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Chapter 422: Luxuria

“Hehe! I am so glad you have entered this world, girl,” the voice from Schnee’s soul giggled, sounding overly ecstatic. But even though she was so happy, her voice carried an immense allure, potent enough to turn every male in her presence infatuated with her.

She sounded like a weapon against males already, so her appearance would surely be devastating. And for appearance, it was time.

Amidst Schnee’s constant bursts of indignation, the girl from inside her soul started her escape. Schnee’s right eye burst out with dark mana — mana she had been living with ever since she knew — and then the whole right side of her curvaceous body exploded with the same mana.

It was as if she soaked herself halfway in ink.

She froze, unable to move her right hand or leg; even turning her right eye to the side was impossible. In that state, Schnee could only feel something leaving her body, slowly but surely.

She had a bad feeling, and her thoughts soon became a reality as the girl of immense appeal and beauty stood on her right side.

[Luxuria Lv. 500 HP: ??? MP: ???] 𝗶𝚗𝘯re𝐚d. 𝑐𝗼𝙢

Her hair was dark blue, her eyes were violet, and her milky skin was white. Her curves matched Schnee, yet the black leather outfit she kitted out emphasized her assets, showcasing the enthralling and compelling beauty.

Plainly, if she were to unstrap herself of these, her true beauty would turn all males into hungry and horny dogs. For now, Luxuria played around with her aura and clothes, having control over everything around her.

“As we stay so close to each other, I can see how similar we are, appearance-wise, at least,” Luxuria brought herself closer to Schnee, their chests touching each other while a few inches separated their faces, “You did a good job bringing me to this world. Though I have to say, has it never crossed your mind that I was within you?

Why would you get my best skill, a skill named after me, out of other sin holders?” Luxuria innocently asked, yet she simply couldn’t sound or even look pure due to her charm.

“Beats me,” Schnee replied, regaining control over her right side of the body. She glowered at Luxuria for what she had done and stood alert in case the sin of lust wanted to fight her.

Luxuria wasn’t in the mood for a fight, “My pussy is itching so much! Ah, where is Alexander? He needs me, not a coward like you.”

“Coward?” Schnee narrowed her eyes, glaring at Luxuria even deeper. She looked like an angry kitty that would soon pounce at her prey.

That brought out a smile from the sexy girl, and she ‘kindly’ explained, her voice quite drawling but surely not bored, “I feared you would take over me after you received my best skill… But you couldn’t really keep Alexander with yourself for a long time. With a sin of lust in your heart, you were like any other woman in the bed.

Laughable, isn’t it? You couldn’t dominate other women and make them addicted to the sex with my skill… You didn’t even have a chance to perfect it.” Luxuria brightly smiled, but in her case, it looked different yet again.

This time, it was so taunting that Schnee punched forward with all her might.

“Haha! You’ve failed already, girl,” Luxuria effortlessly dodged the kitty’s punch, then skipped her way back a few times, “Alexander doesn’t need cowardly girls like you. He needs us, the seven sisters. Don’t worry, girl, I will soon bring them here. And we will have a nice orgy with you all looking at it from the side.

It will be a blast, won’t it be? Ah, I just came,” Luxuria bit her finger as the first real orgasm went through her. She hadn’t felt that in a long time, “If he does a good job and finds our mother’s beloved and kills that goddess, I will lend him a hand and help him kill mother’s man so that he can also bone the real goddess!”

She was indeed the real sin of lust; her thoughts and plans were woven with debauchery and cruelty, just for self-satisfaction and pleasure.

Schnee scrunched her face with hatred, angrily going after Luxuria. If she connected at least one attack, she would be able to apply side effects and become a real threat to Luxuria.

Alas, Luxuria’s high level was a problem. She also didn’t have any plan of fighting Schnee. But she still hadn’t left the mirror world yet. It seemed she had found something or someone and waited for more development.

Thus, she parted her rosy lips, “Are you scared to part your lips to me? I’m not interested in you, little coward. Feel free to argue with me, or you fear you don’t have any chance?”

“It would be like speaking with a wall,” Schnee replied with a smirk, “You’ve been living within me for a long time, so you’ve seen Alex and know him pretty well. Yet you can’t understand that he won’t give up on us. You can’t even understand that he won’t take a liking to a bitch like you and your sisters.

You, a bitch with itchy pussy, can only try using underhanded methods like manipulation. But that won’t be ‘Alexander’ you are so infatuated with. He will be someone else,” Schnee spoke proudly, “You won’t be able to manipulate or get your hands on him, though.”

“He will be different, you say?” Luxuria mused those words, then chuckled, “Doesn’t really matter. His cock is what I love anyway.”

“Oh, a bitch with two pussies,” Schnee laughed, “One instead of a brain, and another down below in a proper place, yet so damn itchy you can only run away.”

For the first time, a grimace appeared on Luxuria’s pretty face. She decided to entertain Schnee a little, her boneless hand going forward to slap the kitty.

Because of the gap between them, Schnee took the hit head-on, and her soft body flew behind in hyperbola. She dropped with a loud thud.

And then, a few more presences assaulted Schnee, their eyes red.

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