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Chapter 28: A Meal at the Guan Family

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Upon hearing that there were sweet potato pancakes, the children started to cheer. Their voices rushed into the courtyard, and it was simply impossible to be quiet.

Mother Rong carried her most beloved and only granddaughter in her arms and affectionately asked her how she did in the city. The little girl with pigtails was very adorable and spoke with a childish voice. She looked extremely pitiful. Even Eldest Brother Guan could not help but reach out to stroke the little girl’s soft hair.

All of a sudden, eight or nine children returned. The Guan family’s courtyard was in an uproar. Both sisters-in-law came out and were busy settling their children.

Father Guan and the rest were tired and hungry. The Guan family started their dinner quickly.

Seven or eight children sat at the table. The entire Guan family was seated together, so it was no wonder this square wooden table was so ridiculously large.

After simmering for an entire day, the extremely thick bone soup was served. The fragrance caused the young children to howl and almost stand up. “Grandma, it smells so good! Why is there such a fragrant soup? What is this?!”

“Oh! There are still bones and meat!”

The adults could no longer hold their children’s heads down. They would just pop up again, like the keys of a piano.

Second Brother Guan and the others also widened their eyes. Why was there such delicious food today? Eldest sister-in-law Guan said, “Sixth Brother went hunting again and came back with a pork bone. As such, Mother made some bone soup.” 𝐢𝘯𝑛𝓻𝚎𝙖𝑑. ᴄ𝗼m

Guan Chixi was about to go crazy from happiness. He sniffed hard and said in an intoxicated manner, “This smells too good.”

The large pot of bone soup was soaked with large chunks of chopped pork bones, and there was quite a bit of meat attached to them. The soup was sprinkled with green onions on top. Just by looking at its appearance, the soup was very appetizing.

Not to mention that there were chunks of corn in it. In farming families, this was one of the best food that could make one’s eyes pop out.

After the soup was served, there were pancakes!

Although it was just sweet potato pancakes, they were baked by Mother Rong, who was skilled in cooking. When the lid of the pot was raised again, thick pancakes were stacked together, making people hungry.

Mother Rong scooped a bowl of bone soup for each of them. Without any bias, each of them, including the children, received a bowl of soup first. There was a piece of pork bone and meat inside. As for corn, they could eat it if they wanted to.

The thick white bone soup was extremely enticing. The Guan family drank it all in one go, feeling satisfied.

They ate pancakes and drank the soup. The children couldn’t eat such delicious meat all year round. They were so happy that they squinted their eyes.

The two eldest grandchildren, who were already half grown-up and knew how to talk, shouted, “Grandma, this meat is delicious!”

“Pork bones are so easy to chew!”

“Grandma, did you specially make this bone soup for us? It smells so good and tastes so good. I want to drink it again in the future.”

The Guan family’s men couldn’t be bothered to speak as they ate and drank in large mouthfuls. The bones were boiled to a rich aroma. After eating all of the meat, they sucked the marrow, which was also filled with fragrance.

Mother Rong also prepared a sauce. Garlic, onions, and coriander were mixed together and added with soy sauce, chili seeds, and chili sauce. Even if the farmers didn’t add any oil to the sauce, the sauce still tasted well.

When the big bone was dipped in the sauce and eaten, it was so fragrant that one wished he could swallow everything…

Ye Lulu shared that even if she didn’t dip the bone soup and bone meat, which had salt added, in the sauce, it was still unusually delicious.

The pork bones couldn’t be any fresher. After boiling the soup, it had an extremely rich flavor.

At night, she had another big bowl of bone soup to drink and a lot of bone meat and corn to eat. She felt full and thought that the food was delicious.

There was also a bowl full of white rice that only she had.

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