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Chapter 425: Truth III

The antagonists had come here with a clear goal to kill Alex.

But as Blackburn Blade appeared on the scene, their hearts shook, and their target immediately shifted to him. The antagonists were even able to forget their past with Alexander Deathwill Mao, becoming his temporary ally.

Everyone noticed that Alex’s red sword shone brighter with them in his presence — their goals the same. Because of that, even the antagonists felt a surge of strength blooming from within their souls.

In an instant, all of them called their demons. The demonic existences came out in various shapes, yet their forms all looked grotesque and ready to horrify the world. Those demons leaned down and became armor for everyone.

“All ready?” Blackburn Blade asked, not attacking them during their transformation. He knew well how it was to be an antagonist, and nostalgia and his thrill stopped him from hindering their power-up.

Clad in their armors, their weapons clenched, the antagonists silently formed a plan between each other through eye contact. And standing amidst them, Alexander read all of it, becoming a part of it.

Then, the battle started.


Various long-distance skills popped around Blackburn Blade, and the after-effects coalesced into smoke, which utterly had hidden the man inside — his senses, mainly eyes, disturbed.

On the other hand, the antagonists saw Blackburn Blade well, as if their shining eyes had an X-ray; the same went for Alexander.

They all shrank distance with Blackburn Blade while following the previously formed plan. Once again, the ranged antagonists let out their skills, which whistled in everyone’s ears except Blackburn Blade as they went forward.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Following them, the swordsmen and other close combat antagonists hurled their weapons at the enemy, aiming at various spots from head to toe.

“You’re using a similar tactic to your leader,” Blackburn Blade chortled, then leaned forward, attacking the closest to his right antagonists. He slightly broke the formation the antagonists had planned beforehand — but they had expected it, of course.

Alas, that was not enough against the winner whose victory destroyed two worlds. Although some of his abilities had been surely suppressed — because he hadn’t used anything other than his sword to intercept antagonists and their skills — Blackburn Blade was a too experienced and skillful fellow.

“Lovely!” Blackburn screamed with joy, enjoying the clashes with antagonists. He loved the smell of blood that had been filling his nostrils, his ears twitched in pleasure as the grunts of his enemies stuffed his mind, and his eyes widened in madness as he yearned for more — all of it strengthened him and pushed him forward.


At last, the red sword met the black one. And while many other swords descended onto Blackburn Blade, for the first time since the antagonists’ joint attack, Blackburn Blade used his other abilities to stop Alex’s Asura Hands from hurting him.

He crazily smiled, “You don’t like my Wrath, do you?”

Alex’s eyes widened in surprise, “You…”

Blackburn Blade retracted his weapon, then thrust forward at a speed that eluded everyone. Alex, his target, received the brunt of that thrust, his Asura Arm falling off lifelessly — it tumbled on the ground.

“I’ve heard of sins in Paradise, a pretty popular topic. I am now sure you wield them, perhaps chosen by the fallen goddess… You aren’t the perfect candidate if you consciously stay away from my hatred… Haha,” Blackburn Blade raised his sword, ready to split off more of Asura’s Arms.

Alex belatedly reacted, but fortunately for him, Yumi hurtled herself into Blackburn Blade, taking all his attention.

‘I have been… the reason…’ Alex mumbled inwardly, recalling his thoughts from a few minutes ago. He believed that Blackburn Blade had been too strong of the opponent and that the level gap blocked him from using his wrath.

It seemed like it was not the case.

Alex bit his lips, pulling himself out of those pointless thoughts. He couldn’t miraculously change his mindset during the battle, but he surely would give it a thought after today’s event.

As he looked at the clock in his system, Alex knew that he soon would be able to leave the divine mirror realm. He wanted to look out for Schnee and deal with Blackburn Blade with the help of other cats.

But as Blackburn Blade kept dancing with antagonists, his heart hoarded a lot of thrill and enjoyment, and soon, he distanced himself from all of them, standing at the highest point of the hill.

He looked down on the antagonists. Some stood with their weapons bared, some were on their knees, and some lay unconscious on the ground.

“I am not a person who reneges his promises,” Blackburn Blade smiled, then lifted his right hand. Black and ominous mana turned into a system window, which soon flashed with Blackburn Blade’s memories.

On the screen, everyone saw Blackburn Blade and Yasir facing each other. They were in some kind of dark realm that Alex wasn’t really familiar with — everyone else was, and they were shocked to see that Yasir was doing fine against Blackburn Blade.

Many lights flashed on the screen. The battle escalated quickly, and Blackburn Blade soon fought against Yasir with full strength… And then, the dark realm trembled, stopping Blackburn Blade’s movements.

He froze mid-air, defenseless like never before.

Yasir was intact, moving across the dark realm with confident steps. He lifted his sword, then brandished it before Blackburn Blade’s eyes. Had Yasir thrust forward, Blackburn Blade would’ve died — that was certain.

Yet, Yasir lowered his sword, “I could’ve killed you, Blackburn Blade. It’s my victory.”

“The fuck you doing?” Blackburn Blade scrunched his face with confusion, glaring at Yasir.

It was the last battle, the final battle. There were no respawns… So even if Blackburn Blade was the antagonist, he wouldn’t respawn. He would die.

“I never lose… you know?” Yasir replied with a mysterious smile, then let his weapon go…

At last, Blackburn Blade regained control over his body. He instantly brought his blade to Yasir’s neck, slightly cutting his skin.

“You never lose, huh?” Blackburn Blade repeated, then beheaded the tanned man, ending his life. A few hours later, all the players’ forces fell, and the antagonists won. On that same day, two worlds ceased to exist.

Everyone watched that screen in shock.

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