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Chapter 421: Blackburn Blade

Alex and Schnee appeared in separate rooms, which was nothing surprising as they already had information about the divine cat’s mirror world. They weren’t confused by a blank world as well.

In the blink of an eye, the colors permeated their rooms. It was as if some divine being whipped the brush, painting the grass, tree, and sky. Of course, each room was different, and for the first time, Alex’s eyes widened in shock.

‘I don’t think I’ve ever been in such a place, but it feels familiar,’ he whispered inwardly while gawking at the world coalescing around him.

He appeared on a hill with an unknown but familiar shrine perched atop it. It was dark yet unique torches with white flames lit up the area around him. Soon, the scent of blood invaded Alex’s nostrils.

The atmosphere turned grim without any reason, and he couldn’t even think of what would come out soon.

But at the very least, the shrine shook, and something out of the world started forcefully breaking through its defenses. The whole world shook a moment later, and constant shattering sounds reverberated across the whole world.

In Schnee’s case, she appeared in a totally unfamiliar world. She didn’t even have a hint of what this place could be. But as the divine cat’s mirror world formed enemies based on people’s roots, Schnee knew that this place was somewhat connected to her.

The kitty moved her leg behind, running her eyes around the dark cave, which soon turned out to be a part of some underground castle. She was underground in a place that seemed to be the Deathwill Castle.

After all, Alex’s castle was as dark as it could get. Yet, Schnee was sure it was not the castle of her beloved, her home.

“Where the hell am I?” Schnee couldn’t help but get irked by the darkness around her. She couldn’t find any clue, and her senses hadn’t helped her, either. She was as though locked, unable to make any significant or any progress.

Her enemy also was hiding somewhere.

“I am… here…” the voice suddenly assaulted Schnee.

Then the whole underground trembled as though wailing. Schnee couldn’t bother herself with the tremors as her heart started palpitating, drumming loudly in her soul and ears.

The voice she had just heard came from her heart — or that was at least what she inferred. Moreover, the voice was so familiar… And as the laughter rang out from the deepest parts of her heart, Schnee confirmed her speculations.

It was her voice.

“Alexander boy told me to look out after children for a possible authority holder,” Conrad casually talked with the patriarch as they played chess. It was the best way to kill time.

The patriarch listened to Conrad’s story. The old man actually repeated what Alex had told him before during their short break as Schnee leveled up. He shared news from the Winged Realm and how authority could be within the newest generation.

“No one particularly stands out in the newest generation… We might search throughout the whole realm and beyond… Well. I haven’t had any work lately, so I will take care of it personally,” the patriarch smiled.

Conrad chuckled, then said, “I have too much free time, too. Should we join hands like in good old times?”

“Yeah,” the patriarch grinned as he recalled good times with his friend.

And then, the good mood halted.


“Huh?” Conrad and his friend turned their eyes to the vast mirror, their hearts shivering from fear as the crack appeared on it! Moments later, more cracks spread, turning into veins or rivers going across it.

Two men stood up, alerted by the unusual change.

They wanted to enter the mirror and see what was going on inside. However, the unusual might stopped them from doing so. From within the mirror, an ominous power started oozing out.

At last, other elders and cats swarmed the room. They trembled from fear as the mirror no longer looked the same. Cracks prevailed in the background, the grim mana poured outside, and it seemed like the treasure soon would burst out.

“What is happening?” the patriarch whispered the words everyone in the room had been repeating in their hearts already. He was clueless and had never heard of the divine cat mirror breaking like that.

Amidst the faint whispers and gossiping, Conrad’s voice suddenly gathered attention as he said, “Will we know the purpose of our race soon?”

All talks halted, and all voices halted. Even wind and mirror didn’t let out any sound as Conrad’s question weighed a lot!

In any case, every cat would’ve celebrated that news. But as the mirror was shrouded in the dark mana, they didn’t really feel so happy. They were known as divine cats, so how could their world let out something ominous, let alone be connected to the evil side?

The patriarch muttered, “Evil and holiness are the sides of the same coin…”

Conrad nodded, then added, “Is my granddaughter connected to the purpose of our race, or was it Alexander?”

“We will know soon… Hopefully,” the patriarch replied weakly, hoping nothing bad would happen to Alexander and Schnee as they needed to pass them all information from the inside world!

A wave of darkness burst out from the shrine. All pillars crumbled, and constant rumbling indicated that the whole shrine soon would turn into debris. But before it happened, the cause of such change had to come from inside.

At last, Alex saw the presence coming out from it… No, there were two presences.

And as he saw them, his heart trembled, connecting all the dots.

The shrine that had been sinking, the blood, and the ominous presence around him — he had been here before. He saw all of that in Purgatory!

And Alex wouldn’t be able to connect all those dots were it not for the person revealing himself.

[Blackburn Blade Lv. 500 HP: ??? MP: ???]

“Blackburn… Blade,” Alex said his nickname, his voice laced in a killing intent he had never felt before.

The man chuckled, “I’ve been waiting for that moment for years… You know… Paradise is kind of boring, you know?”

“You are… real?” Alex asked while already knowing the answer. His guts told him that he stood before the real deal, the man who had killed his parents’ lovers and friends!

Blackburn Blade hissed, “Who else would dare name himself Blackburn Blade? Not even an imitation or creation would dare to wield my name. I have too much blood on my hands, son.”

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