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Chapter 442: Show Them Something

Master Sanqi was already very experienced in cooking. He was very familiar with the cooking process and controlling the kitchen. No one needed to worry.

The taste and appearance of the dishes were alright.

Ye Lulu had taught him some of the cooking methods for special dishes. Of course, the most important formulas for seasoning and processing were still in her hands, but she had taught him most of them.

The dishes Sanqi made were almost the same as Ye Lulu’s.

He also brought some dishes that were unique to the Shang dynasty. Ye Lulu did not know about them, so she was naturally very interested. With this combination, the dishes in the restaurant became much more enticing.

As for Master Yuan, she was too capable!

Perhaps it was because women had to be strong. When she was working, her stamina was even better than Master Sanqi’s. She could knead noodles for an entire day and steam buns and noodles without resting!

Master Yuan was not tall or burly. She was just taller than ordinary women. In the end, she was so capable!

Under such circumstances, the pressure on Ye Lulu’s shoulders decreased greatly. She would just walk around almost every day and guide Master Sanqi and Master Yuan on the cooking methods of the special dishes.

When customers who could afford to pay extra and asked her to cook, she would do so occasionally.

At other times, she would walk around to maintain order.

She had really become a lady boss.

Thanks to the new recipes brought by Master Sanqi and Master Yuan, the dishes in the restaurant became richer and their business became more popular.

Ye Lulu had moved to the new house and did not have to cook all day. She was extremely happy.

However, at this moment…

There was someone who wasn’t so happy.

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That was Master Sanqi’s previous employer, the owner of Ming Yuan Restaurant. He did not feel good.

Ming Yuan was a relatively large restaurant in Yuan City. It could not compare to the largest restaurants, but it was not a small wine shop.

After Master Sanqi left Ming Yuan Restaurant, Boss Meng had initially mocked him that he would not be able to lead a good life. He would not be better off than in Ming Yuan.

He wouldn’t have a better choice after resigning from this restaurant!

Unexpectedly, Sanqi went to the newly built Linhe Zhai Xing Lou!

Initially, Boss Meng even mocked Sanqi for falling behind and going to an unknown new restaurant to be a chef. He also thought that even if Sanqi left, Ming Yuan Restaurant would be the same as before.

In the end, the truth gave him a big slap. The business at Linhe Zhai Xing Lou was getting better by the day!

As for his Ming Yuan Restaurant, the business was snatched away by Linhe Zhai Xing Lou. Furthermore, because of the advertisement effect from the day of the chef selection, many people went there to try something fresh.

Some of Master Sanqi’s old customers went to Linhe Zhai Xing Lou so that they could eat his dishes once again.

Boss Meng had overestimated the standards of his restaurant. In fact, as soon as Master Sanqi, the head chef, left the restaurant, the restaurant’s business became ordinary.

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With this comparison, the difference was obvious.

How could Boss Meng, who thought that he had a status in the city, be used to seeing new celebrities?

Boss Meng’s expression darkened. Over at his side, Linhe Zhai Xing Lou was the enemy who had snatched away his chef.

Therefore, as the business became worse, Boss Meng hated Ye Lulu’s restaurant more and more.

He had many tricks up his sleeve. After thinking for a few days, Boss Meng secretly recruited people to tamper with the new restaurant.

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