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My legendary class is Husband Of Deathwill Sisters?
Chapter 426 Better than Alexander

Chapter 426: Better than Alexander

Alex reacted similarly to the antagonists, gazing at the screen agape. He soon squinted his eyes, thinking that the screen was perhaps fake, or at least the memories within it.

But as the antagonists had no doubts that the memories were real, Alex was forced to believe Blackburn Blade. All of them never questioned him but instead whispered faintly beneath their noses about Yasir and his objective.

Amidst those, Alex trembled and recalled Yasir’s words, “I never lose…”

Yasir had said something similar during his visit to Earth. Back then, Alex and Harvey didn’t pay attention to those words, for it was clear that Yasir had lost. He wouldn’t have become the antagonist had he won against Blackburn Blade and others.

But after those memories, Alex had an inkling…. He tried to think like Yasir, and he came to the conclusion that Yasir perhaps thought that giving up his life on his own was like a victory…

‘There was no reason for him to give up on his life, though…’ Alex racked his brain to think about other reasons, but he just couldn’t think of anything else.

Others were the same, but anger and hatred overcame them faster. They no longer had Blackburn Blade in their eyes, but Yasir and their desire to question and kill him…

“Does it not make him… the traitor?” Yumi whispered as she shivered from fury. Her voice was slow and quiet but resounding in everyone’s hearts. Everyone was shocked to see her tears, for she was the strongest girl in their ranks with a cold and unapproachable demeanor.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

But as this event couldn’t end just like that, the invisible wall on the other side had started cracking. It turned into mirror pieces, twinkling and slowly falling onto the ground. From the other side, a beauty came out.

She was so beautiful that the antagonists momentarily forgot about Yasir and their new hate toward him. But as she strode toward Blackburn Blade with a fangirl smile, her eyes clouded with hearts and affection, the antagonists regained their senses.

“Blackburn Blade… You are much better than Alexander,” her mellifluous voice filled the world. For some reason, Blackburn Blade hadn’t answered her, staring into her eyes with a relieved and comfy expression.

He was defenseless, yet it was fine, for the girl wrapped her arms around his neck. She pushed her soft body against him, her sweet breath tickling Blackburn Blade’s lips.

“I’m Luxuria, my beloved,” she whispered to his ear, then flicked Blackburn Blade’s demon’s forehead.

The demon dissipated into black energy, then it went straight to Blackburn Blade’s heart…

“She’s gone… It’s so quiet… After so many years, it’s quiet…” Blackburn Blade said quietly, dazed. His demon no longer screamed outside and in his mind. He still had the demon’s powers, which was the reason he hadn’t gone mad.

The side-effect had been erased, and he kept his powers… Today was indeed a good day.

He fixed his eyes on Luxuria’s pretty face. He immediately extended his hands to hold her, not planning to let her go. And as he did that, Luxuria giggled as if his sudden act was surprising and rough.

“Luxuria… The sin of lust… So it’s you,” Blackburn Blade spoke in a confident tone, which was much different from his usual self. He wasn’t like a madman with mood swings; he was more normal than ever.

He tightened his grasp around Luxuria’s waist, not letting her softness escape him, “You are mine… You, your power, and your sisters.”

“Yes, my lover… I will call everyone here, so you can bask in power and glory!” Luxuria chirped like a maiden in love, ready to fulfill all his requests. Blackburn Blade inadvertently smirked, then looked at everyone, still holding Luxuria, who simply laid herself on him like a flaunting lover.

He licked his lips, then declared, “I will wield sins and turn two worlds into my farms. I will feed on your energies and then challenge Paradise and even the goddess. You all can only cower and wait for me.

First… I must get rid of some pests,” Blackburn Blade let Luxuria go, then brandished his sword at everyone gathered in the room. He noticed a cat and other antagonists already, his senses rooting them down.

Out of all people, only Alex wasn’t affected, for some reason, which was odd, as he was sure he didn’t have any counter-power against Blackburn Blade, who went all out to trap everyone here.

He used that chance, then leaned forward, putting his hand on Yumi, “To my castle!” 𝑖𝓷𝘯r𝐞𝐚𝗱. 𝙘om

She had no way of refusing or repelling Alex’s command, owing to Blackburn Blade’s pressure and her wounded heart. She was way more defenseless than others. However, even her antagonists’ friends were the same, disappearing one by one under Alex’s order.

The terrifying black slash went through the world then, its target, Alex.

But Alex tumbled on the ground, rolling and escaping by hair-breadth. He quickly rushed to other antagonists — who were the same — then put them in his castle’s prison.

He had done it to everyone, for he couldn’t just trust them.

And then, Alex picked Schnee in her kitty form.

The mirror was on the verge of breaking.

At last, two presences came out from it.

Alex and Schnee dropped with wounds and blood all over them. Every cat grew suspicious and worried about them.

Alex quickly howled, “Be careful! There are monsters here that none of you can handle! Seal this place!”

To such words, most cats grew even more agitated than before. Had their mirror been in a good state, they would’ve laughed at Alex. But that was indeed not the case. The divine mirror cracked and soon would cease to exist.

So what exactly was inside?

Soon, two more figures came out.

Two existences with level five hundred… Their aura suffocated the crowd, and no one could even lift a finger at them — because Luxuria was just too cute, and Blackburn Blade was menacing, his hands around Luxuria like a kid who wouldn’t share his toy.

“Let’s go to The Lost Kingdom, BB!” Luxuria grinned, “There’s no need to bother ourselves with those pests. They are harmless and will become a good source of sins for us, won’t they?”

“Yeah,” Blackburn Blade replied, disappearing from the scene with his lass.

Alex and Schnee weren’t here already, for they knew Blackburn Blade wouldn’t give up on them. But as they appeared in the castle, Alex was again greeted with bad news, his mood sinking.

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My legendary class is Husband Of Deathwill Sisters? Chapter 426 Better than Alexander