his face.

“You won’t be able to kill her with such face, Schnee,” Alex faintly whispered, believing that Schnee would be the one to deal with the sin of lust in the future.

Schnee bitterly smiled, then slowly looked down, parting her lips, “How much has she influenced me? Would I be a different person if it weren’t for her?”

Schnee was angry at such thoughts in the past, and she believed she was herself. But now, she was not so sure and lost. Luxuria’s presence hit her like a truck, and she just couldn’t stop thinking about it.

“I often feel like a different person,” Alex replied, sharing his talk with Meiya Deathwill… It wasn’t nice to hear someone else’s name now, but Schnee appreciated talking about different masks.

And then she laughed as Alex described how he was more often forced to take that master mask, and he first wore it because of her.

Alex felt much better as the kitty smiled wider, and her face lit up with amusement and happiness, “There are hundreds of years ahead of us. We will change significantly, but we will always be together as long as our core characteristics remain in all those masks.

And I know you will keep them…”

“What is it?” Schnee asked, not so sure herself. But as a response, Alex flashed his white teeth, grinning no end. She pouted, then scratched his nose with her paw for bullying her and not saying anything.

“You know them. You just can’t recall them now,” so Alex said a few words, but that hadn’t satisfied the kitty at all, so she scratched his nose again.

Alex kept grinning.

These two spent the remaining time in silence. Soft breeze went through them, and it felt cold yet pleasant, for Schnee’s relieved face was hotter than the sun, so there was a perfect balance.

It seemed lighter around them and just too warm.

At last, Schnee looked away from her grinning beloved, “I will check grandpa… I’ll help him with the undead, then join the rest in the Deathwill Castle… We want that realm for ourselves since the soul grave-keeper is gone, right?”

Schnee retraced her eyes, then a vein popped on her temple. She gazed at Alex with narrowed eyes — and he kept grinning even wider as if she had solved the world hunger problem or something! — and extended her hand to scratch his nose again.

But this time, Alex grasped her hand, then pulled her to himself. He planted a deep kiss on Schnee’s lips, his hands tightly coiled around her. His tongue drove pleasure into her as he licked those sweet lips and tongue.

Schnee’s mind boomed with pleasure, turning numb, and she heated even more.

After parting his lips, Alex added with a chuckle, “A boost for my kitty. Your paws might scorch the undead now. Sounds pretty effective.” He couldn’t stop smiling, too, and as it was a smile hiding many positive emotions, Schnee wanted to dig out everything that formed such a smile.

She parted her lips, let out her tongue, then took Alex’s lips herself — for more boost, too!

Alex appeared in the Deathwill Castle. He knew Schnee would appear here later, then rush to help her sisters. And that love toward her family was in no way formed by Luxuria or anyone else — it was Schnee’s genuine feeling.

So he was more than glad to see her like that.

Alex headed to the infirmary in his castle. After opening the doors, Alex saw three presences he was grateful for — Ubo, Yumia, and Anais.

He saw Ubo with his eyes open, looking thoughtfully as well. When Alex appeared, he looked at him and then smiled brightly. He was in his humanoid form, and as a former wolf with limited consciousness, Ubo’s personality started developing even further now.

But it meant that he wouldn’t be able to hide his feelings and thoughts for some time.

Alex took a seat next to his bed, then roughly ruffled his hair. He knew that Ubo could take it, for he had been healed perfectly. But no skill could perfectly mend mental — some light help from holiness was fine, but more of it would extend to manipulation, which Alex was against.

“Father… Ah…” Ubo muttered mindlessly, then covered his lips.

Alex recalled his time with two wolves. Although one of them was gone, his inheritance dwelled within Ubo, and so did his feelings. And as they had been close with him and Celia for a long time, the wolves were like… big brothers to Celia and sons to Alex.

“Good job protecting Celia, son. You are the best big brother I’ve ever seen,” Alex smiled genuinely.

And as Ubo gazed at him, his eyes reddened, and tears started crumbling down his little face. He trembled from the flood of emotions, not looking away for the werewolf royal bloodline coursed through him.

But no bloodline could ever stop him from wanting to be Alex’s son and feeling happy when the head of Deathwill Household acknowledged him.

“Um,” Ubo nodded, more tears falling off his cheeks. Alex then took him into his arms, patting his back while ruffling his hair even rougher. These two spent a good time together, and Alex even asked a few questions about Ubo’s new change!

From the other side of the same room, Yumia and Anais had been listening with smiles plastered on their faces.

The scene was just too sweet, and these two ladies genuinely felt happy for Ubo.

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