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Chapter 16: Why Haven’t I Seen This Dish Before?

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Ye Lulu also knew that Guan Chibei had gone hunting in the mountains.

She did not expect her husband to be so capable!

He had fulfilled his duty not to let her and the babies starve.

Ye Lulu was indeed very hungry and her body was weak. She slowly drank the soup.

As soon as the chicken soup entered her mouth, Ye Lulu’s weak body trembled, and an indescribably wonderful feeling rose within her.

She felt like she was nourished!

Oh, too fresh, too thick, too delicious!!!

The chickens in the village were firm and tender, but they weren’t fat at all. The oil from the chicken soup hadn’t been skimmed, but it wasn’t greasy at all. Instead, the chicken soup in her mouth was rich and fragrant. It had excellent taste and couldn’t be any more delicious. It was hot and nourishing, like a drop of heavenly dew.

This helped the slightly dizzy Ye Lulu to become sober. i𝑛𝗻rℯ𝒂𝒅. 𝓬o𝘮

Ye Lulu took a bite of the chicken and couldn’t help but narrow her eyes. The meat was fresh and tight. Even if only salt was added to the soup that had been boiled for so long, the chicken was too delicious!

Although this chicken soup made by ordinary farmers wasn’t skillful, it tasted good. There was a taste of home-cooked food.

Ye Lulu didn’t hold back at all and finished the entire bowl of chicken soup in one go before slowly eating the delicious chicken and mushrooms.


It was really fortunate to be able to drink such a bowl of chicken soup.

She was extremely satisfied!

On the other hand, the entire Guan family was extremely excited as well. They sat around the table with excited expressions and almost couldn’t restrain themselves.

It had to be said that even Father Guan was salivating. It was really too fragrant and enticing. They had not eaten meat for a long time and were craving it.

It was Guan Chibei who said that apart from nourishing Ye Lulu’s body, the whole family should also eat chicken and drink chicken soup together.

Mother Rong gritted her teeth and brought a pot of chicken soup to the table.

Otherwise, how would their family dare to drink chicken soup as well and finish an entire chicken?!

The younger Fifth Brother Guan’s eyes almost popped out.

He stared at the steaming bowl of thick chicken soup on the table.

Mother Rong first gave each person a bowl of chicken soup. Everyone could not wait. Once they received the bowl, they immediately gulped it down. They felt that the taste was similar to that of a deity.

“Mother, this chicken soup is so delicious!” Guan Chixi gulped down the soup, his whole body trembling.

The men drank the soup in a few gulps.

The mixed grain rice was served. Even though it was mixed with a lot of coarse grains, it was still considered a rarely seen good meal. Everyone picked their bowls up and started eating. Although the men were especially quiet and down-to-earth, they ate with vigor.

They finished half a bowl of rice in a few bites.

However, compared to the chicken soup, what made Guan Chixi even more stunned was the pot that looked red and had a layer of red oil on it.

“Mother, what is this?!”

Guan Chixi could smell the spicy fragrance. It was numbing and spicy, yet it was a different kind of temptation. It made one’s heart itch.

However, he had never seen this dish before!

Guan Chixi’s chopsticks were faster and he had already picked up a piece of dark brown chicken blood. He subconsciously took a big bite of it with the mixed grain rice and was stunned. He looked up and asked Mother Rong in a daze.

There was a large pot of Mao Xue Wang. It was aromatic and steam was wafting through the air. On top of the basin were patches of chicken blood. There were also chicken intestines and various kinds of vegetables. Although they weren’t authentic, they were still alluring.

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