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My legendary class is Husband Of Deathwill Sisters?
Chapter 428 Girls will take care of the shrine

Chapter 428: Girls will take care of the shrine

[You are no longer under the soul grave-keeper’s protection.]

Alex received such a message at the same time the cracks in the sky shattered. Amidst their falling bits, Alex read the system message, then confirmed his thoughts.

Something must have happened to the old man.

There was a high chance he had been killed.

As Alex had exclusive land in the old man’s realm, no one from outside it, no matter what undead, couldn’t step inside the Deathwill Castle’s lands. That has changed significantly as the new kind of undead emerged from the grounds.

“They are here,” Alex said wearily, his eyes narrowed from exhaustion. He saw some new skeletons, zombies, and ghosts sprouting from the ground in the usual undead way. Ghosts casually went through the ground, skeletons seemed to have invisible hands pulling them out of the soil, and zombies simply dug.

Celia held tightly to the windowsill, then climbed atop it. She gazed at the new monsters swarming around her home’s walls. It reminded her of the beginnings as skeletons had been teeming around the castle in its early days, too.

Owing to those memories, Celia parted her lips to reassure her tired daddy, “They can’t take over our castle! Our walls are sturdy!”

“I hope so,” Alex replied weakly… And as he reached for his inventory to take out his swords and start some cleaning up, the familiar voice stopped him from behind. He instantly felt relieved.

“Go and take a rest in your room, handsome. You too, Schnee,” Olivia said, strutting with her lightning spear shining like a torch. She wore yukata similar to Danielle, white-blue with flowers, and her level was as high as Alex’s!

She sported confidence, and her eyes gleamed in excitement as she couldn’t wait to test out her new skills.

In such a short time, Olivia increased her level and even acquired a skill that was similar to Meiya’s sinful skill. This irked Goddess Momma, and there was a clash between these two, but that was a story for another time.

Olivia was not the only one to return to the castle. Everyone except Sara had returned, ready to support their beloved.

Sara sent a message, explaining her situation and new finding. But as Alex was too tired and relieved that he could leave everything to his beloveds, he went to his room to rest. He skimmed briefly through the message, then fell to dreamland.

Schnee was with him, and she slept in her cat form, curled on Alex’s chest.

– 𝒾n𝘯𝒓𝙚а𝑑. 𝓬𝑜𝙢

Alex woke up twelve hours later.

He and Schnee woke up pretty much at the same time. They logged off, spent little time on Earth talking about their time in a mirror world, then returned to the game through a capsule, all full and ready to play for a long time.

Stella stood outside his room, waiting for him, “I have a report.”

Though she said that, Stella first kissed her beloved on the cheek, then asked a few questions about his mental. Schnee was in her cat form, not minding it all, for a lot of shit had happened in a span of a few hours.

Alex caressed Stella’s cheek, explaining a little about Blackburn Blade and Luxuria. He would explain everything in detail when everyone gathered, so he just satisfied and quenched Stella’s worry with some important bits.

Then, it was Stella’s time to talk, “The new undead in our realm are around level three hundred, and the highest level spotted so far has been close to three hundred and fifty. We can deal with them easily, so far.

In the mortal continents, the new undead match level with players and residents, forest fairies, and our allied demi-human forces work well with The Alliance to protect their lands.

Tomo Homie and people who had trained in Winged Realm have the edge over the undead, so they help others level up significantly. Winged Realm is also safe, though undead here have begun working together with cursed monsters.

Many shrines have also appeared across continents and even realms. We also have a shrine here. It appeared in the soul grave-keeper’s capital, and the undead monsters meticulously guard it.”

“I understand,” Alex nodded, then headed to his meeting room. He waited for everyone to gather, and as Olivia came last to the room, Alex went through the events in the divine cat realm and the new threat to the whole world.

Everyone tensed, and though their levels had risen so fast in a short amount of time, they already thought about the highest level in the Avander World — level five hundred — and how to get there as fast as possible.

Meiya glanced outside the window, “Just clean monsters in realms. Their levels here are the highest. Our target should be the shrine in Dusza, the soul grave-keeper’s capital. We can’t wait until all undead gather here, can we?”

“We obviously can’t,” Olivia replied as if trying to taunt Meiya, but in reality, she was too eager to fight. Her lightning skills were perfect against the undead, and she couldn’t stand pests trying to take down her handsome’s castle.

Remia then raised a good point, “You need to talk with the antagonists. I don’t think they can fight against Yasir if he is so shrewd and with new forces…”

Because foxes had a way to go to another continent, the news of what had happened here had also reached Alex’s family’s ears. They knew about the final battle and that the whole world faced the undead, the death because of the old man.

They also had an inkling he forced goddess to act, which was an amazing feat.

“Give me a few days… There’s a lot I have to talk about with others,” Alex had a lot to do, and it was not a fighting, which he was pleased immensely with.

His family looked at him differently than he had expected, though.

“We will take over the shrine without your help,” Stella said, making everyone except Alex nod, “You two rest.”

She pointed at Alex and Schnee. With her innate ability, Stella had seen through Schnee’s turmoil and negative feelings coursing through her heart. Besides, Alex couldn’t be a part of everything, could he?

They were his family, his wives. It was also their job to shoulder the burden.

“I can help-” Alex parted his lips only to shut them a second later. Everyone glared at him, not letting Alex express his concern and desire to assist them.

In the end, it has been decided that Alex would negotiate and do his stuff while the girls would face the undead and take over the shrine.

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My legendary class is Husband Of Deathwill Sisters? Chapter 428 Girls will take care of the shrine